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"Awkward Jew Jared Kushner Announces That His Middle East Peace Plan is Greater Israel" (Anglin).

"AP: Haters Hate Stunning and Brave Ex-Men Jocks Dominating Women's Sport" (Sailer).  Most of the time Sailer just has to quote from newspaper articles - commentary is not necessary.  This will inevitably lead to the collapse of all amateur and professional sports for women - not a bad outcome.  Now, how do we get rid of the abomination that is men's sports?

"Judge Rules Male-Only Draft Unconstitutional – Wahmen Have to Sign Up As Well!" (Batty).  An outstanding decision in the history of human rights, long overdue in the current climate of peace, love and understanding, but linked solely for the Killary campaign posters in the middle.

"Iran’s Religious Leaders Keep Foreign Minister Zarif on to pursue European Diplomacy".  Zarif's power play worked out splendidly.

Well, they couldn't possibly be fleeing a War For The Jews, as Wars For The Jews don't exist!:  "Returning Syrian Refugees Were Fleeing US Proxy War, Not "Assad"" (Cartalucci).

"Twitter Admits They Misidentified Russian Bots – Says They’re Actually Venezuelan Bots!" (Anglin). As propaganda stunts go, this is pretty spectacular!  Not related:  "Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey buys Raven Lyn a multi-million dollar starter house".  Btw, Twitter, like Facebook and so many of the unicorns, has a remarkably criminal background.  All these guys are basically gangsters.

"Jew PayPal CEO and Jew SPLC Working Together to Censor Conservatives" (Anglin).  Potok's chart on the wall is unambiguous.

"The Chagos Islands Case, WikiLeaks and Justice" (Kampmark).  Interesting principle that the documents lose their protected status once they are leaked!  Also, yet more evidence of the necessity of WikiLeaks and Assange.

"Venezuela Set For More False Flags... US Puppet Guaido Better Watch His Back" (Cunningham).  As we've seen in Syria, the embarrassing failure of each false flag is hidden by the (((media))), and the monsters just keep trying them until one sticks.  "Venezuela: US regime change operation falters" (Kevin):
". . . I must confess, at the beginning I thought the odds were against maintenance of Venezuelan sovereignty. Simple geography, US preponderance of Western Hemisphere military power, the initial US diplomatic mobilisation of all the Western alliance nations and Venezuela’s neighbours against Maduro, and his government’s virtual bankruptcy under US sanctions, suggested he had little chance. In early January, I did not hold out much hope. I thought that if the US struck hard and fast, it would be over quickly for Venezuelan sovereignty.

It was not to be. The game -changers were: the loyal spirit of the Venezuelan people, Maduro’s cool nerve under pressure, the firmly declared diplomatic support of Russia and China, and the publicised despatch of 400 Russian ‘technical contractor’ specialists to Caracas.

No one should have any illusions what these Russians are there to do – to help defend the person of the President and his country’s political institutions against criminal coup d’état efforts in the officer corps and senior police ranks in Caracas . If any were tempted to attempt such a coup, the formidable investigative and punitive powers of this Russian Praetorian Guard sends a strong deterrent message.

Guaidó has heard it – a few days ago he fled across the border to neighbouring Colombia, thereby earning the contempt of Venezuelans for his claim to be a credible alternative government. Venezuelans are unimpressed by governments in exile, from their long revolutionary history.

The farcical but violent regime change shenanigans last weekend at the borders with Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador have fizzled. No local insurgencies took control of any enclaves of Venezuelan territory , which might have given a foothold for US-led military intervention. Borders held firm despite noisy and occasionally violent efforts to breach them with US-organised ‘food aid’ trucks. At least one undercover US Marine was exposed, directing operations at one border crossing. A food van, blocked on a bridge, was set on fire by a Molotov cocktail incendiary device ignited and hurled by an insurrectionist. The showy Richard Branson benefit concert was countered by an equally noisy concert from the Venezuelan side. As theatre, it was inconclusive. By Sunday night, Venezuelan nerve and territorial integrity had held.

Then came the Pence ‘Lima Group’ summit this week in Colombia. Preplanned days earlier, this was intended to be the diplomatic consolidation of the anticipated people power gains over the preceding week at the borders.

It turned out to be a failure. Even before it began, Latin American diplomatic support for the US position of regime change by any means was ebbing away.

Regional countries, first Brazil, then Colombia, then Ecuador , let it be known they opposed US-led military intervention in Venezuela. These currently right-wing governments came belatedly to realise how unpopular and electorally costly such support would become for them at home : especially with the prominent role in the US diplomatic campaign of the universally loathed and infamous Elliott Abrams.

In the end, Pence in the Lima Group meeting was reduced to talking about tightening sanctions. At least for now, the military option has been quietly abandoned."
I've always been optimistic as Venezuela has already survived numerous coup attempts, and Guido, the product of a CIA test tube, is a particularly pathetic version of the type.  Little Marco's crazed ravings are demonstrating desperation.  The Empire's collapse accelerates when it chooses its battles unwisely.

"Debunking Four Mistruths About Venezuela’s Humanitarian Aid Showdown (

"Batya Ungar-Sargon and the delusions of Liberal Zionism" (Ofir).  There's not a shred of difference between Meir Kahane and Ungar-Sargon (and Weiss, for that matter).  Peas in a pod.

It really is like a dog marking its territory!:  "UK: Experts Oppose Holocaust Memorial Outside Parliament, Say It Will be “Confusing” to Visitors" (Pomidor Quixote).  Concrete monuments to shekeling appropriately built in the shadows of the buildings where the Khazar corruption is performed.

"Labour MP faces party censure over antisemitism film" (Walker).  Defiling the House of Shekeling!

"France’s Macron leads the way as western leaders malevolently confuse anti-Zionism with antisemitism" (Cook).  The excellent thing is that Rothschild-puppet demonizing of the obviously righteous Yellow Vests using the Khazar-supremacist goyim-bullying term 'anti-Semitism' while simultaneously double-dipping to make criticism of Khazar slaughter and land theft literally illegal will make my preferred term, Khazar skepticism, appear like what it is, stark common sense.

Line up all kinds of people

"Read the full text of Jody Wilson-Raybould’s statement to the House of Commons justice committee".  Trudeau and his minions just couldn't keep harassing and bullying her until she finally refused them, so he gave her an embarrassing demotion (and she eventually had to resign).  If Canada was running properly, Trudeau would have resigned immediately after the testimony, in total disgrace.  The only hope for the Liberals is a quick leadership conference and a fresh new Prime Minister (also, of course, fire the Nazi foreign minister).  We can see that all the shit on Venezuela and Huawei and dirty oil pipelines is part and parcel of a government that is completely off the rails, monsters hiding under a thin veneer of identity politics and Trudeau's much mocked political correctness.

Note that Katie Telford is Trudeau's chief of staff, here referring to Liberal party control of the Canadian media (my emphasis in red)!:
"This brings us to the final events in the chronology, and ones which signal, in my experience, the final escalation in efforts by the PMO to interfere in this matter. On December 18, 2018, my COS was urgently summoned to meet with Gerry Butts and Katie Telford to discuss SNC. They wanted to know where I am in terms of finding a solution. They told her that they felt like the issue was getting worse and that I was not doing anything. They referenced a possible call with the PM and the Clerk the next day.

I will now read to you a transcription of the most relevant sections of the text conversation between my COS and I almost immediately after the meeting:

Jessica: Basically, they want a solution. Nothing new. They want external counsel retained to give you an opinion on whether you can review the DPP’s decision here and whether you should in this case. … I told them that would be interference.

Gerry said “Jess, there is no solution here that doesn’t involve some interference.” At least they are finally being honest about what they are asking you to do! Don’t care about the PPSC’s independence. Katie was like “we don’t want to debate legalities anymore.” … They kept being like “we aren’t lawyers, but there has to be some solution here”.’

MOJAG: So where were things left? …

JP: So unclear. I said I would of course let you know about the convo (check) and they said they were going to the “kick the tires” with a few more people on this tonight. The Clerk was waiting outside when I left. But they said they want to set up a call between you and the PM and the Clerk tomorrow. I said that of course you would be happy to speak to your boss! They seem quite keen on the idea of you retaining an ex SCC judge to get advice on this. Katie T thinks it gives us cover in the business community and the legal community, and that it would allow the PM to say we are doing something. She was like “if Jody is nervous, we would of course line up all kinds of people to write OpEds saying that what she is doing is proper.”"

