Thursday, January 03, 2019

Peak DS

There's some first-rate DS out there this morning:
  1. "Tucker Carlson is the Single Most Important Philosopher Alive" (Anglin; watch the video - we're getting close the the point where the 'left' and the 'right' completely reverse positions, and a guy on Fox is far, far, far more effectively progressive than anybody on MSNBC can even imagine!);
  2. "Carl Jung, Schlomo Freud and the Rejection of Semitism" (Diversity Macht Frei) (Jung:  "As you know, Freud previously accused me of anti- Semitism because I could not abide his soulless materialism. The Jew directly solicits anti-Semitism with his readiness to scent out anti-Semitism everywhere.”); and
  3. "BASED Trump Calls for Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan" (Anglin).

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