Friday, January 04, 2019

There's no angles

"The Hidden Structure of U.S. Empire" (Davies).  The many variants of Assholian extraterritoriality, all of which require a (semi-)voluntary ceding of sovereignty by embarrassing shithole places like Canada.

It is funny how often the Macron-type (or rather, in this case, the Rothschild handlers of the Macron-type) repeat the same, basic mistake, one that leads directly to the guillotine.  It comes directly out of having no respect for the 'farm animal' deplorables who fail to properly acknowledge the authority of their betters.  Let them eat cake.  "Arrest of Yellow Vest leader Drouet slammed as ‘abuse of power’ & ‘dictatorship’".  Tweet (Glenn Greenwald):
"For the second time, French government arrests a key leader of the Yellow Vests movement, a 33-year-old truck driver, on a technical violation. The arrest is condemned by right and left wing leaders as an "abuse of power" …"
It is funny that the protests focused on the carbon tax, a system which had been immediately rigged by the (((you know whos))):
  1. "Christiane Melgrani, l'ex-enseignante devenue reine de l'arnaque à la taxe carbone":  "Durant cette période, la dame de 59 ans noue des liens étroits avec des figures du milieu franco-israélien, spécialisées depuis longtemps dans les arnaques à la TVA.";
  2. "Carbon tax fraud: nine years in jail for the former teacher of Marseilles":  "The other "trader" of the fraud, Eric Castiel, installed in Israel, was sentenced to 10 years and 20 million euros of fine, a sentence explained by his involvement and its absence at trial"; and
  3. Shut it down, the goyim know:  "« Macron pute à Juifs !!! » : Gilets Jaunes attention à la dérive antisémite où certains veulent vous pousser".
"Is China Getting Too Close To Israel?" (Ehrlich). This makes no sense unless the Chinese are operating on the assumption that the Khazars will soon be pushed into the sea.

"British Embassy In Syria Quietly Under Construction As UK Concedes Assad To Stay" (Durden).

"Senior Israel official in ‘shock’ over Trump’s Iran policy":  "They [Iran] can do what they want there, frankly".

Cole doesn't appreciate the greatest speech in American political history:  "Trump Spews Incomprehensible Nonsense on Kurds, Syria, Afghanistan". "There's no angles", indeed.  Also (!):  "Modi-Trump bromance ends on sour note" (Bhadrakumar).

"Trump Bows to Domestic Pressure by Delaying His Withdrawal from Syria; A Storm Is Gathering in the Levant" (Magnier).  'Nothing personal, Bashar, our funding terrorists to ruin your country was just a proxy war against Iran'.

"NBC Whistleblower Breaks Rank: ‘Network is ‘Pro-War, Around the Clock Anti-Trump Hysteria’".  "Veteran NBC/MSNBC Journalist Blasts the Network for Being Captive to the National Security State and Reflexively Pro-War to Stop Trump" (Greenwald).

The Clarification:  "The Great Myth of the Anti-War Left Exposed" (Moran).

"Trump’s Syria Withdrawal is a Chance for Peace" (Sachs).  In the great circle of life, Sachs is the guy who set up the structure for his Khazar pals to completely loot Russia (to be fair to him, he also set up the economic structures to allow for the economic raping of much of South America), and Putin, whose popularity in Russia rests largely on his attempts to reverse the looting, saved Syria.

"U.S. Citizen Held in Moscow Not Likely a Spy" (Mackinnon).  The editorial comment to the link at Naked Capitalism:  "Resilc: “Of course not, it is a frequent occurrence that a dishonorably discharged marine because of larceny becomes head of a major us corporation’s security that does business in Russia…”"!

"Tucker Carlson Claims High-Earning Women Turn Men Into Drug Addicts And Criminals" (Amato).  The arrogant inability of the Clintonistas to even attempt to engage with the fact that the deplorables are suffering is going to lead directly to the Trump reelection.

To be fair to the doomed candidate Warren (whose 'own-goal' DNA test is the biggest mistake in American politics since Gary Hart dared journalists to prove he was committing adultery, in retrospect a great tragedy as the US would be a much better place today had Hart become President): tweet (Aaron Maté):
"In renouncing “endless war” & backing a pullout from Syria & Afghanistan, Warren is shunning the pro-war playbook of previous Dem candidates. That also might explain why Maddow ended interview w/o much follow-up. Imagine Clinton, Obama, Kerry saying this:"
Tweets by Kirk Rudell:
"A couple years ago, when I was writing for American Dad!, I needed an Arabic speaker for a small part. Our casting director recommended a Saudi comedian, who happened to be in LA for a couple months shooting a tv show. His name is Fahad Albutairi."
"Mumia Abu-Jamal Wins Major Court Victory" (Mackler):
"Castille had participated in PA Supreme Court decisions that denied all of Mumia’s appeals, including a request from Mumia’s attorneys that he recuse himself from deciding the case he had helped to prosecute and another decision where the same Castille court refused to consider documented evidence submitted by court stenographer Terri Maurer Carter that Mumia’s trial judge Albert “the hanging judge” Sabo had stated in his antechambers before entering the courtroom to adjudicate Mumia’s case, “Yeah, I’m going to help ‘em fry the nigger.” Mumia’s decades long sojourn through the racist U.S. “criminal justice system” is replete with what has become infamously known as “the Mumia exception,” that is, contorted applications of the “law” aimed at denying its applicability to the facts in Mumia’s case. These include systematic exclusion of eyewitness testimony proving his innocence, intimidation of witnesses, falsification of exonerating ballistics findings, fabrication of testimony that Mumia admitted to the killing of police officer Daniel Faulkner and Mumia’s physical exclusion from a majority of his trial proceedings – to name a few of the legal atrocities attendant to his trial and subsequent proceedings."
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