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Handled by the rabbis

"Controversial Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Could Be Operational By November" (Daiss).  I assume the Brits are involved to sabotage Instex:  "Europe declares independence of Trump, Creates Channel for Iran Trade" (Cole):
"The mechanism is complex but apparently Europe will initially sell Iran “humanitarian goods” such as pharmaceuticals and food, which are exempted from the severe US sanctions, and will buy Iranian petroleum with the proceeds. Iran will apparently pay Instex, and Instex will reimburse the pharmaceutical and food companies, so that they are never required to deal directly with Iran. Eventually, small and medium European firms who do not do business with the US could use the instrument to sell their goods to Iran without risking sanctions.

The US is trying to sanction third parties, those who do business with Iran, but Europe is creating fourth parties, those who do business with Instex. Instex is the one dealing with Iran. And since it has no dollars and doesn’t deal with the US, Instex probably can’t be fined or punished by Treasury’s Office of Foreign Asset Control.

The high officials of Instex will be issued diplomatic passports so that the US cannot indict them and seek their extradition."
"Will Iran Sanctions Herald the Fall of the Imperial Dollar?" (Benjamin/Davies).  "Trump’s Brilliant Strategy to Dismember U.S. Dollar Hegemony" (Hudson).

"Store Your Gold At The Bank Of England And You Might Never See It Again" (Manly).  Carney has had a highly praised career as a central banker, first in Canada and now Britain, but he's going to be remembered in history as a simple thief who permanently ruined the reputation of the Bank of England.  Note how the repeated refusals to deliver and stalling tactics tie in to the Assholian conspiring:
"More interestingly, the Bank of England’s stalling tactics on the BCV gold withdrawal has also been useful in predicting the timing of the current Western powers’ move against Maduro and in signaling how long this foreign backed coup has been in the planning in Washington DC and elsewhere. Let’s look at a few facts and their timing.
From at least early September 2018, the Bank of England (BoE) began stalling on allowing a central bank gold custody customer (the BCV) to withdraw sovereign property (gold bars) that the BCV had entrusted to the Bank of England under a gold custody agreement.
Why early September 2018? Because, as the Reuters report dated 5 November stated, the BCV gold withdrawal request had “been held up for nearly two months”. This would put the original BCV withdrawal request to at least early September. And since the BCV’s gold withdrawal request was not actioned by the BoE at that time in early September, then this implies that the Bank of England already had its instructions to begin stalling the BCV during at least early September, which also implies that the British and US governments were already involved.
Arguably, concern in Bank of England, British Foreign Office and US State Department circles, and associated hatching of plans to stall and block BCV gold bar withdrawals, could have began as early as April 2018. This was the month in which the BCV paid Citibank $172 million to recover gold bars at the Bank of England that the BCV had put up as collateral in a gold swap operation with Citibank. According to a Reuters article last June about the termination of this BCV-Citi gold swap, “the policy [of the BCV] is to recover the gold“.
So when the swap was closed out last April, the Bank of England and associated intelligence actors (UK Treasury, Foreign Office, State Department, US Treasury etc) would all have known that the BCV again had title to some gold bars in the Bank of England’s vaults and wanted to “recover the gold”.  So its also possible that the BCV gold withdrawal request to the Bank of England was pending from at least May onwards.
It is now also apparent that the Bank of England was engaged in its stalling tactics while waiting for new US sanctions to come into affect as well as for the beginning of Maduro’s new presidential term on 10 January 2019, when the US and associated allies then upped the coup rhetoric.
Specific sanctions appeared on 01 November, when the United States signed Executive Order 13850, an order which imposed sanctions on Venezuela’s gold industry and which bullies the global gold industry not to do business with Venezuela and its gold sector. To put the issue into the public domain and control the narrative in the run up to Washington’s intervention, Reuters and the Times were then feed various bogus stories a few days later by “public officials” and “British officials”, and the resulting stories published firstly by Reuters (story one) and then by the Times (story two).
On the election front, while Venezuela’s president Maduro was re-elected in elections that were held on 20 May 2018, his inauguration was only held on 10 January this year. As other countries jumped on the bandwagon condemning Maduro’s new term and endorsing the relatively unknown Venezuelan national assembly leader Juan Guaidó, if the Bank of England was able to stall until 10 January, then it’s stalling tactics would appear more palatable since by then reneging a sovereign gold custody contract could be buried amid the media scramble and merely be another footnote in the escalating conflict.
This, the Bank of England has managed to do to an extent. In early December, the BoE stalled in its meeting with BCV president Calixto Ortega Sánchez and Venezuelan finance minister Simón Zerpa Delgado when they flew over from Caracas to London for a meeting requesting BCV gold withdrawal. See BullionStar article from 18 December, titled “Venezuela’s gold in limbo amid tug-of-war at the Bank of England” for more details.
The BoE’s stalling also enabled the US-backed Venezuelan opposition to throw its own spanner in the works during December, when Venezuelan opposition politicians Julio Borges (former Venezuelan national assembly president and founder of the Justice First party) and Carlos Vecchio (co-founder of the Voluntad Popular party) petitioned the BoE’s governor Mark Carney to “refuse the handover of fourteen tonnes of gold“.
In the immediate aftermath of Maduro’s re-inauguration, a number of intriguing developments regarding the BCV’s gold at the Bank of England have also now come to light. These developments merit attention, and are briefly summarised below.
Firstly, the BCV significantly upped the ante in December 2018 by doubling down on its gold holdings at the Bank of England. It did this by closing out another gold swap, this time one that its had on the table with the now troubled Deutsche Bank. This is according to a Reuters reportout of Caracas dated 21 January. According to Reuters, the BCV’s gold holdings at the Bank of England:
more than doubled in December to 31 tonnes, or around $1.3 billion, after Venezuela returned funds it had borrowed from Deutsche Bank through a financing arrangement that uses gold as collateral, known as a swap…
..Under the deal struck with Deutsche Bank in 2015, Venezuela put up 17 tonnes of gold in exchange for a loan.
By upping the amount of gold at stake from 14 tonnes to 31 tonnes, the BCV piled on the pressure with the BoE. If 14 tonnes sounds like a lot of gold, then 31 tonnes sounds like a lot more.
Back in December, I did a calculation of how many Good Delivery gold bars equates to 14 tonnes and wrote that it “would be in the region of about 1125 gold bars” which was  27% of the original 4,089 gold bars that the BCV left stored at the Bank of England in late 2011. I said that:
“This is the gold now being frozen by the Bank of England, about 1125 gold bars. If this gold is in custody, it will be set-aside or allocated and the BCV will know the individual serial numbers of every bar.
…the BCV should at the very least publish for everybody to see, the weight list / serial number list of all of these gold bars so that they cannot be confiscated or used by the Bank of England or bullion banks for other purposes, such as being sold to other central bank customers or sold to gold-backed ETFs.”
If 1,125 Good Delivery gold bars equate to 14 tonnes, then about 2,491 Good Delivery gold bars equate to 31 tonnes. So the BCV is now looking to withdraw approximately 2,500 wholesale gold bars from the Bank of England vaults in London. That is not a small number, and should cause ‘consternation’ among the LBMA and Bank of England vault managers that the reputation of the London Gold Market has now been tainted by freezing the withdrawal of 2500 large gold bars belonging to another sovereign nation. Not to mention ‘consternation’ among the world’s other central banks (more then 70 central bank gold custody customers) which store their gold in the BoE vaults in London."
"Israel Just Admitted Arming anti-Assad Syrian Rebels. Big Mistake" (Levy):
"Although Israel has gone to great lengths to conceal its efforts at unconventional warfare within the Syrian civil war, it need not have. Its activities are consistent with its previous efforts at promoting strategic objectives through sometimes unlikely, if not counter-intuitive, regional partners.

