Friday, January 11, 2019

Shady outfits

"The War on Populism" (Hopkins).  Pretty good summary of the current state of play.  Of course, the big story needs more Khazars.

"Browder Alert: Trump Tower’s Mysterious ‘Russian Lawyer’ Indicted in Prevezon Scandal".  Smart first paragraph:
"Like the other meaningless shadow indictments made by Robert Mueller’s ‘Special Counsel,’ this latest scalp leads nowhere. More likely, this indictment was handed down to guarantee that an important potential witness, Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya – will never return to the U.S. to give testimony about the deep state’s staged ruse in Trump Tower in July 2016, but even more importantly – to keep her from saying anything in a US court which could compromise fugitive hedge fund manager turned anti-Putin crusader, Bill Browder."
"Trump’s Hail Mary Becomes Bolton’s Nightmare" (Luongo).  "President Bolton? Or Worse?" (Hornberger).  This circus all makes perfect sense if you regard the Trump Administration as a shekel extraction machine that also is trying to do some MAGA.

Speaking of shekel extraction machine:  "Anti-BDS Bill Defeated" (Atzmon).  The beauty is they can keep doing this - the (((media))) is careful not to mention it, so most Americans don't know the sheer extent of the treason - with a new shekel extraction round each time.  Oh to be a yacht salesman these days in D. C..

""We Don't Take Orders From Bolton": US Withdrawal From Syria Begins" (Durden).  "It appears that Trump has rejected neocon opinion on Syria" (Lang).

"Gadkari sets benchmark for Modi-era diplomacy" (Bhadrakumar).  There's always an intriguing amount of wiggle room in enforcement of Khazar requirements by the Americans.

"Kristol a Kremlin agent? Shady outfit claims term ‘neocon’ is Russian propaganda".  "How a NeoCon-Backed “Fact Checker” Plans to Wage War on Independent Media" (Webb). Sounds very helpful - I'll stick to 'red' sites.

"French Democracy Dead or Alive?" (Johnstone).

Nazis really, really hate free and fair democratic victories:  "Freeland says Venezuela’s Maduro is now a dictator after illegitimate win".  We've seen an impressive series of demonstrated and certified fair elections in Venezuela, yet the Americans and their embarrassing lackeys keep calling Maduro (and Chavez before him) a 'dictator'.  If there was even the slightest doubt about how truly rotten Freeland is . . .
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