Friday, January 18, 2019

Whatcha doin’?

"Whatcha Doin’ Pollster?: Jews Suggested George Soros as a Target for “Anti-Semitic Tropes” (Diversity Macht Frei):
"This is the political equivalent of Jews spraying swastikas on gravestones or making hoax bomb threats. One set of Jews creates a problem; another set of Jews cashes in from complaining about it. Whatcha doin’ pollster?"
"Fake Labour accounts fueling “anti-Semitism crisis”" (Winstanley). When (if) you consume (((media)))/(((social media))), just assume you are being lied to.  Whatcha doin’?

I first read about this splendid situation in the Greenwald tweet: "Somalian Congressperson Calls Out Lindsey Graham for Sucking Dick, Right-Wing Media Calls Her a Bigot" (Anglin).  "Congresswoman Struggles To Explain Provocative Tweet Claiming Lindsey Graham "Compromised"" (Durden). What do you do when a powerful politician - he arguably just got some Americans killed due to the usual kowtowing to his Zionist handlers in slowing the Trump withdrawal, either in the delay in extraction, or in setting up the false-flag opportunity for the 'ISIS' attack that will be used as the excuse to never withdraw - is being so obviously blackmailed into taking treasonous political positions?  This blackmail has being going on for years, is extremely dangerous, and, one way or another, has to stop.  Note how identity politics is employed immediately to try to protect the blackmail operation.

"Yids Flip Lids Over Tulsi Gabbard Presidential Run" (Anglin).  "The War Against America’s Only Anti-War Candidate" (Duff).

"What Trump's Syrian Withdrawal Really Reveals" (Cohen).

"In Western Media, Publishing Fake News About Russia Is A Good Career Move... With No Consequences" (McDonald).  With a list of examples.

"‘A blizzard of prescriptions’: Documents reveal new details about Purdue’s marketing of OxyContin" (Joseph):
"When Purdue Pharma started selling its prescription opioid painkiller OxyContin in 1996, Dr. Richard Sackler asked people gathered for the launch party to envision natural disasters like an earthquake, a hurricane, or a blizzard. The debut of OxyContin, said Sackler — a member of the family that started and controls the company and then a company executive — “will be followed by a blizzard of prescriptions that will bury the competition.”

Five years later, as questions were raised about the risk of addiction and overdoses that came with taking OxyContin and opioid medications, Sackler outlined a strategy that critics have long accused the company of unleashing: divert the blame onto others, particularly the people who became addicted to opioids themselves.

“We have to hammer on the abusers in every way possible,” Sackler wrote in an email in February 2001. “They are the culprits and the problem. They are reckless criminals.”"
This connects directly to the ubiquitous Khazar hatred of the goyim.

"tl;dr, it's Falun Gong evangelism" (MetaFilter).  In case you see them politely but aggressively hustling tickets at your local mall, and wonder how so much effort at marketing is economically sustainable.

"Trump vs. the Tyranny of Experts" (Devlin).  Another possible non right-left way of looking at the world.

"Russia To Overtake Germany As World's Fifth-Largest Economy" (Durden).

Tweet (Ali Abunimah) (very simple explanation):
"Justin Trumpdeau continues to stand against nonviolent solidarity and civic action to free Palestinians from the brutal Israeli occupation and apartheid that his government supports. He wants Palestinians to die from Israeli sniper bullets without making a fuss."
The combo of Freeland's evil incompetence and Trudeau's stupidity has reached the point of literally getting Canadians killed: "Freeland calls China’s behaviour ‘a threat to all countries’ as federal cabinet meets with senior ambassadors" (Curry). "Why is Canada so hot under the collar about Venezuela?" (Walkom, btw, the most consistently excellent Canadian columnist, though he seems to have fallen for nonsense criticisms of the last Venezuelan election).  "The Tears of Justin Trudeau" (Orphan).

She showed up at a politically opportune time in Canada (she got the traditional Canadian Nazi personal welcome that every single refugee enjoys!), simultaneously poking the Saudis in the eye - Freeland's bizarre and unnecessary fight with them continues - and changing the subject from the extreme and dangerous incompetence demonstrated by the Huawei executive arrest:  "Did Saudi teen Rahaf Mohammed jump the queue with her speedy resettlement to Canada?" (Keung).