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Don't you believe in humanitarian aid?

Tweet (Breht Ó Séaghdha ☭).

Tweet (
"More words of anti-imperialist wisdom from social democratic wonder-boy who apparently can’t tell the diference between a democratically elected govt targeted for violent US regime change & a head-chopping tyranny allied to Washington. Who is advising this guy?"
"Who Is Matt Duss, and Can He Take On Washington’s ‘Blob’?" (Klion).  'Recovered' evangelical, 'anti-commie' extremist fruitcake - that's sounds about right.

"Alexander von Humboldt, Venezuela and the Bolivarian Revolution" (Frederick).

The video on this is wonderfully crass - a handful of singing white people in front of cardboard boxes of 'aid' with American flags on them, with even whiter Pence nodding in appreciation:  "Vice President Pence joins Juan Guaidó in a singing of the Venezuelan national anthem".  It is apparent that, despite the inclusion of such monsters as Bolton and Abrams, this is really Pence's show.  That might be a good thing - Trump can pawn the fiasco on Pence when everything continues to go sideways.

When you've lost the boys from Brazil . . . :  "Brazil will not allow U.S. use its territory to invade Venezuela: vice president" (Rothschilds).

"Meet Juan Guaido’s First Ambassador, Fake Twitter Diplomat Slammed by Costa Rica for ‘Unacceptable Entry’" (Parampil).  There is a good reason why the first principle of international law is to prohibit Assholian-style 'regime change'.

"Regime Change is Urgently Needed…in Washington" (Vltchek).  We're seeing the President now consistently do the exact opposite of what he campaigned on, which is to stop this nonsense for the simple reason it was seriously harming the country, and the 'extreme left' in American politics - AOC, Bernie, and every other prominent Democrat except for Gabbard - falling in line.  There's no hope from, of for, Assholia.

"Iran: Rouhani rejects top diplomat Zarif's resignation".  "Speculation Rampant As Iran's Rouhani Publicly Rejects FM Zarif's Resignation" (Durden).  Sounds like the hard-line religious nuts excluded him from the Assad visit, so he either attempted to resign in protest, or the whole thing was a stunt to force the mullahs to publicly side with Zarif.  If the latter, it worked.

"Thane Rosenbaum and Jonathan Mark suggest Arab Muslims don’t belong in America" (Weiss/Robbins).  Weiss is still useful in documenting what Khazars really think, and its not pretty.

"Gurvitz: Netanyahu deal with Jewish supremacist party was ‘a long time coming’" (Patel).  Rake's progress for the racist group supremacist state.  As things progress, we'll look back on Bibi's new friends as the 'moderates' to be replaced with even crazier crazies.  It's inevitable, and the only muted complaints from a couple of the American Khazars is that some of this will complicate hasbara, i.e., fooling the stupid goyim.

"More VIP heads to roll in Chinese massage parlor sting" (Madsen):
"While the corporate media have focused on the gossipy and salacious aspect of the sting, they are ignoring the national security implications. The use of Chinese-owned massage parlors by individuals who are members of Mar-a-Lago and close to the president, as well as the aide to a Republican congressman, represents a potential political blackmail situation. As we have reported, one of the prostitution ring kingpins is linked to two corporations with headquarters in China, one of which has its U.S. office near two sensitive U.S. military commands. Donald Trump’s “Russia collusion” scandal may have just multiplied into a Chinese “Spa and Spies” affair."
It looks like this bizarre action by Florida officials to actually enforce the law and not give a free pass to the 0.1% has something to do with the disgust with the way Epstein was treated.

"The Post-Cold War Arms Race: He Who Spends the Most is the Dummest" (Berger). With some of the classic examples, and incomprehensibly large numbers.

"Land of the absurd" (Robinson).  The Canadian diaspora Ukrainians are actually loonier than the real thing, which is hard to do.

A simulacrum of WWIII has broken out between India and Pakistan.

"Movement for Black Lives backs leaders hit with anti-Semitism smears" (Berger).  The schwartzers are getting uppity.  When BLM got uppity, Big Jew just defunded it, and had the (((media))) give it terrible coverage.

"Why Did Trump Choose to Be Such an Unpopular President?" (Black).  First comment by b-bar on Bannon.  The Democrats really dodged a bullet - they could easily have been destroyed as a political party had Trump and his minions not been equally corrupt.  See also the comment by Unna.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019


Gosh, we're getting a lot of The Clarification.

Here's the monster AOC, replete with leftish mumbo-jumbo, laid on suffocatingly thick (Americans Assholians don't seem to get the simple fact that if their 'leftist' politicians get Venezuela wrong, their 'socialism' is also a fraud):  tweet (Ben Norton):
"This is an outrageously misinformed statement, . The problem in Venezuela is not a "failure of democracy" from the government; it's a violent right-wing US-backed opposition that has dropped all pretense of wanting democracy and demanded a coup and war"
Here's the monster Bernie (also):  tweet (Jose Rios):
"“Saudi Arabia Venezuela, you know they are pretty much the same thing”"
Hopkins calls Bernie out for running the same 'socialism' scam again and again.  He has some good policies, but he throws them out there just as the placeholder who will lose so the policies have no chance.  "The Magic Socialist".  It's good that Venezuela gave him the chance to so thoroughly out himself as a monster.  Of course, he's a Khazar, so QED.

Here's Pierre-employee-of-the-month Greenwald trying to say Bernie just has a messaging problem!

"The Global Left and the Danger of a Dirty War in Venezuela" (Koerner).  The fucking 'global left' is of no fucking use at all - the only thing that will save Venezuela is Trump's basic common sense about the stupidity of fighting wars, if in fact that common sense exists.

They all pretty much work for the Koch Brothers.  Tweet (Mark Ames):
"The three leading DC advocates for Venezuela regime-change happen to be Koch Cartel's three stooges: Rubio, Pence, Pompeo. Related: Koch Cartel wants to wet its beak again on Venezuelan oil, fertilizers & petrochemical products"
"The Koch Brothers’ Top Political Operative Just Went to Work for Marco Rubio" (Choma). Are they anticipating that Trump won't run again?

Tweet (Aaron Maté):
"It's wrong to confine opposing Trump on Venezuela just to hypothetical military intervention: a devastating economic war is being waged. That's uncomfortable for Dems because Obama paved the way (), but that makes it all the more of an obligation to oppose."
The entire Assholian political spectrum, from extreme right to extreme left, goes from the Koch Brothers all the way across to . . . the Koch Brothers.

The Brits pop up out of the blue with a random swipe at Hezbollah (if you are going to be out of politics soon, it's wise to build your shekel collection while you can):  "Has the Elite’s Slavish pro-Israel Agenda Finally Gone Too Far?" (Murray).

"Hassan Nasrallah about Hezbollah’s Precision Missiles: Netanyahu is Lying to his People".  If he's going to hit the (Khazar-run) comedy club circuit, he's going to have to work on his jokes.

"Israel Burying ‘Nuclear Waste With Radioactive Content’ in Golan – UN Report".

I wonder if the Australians were reminded by recent British discussion of de-passporting of ISIS 'brides', that such actions are completely illegal (although he appears to have had the passport for some months, with only the revelation coming out now):  "Shifting the Centre of Gravity: Julian Assange Receives His Passport" (Kampmark).  We're reached the curious point where the Russians and Chinese scrupulously follow international law, and the 'West' breaks it every time it can, as a matter of principle (one of the main reasons being that international law, by not supporting Khazar supremacist murder and land theft, is inherently 'anti-Semitic').

Corbyn's commitment to principles - in this case, his righteous hatred of the Eurotrash - has been his main strength (despite shakiness on the 'anti-Semitism' scamming of the Khazar group supremacists, part of their never-ending anti-gentilism), so this is disturbing:  "People’s Vote: Corbyn Signs His Own Death Warrant" (Knightly).

Also disturbing:  "Iran's FM Zarif Abruptly Resigns Just As Assad Makes First Visit To Iran Since War's Start".

