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Soros / 'Journalism' / Buck with a 'B'

"Soros, Fake News & Italian Media: Journalist Reveals Plot to Put Rome Under Austerity" (Trovato):
"George Soros, a sworn enemy of the present right-populist coalition government in Rome, has been on something of a mission to put Italy under austerity, with Italian media reporting on such efforts going back to at least 2011. Last October, in an explosive interview for Italian TV, former Prime Minister Mario Monti revealed that Soros had called him at the height of the European sovereign debt crisis eight years ago, urging Italy to accept ‘assistance’ from the IMF to dig out from under its debt problem. Monti refused at the time, saying following Soros’ advice would have turned Italy into another Greece.
On November 26, 2018, in a meeting in Brussels with Timmermans, along with a representative of EC President Jean-Claude Juncker, Soros was again assumed to have brought up the debt issue, with Italian media speculating heavily regarding the vague comments of an EC spokesperson, who said only that they “cannot confirm or deny whether Italy’s budget was discussed.”
Meanwhile, Sputnik Italia contributor Alessio Trovato writes, Soros’ Open Society Foundations has been cutting paychecks “to a considerable number of journalists and influencers whom (surprise) constantly refer to him as a ‘benefactor’ and ‘spontaneously’ support all of his campaigns, including his support for migration, mondialism, Russophobia and colour revolutions.”
A big part of the problem, according to Trovato, is that the mainstream media continues to completely ignore Soros’ activities, or to report on them only with reluctance, even as the billionaire seeks to interfere in democratic processes and the internal affairs of sovereign nations."
"The Unbelievable Story Of The Plot Against George Soros"(Grassegger, at BuzzFeed).  Whatcha doin' from the usual (((nice folks))) who will, of course, scream bitterly about the 'anti-Semitism' they created.  This leaves unsaid the fact that Soros, with his currency manipulations, has probably caused more human suffering than any other living person.

"The Tale of “Count” Soros and the Young Latvian State he Destroyed" (Berger):
"Igors Meija, the chairman of the board of directors of Latvia’s construction company Constructus LV, in one of his recent speeches has quite colorfully described the true nature of the “selfless donations” that George Soros is know of making, ruining Latvia and its economy through those. In particular, the CEO revealed that Soros would often brag that he spent 90 million dollars on “supporting democracy” in Latvia. Yet if one is to take a closer look at the profits Soros and the powerful members of his closed club like the Rothschilds reaped from these investments, one can safely state that they’ve made a lot of money by donating them. Among the most noticeable assets that Soros and other oligarchs own is the Lativian external debt that has recently reached 11 billion dollars due to machinations that Soros pulled off in cooperation with the bribed Latvian officials. This amounts to 6,515 thousands dollars that each Latvian resident has to pay, or 12,509 dollars taken from each economically active person. Even to service this debt Latvian tax payers have to give away 1.1 million dollars a day of their hard-earned cash! Just three months of debt servicing amounts to the 90 million dollars Soros spent on “promoting democracy“ in Latvia! One can admit that Soros and the likes of him know how to get more than impressive ROI rates.
If nothing changes in the foreseeable future and the dire demographic situation in Latvia won’t improve, each economically active resident of Latvia will have to pay 23,882 dollars to the kind philanthropists that ruined their country by 2030. Igors Meija complains that on top of this all, Soros managed to “liberalize” local financial sector by eliminating all Latvian competitors from it, handing over the money of the ruined Latvian banks, such as Latvijas Krājbanka, Trasta komercbanka, ABLV, to overseas debt holders.
Igors Meija is convinced that this “philanthropist” and his “club” won’t stop carnivorous practices, especially once they’ve realized that the obedient Latvian bureaucracy will do anything they demand it to do in a bid to stay in power and profit from the local population. The CEO is convinced that Latvia is reminiscent of America in post-Columbian era. Once the “pale-faced do-gooders” landed on the Latvian shores and offered glass mirrors and beads to the local population in exchange for diamonds and gold, Latvians have had a hard time trying to make their both ends meet.
Similar cases of debt enslavement by Soros and the likes of him can be found in various countries all across the world, where Soros carries on its “philanthropic activities”.
However, Western financial and political elites have been receiving significant dividends from defending George Soros on a multitude of MSM platforms that they own, deliberately hiding the true nature of this soulless plutocrat. Of course, among such media outlets one can find the Guardian, the New York Times and the Financial Times on top on a number of other publications, that have already lost all credibility with the Western public due to the extensive amount of shill work they do for the Western financial elites."
"The Definitive List Of US/UK Media "Russiagate" Fake Stories" (Durden, listing tweets by Hatlem).  "Beyond BuzzFeed: The 10 Worst, Most Embarrassing U.S. Media Failures on the Trump/Russia Story" (Greenwald).

"MSM Begs For Trust After Buzzfeed Debacle" (Johnstone).

Marshall has settled on a theoretical conspiracy theory, based entirely on suppositions and notably without any proven factual background, that Trump is under Putin's sway as Putin controlled planning permissions needed to build the Trump-branded hotel planned for Moscow, negotiations for which went on during the campaign, but which fell through:  "The Hotel Deal Is Really All That Matters".  This is pathetic even by Marshall's standards.  As has been pointed out by many, not only have the sanctions not been lifted, they have been increased, as has the general anti-Russian slant of the entire American government on many, many fronts.

empotywheel has some kind of argument based on the idea that Mueller had to refute the BuzzFeed story in order to preserve whatever shaky credibility (!) Cohen has as a future witness:  "Peter Carr Speaks".

It is difficult not to notice that Trump's big failure throughout was having Khazars as business partners.

((('Journalists'))) versus BLM:  Tweet (Margaret Kimberley):
"A wishy washy tweet from the Committee to Protect Journalists re: Marzieh Hashemi. No demand. No outrage. No explanation of the constitutional abuse of “material witness” designation. Just a lame expression of “concern.” "

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