Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Pathetic jokes

"A Passionate Attachment" (Giraldi).  "Trump Kneels Again Before AIPAC" (Luongo).  "OHCHR 'deeply concerned' over settler attack on Palestinians".  The 'white' Khazars think the settlers are gross, just a step above the farm animal goyim, so we get to see some of this discussion:  "‘NY Times’ report on Jewish ‘settler’ violence in occupied Palestine is an improvement, but still flawed".  "‘Largest land grab since 1948′—Israel to expel 36,000 Palestinians from Negev" (Webb). "Adelson Has Hijacked the Israeli-American Community for His Hard-right Agenda " (Shalev).  Remind me again why these wonderful people keep finding themselves so 'hated'.

"Baghdad: Calls to Expel US Troops from Iraq after Trump said They spy on Iran" (Cole).  "Syria Sitrep - Trump Says U.S. Will Leave But Pentagon Keeps Adding Forces" (Moon). More of The Clarification from Trump.

"The Lima Group: International Outlaws" (Black):
"We have seen this type of propaganda before, the fake stories about “human rights” abuses, economic conditions, the cries of “democracy,” the propaganda about an  “authoritarian” leader, a “tyrant,” “dictator”, all labels they have used before against leaders of nations that they have later murdered; President Arbenz, Allende, Torrijos, Habyarimana, Milosevic, Hussein, Ghaddafi are examples that come quickly to mind, so that the same threats against Maduro are not just propaganda but direct physical threats.

We see the same pretexts for military aggression used and same euphemisms being employed, the same cries for “humanitarian intervention,” which we now know are nothing more than modern echoes of Hitler’s pretexts for the invasion of Czechoslovakia, to “save the oppressed Germans.”

We see the same smug lies and hypocrisy about the rule of law as they openly brag about their violation of international law with every step they take and talk as if they are gods ruling the world.

The United States is the principal actor in all this but it has beside it among other flunkey nations, perhaps the worst of them all, Canada, which has been an enthusiastic partner in crime of the United States since the end of the Second World War.  We cannot forget its role in the aggression against North Korea, the Soviet Union, China, its secret role in the American aggression against Vietnam, against Iraq, Rwanda, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Syria, Ukraine, Haiti, Iran, and the past several years Venezuela."
Note the picture - 'Canada's harridan of foreign affairs' loves being a Nazi.  The end of 'non intervention' as a concept in international law.

The 'Lima Group' meeting was a total bust:  "Venezuelan opposition welcomes Canada’s call for military backing".  Guido-Dumbo call:  "Trudeau offers 'Canada's continued support' in call with Venezuela opposition's Guaido".  The next Canadian federal election is October 24.

"What the mainstream media doesn’t tell you about Venezuela" (Engler). Massive out-of-control lying 24/7, yet we're supposed to be sorry when one of these 'journalist' clowns loses a job.

"US-led Coup in Venezuela: The Plot Thickens" (Zeese/Flowers).  Link-filled.

I'm noticing that a lot of people who should know better, even the ones who get the basic principles of non-intervention right, preface their remarks with some slur against Maduro, or some nonsense comment about how he is a dictator or illegitimate or in power only because of some phony election.  Keep it up if you want us to see you as a moron, misinformed, or simply another Deep State stooge in drag.

Tweet (Abby Martin):
"The most stunning hypocrisy of Venezuela’s coup is US claiming a “starving nation” & “dictatorship” demands intervention, while at the same time working with dictators to put millions on brink of starvation in Yemen"
Tweet (Adam H. Johnson):
"When reading “internet cut off” stories always be skeptical. Recall in 2012 when everyone rushed to assume Syria’s internet outage was Assad but it turned out, at least according to Snowden, it was the NSA. "
"Tulsi Gabbard Slams "Neocon/Neolib Warmongers" After NBC Propaganda Exposed" (Durden).  "“New Knowledge” and the same old same old" (Knightly).  "Russia's propaganda machine discovers 2020 Democratic candidate Tulsi Gabbard" (Windrem/Popken - file those names for future reference).  Tweet (Mark Ames) (also, Stein):
"Holy shit, this NBC piece actually cites New Knowledge—who were just busted by NYTimes planting fake Russian bots on behalf of Democratic Party operatives—as experts who caught Russian bots working for Tulsi. These sleazebags aren’t even trying"
Geffen / Oprah / John of God / Diller? / Ellison? / Sabrina Bittencourt.

"Trump is Right: The Intelligence Community Needs to ‘Go Back to School’" (Ritter).  People who fuck up real bad in the Chinese government are executed; people who fuck up real bad in the American IC are promoted as high and as quickly as possible.

Probably the biggest single reason, along with the Clintonistas wanting to keep the 'donor' model of political graft, for Russiagate:  "Trump Once Wanted to Negotiate With Russia Over Nukes. Then Mueller Happened." (Hirsh).