"Attacking Iran" (Giraldi).  On the bizarre recycling by the neocons of the same alleged (and ridiculous) al-Qaeda connection that the concentration camp guard used as a casus belli for the illegal Assholian attack on Iraq.  Just at the time when al Qaeda just attacked and killed a large number of Iranian soldiers!

"Mr Bolton’s Long Game Against Iran – Pakistan Becomes Saudi Arabia’s New Client State" (Crooke) (read the whole thing, but MbS just bailed out Pakistan and it is part of a plan):
". . . there are credible reports that ISIS fighters in the Deir a-Zoor area of Syria are being ‘facilitated’ to leave East Syria (reports suggest with significant qualities of gold and gemstones) in a move to Afghanistan.

Iran has long been vulnerable in its Sistan-Baluchistan province to ostensibly, secessionist factions (supported over the years by external states), but Iran is vulnerable, too, from neighbouring Afghanistan. Iran has relations with the Taliban, but it was Islamabad that firstly ‘invented’ (i.e. created) the Deobandi (an orientation of Wahhabism) Taliban, and which traditionally has exercised the primordial influence over this mainly Pashtoon grouping (whilst Iran’s influence rested more with the Tajiks of northern Afghanistan). Saudi Arabia of course, has had a decades long connection with the Pashtoon mujahidin of Afghanistan.

During the Afghan war of the 1980s and later, Afghanistan always was the path for Islamic fundamentalism to reach up into Central Asia. In other words, America’s anxiety to achieve a permanent presence in Afghanistan – plus the arrival of militants from Syria – may somehow link to suggest a second motive to US thinking: the potential to curb Russia and China’s evolution of a Central Asian trading sphere and supply corridor.

Putting this all together, what does this mean? Well, firstly, Mr Bolton was arguing for a US military ‘hub’ in Iraq – to put pressure on Iran – as early as 2003. Now, he has it. US Special Forces, (mostly) withdrawn from Syria, are deploying into this new Iraq military ‘hub’ in order, Trump said, to “watch Iran”. (Trump rather inadvertently ‘let the cat out of the bag’ with that comment).

The detail of the US ‘hub encirclement’ of Iran, however, rather gives the rest of Mr Bolton’s plan away: The ‘hubs’ are positioned precisely adjacent to Sunni, Kurdish, Baluch or other Iranian ethnic minorities (some with a history of insurgency). And why is it that US special forces are being assembled in the Iraqi hub? Well, these are the specialists of ‘train and assist’ programmes. These forces are attached to insurgent groups to ‘train and assist’ them to confront a sitting government. Eventually, such programmes end with safe-zone enclaves that protect American ‘companion forces’ (Bengahazi in Libya was one such example, al-Tanaf in Syria another).

The covert element to the MESA programme, targeting Iran, is ambitious, but it will be supplemented in the next months with new rounds of economic squeeze intended to sever Iran’s oil sales (as waivers expire), and with diplomatic action, aimed at disrupting Iran’s links in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq."
"SITREP France: Is Macron a puppet and, if yes, whose puppet is he?"  Note the comment that he is obviously on something.

"Kamala Harris told AIPAC she backs Israel because of civil rights struggle on Pettus Bridge, 1965" (Weiss).  The usual Clintonista fix is in for Harris, but I wonder if she is actually smart enough to pass the usual muster by the Powers That Be to be an American President.  It's what you get if your impressive skillz are bedroom related.

"This Map Shows a Trillion-Dollar Reason Why US is Backing Terrorism in Western China" (Cartalucci).  Roth amusingly nails what he is actually up to.

No stars for the Jewish Film Awards.  Something I've been pondering which may explain the ridiculous level of incompetence in 'Hollywood', is the completely new emergence of Netflix, etc, and their requirement for literally hundreds and hundreds of scripted televisions shows.  Actors aren't the problem - you can train actors, and the standards of acting are now quite high.  What you can't train is excellence in writing and directing, and the talent is now spread so thin that all 'Hollywood' can come up with is pure crap.

"Anthropocene".  "The Anthropocene Project".  "The Anthropocene Project".  The Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky has been taking photographs of this awful, but stunningly beautiful/sublime, shit for years before they had a name for it.

Monday, February 25, 2019

“Not exactly,” said Boot with a grin.

Regime change fan fiction:  "Bringing Democracy to Venezuela: A Tale of Freedom" (Anglin).  Read it while you still can.

For some reason

"Sackler behind OxyContin fraud offered twisted, mind-boggling defense" (Mole).  "Sackler Embraced Plan To Conceal OxyContin’s Strength From Doctors, Sealed Testimony Shows" (ProPublica).  We wouldn't even know about much of this vicious anti-gentilism had somebody not leaked the sealed document.

"The U.S.-Venezuela Aid Convoy Story Is Clearly Bogus, but No One Wants to Say It" (Johnson):
". . . how our government has weaponized the public’s sense of morality. Since the Spanish-American War, the U.S. has used humanitarian concerns as a shield against criticism or skepticism, and it has more or less worked every time. It’s why “aid” organizations like Air America used food transports to ship guns to anti-Communists in Indochina in the 1960s and ’70s. (Weapons were code-named “hard rice.”) And it’s why Elliott Abrams—the current quarterback of this latest affair in Venezuela—used humanitarian aid shipments to smuggle weapons to the Nicaragua’s Contras in the ’80s. Ultimately, these shipments allow for massive military buildups, without anyone in the media or Congress asking too many questions. After all, what kind of monster is opposed to helping starving people?
It’s impossible to know if the current shipments to Venezuela are being used to transport weapons, although Venezuelan authorities say they have intercepted American arms shipments. But given the history of the U.S. (to say nothing of Abrams’), and the fact that the Trump administration is openly calling for Maduro’s ouster while amassing forces along the Colombian border, it’s not exactly a long shot. Still, our political press dismisses the possibility as tin-foil hat stuff, at least in part because mocking wacky Latin American “conspiracy theories” is a mark of one’s seriousness in foreign policy circles.
Unlike a lot of U.S. regime change activities, reports indicate that this latest stunt was exceptionally rushed and slapdash. The Wall Street Journal paints a picture of a U.S. operation its architects believed would work in a day or two:
“The people who devised it in Caracas and sold it here [in Washington], sold it with the promise that if Guaidó made a move and [South American countries] and the U.S. came in behind, the military would flip and Maduro would go,” said a former senior U.S. official. “They thought it was a 24-hour operation.”
Because the large-scale military defections expected never took place (as they almost never do), the U.S. has had to resort to its Plan B for promoting conflict and galvanizing the Venezuelan opposition: On Sat., Feb. 23, President of the National Assembly Juan Guaidó will carry out a “humanitarian avalanche” at the Venezuelan border with Colombia and Brazil that, when one reads the fine print, sounds a lot like a U.S.-led invasion. Billionaire Richard Branson is reportedly organizing a “humanitarian aid” concert the night before. But we know this is a fig leaf, and we know this because those running this operation say so again and again. Bolton himself has speculated that Maduro could end up in a “beach area like Guantanamo.”
Despite all the evidence before them, MSNBC, CNN and countless other networks and publications across the ideological spectrum refuse to frame this humanitarian gambit as an act of hostility. Instead, knowing what they know and who they are covering, they have largely portrayed Trump, Bolton and Abrams as champions of the Venezuelan people."
"Venezuela Coverage Takes Us Back to Golden Age of Lying About Latin America" (Cook):
"Guaidó, who proclaimed himself to be president of the country and was recognized minutes later by Trump, even though a public opinion poll showed that 81 percent of Venezuelans had never heard of him, comes from the ultra-right faction in Venezuelan politics.
The pro-Maduro demonstration suggested, not surprisingly, that Guaidó had failed to win much popular support outside the wealthy and upper-middle class. But Guaidó couldn’t even win support from many of them. The day before rival rallies February 2, Henrique Capriles, the leader of a less extreme right-wing faction, gave an interview to the AFP that appeared in Últimas Noticias (2/1/19), the most widely read newspaper in Venezuela. In it, Capriles said that most of the opposition had not supported Guaidó’s self-proclamation as president. That may explain the surprisingly weak turnout at Guaidó’s demonstration, held in the wealthiest district of Caracas, and obviously outshone by the pro-government demonstration on the city’s main boulevard.
The New York Times did not show pictures of that pro-government demonstration, limiting itself to a claim by unnamed “experts” (2/2/19) that the pro-government demonstration was smaller than the anti-government one.
Readers can look at the photos of the rival demonstrations and judge for themselves. Both groups did their best to pull out their faithful, knowing how much is riding on a show of popular support."
Tweet (Marco Rubio). This kind of punk-ass threat comes across as desperation as your little scheme disintegrates.  Tweet (Glenn Greenwald) (also):
"For awhile I resisted the theory that 's play-acting as a revolutionary leader - from a safe, coddled distance, of course - was his attempt to compensate for Trump's humiliation of his "smallness." His increasingly deranged, psychotic postings have made this viable."
"Jewish Bernie Sanders Demands War on Venezuela for Some Reason" (Anglin).  The Khazar always comes out, no matter what steps are taken to hide it (note in particular the tweet by Michael Tracey).  Tulsi remains the only possible choice.

