Sunday, February 10, 2019


This is interesting:  tweet (Bill Browder):
"According to the NY Times, the murder of Jamal Khashoggi was discussed by the Crown Prince a year before it was carried out. If this can be proven, there is no reasonable excuse not to sanction him under the Global Magnitsky Act ASAP."
There's a general thought amongst the American Establishment, particularly the CIA, that MbS needs to be belled, lest his enthusiasms carry him further into the danger zone.

Tweet (Rania Khalek):
"What the US is doing to Venezuela has so many parallels to the lead up to the Iraq war and many of the same architects are behind it. But this time there appears to be no opposotion, not even in the streets. It’s scary how everyone is lining up behind Trump or just doesn’t care."
It's The Clarification, the stark fact that the American 'left' are even greater monsters than the American right.  As the Empire starts to fall apart, obviously, with no answers on how to fix it, this is becoming more obvious, as Assholians have decided that their standard of life is dependent on the continued ability of the Empire to steal from others, so the stealing must intensify.  Bolton's musings about literally grabbing the Venezuelan oil - the same kind of thing discussed by the neocons to encourage the War For The Jews on Iraq - was intended to, and did, increase the overall Assholian lust for war.

"WW2, WW3. Khazars. The war in the Ukraine (2014-2015)" (Kolmykov).  "“Against War, Except Venezuela and Iran” – Repacking Israel First as America First" (Anglin).  It's like Groundhog Day, every day we wake up to relive the same fucking story.

"Gabbard Reveals the Bankruptcy of American Left" (Luongo).  The funny thing is that a one-issue platform of stopping all the Wars For The Jews would be the single most decisive factor in saving both the US - keeping it from falling into complete third-world status - and the world.  It would even go a huge way in starting to deal with climate change.  Americans would vote for this, which is why they must never be given the chance.

Marshall explains why Coonman absolutely, without doubt or question or hesitation, had to go.  Indentity politics, and an obsessive policing of the margins of goodthink, is the entire Democrat brand.  The 'donor' model means that they cannot offer concrete material benefits to the 90%, and the ((('donor'))) model means they certainly can't stop the Wars For The Jews, so they have to come down hard on childhood makeup experiments.  If they don't, they literally have nothing to offer voters.  If your entire political identity is simply not being the white supremacist party, you can't allow even the slightest shade of white supremacism.  "A Few Thoughts On the Fall of Ralph Northam"

And here's Marshall informing his readers that Coonman is staying!:  "Not Going Anywhere".  He's blaming it on Trump, of course, loosening the standards of decency!

"Jeff Bezos Reveals Jew National Enquirer Threatened to Post His Nudes" (Anglin).  I think we've reached peak Amazon, with the market suddenly realizing that jacked-up Jeff doesn't have the good judgment it thought he did.  ""Blind item Revealed #4" (CDaN).  This makes sense as a technique for a mistress to level up to a wife.

"The Unreported Realities of Marie Colvin’s Last Assignment" (Salt).  A pure example of the monsters in 'journalism', and on the American bench.

"Being Honest: Considerations of a Julian Assange Supporter" (Llama).  I don't know if there is anything here, or if it is part of some complicated anti-Assange disinfo.
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