Thursday, February 14, 2019

A serious professional mistake

Tweet (Katie Halper):
""Dear readers: we meant to fundraise off of smearing the *other* Muslim congress woman. Apologies for the confusion.""
We have to remember that this orgy of fundraising isn't from the Jewish billionaires, whose funding goes on in back rooms. These are solicitations to the 'nice' Jews who are only in favor of rainbows and lollipops and unicorns and never have a thought about group supremacist murder and and land theft.

Tweet (Two Flames):
"Notice 's hashtag . He refers to the illegal Israeli settlements - towns built on stolen Palestinian land. Ben wants to define the Palestinian arab people as destructive filth: unworthy of land unworthy of home unworthy of life today's untermensch."
"Under the Boot" (Rubin).  Tweet (Max Boot):
"Disgraceful ad hominem attacks by on my colleague Elliott Abrams. She doesn't seem to realize he is a leading advocate of human rights and democracy--not a promoter of genocide! More evidence of the loony left I caution Democrats about: "
Tweet (Ken Klippenstein):
"Someone edited the wiki for the Mozote Massacre lmao"
The general loathing of Abrams, and cheering of Omar, is heartening.  You can see why (((they))) hastened to attempt to use their phony AIPAC/benjamins controversy to get her out of the Foreign Affairs Committee, no longer a comfortable place for these monsters.

"Netanyahoo Asks Arabs to "Advance The Common Interest Of War With Iran"" (Moon).  "Netanyanu Tweets Then Quickly Deletes He Is Seeking "War With Iran"" (Durden). This wasn't a mistake - Bibi's in the middle of an election campaign and calling for a War For The Jews (by the stupid farm animal gentiles) against Iran, a war which would be a disaster of world-ending proportions, is how you get elected in Israel.  Those oh-so-nice people will always vote for tricking the goyim into another disastrous war.

"Hacker hiding in Israel faces French trial in man’s death" (Abunimah).  The worst international scoundrels get to hide out in Israel, free from facing justice for their crimes, 'because of the Holocaust'.

"In Hebron, Israel Removes the Last Restraint on Its Settlers’ Reign of Terror" (Cook). And again, as always, we have to ask how all these pogroms and holocausts could possibly have occurred, at various times and in various places, to these poor people, who are so gosh darn lovable and innocent.
"You might imagine that a report by a multinational observer force documenting a 20-year reign of terror by Israeli soldiers and Jewish settlers against Palestinians, in a city under occupation, would provoke condemnation from European and US politicians.

But you would be wrong. The leaking in December of the report on conditions in the city of Hebron, home to 200,000 Palestinians, barely caused a ripple.

About 40,000 separate cases of abuse had been quietly recorded since 1997 by dozens of monitors from Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Italy and Turkey. Some incidents constituted war crimes.

Exposure of the confidential report has now provided the pretext for Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu to expel the international observers. He shuttered their mission in Hebron this month, in apparent violation of Israel’s obligations under the 25-year-old Oslo peace accords."
MbS versus Bezos:  tweets (İyad el-Baghdadi | إياد البغدادي):
"We've been looking into MBS's relationship with Jeff Bezos for a few days - here's a thread describing the picture I can see so far. Perhaps MBS partially thought he could get away with killing Khashoggi because of this relationship. Read, then retweet."
So the texts appear to be the work of the brother helping his sister to level up to wife (we'll see if that now works!!!), and the dick pics seem to be Saudi intelligence getting back at Jeff as MbS is butt hurt that Jeff's rag wouldn't let up on the Khashoggi coverage while simultaneously trying to make money with the Saudis. Despite Bezos attempting to make this about Trump, it has nothing to do with Trump, and very little to do with Pecker.

"The Trump-Trudeau Venezuelan Achilles’ Heel: “Not One Yanqui Soldier will enter Venezuela”" (August).  The Venezuelans have built military-revolutionary unity into the philosophical underpinnings of Chavismo.  Also, Justin is an asshole.

"Canada: A Stakeholder in the Venezuelan Coup" (Collectif Échec à la guerre):
"The only responsible and legitimate international approach to the crisis in Venezuela is the immediate lifting of foreign economic sanctions and the search for a genuine Venezuelan political solution through negotiation, under the auspices of independent mediators.

Uruguay and Mexico have pledged to take this path, and have announced the organization of a conference of neutral countries in Montevideo on February 7th. Canada has chosen foreign interference, which is dangerous and reprehensible."
Justin's current political scandal is interesting, as it turns directly on the promise he made to the middle class which got him elected, that they would get a 'fair shake' and not get screwed over by various back-room deals by various self-proclaimed 'stakeholders'.  You'll notice this is the same argument that got Trump elected, and it is the same concerns behind the uprising in France (and, of course, Venezuela is part and parcel of this same propensity to back-room crap).  Tweets (Paul Wells):
"1. This shit ⬇️ is a body blow to the central strategic objective of Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party going back to the 2014 Montreal convention: the desire to prove to ordinary people that the system isn't rigged against them for the benefit of the swells."
"Mainstream media boosts Trudeau’s popularity over Venezuela" (Engler).

"‘Collateral damage’: The Amiriyah shelter bombing in Iraq should not be forgotten" (Clark). If you sift through the recent history of Assholia, all the 'mistakes' and 'accidents', bombings, airliners shot down, massacres here and there, they all start to add up.

"Europe Is Determined to Save the Iran Deal" (Ziabari),  Interview with a sane French ex-diplomat, François Nicoullaud.

"How the Syrian Conflict Sparked the New Cold War?" (Sadiq):
"On February 7, a month before the alleged assassination attempts in Salisbury, the US B-52 bombers and Apache helicopters struck a contingent of Syrian government troops and allied forces in Deir al-Zor that reportedly [2] killed and wounded scores of Russian military contractors working for the Russian private security firm, the Wagner group.
The survivors described the bombing as an absolute massacre, and Kremlin lost more Russian citizens in one day than it had lost throughout its more than tow-year-long military campaign in support of the Syrian government since September 2015.
The reason why Washington struck Russian contractors working in Syria was that the US-backed and Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) – which is mainly comprised of Kurdish YPG militias – had reportedly handed over the control of some areas east of Euphrates River to Deir al-Zor Military Council (DMC), which is the Arab-led component of SDF, and had relocated several battalions of Kurdish YPG militias to Afrin and along Syria’s northern border with Turkey in order to defend the Kurdish-held areas against the onslaught of the Turkish armed forces and allied Syrian militant proxies during Ankara’s “Operation Olive Branch” in Syria’s northwest that lasted from January to March 2018.
Syrian forces with the backing of Russian contractors took advantage of the opportunity and crossed the Euphrates River to capture an oil refinery located to the east of the Euphrates River in the Kurdish-held area of Deir al-Zor.
The US Air Force responded with full force, knowing well the ragtag Arab component of SDF – mainly comprised of local Arab tribesmen and mercenaries to make the Kurdish-led SDF appear more representative and inclusive – was simply not a match for the superior training and arms of Syrian troops and Russian military contractors. Consequently, causing a carnage in which scores of Russian citizens lost their lives, an incident which became a trigger for the beginning of the new Cold War as is obvious from subsequent events."
"Germany Pulls Rank on Macron and American Energy Blackmail"(Cunningham).  On the peculiar relationship of the Rothschilds and the Germans.  The Germans famously went along with the Rothschild plan to create the European 'refugee crisis' which allowed the Rothschilds to stock their Middle East stolen game farm, but at a ludicrous cost to the Germans themselves, who are now a little more 'skeptical'. The one good thing about Macron is that he makes no effort to hide what he is up to, or who he is working for.
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