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"Suddenly Europe Is an Open Question – ‘A Nazi EU?’" (Crooke).  Adding 'Nazi' is surely intended to draw viewers while simultaneously taking a perfectly useful discussion completely off the rails.

Tweet (Rania Khalek):
"Here is Chelsea Clinton accusing Ilhan Omar of anti-semitism for critiquing AIPAC. You hear that? Being anti-AIPAC is now anti-semitism."
"GOP House Leader Kevin McCarthy Promises Action Against Rep. Ilhan Omar" (Wallace).  "Senate guts 1st Amendment to Guard Israel from Boycott, but Ilhan Omar can’t Bring up AIPAC" (Cole).  It is nice for once to see the preeminent role of Shlomo (and all those bags of shekels he has to schlep - oy vey! my aching back!) in American politics under discussion, with Shlomo finally start to receive the recognition he so richly deserves.  A true piece of shit like McCarthy only complains about this for a specific reason, not because it is untrue, but because his entire life is dedicated to make sure it keeps being true, and he continues to receive the bribes.

Tweet (David Klion):
"If the Palestinians could outbid AIPAC then McCarthy would be a BDS supporter, as would his entire caucus. This isn’t complicated."
"It Was The Brother: Michael Sanchez Identified As Source Of Leaked Bezos "Dick Pic"" (Durden). 

"Pecker Stiffens Resolve Against Bezos "Extortion & Blackmail" Accusations" (Durden).  As much of a criminal as (((Pecker))) indubitably is, what Bezos is alleging sounds exactly like journalism.

"As US laments human rights in Venezuela, US-allied Colombia descends into drug-fueled humanitarian crisis" (Webb).  In terms of places that are disasters mostly because of Assholia, Colombia and Indonesia are always vying for the important honor of World's #1 Shithole.

"A “Twelve Step Method” to Conduct Regime Change: From Chile (1973) to Venezuela (2019)" (tricontinental).  "WikiLeaks Reveals US Military Use Of IMF, World Bank As "Unconventional" Weapons" (Webb).  I think we can safely say the Assholians have lost the element of surprise.

"Reporter’s Diary from Venezuela" (Zotov).  You'd think Venezuela was the far side of the moon from the complete lack of actual reporting from it.  "Journalists' are terrified of the place in fear that the reality might not match Assholian PR.

"Michael Hudson: The Shape of the Venezuelan Economy, from Chavez to Maduro and Beyond":
"1. Could you summarize the state of Venezuela’s economy when Chavez came to power?
Venezuela was an oil monoculture. Its export revenue was spent largely on importing food and other necessities that it could have produced at home. Its trade was largely with the United States. So despite its oil wealth, it ran up foreign debt.
From the outset, U.S. oil companies have feared that Venezuela might someday use its oil revenues to benefit its overall population instead of letting the U.S. oil industry and its local comprador aristocracy siphon off its wealth. So the oil industry – backed by U.S. diplomacy – held Venezuela hostage in two ways.
First of all, oil refineries were not built in Venezuela, but in Trinidad and in the southern U.S. Gulf Coast states. This enabled U.S. oil companies – or the U.S. Government – to leave Venezuela without a means of “going it alone” and pursuing an independent policy with its oil, as it needed to have this oil refined. It doesn’t help to have oil reserves if you are unable to get this oil refined so as to be usable.
Second, Venezuela’s central bankers were persuaded to pledge their oil reserves and all assets of the state oil sector (including Citgo) as collateral for its foreign debt. This meant that if Venezuela defaulted (or was forced into default by U.S. banks refusing to make timely payment on its foreign debt), bondholders and U.S. oil majors would be in a legal position to take possession of Venezuelan oil assets.
These pro-U.S. policies made Venezuela a typically polarized Latin American oligarchy. Despite being nominally rich in oil revenue, its wealth was concentrated in the hands of a pro-U.S. oligarchy that let its domestic development be steered by the World Bank and IMF. The indigenous population, especially its rural racial minority as well as the urban underclass, was excluded from sharing in the country’s oil wealth. The oligarchy’s arrogant refusal to share the wealth, or even to make Venezuela self-sufficient in essentials, made the election of Hugo Chavez a natural outcome."
and (heavy duty conspiracy theory! - my emphasis in red):
"6. Venezuela kept a lot of its gold in the UK and money in the USA. How could Chavez and Maduro trust these countries or did they not have another choice? Are there viable alternatives to New York and London or are they still the “only game in town” for the world’s central banks?
There was never real trust in the Bank of England or Federal Reserve, but it seemed unthinkable that they would refuse to permit an official depositor from withdrawing its own gold. The usual motto is “Trust but verify.” But the unwillingness (or inability) of the Bank of England to verify means that the formerly unthinkable has now arrived: Have these central banks sold this gold forward in the post-London Gold Pool and its successor commodity markets in their attempt to keep down the price so as to maintain the appearance of a solvent U.S. dollar standard?
Paul Craig Roberts has described how this system works. There are forward markets for currencies, stocks and bonds. The Federal Reserve can offer to buy a stock in three months at, say, 10% over the current price. Speculators will by the stock, bidding up the price, so as to take advantage of “the market’s” promise to buy the stock. So by the time three months have passed, the price will have risen. That is largely how the U.S. “Plunge Protection Team” has supported the U.S. stock market.
The system works in reverse to hold down gold prices. The central banks holding gold can get together and offer to sell gold at a low price in three months. “The market” will realize that with low-priced gold being sold, there’s no point in buying more gold and bidding its price up. So the forward-settlement market shapes today’s market.
The question is, have gold buyers (such as the Russian and Chinese government) bought so much gold that the U.S. Fed and the Bank of England have actually had to “make good” on their forward sales, and steadily depleted their gold? In this case, they would have been “living for the moment,” keeping down gold prices for as long as they could, knowing that once the world returns to the pre-1971 gold-exchange standard for intergovernmental balance-of-payments deficits, the U.S. will run out of gold and be unable to maintain its overseas military spending (not to mention its trade deficit and foreign disinvestment in the U.S. stock and bond markets). My book on Super-Imperialism explains why running out of gold forced the Vietnam War to an end. The same logic would apply today to America’s vast network of military bases throughout the world.
Refusal of England and the U.S. to pay Venezuela means that other countries means that foreign official gold reserves can be held hostage to U.S. foreign policy, and even to judgments by U.S. courts to award this gold to foreign creditors or to whoever might bring a lawsuit under U.S. law against these countries.
This hostage-taking now makes it urgent for other countries to develop a viable alternative, especially as the world de-dedollarizes and a gold-exchange standard remains the only way of constraining the military-induced balance of payments deficit of the United States or any other country mounting a military attack. A military empire is very expensive – and gold is a “peaceful” constraint on military-induced payments deficits. (I spell out the details in my Super Imperialism: The Economic Strategy of American Empire (1972), updated in German as Finanzimperium (2017).
The U.S. has overplayed its hand in destroying the foundation of the dollar-centered global financial order. That order has enabled the United States to be “the exceptional nation” able to run balance-of-payments deficits and foreign debt that it has no intention (or ability) to pay, claiming that the dollars thrown off by its foreign military spending “supply” other countries with their central bank reserves (held in the form of loans to the U.S. Treasury – Treasury bonds and bills – to finance the U.S. budget deficit and its military spending, as well as the largely military U.S. balance-of-payments deficit.
Given the fact that the EU is acting as a branch of NATO and the U.S. banking system, that alternative would have to be associated with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, and the gold would have to be kept in Russia and/or China."
"Canada, Israel and the “Rule of Law”" (Kattenburg).  The one good thing about the Khazars is that there unceasing corruption of Western politicians reveals the complete bullshit behind everything these politicians say (as they enjoy their shekels).

