Wednesday, January 23, 2019

To a pulp

A reminder from WikiLeaks of the true nature of the Democrats/Clintonistas:
""grind him to a pulp" "stick the knife in" With attacks on Bernie Sanders and others heating up in the Democratic candidacy announcement period, a look back at a communication between Hillary Clinton campaign Chair John Podesta and PR strategist Joel Johnson."
The Khazar war on Gabbard has begun, or how to spell 'toady' (Ben Norton tweet):
"This hilarious video exemplifies how stupid and infantile discourse on Syria is: If you oppose regime change and arming of fascist contra "rebels," a braindead neocon with a sinecure in the corporate media smears you as an Assad apologist using insults they can't spell or define"
The JYT hiring Weiss - an obvious simpleton, but a blood-pouring-from-the-fangs Zionist - while simultaneously un-hiring Norton, is one of the most illustrative examples you can find of current American Khazar-poisoned politics and 'journalism'.

"Fighting Poverty with a Hate Map?" (Mykytyn).  A classic example of the rhetorical question:
"One ‘hate’ group, Radical Traditional Catholicism, are excoriated for blaming Jews for the killing of Christ and “They also embrace extremely conservative social ideals with respect to women.” Is this a hate group? Ultra Orthodox Jews have some pretty vile thoughts about non Jews and also adhere to extremely conservative social ideals for women. Why aren’t the Lubovitches, for instance, on the list?"
"Canada Arrest of China’s HuaWei CFO Meng Wanzhou: Diplomatic Blunder or Cold War Stratagem?" (Michalchuk):
"In essence the charges against Meng Wanzhou are that Wauwei has close ties to Hong Kong-based Skycom Tech Co Ltd, which attempted to sell U.S. equipment contrary the U.S secondary sanctions the U.S. has applied against Iran. These prohibit technology transfers of a non-military use. The U.S. also charged that Meng Wanzhou was not truthful to banks who asked her about links between the two firms. This charge is also particular to U.S. secondary sanctions because they prohibit anyone from having any financial dealing with Iran.
Those facts are important and particular only to U.S. secondary sanctions. Secondary sanctions are particular to the U.S. and are applied only by the U.S. They are beyond those approved by the United Nations. The issue of U.S. secondary sanctions is important in assessing how Canada has behaved through the course of this and whether or not Canada is truly following international norms and the rule of law.
The argument that the arrest of Meng Wanzhou is not legitimate rests on the fact that Canada has no sanctions on Iran that are equivalent to the U.S. secondary sanctions. Canadian sanctions are only those as approved by the United Nations and these are sanctions against military hardware and infrastructure as well as individuals. (a list of these sanctions is included in the “for your reference”at the end of the article)
An example of U.S. secondary sanctions:
“(i) on or after August 7, 2018, knowingly engaged in a significant transaction for the sale, supply, or transfer to Iran of significant goods or services used in connection with the automotive sector of Iran;
(ii) on or after November 5, 2018, knowingly engaged in a significant transaction for the purchase, acquisition, sale, transport, or marketing of petroleum or petroleum products from Iran;
(iii) on or after November 5, 2018, knowingly engaged in a significant transaction for the purchase, acquisition, sale, transport, or marketing of petrochemical products from Iran;”
(the full text of U.S. secondary sanctions is included in the ‘for your reference’ at the end of the article)
U.S secondary sanctions are illegal under international law."
"WaPo Corrects Itself: Nathan Phillips Didn't Fight in Vietnam" (Sailer).  Here's what is supposed to be the most damning shot.  Note how the drummer is aware of the camera, and how he is essentially a pied piper goading these goofy teenagers to act like goofy teenagers.  Remember, he approached them, and started the confrontation (which in fact originally started when a group of crazy black religious cultists started to call the teenagers names).  How is a white independent voter who has or has had teen-aged sons going to view this?  These teenagers have had doxxing threats to ruin their future professional lives, and even death threats.  The culture wars which were started by the Republicans in a desperation attempt to get the 99% to stupidly vote for them - the irony is the teens were on a trip to attend an anti-abortion rally - have been taken over by the Clintonistas, using identity politics, and are equally desperate and despicable.

"‘Fake news’ is okay if it’s about #RussiaGate: Top 7 fake ‘collusion’ stories the media pushed".  "BuzzFeed’s Cohen Lies Just Latest Example of Embarrassing ‘RussiaGate’ Hysteria" (Klarenberg).  "The Fetishization of the Corporate Media" (Hopkins).

"Rep. Omar Says She ‘Unknowingly’ Used ‘Anti-Semitic Trope’ in Tweet".  "Why Michelle Alexander’s ‘NY Times’ column is having such a huge impact" (North) (also).  "Tamika Mallory won’t explicitly say Israel should exist in tense exchange with PBS’s Margaret Hoover" (Kampeas).  A tiny amount of steam venting has appeared, useful to prevent an explosion.  Some find it a tad unsettling:  "Explained // Reports Like Buzzfeed’s of a Democratic Drift on Israel Appear to Be Greatly Exaggerated" (Kampeas).

'Rigged system'.  The screaming is always instructive.  "Why Jeremy Corbyn's 'rigged system' is a template for antisemitism" (Bolton/Pitts).

"Chinese police must guard against 'color revolutions', says top official" (Rothschilds).

"Additional Details And Analysis Of Israeli Strike On Syrian Pantsir-S Air Defense System" (South Front).  It's clear that the repeated attacks are intended to provoke a response, which will help Bibi's reelection, and drag the Americans back in to this War For The Jews.

"Fox & Friends Apologizes For Unfortunate Graphic Saying Ruth Bader Ginsburg Is Dead" (Scarce).  Trump's got another SCOTUS appointment coming up very soon, a real right-winger unlike that liberal wimp Kavanaugh, all thanks to Killary and her pals.

"The White Helmets, alleged organ traders & child kidnappers, should be condemned not condoned" (Beeley).  I wonder if their snacking on the inventory affects their organ trafficking business.

"Guardian Reports More “Good News”, Kids are Dying in Venezuela" (Pear).
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