"PEPE ESCOBAR: MAGA Misses the Eurasia Train".
I assume that a President who the Important People consider a goof, with a Vice President pulling the strings and a stereotypical CIA goon running massive off-the-books (and still not to be discussed) dirty operations around the world, all taking place in the 80s, is supposed to remind us of something:  "The Vice President’s Men" (Hersh).  Note also that the CIA head Casey and the goon Moreau didn't get along, and so the goon was the one to out Iran-Contra (note also how the two main players were quickly, and conveniently, dead after the shit hit the fan):
"Casey was another source of tension, the officer said. He ‘was going around giving the impression that he was a super spook, but nobody on the inside cared because he had no juice. We knew he was over the hill and living on his past glory with the OSS’ – the Office of Strategic Services, the CIA’s wartime predecessor. He may have run Reagan’s election campaign, he may have been controlling the US operation in Afghanistan, but the military men working with Moreau saw him as ‘bizarre, unpredictable, out of control and dishonest’. Murphy made sure to be kept up to date on what Casey was up to. The CIA’s director got his chance of glory in Nicaragua, whose Sandinista government was inordinately feared by Reagan and Casey as a dire threat to the United States. Casey was able to get his way because of a rare error of judgment by Moreau, who had brought Marine Lieutenant Oliver North onto the secret team. The Iran-Contra story, as seen from inside the Moreau operation, has little in common with the public record. Bush, known to his friends and aides as ‘Poppy’, was also worried about Nicaragua and Daniel Ortega, the Sandinista leader, and was instrumental in the decision to give clandestine American support to the Nicaraguan opposition force known as the Contras. Moreau’s team inevitably became involved: a high-risk proposition for the group because Congress had passed an amendment barring the use of American funds for support of the Nicaraguan opposition. There was no question about Bush’s part in what would become the Iran-Contra scandal. ‘Dan Murphy and Poppy would sit down and work it out about the Contras,’ the officer said. ‘They saw Ortega as turning Nicaragua into a Russian puppet state. “We can’t have that. This is our turf. We have to protect Guatemala and Honduras and Panama.” So I and my colleagues on Moreau’s team wrote findings about covert actions going after Daniel Ortega.’

But it was important to keep Casey out of the way, the officer said, in order ‘to protect our real operations’. Unfortunately, the person charged with protecting the vice president’s inside team was Ollie North, then on the staff of the National Security Council. ‘We were in different parts of the White House’ – where conspiracy was a constant – and ‘North’s job was to keep Moreau up to date on all NSC operations. North was a plant.’ It became clear to the Moreau team that the CIA’s Casey-led operations in support of the Contras were veering out of control. Casey had been busy illegally raising millions of dollars for the Contras from ‘concerned’ American citizens and foreign countries, including Saudi Arabia and Brunei, whose leaders were seeking favour with the White House. ‘Moreau thought that Casey’s actions in support of the Contras were stupid and a time bomb,’ the officer said. ‘What had begun as a quiet op designed by Moreau to influence public opinion inside Nicaragua was becoming a political football. So Moreau calls on his boy Ollie and tells him to get involved with the Contra issue and keep it from getting out of control. He picked the wrong guy. North was loyal and enthusiastic, but he was fucking dumb.’ North saw a career path through keeping in with Casey – but then the operation took a ludicrous turn after Buckley’s kidnapping in Beirut in March 1984 by members of the group that would soon call itself Hizbullah.

A plan developed to sell anti-tank and surface-to-air missiles to Iran, via the Israelis, in return for Iranian help in releasing Buckley and the other prisoners (the government of the Ayatollah Khomeini, who had overthrown the shah in 1979, was viewed with great hostility by the Reagan administration). Profits from the arms sales would then be used to finance support for the Nicaraguan opposition – in direct violation of the congressional ban. ‘Ollie brings in Dick Secord and Iranian dissidents and money people in Texas to the scheme, and it’s gotten totally out of control,’ the officer said. ‘We’re going nuts. If we don’t manage this carefully, our whole structure will unravel. And so we’ – former members of Moreau’s team who were still working for Bush – ‘leaked the story to the magazine in Lebanon.’ He was referring to an article, published on 3 November 1986 by Ash-Shiraa magazine in Beirut, that described the arms for hostages agreement. He would not say how word was passed to the magazine, nor did he acknowledge that with this leak Moreau’s group was acting with as much self-interest, and as little regard for the consequences, as Moreau had accused the CIA of doing. The officer explained that it was understood by all that the scandal would unravel in public very quickly, and Congress would get involved. ‘Our goals were to protect the Moreau operation, to limit the vice president’s possible exposure, and to convince the Reagan administration to limit Bill Casey’s management of covert operations. It only took a match to light the fire. It was: “Oh my god. We were paying ransom for the hostages – to Iran.”’ "
They're still trying to pull this same shit in Nicaragua, and of course Venezuela is more of the same.  And 'fucking dumb' Ollie runs the NRA!
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