"WaPo Quietly Deletes Branson's Venezuela Concert From Article After 'Fake' Attendance Figures Exposed" (Durden).  One thing about this attack on Venezuela, we're sure seeing a lot of 'journalism'.  They must be so proud of themselves!

"February the 22nd Gilets jaunes SITREP" (French Saker). "In Face of Yellow-Vest Critics, France Moves to Criminalize Anti-Zionism" (Durocher).  I'm pretty sure the Rothschilds will look back on this little stunt as a mistake.

"Pulwama diplomacy loses way in labyrinthine plots" (Bhadrakumar):
". . . India is being “engaged” constructively by two inveterate enemies of Iran — Saudi Arabia and the UAE — who have an enduring reputation as sponsors of terrorism and are Pakistan’s mentors. The Saudi reputation is well-known, but the UAE stands below the radar. "
"Getting Rid of Omar: Neoconservatives Dig Deep to Remove a Critic of Israel" (Giraldi).  Priority #1 for Bill Kristol and his sugar-daddy Pierre (my emphasis in red):
"The Bulwark article, which pointedly seeks to get rid of the freshman congresswoman for her anti-Israeli views, goes on to lament that “Omar’s district is solidly Democratic. No Republican will ever win it. So is America just stuck with a prominent, very vocal, publicity-seeking anti-Semite in Congress for an indefinite period? Is there anything Omar’s critics can do? They need to beat her in a primary. But that must be done carefully… with the right primary opponent, she could be vulnerable in 2020.”
The Bulwark advises that beating Omar requires a perfect candidate and they have just such a person in mind: Minneapolis City Council Vice President Andrea Jenkins. Jenkins is a progressive dream candidate. She is the first transgender African-American woman elected to office in America. Enabling a generously funded and media-friendly campaign are child’s play for the Israel Lobby and the article notes that it would be impossible for Omar to depict herself as the victim of anti-Muslim bigotry in a race against Jenkins.
The Bulwark’s website features the subheading “Conservatism conserved.” Its article concludes that “Omar and her boosters had better hope that she stops alienating so many people so fast that her opponents could recruit, run, and vote for literally a tree trunk to replace her…” but the interesting point of the story is that while Bill Kristol and company paint themselves as principled America-first conservatives, they are anything but. They are prepared to do what it takes to get rid of a virtually powerless freshman congresswoman who suggested in a tweet that money fuels the congressional bias in favor of Israel, the protection of which is, of course, ever the neocons’ first priority. It is particularly ironic that Omar’s comment is something that everyone in politics and the media knows to be true about Jewish power in America but is afraid to talk about because of the intimidation coming from people like Kristol. And Kristol and his friends are proposing to get rid of the relatively minor nuisance represented by Omar by running a black transgender “woman” against her to undercut her support on the political left. Politics make for strange bedfellows, but perhaps it is time for the neoconservatives to cut the conservative part out of their own defining label while also removing it from top of the website of The Bulwark."
"The Mueller joke" (Walther). Btw it is starting to appear very, very likely that emptywheel is an actual MI6 intelligence operation.  The huge number of British fingerprints over various aspects of Russiagate, the hints at privileged access to information, the failure to concede to the reality that there was no collusion - a British intelligence operation is the only explanation.

Carney might have irreparably damaged the gold theft scam:  "Italy to Strengthen Control Over Gold Reserves Amid Venezuela’s Problems With UK".  You'd have to be out of your mind to leave any valuables with the light-fingered Brits.

"SLATE: Evil Trolls [Possibly Russian] Are Making Fun of Kamala Harris by Using the Truth" (Sailer).

"Samara’s Aid Appeal False Claims Exposed" (Sahiounie).  Better than a Nigerian Prince!

Sunday, February 24, 2019


"Venezuela Aid Trucks Set Ablaze As Maduro Tells Trump: "Yankee, Go Home"" (Durden).  If you read the (((media))) coverage of this, it is all written in the passive voice - 'aid trucks were set on fire' - as the trucks were set ablaze while they were still fully under control of the Colombians, at a time when crossing the border was hopeless but they still wanted to create a minor false flag, but the (((media))) wants you to think Maduro did it to hurt his own people!

"Venezuela - No More Than 20,000 People Came To Branson's Concert Stunt" (Moon).  All in all, a hopeless day or two for Abrams and Bolton.  Btw, Branson is one of those 'self-made' guys who mysteriously became a billionaire, starting in media and music (influence over young people), and is thus almost certainly a creature of British intelligence.

"Venezuela: An Open Letter to the UN Secretary General" (de Zayas).

"Charging into Venezuela – Disastrous Overstretch for US" (Sieff).

"Canadian military in Haiti. Why?" (Engler).  No mention in the House of Commons, and none of the other parties are the least bit curious.

"Red Cross denounces unsanctioned use of its emblems to smuggle US aid to Venezuela".  "Venezuela: Red Cross Denounces ZOG For Using Their Symbols On Terrorist Supply Trucks" (Cicero):
"Maybe my memory is a bit fuzzy, but I seem to remember voting for Donald Trump at least partially because he promised an end to these foreign wars that have killed hundreds of thousands at the very least, cost trillions of dollars, and do nothing except trigger migrant floods into both America and Europe.

I don’t exactly remember cheering at the thought of a mentally deranged White guy (Bolton) and a scheming Jew (Abrams) smuggling weapons to random South American rebels in trucks painted up to resemble a medical convoy."
"Mike Pompeo: US Will “Take Action” In Support of Venezuelan Democracy" (Wallace).  Collection of lying tweets by various Assholians.

Bibi called all Poles Nazis and the Poles found out about it, a problem which needs fixing:  "Concern as Soros-Backed Ventures Buy Major Polish Media Group".

"Pentagon Says Multinational Force to Establish ‘Safe-Zone’ in Northeastern Syria" (South Front). Late Yinon.  Even by the standards of Wars For The Jews, this is going to be a particularly ignoble venture in which to die.

"Black NATO Troops Feel Unwelcome in Estonia" (Batty).  Read down to the part where you find out that Russia was behind it all!