Perhaps the reason why Eisenkot admitted that this support was taking place was because he knew that it could not be concealed forever, not least since the fall of the smokescreen provided by Operation Good Neighbor. But the manner in which Israel operated may have longer-term consequences.

Israel is unlikely to change how it operates in the future, but may very well find future potential tactical partners less than willing to cooperate with it. In both southern Lebanon and now Syria, Israel’s former partners have found themselves exposed to dangers borne out of collaboration, and seemingly abandoned.

With that kind of history and record, it is likely that unless they find themselves in desperate straits, future potential partners will think twice before accepting support from, and working with, Israel.

For years, Israel has religiously adhered to the official party line that the country’s policy was non-intervention, and this has now been exposed as a lie. Such a loss of public credibility may significantly inhibit its abilities to conduct influence operations in the future."
Tweet (Ro Khanna):
"Sanctions will not bring democracy to Venezuela. They will just make hyperinflation worse and leave people starving. Why don’t we sanction the Saudis who continue blocking the port of Hodeidah and prevent food and supplies from getting to Yemeni civilians?"
Makes no sense, as the Bolton/Abrams idea of mediation would be over the size of knife Maduro has to use to slit his own throat, but raises a good point about real American intentions: "Maduro stays put, mediation can help" (Bhadrakumar):
". . . one silver lining on the horizon is that there are no signs as yet of the Pentagon being on war footing. In a situation such as this, typically, the US state department ought to have requested evacuation support from Pentagon by now, but no such thing has happened so far."
"EU Votes to Demand Maduro Hand Over Control of His Country to Random Guy" (Anglin):
"The based 88 don’t want anything to do with this bullshit.
Just imagine, sitting in Europe and being asked: “so, do you think this random guy you’ve never heard of should be the president of the country and replace the party that has ruled the country for two decades?”
The correct answer is not “no,” it is “get the fuck out of here with that bullshit, you weird trickster – don’t talk to me.”
When was the last time you saw a rapid movement of the entire world like this, all of the sudden?
You can’t even say Iraq, because a lot of Europeans were very hesitant about that. They knew the intelligence was faked, and just didn’t want to get involved.
I’m not exaggerating when I say the people of Venezuela didn’t know who this guy was. I’ve heard the number 70% being thrown around, but it is probably higher than that.
Globe and Mail:
The rise of Juan Guaido from back-bench obscurity to the U.S-backed, self-declared interim president of Venezuela in just three weeks has been meteoric – and by his own recognition risky.
Few Venezuelans had even heard of the fresh-faced, 35-year-old lawmaker when he was plucked from anonymity and named as president of the opposition-controlled National Assembly in early January. The move set up a high-stakes standoff with President Nicolas Maduro, who is increasingly seen as a dictator both at home and abroad.

