Thursday, February 28, 2019


"Awkward Jew Jared Kushner Announces That His Middle East Peace Plan is Greater Israel" (Anglin).

"AP: Haters Hate Stunning and Brave Ex-Men Jocks Dominating Women's Sport" (Sailer).  Most of the time Sailer just has to quote from newspaper articles - commentary is not necessary.  This will inevitably lead to the collapse of all amateur and professional sports for women - not a bad outcome.  Now, how do we get rid of the abomination that is men's sports?

"Judge Rules Male-Only Draft Unconstitutional – Wahmen Have to Sign Up As Well!" (Batty).  An outstanding decision in the history of human rights, long overdue in the current climate of peace, love and understanding, but linked solely for the Killary campaign posters in the middle.

"Iran’s Religious Leaders Keep Foreign Minister Zarif on to pursue European Diplomacy".  Zarif's power play worked out splendidly.

Well, they couldn't possibly be fleeing a War For The Jews, as Wars For The Jews don't exist!:  "Returning Syrian Refugees Were Fleeing US Proxy War, Not "Assad"" (Cartalucci).

"Twitter Admits They Misidentified Russian Bots – Says They’re Actually Venezuelan Bots!" (Anglin). As propaganda stunts go, this is pretty spectacular!  Not related:  "Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey buys Raven Lyn a multi-million dollar starter house".  Btw, Twitter, like Facebook and so many of the unicorns, has a remarkably criminal background.  All these guys are basically gangsters.

"Jew PayPal CEO and Jew SPLC Working Together to Censor Conservatives" (Anglin).  Potok's chart on the wall is unambiguous.

"The Chagos Islands Case, WikiLeaks and Justice" (Kampmark).  Interesting principle that the documents lose their protected status once they are leaked!  Also, yet more evidence of the necessity of WikiLeaks and Assange.

"Venezuela Set For More False Flags... US Puppet Guaido Better Watch His Back" (Cunningham).  As we've seen in Syria, the embarrassing failure of each false flag is hidden by the (((media))), and the monsters just keep trying them until one sticks.  "Venezuela: US regime change operation falters" (Kevin):
". . . I must confess, at the beginning I thought the odds were against maintenance of Venezuelan sovereignty. Simple geography, US preponderance of Western Hemisphere military power, the initial US diplomatic mobilisation of all the Western alliance nations and Venezuela’s neighbours against Maduro, and his government’s virtual bankruptcy under US sanctions, suggested he had little chance. In early January, I did not hold out much hope. I thought that if the US struck hard and fast, it would be over quickly for Venezuelan sovereignty.

It was not to be. The game -changers were: the loyal spirit of the Venezuelan people, Maduro’s cool nerve under pressure, the firmly declared diplomatic support of Russia and China, and the publicised despatch of 400 Russian ‘technical contractor’ specialists to Caracas.

No one should have any illusions what these Russians are there to do – to help defend the person of the President and his country’s political institutions against criminal coup d’état efforts in the officer corps and senior police ranks in Caracas . If any were tempted to attempt such a coup, the formidable investigative and punitive powers of this Russian Praetorian Guard sends a strong deterrent message.

Guaidó has heard it – a few days ago he fled across the border to neighbouring Colombia, thereby earning the contempt of Venezuelans for his claim to be a credible alternative government. Venezuelans are unimpressed by governments in exile, from their long revolutionary history.

The farcical but violent regime change shenanigans last weekend at the borders with Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador have fizzled. No local insurgencies took control of any enclaves of Venezuelan territory , which might have given a foothold for US-led military intervention. Borders held firm despite noisy and occasionally violent efforts to breach them with US-organised ‘food aid’ trucks. At least one undercover US Marine was exposed, directing operations at one border crossing. A food van, blocked on a bridge, was set on fire by a Molotov cocktail incendiary device ignited and hurled by an insurrectionist. The showy Richard Branson benefit concert was countered by an equally noisy concert from the Venezuelan side. As theatre, it was inconclusive. By Sunday night, Venezuelan nerve and territorial integrity had held.

Then came the Pence ‘Lima Group’ summit this week in Colombia. Preplanned days earlier, this was intended to be the diplomatic consolidation of the anticipated people power gains over the preceding week at the borders.

It turned out to be a failure. Even before it began, Latin American diplomatic support for the US position of regime change by any means was ebbing away.

Regional countries, first Brazil, then Colombia, then Ecuador , let it be known they opposed US-led military intervention in Venezuela. These currently right-wing governments came belatedly to realise how unpopular and electorally costly such support would become for them at home : especially with the prominent role in the US diplomatic campaign of the universally loathed and infamous Elliott Abrams.

In the end, Pence in the Lima Group meeting was reduced to talking about tightening sanctions. At least for now, the military option has been quietly abandoned."
I've always been optimistic as Venezuela has already survived numerous coup attempts, and Guido, the product of a CIA test tube, is a particularly pathetic version of the type.  Little Marco's crazed ravings are demonstrating desperation.  The Empire's collapse accelerates when it chooses its battles unwisely.

"Debunking Four Mistruths About Venezuela’s Humanitarian Aid Showdown (

"Batya Ungar-Sargon and the delusions of Liberal Zionism" (Ofir).  There's not a shred of difference between Meir Kahane and Ungar-Sargon (and Weiss, for that matter).  Peas in a pod.

It really is like a dog marking its territory!:  "UK: Experts Oppose Holocaust Memorial Outside Parliament, Say It Will be “Confusing” to Visitors" (Pomidor Quixote).  Concrete monuments to shekeling appropriately built in the shadows of the buildings where the Khazar corruption is performed.

"Labour MP faces party censure over antisemitism film" (Walker).  Defiling the House of Shekeling!

"France’s Macron leads the way as western leaders malevolently confuse anti-Zionism with antisemitism" (Cook).  The excellent thing is that Rothschild-puppet demonizing of the obviously righteous Yellow Vests using the Khazar-supremacist goyim-bullying term 'anti-Semitism' while simultaneously double-dipping to make criticism of Khazar slaughter and land theft literally illegal will make my preferred term, Khazar skepticism, appear like what it is, stark common sense.
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