As usual, we wait, perched on the edges of our seats, to see if the Eurotrash can put down the bribes long enough to take steps to prevent nuclear annihilation of Europe (the Warsaw debacle was a small, encouraging sign of sanity and self-preservation):  "Pepe Escobar: Memo from Moscow" (Escobar).  When the few survivors raise the guillotines for the Eurotrash, they can't day they weren't warned.  Escobar/Dugin/Crooke!:
"The day before Putin’s state of the union address I went to visit Alexander Dugin at his office in the deliciously Soviet, art nouveau building of the former Central Post Office. Dugin, a political analyst and strategist with a refined philosophical mind, is vilified in Washington as Putin’s ideologue. He has also been targeted by US sanctions.
I was greeted in the lobby by his multi-talented daughter Daria – active in everything from philosophy and music to geopolitics. Dugin was being interviewed by RAI correspondent Sergio Paini. After the wrap-up, the three of us immediately engaged in a discussion on populism, Salvini, the Italian politician, and the Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vests in France), in Italian. (Dugin is fluent in many languages).
Then we picked up on what we had left behind, when I was in Moscow last December and talked extensively with Daria. Dugin was in Shanghai teaching an international relations course at Fudan University (see here and here), and gave lectures at Tsinghua and Peking University. He returned quite impressed by Chinese academia’s interest in populism, plus German philosopher Martin Heidegger and the Gilets Jaunes, as well as the evolving paths of Russia and China’s strategic partnership.
So inevitably we delved into Eurasianism – and strategies towards Eurasian integration. Dugin sees China applying a sort of remixed Spykman outlook to the “Road” component of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), which is maritime, along the rimland. He privileges the “Belt” component, which is overland, with one of the main corridors going through Russia via the upgraded Trans-Siberian railway. I tend to view it as a mix of Halford Mackinder, the famed English academic, and the influential American political scientist Nicholas Spykman; China advancing on the West, simultaneously in the heartland and the rimland.
Dugin’s office has the atmosphere of a revolving think tank. I was trying to inform him on how Brazil – under the ‘leadership’ of Steve Bannon, who walks and talks like he runs the Bolsonaro presidential clan – has been dragged to the frontline in the US in contrast to the Eurasian integration chessboard. Suddenly, none other than Alastair Crooke drops in. Serendipity or synchronicity? 
Alastair, with his consummate diplomatic flair, is, of course, one of the world’s foremost experts in the Middle East and Europe – and much else. He’s in Moscow as a guest for one of the Valdai Club’s famed discussions, on the Middle East, along with key figures from Syria and Iran.
Soon the three of us are engaged in an absorbing conversation on the soul of Islam, the purity of Sufism, the Muslim Brotherhood (those fabled friends of the Clinton machine), what President Erdogan and the Qataris are really up to, and the sterility – intellectual and spiritual – of the Wahhabi House of Saud and the Emirates.
We tend to agree that discussions like this, going on in Moscow – and in Tehran, Istanbul, Shanghai – would greatly profit from the presence of a progressive Steve Bannon, capable of organizing and promoting a running, non-ideological debate on multipolarity.
A day before Putin’s stark reminder against any slip towards nuclear Armageddon, we were also discussing the post-INF world, but with emphasis on post-Mackinder (and post-Brzezinski) Eurasian integration. And that includes Russian and Chinese intellectual elites acutely aware that they can’t afford to be isolated by American hyperpower.
I walked Alastair to his hotel, past a gloriously illuminated Bolshoi. I kept going, and as Lubyanka disappeared from view, a sidewalk busker was playing ‘House of the Rising Sun’, the Animals version. In Russian.
Hopefully, it will not feature a rising nuclear sun."
Excellent:  "The Hunt for Konstantin Kilimnik" (Stryker).  Kilimnik is the 'Russian' great white whale to the Clintonista Ahabs, the last possible thin strand to 'collusion', with the only tiny problem being he's Ukrainian, like all the thugs and gangsters Manafort dealt with.

"Can AIPAC sell Netanyahu’s Kahanist Terrorists to Middle America?" (Cole).  It's the benjamins Euros baby:  "Leading Israel lobby group sees massive rise in budget" (Cronin).  The JQ isn't new (but back then, the Saudi royals were still pretending not to be cryptos):  "Spiro Agnew And The Saudi Royal Family — Peas In An Anti-Semitic Pod" (Worthington).

"US lawmakers bully Ireland over move to ban Israel’s settlement goods" (Tierney). See another example, with gloating over the success of the bullying:  "BDS Suffers Humiliating Reversal in Iceland" (Lieberman).

"Bari Weiss clumsily regurgitates old hasbara talking points" (Samel).  Weiss is another example of the perils of the main identifying feature of the Khazars, extreme nepotism, and what happens when the second and third generations take their promotions through the system for granted.

"France to criminalize anti-Zionism" (Abunimah). The Rothschilds really have this ultra-pervert over a barrel, and the people of France know it.

Shekels to the strongmen for 'diversified' support as Americans get woke (come to think of it, it is identical to how American support has been obtained!):  "Now Chad, then Mali: Why African Countries Are Normalizing with Israel" (Baroud). "Israel opens first ever embassy in Rwanda".

"NPR reporter defends one-sided report on Ilhan Omar" (Weir).  NPR has to lie constantly to keep from being wound up, which of course makes you wonder why anybody would oppose having it wound up.

""Elizabeth Warren Opens Door To Reparations For Native Americans"—Does She Qualify Under Her Own Plan?" (Sailer).  The first day of fundraising Bernie raised almost 6 million; Warren got two blankets dipped in smallpox from a donor named D. Trump.  I laugh, but some of her economic ideas are quite good - too bad she's such a hapless candidate.

Saturday, February 23, 2019


"America: ‘Indispensable Nation’ No More" (Bacevich).  ""Consequences for NATO": Germany Rebuffs UK Call To Back Off Saudi Arms Freeze" (Durden).  "What If They Started a War and No One Showed Up?" (Giraldi).  "Pompeo, Pence & the Alienation of Europe" (Lawrence).

We've reached the extremely dangerous 'King Canute phase' - though Cnut was a smart guy and successful ruler and the story was supposed to demonstrate the limits of power, if indeed it actually occurred - of the Decline of the Assholian Empire, with orders issuing with increasing derangement, but nothing happening in response.  The Assholians are aware of the problem, and the danger is they try to force something particularly stupid through just to appear relevant.

"Who Was Behind the Plan to Give Saudi Arabia Nuclear Power, and What Was Their Agenda? — “Trump, Inc.” Extra".  "How Kushner and other Key Trump Officials Plotted to Give Saudis the Atom Bomb in Return for Billions" (Cole).  Unlike Russiagate, this is a real, extremely serious scandal involving Trump and President Jared, one that should end with Trump's impeachment and President Jared's imprisonment, but this will die on the vine (due to the Clintonista corruption by the Saudis).  Bud McFarlane!

Tweet (Ben Norton):
"This 1600-word Amnesty report that supposedly documents "human rights" abuses in Venezuela does not once mention the crippling—and illegal—US sanctions that have bled Venezuela of billions, suffocated the economy, and collectively punished civilians—ie the biggest HR abuse of all"
Guido's coup is going to fail, but Trump/Bolton/Abrams are going to get a lot of people killed in the process, and this weekend is probably going to be tragic. "Venezuela - Abrams To Make Sure Humanitarian Aid Flights Are "Strictly By The Book"" (Moon).  "Washington’s “aid” provocation reportedly claims first victims in Venezuela" (Grey).  "Violence Erupts at Venezuelan-Brazilian Border Ahead of ‘Aid’ Deadline".

"The Racist Venezuelan Bourgeoisie’s Accusations Against Chavistas Are Pure Projection" (Sassy Sourstein).  The anti-Castro Cubans, and these rich Venezuelan emigres who are butt-hurt due to the fact their ability to steal from and exploit the people has been ended by a progressive government taking over, are very easy to hate.

"The War on Venezuela is Built on Lies" (Pilger).

"The Fake News about Humanitarian Aid and Venezuela" (MacLeod):
"The $20 million shipment of “aid” is a drop in the ocean in comparison to the effect of the sanctions, estimated to be tens of billions of dollars. The “aid” therefore constitutes about what Venezuela loses every eight hours due to the sanctions. The very obvious thing any American with a genuine desire to help the Venezuelan people would advocate is to end the illegal sanctions and begin paying reparations."
Sigh, another betrayal of MAGA (though I suppose it would be normal these days for Americans to leave behind a secret group of 'instructors' and the usual CIA contingent, and calling them 'peacekeepers', while obscene, is par for the course):  "Leftist Syrian Kurds Rejoice that Trump will Keep Hundreds of US Troops in Syria" (Cole).

"Jair Bolsonaro’s First 53 Days as President of Brazil Have Been a Resounding, Scandalous Failure" (Fishman, de Santi).  "Meet the Military Junta running Brasil" (Lopez).  It's clear the guy they really wanted to run things was Bolsonaro’s VP, a general, and Bolsonaro may not be around for the long haul.

"Curtain Call: A Response to Edward Curtin" (St. Clair/Frank).  Even if true, doesn't get around the fact that Counterpunch has greatly deteriorated (although a lot of good writers haven't yet noticed, and are still being published there).

