Saturday, February 23, 2019


"America: ‘Indispensable Nation’ No More" (Bacevich).  ""Consequences for NATO": Germany Rebuffs UK Call To Back Off Saudi Arms Freeze" (Durden).  "What If They Started a War and No One Showed Up?" (Giraldi).  "Pompeo, Pence & the Alienation of Europe" (Lawrence).

We've reached the extremely dangerous 'King Canute phase' - though Cnut was a smart guy and successful ruler and the story was supposed to demonstrate the limits of power, if indeed it actually occurred - of the Decline of the Assholian Empire, with orders issuing with increasing derangement, but nothing happening in response.  The Assholians are aware of the problem, and the danger is they try to force something particularly stupid through just to appear relevant.

"Who Was Behind the Plan to Give Saudi Arabia Nuclear Power, and What Was Their Agenda? — “Trump, Inc.” Extra".  "How Kushner and other Key Trump Officials Plotted to Give Saudis the Atom Bomb in Return for Billions" (Cole).  Unlike Russiagate, this is a real, extremely serious scandal involving Trump and President Jared, one that should end with Trump's impeachment and President Jared's imprisonment, but this will die on the vine (due to the Clintonista corruption by the Saudis).  Bud McFarlane!

Tweet (Ben Norton):
"This 1600-word Amnesty report that supposedly documents "human rights" abuses in Venezuela does not once mention the crippling—and illegal—US sanctions that have bled Venezuela of billions, suffocated the economy, and collectively punished civilians—ie the biggest HR abuse of all"
Guido's coup is going to fail, but Trump/Bolton/Abrams are going to get a lot of people killed in the process, and this weekend is probably going to be tragic. "Venezuela - Abrams To Make Sure Humanitarian Aid Flights Are "Strictly By The Book"" (Moon).  "Washington’s “aid” provocation reportedly claims first victims in Venezuela" (Grey).  "Violence Erupts at Venezuelan-Brazilian Border Ahead of ‘Aid’ Deadline".

"The Racist Venezuelan Bourgeoisie’s Accusations Against Chavistas Are Pure Projection" (Sassy Sourstein).  The anti-Castro Cubans, and these rich Venezuelan emigres who are butt-hurt due to the fact their ability to steal from and exploit the people has been ended by a progressive government taking over, are very easy to hate.

"The War on Venezuela is Built on Lies" (Pilger).

"The Fake News about Humanitarian Aid and Venezuela" (MacLeod):
"The $20 million shipment of “aid” is a drop in the ocean in comparison to the effect of the sanctions, estimated to be tens of billions of dollars. The “aid” therefore constitutes about what Venezuela loses every eight hours due to the sanctions. The very obvious thing any American with a genuine desire to help the Venezuelan people would advocate is to end the illegal sanctions and begin paying reparations."
Sigh, another betrayal of MAGA (though I suppose it would be normal these days for Americans to leave behind a secret group of 'instructors' and the usual CIA contingent, and calling them 'peacekeepers', while obscene, is par for the course):  "Leftist Syrian Kurds Rejoice that Trump will Keep Hundreds of US Troops in Syria" (Cole).

"Jair Bolsonaro’s First 53 Days as President of Brazil Have Been a Resounding, Scandalous Failure" (Fishman, de Santi).  "Meet the Military Junta running Brasil" (Lopez).  It's clear the guy they really wanted to run things was Bolsonaro’s VP, a general, and Bolsonaro may not be around for the long haul.

"Curtain Call: A Response to Edward Curtin" (St. Clair/Frank).  Even if true, doesn't get around the fact that Counterpunch has greatly deteriorated (although a lot of good writers haven't yet noticed, and are still being published there).

"J’Accuse!" (Schulman).  "Paris Police Arrest Suspect in anti-Semitic Attack on French Jewish Philosopher Alain Finkielkraut". "French ruling elite attacks “yellow vests” while claiming to fight anti-Semitism" (Lantier).  "Macron threatens to criminalize opposition to Zionism in France" (Morrow).  Finkielkraut was clearly hanging around the edges of a protest with the express purpose of having somebody yell at him, thus giving the Rothschilds the excuse they need for more abuse of freedoms in France.

"Sickening" (Robinson). See what real outrageous manipulation looks like:  "Twitter Greenlights Venezuela’s Pro-Opposition Online Blitz – Shuts Down Genuine Opponents" (Rubinstein).

"Schiffting To Phase 2: The Mueller Report 'Disappointment' Will Be Just The Beginning" (Durden).  The crazed thinking is that the only check on Trump - and the only way to keep attention away from the serious problem of Clinton corruption - is for this ankle-biting to continue.  There are lessons to be learned from the Republicans dragging out the impeachment attacks on Bill Clinton until they destroyed their own credibility, but this bunch of 'resisters' isn't going to learn them.

"Freedom Rider: Kamala Harris: The fix is in" (Kimberley).  Harris is the Clinton of this nomination cycle - at least until the real Clinton shows up, to 'save the party'! - and the same fix appears to be in.  They would prefer a Trump reelection to Sanders winning.  See:  "Russian Alt-Right Nazi Hacker Trolls Are Bankrolling Bernie’s Campaign!" (Batty).

"Leonard Statement Re: Incident at DC with Nathan Philips".

"How One of America’s Premier Data Monarchs is Funding a Global Information War and Shaping the Media Landscape" (Rubinstein/Blumenthal).  It's more sophisticated than the old lie generators, as some parts of Omidyar's empire appear occasionally to be woke, but it is just a cover for the same old shit.
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