Luis Vicente Leon, head of the Caracas-based polling firm Datanalisis, said that Guaido was so unknown that he hadn’t even measured Guaido’s approval ratings, like he does numerous other politicians. But he plans to start doing so this week.
This is a literal CIA asset shill pulled out of nowhere to run a coup, and the entire Western world is rallying around him.
This is a machine you are seeing here. This is the face of globalism, unmasked – it is a ubiquitous system where everyone in power will automatically agree on a random thing that no one else has ever even thought about."
The 'Based 88' are completely woke to the fact that an Abrams civil war in Venezuela, or even a fake civil war using agents provocateurs, would create a refugee crisis at the American-Mexican border which would make the caravans look like a kindergarten field trip.  There is literally nothing less MAGA that Trump could have done than take Sheldon's shekels and install Bolton, and then Abrams.

"Internal US Gov’t Document Outlines Program of ‘Economic Warfare’ on Venezuela" (Norton).  "The Making of Juan Guaidó: How the US Regime Change Laboratory Created Venezuela’s Coup Leader" (Cohen/Blumenthal).  History of 'Guido'.  Also, Blumenthal interviews what appears to be an adult 'special education' class.

"Bernie and the Dems Flunk Trump’s Test on Venezuela’s Coup" (Cooke). "Freedom Rider: Trump, Democrats, and international fascists attack Venezuela" (Kimberley).

December 7, 2016:  "Donald Trump: 'We will stop racing to topple foreign regimes'".  Same newspaper:  "'¡Sí se puede!' shouts rapturous crowd at Juan Guaidó rally" (Phillips).

"Chris Christie Gets Drunk on Colbert’s Show, Turns on Trump For Shafting Him" (Batty):
"Christie recently wrote an op-ed for Politico outlining what happened. It’s worth reading. Kushner literally came into the room and vetoed his appointment to run the Trump transition team, and literally started talking about how his father’s situation should have been “handled by the rabbis.” The case was over illegal political donations and tax evasion and eventually witness tampering. The witness tampering involved among other things a plot to set his brother-in-law up with a prostitute and send the pictures to his sister, because he thought they were working with Christie. Really, the kikiest shit you ever heard of."
"Howard Schultz, a “greenwasher” of tainted coffee beans" (Madsen).

Shekel collecting.  Before each kick at the can, a fresh new bag from Shlomo!:  "After Four Votes, Senate Advances Unconstitutional Anti-Boycott Bill" (Gibbons).  "The US Senate just quietly advanced a free speech busting anti-BDS bill" (Webb).  Little Marco is quite the liar:  "Fact-Checking AIPAC’S Fact Sheet on The Combating BDS Act".  "Republican Senate Votes Against “Precipitous Withdrawal” From Afghanistan and Syria" (Wallace).  "Report: Nikki Haley charges $200,000 per speech".

"Can Saudi Arabia Get any More Terrorism-prone" (Berger).  On the shocking Eurotrash decision to correctly identify the Saudi role in terrorism (which no doubt will not receive approval from the Eurotrash countries), but goes bizarrely off the rails when he starts in on the Muslim Brotherhood, which has its own problems, but certainly isn't connected to the Saudi government.

"Father of late Saudi sisters rejects suicide conclusion: Report".

"The Global Plague of Nepotism: Political Monarchy Creation in Action" (Madsen).

"Gilets Jaunes: Civilians in Police Crosshairs as Macron Adopts Totalitarian State-Practices to Suppress Dissent" (Beeley).  You can gauge the success of the Gilets Jaunes by the sheer amount of violence the Rothschilds are having to employ against the French people, and the rapid acceleration of the degree of the violence.

"How Russia-gate Rationalized Censorship" (Lauria). "Trump blames media layoffs on ‘fake news and bad journalism’" (Breen).  "A brutal week for American journalism" (Allsop).  'Learn to code', hilarious, but I'm not sure that coding involves enough outright lying for 'journalists' to be able to handle it!:  "The troll brigade berates laid off journalists".

"One Of The Biggest At-Home DNA Testing Companies Is Secretly Sharing Data With The FBI" (Durden).  A lot of business these days is exactly, and intentionally, based on the phishing model, essentially seeing just how easy it is to fleece stupid people.  You can hear the boardroom question:  'Are the morons stupid enough to pay us to abuse their privacy?'

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