"J’Accuse!" (Schulman).  "Paris Police Arrest Suspect in anti-Semitic Attack on French Jewish Philosopher Alain Finkielkraut". "French ruling elite attacks “yellow vests” while claiming to fight anti-Semitism" (Lantier).  "Macron threatens to criminalize opposition to Zionism in France" (Morrow).  Finkielkraut was clearly hanging around the edges of a protest with the express purpose of having somebody yell at him, thus giving the Rothschilds the excuse they need for more abuse of freedoms in France.

"Sickening" (Robinson). See what real outrageous manipulation looks like:  "Twitter Greenlights Venezuela’s Pro-Opposition Online Blitz – Shuts Down Genuine Opponents" (Rubinstein).

"Schiffting To Phase 2: The Mueller Report 'Disappointment' Will Be Just The Beginning" (Durden).  The crazed thinking is that the only check on Trump - and the only way to keep attention away from the serious problem of Clinton corruption - is for this ankle-biting to continue.  There are lessons to be learned from the Republicans dragging out the impeachment attacks on Bill Clinton until they destroyed their own credibility, but this bunch of 'resisters' isn't going to learn them.

"Freedom Rider: Kamala Harris: The fix is in" (Kimberley).  Harris is the Clinton of this nomination cycle - at least until the real Clinton shows up, to 'save the party'! - and the same fix appears to be in.  They would prefer a Trump reelection to Sanders winning.  See:  "Russian Alt-Right Nazi Hacker Trolls Are Bankrolling Bernie’s Campaign!" (Batty).

"Leonard Statement Re: Incident at DC with Nathan Philips".

"How One of America’s Premier Data Monarchs is Funding a Global Information War and Shaping the Media Landscape" (Rubinstein/Blumenthal).  It's more sophisticated than the old lie generators, as some parts of Omidyar's empire appear occasionally to be woke, but it is just a cover for the same old shit.

Friday, February 22, 2019

The real victim here

Yuge:  "Federal prosecutors broke law in Jeffrey Epstein case, judge rules" (Brown):
"Francey Hakes, a former federal prosecutor, said the Crime Victims’ Rights Act doesn’t spell out any punishment for violating its terms, so it would set a precedent to re-open Epstein’s agreement.

“Epstein will surely argue he complied with the agreement, relied upon it, and plead guilty under it so it can’t be overturned in fairness to him,’’ she said. “I will be very interested to see what the parties say the remedy for the violation should be. Ultimately, it is simply shocking the Government went to the lengths they did to keep the victims in the dark in order to make a serious predator’s high priced defense team happy. Justice should not, and does not, look like this.’’"
Speaking of the 'high priced defense team': "An Epstein sex case is settled; Dershowitz denies latest allegation" (Brown):
"According to a recent court transcript, among those people Ransome claims she was directed to have sex with was Epstein’s lawyer, Alan Dershowitz, who helped negotiate a controversial plea deal that gave the eccentric multimillionaire — and co-conspirators employed by Epstein — federal immunity in 2008.

Dershowitz, 80, told the Miami Herald that he has never met Ransome nor has he ever had sex with her. He accused Ransome’s attorney, powerhouse lawyer David Boies, of inventing the story and using her and another woman, Virginia Roberts, to frame him. Roberts asserted in a federal court affidavit in 2015 that Epstein forced her to have sex with Dershowitz when she was 16 years old.

“I am the victim. David Boies and these women are the perpetrators,’’ Dershowitz said. “They have willfully and deliberately concocted stories in order to make money — millions and millions of dollars. And I will not rest until the entire story comes out,’’ said Dershowitz, a professor at Harvard Law School and frequent Fox news guest commentator.

Nowhere in the court case or the transcript does Ransome or anyone else allege that Ransome had sex with Dershowitz — only that she was directed to."
"In the recent court transcript, however, it is Maxwell’s attorney, Laura Menninger — not Ransome or her attorneys — who named Dershowitz.

“[Ransome] has alleged not only that my client [Maxwell] ran a sex trafficking organization but she claims also that she was directed by my client and the Epstein defendants to have sex with third parties, including Alan Dershowitz, for example,’’ Menninger said. “And so to the extent my client or Mr. Dershowitz or anyone else is going to be asked about their private sexual activity, I believe that would implicate their privacy rights...’’

Roberts, who now lives in Australia, said that Epstein ordered her to have sex with Dershowitz six times, according to a 2015 affidavit, which was filed in connection with an unrelated Epstein federal lawsuit.

At that time, Dershowitz launched a media blitz on TV asserting that Roberts made up the story. He also called for Roberts’ lawyers — Edwards and University of Utah law professor Paul Cassell — to be disbarred. The lawyers sued Dershowitz for defamation, and the case was settled last year.

Dershowitz publicly declared he was vindicated after a federal judge ordered Roberts’ affidavit stricken from the court record. But the judge did not address the veracity of her sexual misconduct claims; he instead ruled that the affidavit was misplaced in a case not involving Dershowitz.

Boies, whose firm represented Roberts pro bono, addressed Dershowitz’s longstanding contention that he had been exonerated.

“Anytime in a lawsuit where you were the defendant and you paid the plaintiff $900,000 to settle it — that’s a strange kind of vindication,’’ Boies said, asserting that Dershowitz paid that amount as part of the defamation settlement with Edwards and Cassell."
Only in a Mossad honeypot conspiracy would you have, as one of your lawyers, somebody who was part of the plot, as a possible co-defendant!