"As far as the Canadian claims that Schellenberg is innocent and was just randomly nabbed by the Chinese – this is clearly false. The Chinese do not have any policy of randomly imprisoning foreigners on false charges – unlike Canada, which kidnaps Chinese people and accuses them of bizarre Iran-related hoaxes."  You have to love the judge telling him in his 2012 sentencing - for drug trafficking! - that he was lucky to be living in Canada!

"‘NATO Has Outlived Its Usefulness & Should Go Into Dustbin of History’ – Scholar".   "Top 10 Reasons Not To Love NATO" (Swanson).  "Trump Aides "Scrambled" After He Raised Leaving NATO Altogether "Several Times"" (Durden).  NATO is now just a mobile Zionist proxy army, and its baffling continued existence just makes everybody less safe, now, in particular, Europeans.  Armies without logical purpose tend to make their own purposes.

"Are U.S. Newspapers Biased Against Palestinians? Analysis" (Abusalim).  Ha!  Is this a rhetorical question? Does a bear shit in the woods?  (((Newspapers))), goyim.

"Final Steps in Syria's Successful Struggle for Peace and Sovereignty" (Pieraccini).  "Is an al-Qaeda Front dominating 3 Million People in North Syria?"  "Talk of Western intervention in the Black Sea is pure fantasy" (Escobar).

"Ray McGovern: Russia-gate Evidence, Please" (McGovern).  Comey tried to pull a Hoover on Trump and blackmail Trump with the dossier, which appears to be the actual reason for Comey's firing.  Lest we forget:  "On February 6, 2018, The Washington Post reported that that part of the dossier was written Cody Shearer, a long-time Clinton operative and passed it along to Steele. Shearer ignored a request for comment from Consortium News. [Shearer had been a Consortium advisory board member who was asked to resign and left the board.]"

"This primary is going to be an absolute bloodbath of historic proportions".

"And for the media, who discovered via “fact-checking” Trump exaggerated the terrorist threat on our southern border, where were you when every facet of American foreign and domestic policy was driven by two administrations using this same lie?"  "Every 18 months the US government hands over to Israel enough money to build Trump’s wall".

"Provincial Taxonomy" (Dinh).  Note his comments (my emphasis in red):
"During my time in the US, I survived by house painting and house cleaning, mostly, then after I was published, I made money by giving talks and an occasional teaching gig. Book royalty income has been negligible. My wife and I lived minimally, and we owned no house, car or even a credit card. My traveling was mostly done through other people’s money, as when I was invited by Jonathan Revusky to spend a month in France and Spain last year. My recent trip to Japan was paid for by the Japanese publisher of my Postcards from the End of America. My last decade in the US, I depended on PayPal donations to survive, as my wife made less than minimum wage selling knock off purses in Philly. As my writing touched more taboo subjects, all the teaching and reading invitations dried up, so my wife insisted that we move back to Vietnam, a wise decision, as we’re getting older with nothing to our names."
"Recently, I was accused of being a racist, homophobe, transphobe, anti-Semite and advocate for the genocide of the Jews, so my 500-page-plus Collected Poems, about to be sent to the printer, has been postponed indefinitely and likely canceled, since its publisher is a professor, thus terrified of losing his soft job. My Obscured Americans book was under consideration at Seven Stories Press, but I’d bet that it’s canned also, since Seven Stories Press was recently forced to distance itself from me on Twitter.
In many ways, I’m glad that my divorce from the American literary scene has become clear and final, with each side’s position crystal clear, for I believe I will be vindicated down the line. We’ll see who’s moral and principled, and who are the dishonest and cowardly collaborators with the mass murdering status quo.
I talked about some of these issues when I was interviewed by Kevin Barrett recently."
"Canada: Saudi accused of sexual assault disappears before trial":
"Local police told the Chronicle Herald that al-Zoabi's passport was given as collateral when the 28-year-old student posted his $37,500 bail in cash, a hefty sum provided by the Saudi Arabian embassy.
"It should be impossible (for him to leave the country or enter without a passport) unless Saudi Arabia furnished him with a Saudi travel document," Lee Cohen, a Halifax-based immigration lawyer, told the Chronicle Herald.
"They have done this before."
Asked by the paper whether he was still in Canada, al-Zoabi said "probably not … I can't tell you that", adding that he wouldn't come back for the trial because he feared they might be "unfair".
"I can't respect that," he said of the warrant and charges. "Everybody's against me just because I'm a (racial expletive) and foreign student despite the fact that we boosted so much money to that island of Canada.""
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