Also, a scandal with good timing in considering the Canadian 'rule of law':  "Andrew Coyne: Hard to overstate seriousness of SNC-Lavalin allegations".  This is a surprisingly crude level of sheer crookedness from Trudeau, something you might expect to see in Africa.

"A Guide to Decoding the Doublespeak on Syria" (Ford).

"How Syria Won The Revolution; The Jihadi Factor" (Ghassan and Intibah Kadi).  Saudi incompetence in failing to hide the true nature of their proxy fighters.

"Have Islamic State’s Jihadists Joined Al-Nusra Front in Syria’s Idlib?" (Sadiq). The Americans redeployed their head-lopping proxy army to various places, some to Africa, some to Afghanistan, and some, apparently, to Idlib.

"Harsh Turkish Condemnation Of Xinjiang Cracks Muslim Wall Of Silence" (Dorsey).  "Turkey condemns China on Uighur problem" (Bhadrakumar).  The country that wants to extend its borders into China and has set up a huge terrorism campaign to try to get there is now complaining about the Chinese trying to stop the terrorism.

Tweet (WikiLeaks):
"A decade of European Russia v US gas wars from laid out in US embassy cable from 2008 Full cable: "
"10 reasons the Gilets Jaunes are the real deal" (Studdert).

"Does Washington Rule The World?" (Giraldi).  Lawfare.

"Germany's Snub Of Lockheed’s F-35 Unleashes Dramatic Geopolitical Consequences" (Durden).  "US Outraged Over Germany's Transfer Of Terrorist Who Killed Americans To Turkey" (Durden).  "Italy, Germany resist ban on Huawei’s 5G gear" (Scott).  The Assholian Imperial Diktat is starting to fray a little.

"‘5G Will Be a Global Catastrophe’: Activist Warns of Massive ‘Human Guinea Pigs’ Trial".  Progress is when you can get the cancer without even having to hold the cell phones up to your brain.

"Iran to the Iraqis: do not attack US forces unless they refuse to withdraw following a parliamentary decision" (Magnier).

"U.S. to Purchase Israel’s Iron Dome Missile Defense, Citing ‘Immediate Need’".  It's Peak Khazar when you have to 'purchase' a non-functional system that you already paid for and for which you have no possible use!

"Anti-Semitic Mob Attacks Jew Museum Over Ties to Jew Druglords" (Anglin).   A jaw-droppingly astonishing express attack by protesters against the scourge of our age, the one that can't be mentioned, anti-gentilism.  Amazing!

"Intersectionality and Israel’s transnational violence" (Jegić).  The white nationalist attack on the Jews is that they created identity politics specifically to weaken gentile societies, and when you see what happens when the same logic of identity politics is applied to the Jews themselves it is difficult to deny that the white nationalists might be on to something.

The Khazarian history of Crimea!:  "Battle of the Khazars. Crimea. 20th century history" (Kolmykov).

"Mystery Surrounding 'Lost' $150M Crypto Fortune Deepens As Analysts Question Exchange Founder's Death" (Durden).  They over-egged the pudding when the Official Story went that he was in India to open an orphanage!  There seems to be enough money involved that a PI could be hired to find this guy.

"Blackface History Is Jewish History" (Nation of Islam Research Group).
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