Cogent fantasy

"How the Russiagate Hoax Has Led to the ‘Sovietization of America’" (Cohen):
"Soviet authorities, through the KGB, regularly charged and punished dissidents and other unacceptably independent citizens with linguistic versions of “collusion” and “contacts” with foreigners, particularly Americans. (Having inadvertently been the American in several cases, I can testify that the “contacts” were entirely casual, professional, or otherwise innocent.) Is something similar under way here? As the former prosecutor Andrew C. McCarthy has pointed out, to make allegations of Trump associates’ “collusion” is to question “everyone who had interacted with Russia in the last quarter-century.” In my case and those of not a few scholarly colleagues, it would mean in the last half-century, or nearly. Nor is this practice merely hypothetical or abstract.
The US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence recently sent a letter to an American professor and public intellectual demanding that this person turn over “all communications [since January 2015] with Russian media organizations, their employees, representatives, or associates,” with “Russian persons or business interests,” “with or about US political campaigns or entities relating to Russia,” and “related to travel to Russia, and/or meetings, or discussions, or interactions that occurred during such travel.” We do not know how many such letters the Committee has sent, but this is not the only one. If this is not an un-American political inquisition, it is hard to say what would be. (It was also a common Soviet practice, though such “documents” were usually obtained by sudden police raids, of which there have recently been at least two in our own country, both related to Russiagate.)
In this connection, Soviet authorities also regularly practiced selective prosecution, which is persecution intended to send a chilling signal to other would-be offenders. For example, in 1965, Andrei Sinyavsky and Yuli Daniel were arrested for publishing their literary writings abroad under pseudonyms, an emerging practice the Kremlin wanted to stop. And in 1972, an important dissident figure, Pytor Yakir, was held in solitary confinement until he “broke” and signed a “confession,” even naming some of his associates, which greatly demoralized the dissident movement. Paul Manafort is no American dissident, literary or otherwise, and he well may be guilty of the financial misdeeds and tax evasion as charged. But he is facing, at nearly age 70, in effect a life sentence in prison and, through fines imposed, the bankruptcy of his family. We may reasonably ask: Is this selective prosecution/persecution? How many other hired US political operatives in foreign countries in recent years have been so audited and onerously prosecuted? Or has Manafort been singled out because he was once Trump’s campaign manager? We may also ask why a young Russian woman living in Washington, Maria Butina, was arrested and kept in solitary confinement until she confessed – that is, pleaded guilty. (She is still in prison.) Her offense? Publicly extolling the virtues of her native Russian government and advocating détente-like relations between Washington and Moscow without having registered as a foreign agent. Americans living in Russia frequently do the same on behalf of their country. Certainly, I have often done so. Are patriotism and promoting détente as an alternative to the new and more dangerous Cold War now a crime in the United States, or is the selective prosecution of Butina a response to Trump’s call for “cooperation with Russia”?
Now we have an even more alarming Soviet-like practice. Former acting head of the FBI  Andrew McCabe tells us that in 2017, he and other high officials discussed a way to remove President Trump from office. As Alan Dershowitz, a professor of constitutional law, remarked, they had in mind an “attempted coup d’état.” Which may remind students of Soviet history that two of its leaders were targets of a bureaucratic or administrative “coup”- Nikita Khrushchev twice, in 1957 and 1964, the latter being successful; and Gorbachev in August 1991, though perhaps several other plots against him may still be unknown. Khrushchev and Gorbachev were disruptors of the bureaucratic status quo and its entrenched interests – very much unlike President Trump, but disruptors nonetheless.
Finally, at least for now, there is the role media censorship played in Soviet repression. To a knowing reader who could read “between the lines,” the Soviet press actually provided a lot of usable information. Equally important, though, was what it excluded as taboo—particularly news and other information that undermined the official narrative of current and historical events. (All this ended with Gorbachev’s introduction of glasnost in the late 1980s.) In the era of Russiagate, American mainstream media are practicing at least partial censorship by systematically excluding voices and other sources that directly challenge their orthodox narrative. There are many such malpractices in leading newspapers and on influential television programs, but they are the subject of another commentary."
"FBI Official Admits To Infiltrating Trump Campaign - Just Don't Call It Spying" (Durden:
"Halper's former father-in-law was Ray Cline, former Deputy Director of the CIA. He also allegedly spied on the Carter administration - collecting information on foreign policy (an account disputed by Ray Cline)."
"Halper's involvement in surveilling the Trump campaign was exposed by the Daily Caller's Chuck Ross, who reported that the 74-year-old spook was enlisted by the FBI to befriend and spy on three members of the Trump campaign during the 2016 US election.
Halper received a DoD contract from the Obama administration for $411,575 - made in two payments, and had a start date of September 26, 2016 - three days after a September 23 Yahoo! News article by Michael Isikoff about Trump aide Carter Page, which used information fed to Isikoff by "pissgate" dossier creator Christopher Steele. The FBI would use the Yahoo! article along with the unverified "pissgate" dossier as supporting evidence in an FISA warrant application for Page."
"Halper approached Page during an election-themed conference at Cambridge on July 11, 2016, six weeks after the September 26 DoD award start date. The two would stay in contact for the next 14 months, frequently meeting and exchanging emails.
He said that he first encountered the informant during a conference in mid-July of 2016 and that they stayed in touch. The two later met several times in the Washington area. Mr. Page said their interactions were benign. -New York Times
And as the Daily Caller reports, Halper used a decades-old association with Paul Manafort to break the ice with Page.
In September 2016, the FBI would send Halper to further probe Trump aide George Papadopoulos on an allegation he made that Russia had "dirt" on Hillary Clinton. According to Papadopoulos in an interview with Dan Bongino, Halper angrily accused him of working with Russia before storming out of a meeting.
Halper essentially began interrogating Papadopoulos, saying that it’s “obviously in your interest to be working with the Russians” and to “hack emails.” “You’re complicit with Russia in this, isn’t that right George” Halper told him. Halper also inquired about Hillary’s hacked emails, insinuating that Papadopoulos possessed them. Papadopoulos denied knowing anything about this and asked to be left alone."
"The FBI’s Coup Attempt Failed" (Van Buren).

Tweet (Glenn Greenwald):
"There's already an effort underway to assure confused Dem partisans that the end of the Mueller investigation means nothing: oh, don't worry, Adam Schiff will take care of it. The SDNY will get them all. At least that's cogent fantasy. Insinuating Mueller was silenced is lunacy."
Greenwald versus emptywheel (who I think is the undisputed winner of the lost reputation sweepstakes - she literally sounds insane).

Post Mueller, perhaps we can get to the real Russia collusion treason:  "Solomon: Evidence Mounts Of Democrats' Collusion With Russia".

Think about that

"Trump’s anti-Semitism envoy assures American Jewish leaders that president is committed to protecting Jews" (my emphasis in red):
"Carr, 50, a Hebrew-speaking former Los Angeles prosecutor who served with the U.S. Army in Iraq, was named as the special envoy for monitoring and combating anti-Semitism earlier this month.  . . .  “My office was created by law and designed to protect the Jewish people throughout the world. Think about that,” Carr said Thursday. “The world’s greatest power is focused, by law and design, on protecting the Jews. It’s something not to be taken for granted.”"


"Jussie Smollett and Jewish Hoaxes" (Shamir).  When you have racist group supremacists living in your midst, with a lot of money and power and control of the (((media))), they completely skew the conversation.  Some things are manipulated out of proportion, and some things are never mentioned, and moral argument becomes impossible.

Thursday, February 21, 2019


"Netanyahu Backs “Jewish Power” Terrorist Party" (Wallace).  "Netanyahu Orchestrates Merger To Bring Extremists Into Knesset".  'Terrorist' is exactly right.  When Bibi found himself under pressure in his election from the right, he simply leapfrogged over to the ultra-extreme right.  We could say he's completely without scruples, which is true, but we can't forget it is those 'nice' Jewish Israeli voters who are pushing him.

"An Honest Living by Steve Salaita".  He's lucky to still be alive.  What happens if you challenge the land theft and murder by those 'nice' people.  The Salaita case remains the clearest example of the total shekel corruption of academia.

Winstanley's crystal ball from July 2018.  "Rats Begin Leaving the Labour Ship" (Littlewood).  "MP who fabricated anti-Semitism scandal leaves Labour, citing ‘culture of racism and anti-Semitism’".  "Joan Ryan, MP who fabricated anti-Semitism, quits Labour" (Winstanley).  Very telling, and amusing, that the chair of Labour Friends of Israel leaves Labour but makes it clear she will remain chair of Labour Friends of Israel!

What we've seen over and over is that once we have a Clarification for voters, and the crap is stripped away, they will vote righteously.  I believe this Khazar stunt is going to backfire on them in the next election.

"When Saudi Arabia Gets the Bomb" (Pierson).  One of the main reasons MbS went to Pakistan.

"The Dire, Unintended Consequences of Trump’s MAGA War on China" (Crooke) (maybe a bad time to be picking a fight with China):
"Trump’s aim here, simply, is to force US companies to switch away from China – and to curtail China’s economic prospects. The US will continue to use non-tariff barriers, investment restrictions, export ‘ring-fencing’, financial sanctions, and criminal indictments to achieve its aims. It will extend to energy and information too. It already has. (Recall that Britain initially tried to weaken Germany economically, by blockading food transiting through the North Sea. The US supported the blockade.)

But perhaps the worry most likely to arise from past precedent will be Trump’s insistence on full-spectrum, US military re-arming. He has promised to out-spend and out-innovate all rivals on a revamp of weapons systems, and is engaged in shaking the US free from all and any restrictions, stemming from earlier weapons limitation treaties.

In this connection – just last week – something most significant occurred. As Gillian Tett of the FT reports: “Beth Hammack, a senior Goldman Sachs banker, who chairs a US government advisory group known as the Treasury Bond Advisory Committee, dispatched a letter to Steven Mnuchin, Treasury secretary – with a bombshell at the bottom”. She continues: “According to TBAC calculations, America will need to sell an eye-popping $12 Trillion of bonds in the coming decade. This will “pose a unique challenge for the Treasury”, Ms Hammack warned, even “without factoring in the possibility of a recession”. In plain English”, Tett continued, “the Wall Street luminaries on the committee were asking who on earth — or in global finance — will buy this looming mountain of Treasuries?”.

This – just to be clear – will be the US borrowing requirement, before even Trump raises a finger on his major upgrade of America’s weapons systems. The Advisory Committee further warned that deficits typically rise 2-5% of GDP in recessions, which would translate to additional deficits of $0.5-1trn at current GDP levels; and warned too that "these borrowing needs [would all] have to be financed in the context of already high global dollar debt exposure."

Lest the full gravity of this message is missed, Tett adds that “this week, one of America’s biggest hedge funds privately concluded that – in five years’ time – the Treasury will need to sell bonds equivalent to 25% of GDP, (up from 15 % now).” “This level of debt has occurred just twice in the past 120 years, first during the second world war and then again during the 2008 financial crisis. The first time, the US government forced private domestic savers to buy its debt via a patriotic propaganda campaign and financial controls. The second time it relied on its central bank’s balance sheet via quantitative easing [i.e. ‘printing’ money].”

