Thursday, February 28, 2019

Line up all kinds of people

"Read the full text of Jody Wilson-Raybould’s statement to the House of Commons justice committee".  Trudeau and his minions just couldn't keep harassing and bullying her until she finally refused them, so he gave her an embarrassing demotion (and she eventually had to resign).  If Canada was running properly, Trudeau would have resigned immediately after the testimony, in total disgrace.  The only hope for the Liberals is a quick leadership conference and a fresh new Prime Minister (also, of course, fire the Nazi foreign minister).  We can see that all the shit on Venezuela and Huawei and dirty oil pipelines is part and parcel of a government that is completely off the rails, monsters hiding under a thin veneer of identity politics and Trudeau's much mocked political correctness.

Note that Katie Telford is Trudeau's chief of staff, here referring to Liberal party control of the Canadian media (my emphasis in red)!:
"This brings us to the final events in the chronology, and ones which signal, in my experience, the final escalation in efforts by the PMO to interfere in this matter. On December 18, 2018, my COS was urgently summoned to meet with Gerry Butts and Katie Telford to discuss SNC. They wanted to know where I am in terms of finding a solution. They told her that they felt like the issue was getting worse and that I was not doing anything. They referenced a possible call with the PM and the Clerk the next day.

I will now read to you a transcription of the most relevant sections of the text conversation between my COS and I almost immediately after the meeting:

Jessica: Basically, they want a solution. Nothing new. They want external counsel retained to give you an opinion on whether you can review the DPP’s decision here and whether you should in this case. … I told them that would be interference.

Gerry said “Jess, there is no solution here that doesn’t involve some interference.” At least they are finally being honest about what they are asking you to do! Don’t care about the PPSC’s independence. Katie was like “we don’t want to debate legalities anymore.” … They kept being like “we aren’t lawyers, but there has to be some solution here”.’

MOJAG: So where were things left? …

JP: So unclear. I said I would of course let you know about the convo (check) and they said they were going to the “kick the tires” with a few more people on this tonight. The Clerk was waiting outside when I left. But they said they want to set up a call between you and the PM and the Clerk tomorrow. I said that of course you would be happy to speak to your boss! They seem quite keen on the idea of you retaining an ex SCC judge to get advice on this. Katie T thinks it gives us cover in the business community and the legal community, and that it would allow the PM to say we are doing something. She was like “if Jody is nervous, we would of course line up all kinds of people to write OpEds saying that what she is doing is proper.”"
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