“Because of the size of the US economy and markets … it will require about a 6 per cent shift in global asset allocations” to absorb the debt, this hedge fund warned …“What if investors don’t want to make that shift?”.

An important question. But Trump has taken up the major military revamp banner with characteristic MAGA nationalistic bravado. And now hardly a day passes without China being described to Congress as “the greatest long-term strategic threat” to US. The Military Industrial Complex, Congress and the Beltway – all of them have the bit between their teeth. The pork-barrel dollars will fertilise all fifty states, be sure of that, and Congressional ‘eyes’ are already fixed on that juicy prospect. No way this will be walked-back completely.

But, back to that ‘eye-popping’ TBAC bombshell, it must be understood against the backdrop of the dollar share in global foreign exchange reserves falling from 70% in 1999, to about 63% at the end of 2017 – and global trade, as a share of world GDP, seeming to have peaked.

China is now running a flat current account with the rest of the world.

Yes, that’s correct: in August, a historic event occurred: for the first time in its modern history, China's current account balance for the first half of the year, had turned into a deficit. And just to be very clear: no trade surplus – equals no Chinese financing of the US debt. They haven’t anyway – for some time now.

So, putting all this together: The US psychologically and politically cannot, or will not, walk-back the promised revamp of US weapons systems: “out-spending, out-innovating” all (though some of it, in the end, inevitably may be trimmed a bit) – the ‘threat’ has been hyped too far, now. The die is cast. But there are no foreigners buying US Treasury debt now – after seven decades in which they have funded US deficit spending. And what then does happen when, in a short period of time, the Treasury has to sell fiat debt equivalent to 25%–30% of US GDP (possibly in mid-recession, when government expenditure automatically rises)?

The US fiscal space will not just be crowded out; it will be overwhelmed. No money for the activist new intake of Democratic radicals, such as Ocasio-Cortez, to fund social projects. The strains on party unity will be obvious. But no money for ‘crumbling’ US domestic infrastructure, either. No money to fill the gap on under-funded pensions. Social stress will spike.

Inevitably, the US Treasury’s dollar printing presses will run red hot. And confidence in the dollar will sink. And it is not to be Foroohar’s “Casandra” to point to earlier experience of what may happen (did happen), when one erstwhile dominant state determines to stop the rise of a challenger – by all means available. Is it too late for Trump to pull-back, and settle just for selling China lots of Soya beans and some LNG? Probably."
"Ukraine mall displays Nazi swastika on staircase".  Very attractive logo.  One thing I've noticed about the ubiquitous Ukrainian appropriation of Nazi iconography in general is that it is sloppy, lacking the crispness of the original.  Where's Hugo Boss when you need him?

"The Israel lobby is built on the biggest guilt trip in the world" (Weiss).  Weiss is having increasing trouble keeping his narrative together as some of the 'nice' Jews who he continues to insist are in the majority immediately viciously attacked Omar for stating a simple and obvious truth.

"It’s back to the future with Venezuelan ‘Contras,’ the neocons, and the CIA" (Madsen).  Very hopsickerian, tracking planes and mercenaries around. Also:  "It’s Back to the Iran-Contra Days Under Trump".

"'That is so sick': Sex charges in Canada against fugitive French priest stayed" (Skura).  To its credit, the CBC raises the Diab case.  Besides the spectacularly big instances of terrible judgment, the Trudeau government is also consistent in the smaller instances of terrible judgment.

Tweet (dead senators):
"bernie’s platform is problematic: 👉illegal for customers to speak to a manager 👉millionaires will be taxed, so if you make $30,000 a year that means you 👉if you own a video game you have to let your sister have a turn 👉say goodbye to those 70 hour workweeks you enjoy"
""Tom Wolfe! Thou Shouldst be Living at This Hour"" (Sailer).  I hate Tom Wolfe, but Sailer and his crew think he's a hero for 'noticing' before anybody else did.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

A funny tinge

Considering that al Qaeda just murdered a bunch of Iranian soldiers, this is even more ridiculous than usual (and, of course, hearkens back to similar ridiculous connections between al Qaeda and Saddam alleged by the Khazars - no less that the concentration camp guard himself! - to get their disastrous attack on Iraq):  "EXCLUSIVE: Iran-al Qaeda alliance may provide legal rationale for U.S. military strikes" (Wolfgang/Taylor).

"'A funny tinge': Uproar over remark by ex-Labour MP Angela Smith".  She's found an excellent name for the new party, while demonstrating you can be ridiculously racist while purporting to be fighting the good fight against 'anti-Semitism'.  It seems to me this new party is a stupid move by the Khazars, as these clowns were doing much more harm inside Labour than they can do outside of it (Corbyn should send them thank you cards), where most will lose their seats and fade into deserved, but well shekeled, obscurity.

"Democracy and the Corrupt Seven (Eight)" (Murray).  Note the Update at the top.  Shekels, goyim, it's always those sweet, sweet shekels!  Added:  Murray tweets on Guardian censorship of shekeling.

"How the rule of the rabbis is fuelling a holy war in Israel" (Cook).  Important.

"Mapping the American War on Terror" (Savell).  Thanks, Khazars!

Small CIA bargain-basement coup attempt in Haiti:  "US Citizens Arrested As Part Of Suspected Mercenary Group Hired To Quell Protests In Haiti" (South Front).  Note how this connects to the attempted coup in Venezuela:  "How the U.S. Is Strangling Haiti as It Attempts Regime Change in Venezuela" (Prashad) (see also).

"How Much of Venezuela’s Crisis Is Really Maduro’s Fault?" (Ellner). There are quite a few I-hate-the-dictator-Maduro-but 'progressives' hanging around this issue and many others.  It is quite the tell.

Tweet (Anya Parampil):
"Hmm, this is almost exactly what you'd tweet if you were setting the stage for a false flag attack in order to justify US intervention in Venezuela 🤔"
"Gray Journalism: How the NYT Makes A Story About NYC's Surge In Anti-Semitic Black Violence Dull" (Sailer).  Well, they've also made a story about legitimate anger at financial exploitation by racist group supremacists into the usual whining about 'anti-Semitism'.

"Jussie Smollett May Be In Big Trouble Over Letter" (Sailer).  You know what they say, it's never the phony MAGA 'hate' attack that gets you, it's the previous phony anthrax attack through the mail.

Daily Stormer on a roll:
  1. "UK: Danny the Fink Admits Powerful Jews Engage in Secret Political Plotting" (Diversity Macht Frei);
  2. "Jews Call for Yellow Vest Demonstrations to be Suppressed" (Diversity Macht Frei) - hard core mass suppression of civil rights!;
  3. "French MPs are Planning to Outlaw “Anti-Zionism”" (Diversity Macht Frei); and
  4. "Seditious Traitor McCabe Says He Still Thinks Trump is Working for the KGB, Maybe" (Anglin).
Btw, here's Marshall - Marshall! - pointing out the legal ridiculousness of McCabe's strategy of attempting to use the 25th Amendment to remove Trump:  "Stop Talking About the 25th Amendment".  Even if it applied, which it clearly doesn't, it would be more difficult to get through than actual impeachment.

Note the shade cast by the Clintonistas on by far the most popular American politician, the only prospective candidate they have who could actually beat Trump!:  "Bernie Sanders Enters The 2020 Presidential Race As A Democrat" (Worthington).

"Troublesome Possibilities: The Left and Tulsi Gabbard" (Falcone interviews Falk).  Falk is oddly skittish over some issues involving the only candidate from either party that has any chance of saving the country from complete ruination (Bernie's politics is close to perfect, except for his disastrous Khazar-supremacist foreign policy), all over some tiny vague hints that she might not be kosher on a few identity politics issues.  Falk's a Khazar, you just have to wonder  . . . .

Superb cartoon by Erlend Sandøy:  "What America’s Weapons Are Doing to Yemen". 

"Death Of Sailor In Iconic VJ-Day Photo Reminds Americans Of Halcyon Days When Wars Still Ended". I doubt that Haim wrote this joke.