Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Pause for applause

Justin Trudeau, slow-witted would-be savior of the rich white 1% of Venezuela, had to throw his Karl Rove under the bus to save his own political skin.  Desperate times call for desperate measures, but that is extremely desperate, reflecting the fact that the Liberal perception is that this scandal a huge problem for them.  "Gerald Butts’ departure marks end of position rarely seen in Canadian political life" (Delacourt).  This is humorously reminiscent of the 'curse of Assad', where everybody who said the departure of Assad was a fait accompli ended up out of politics, with Assad still in power.  It is also telling that Trudeau built this snowfake, virtue-signaling, identity-politics cabinet, and then treated his native Minister of Justice in the most obviously racist way imaginable (and Canadian natives know it), by assuming she would be compliant as she knew her position was entirely due to her identity and not her abilities.  He completely screwed her over by forcing her to do his dirty corrupt work, and then making her incapable of talking about it due to the relationship of solicitor-client privilege the Minister of Justice has with the cabinet.  "'Rule of law' in the Trudeau era" (Mitrovica).

"Leftist Syrian Kurds who defeated ISIL Plead with Europe not to Abandon them as Trump Did" (Leroux).  The Kurds have completely screwed themselves through amazingly stupid politics (and listening to hopeless advice from the Khazars and their American stooges), yet they still think the Eurotrash will help them get a country?!  All this when Assad is bending over backwards to be agreeable:  "President al-Assad: The war was between us Syrians and terrorism, we triumph together not against each other".  "U.S. cannot back Syrian forces who align with Assad: U.S. commander" (Rothschild).

"The Growing Anti-Semitism Scam" (Giraldi).  Nice summary.

"Macron condemns anti-Semitic abuse at 'yellow vest' protest".

"Mike Pence's Munich Speech Did Not Get The Applause He'd Hoped For & It Was So Awkward" (Lyons). When he paused for applause you could hear a pin drop!

This is too good to be true!:  tweet (Adam H. Johnson):
"they’ve since changed the picture but holy shit it’s not even subtle what’s going on here, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib are now stand-ins for “the Muslim world”"
"Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Seems Confused About Race" (Studebaker).  AOC has disturbingly quickly fallen into the Democrat identity politics scam, so popular with 'donors' as it involves throwing those unsettling ideas about class out the window.

"President Trump Endorses Regime Change In Venezuela" (Wallace).  Trump is turning into a carbon copy of Little Mario.

"Senate Passes Anti-Lynching Bill (With Jussie's Help)" (Sailer).  "Pelosi Quietly Deletes Tweet Slamming "Racist, Homophobic" Attack On Jussie Smollett" (Durden).  The funny thing is that this was obviously a hoax from the moment the story appeared, yet every virtue signaler lined up behind it.  Of course, there are real racist attacks, and real victims are going to face the boy-who-cried-wolf syndrome.

"Giant List Of MSM-Fueled Hate-Crime Hoaxes Meant To Frame Trump Supporters" (Durden).  The tweets of Andy Ngo are an even longer list, a superb job.

Tweet (Ali Abunimah):
"American foreign fighter in Zionist terror group reportedly injured while enforcing siege of Gaza ghetto. How was he radicalized to travel around the world just to oppress Palestinians? So much hate and extremism."
On the tragic decline of Counterpunch: "Counterpunch Shadowboxes and Loses" (Curtin).

This is quite something!:  "The geopolitics of Pulwama" (Bhadrakumar).  Unfortunately, Hindu supremacism sees a friend in Khazar supremacism even as the connection is completely against Indian national interests. Note (ultra woke):
". . . there has been a specific report recently of an Israeli plane landing secretly at the Noor Khan Airbase in Rawalpindi and left after several hours, which coincided, intriguingly, with the visit by Netanyahu to Oman in November. It fuelled the speculation that the Israelis might have had a secretive pow-vow with the all-powerful Pakistani military leaders. Some in Pakistan even thought Netanyahu had flown in for a quiet chat with Imran Khan. 
Equally, reports have appeared recently regarding an Israeli military and intelligence presence already in Afghanistan, which could not have happened without the knowledge of Islamabad and tacit acceptance by the Pakistani military establishment. 
On the other hand, today, Saudi Arabia and the UAE are Israel’s covert allies in West Asia. They are joined at the hips in the project to overthrow the Iranian regime. We may expect that the Af-Pak could become a major theatre from where their covert operations would be launched with the help of Pakistan under the watch and protection of the US to destabilise Iran. Tehran has repeatedly alleged that the two Arab states are working in tandem with the US and Israel. 
After last Tuesday’s fedayeen attack in Iran’s southeastern region of Sistan-Baluchistan bordering Pakistan (in which 27 Iranian troops were killed in circumstances eerily similar to what happened in Pulwama), top Iranian generals have openly alleged the role of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence. Unsurprisingly, Saudis and the Emiratis who are bankrolling the Pakistani economy, have come to call the shots in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.  Tehran is expecting turbulent times. 
All this makes the US’ demonstrative act of commiserating with India over the Pulwama attack highly dubious, bordering on the diabolical. For the Trump administration today, Pakistan’s cooperation is critical for ensuring that a long term American military presence is established in Afghanistan. Although the US’ capacity to leverage Pakistan has diminished, the Pakistani elite’s “westernism” is still very much alive and the Saudi and Emirati clout in Islamabad and Rawalpindi supplements the American diplomacy. 
Therefore, we have an explosive mix today, such as we have never come across before in our region and which no one could have foreseen previously — except, indeed,  the astute mind of Hamid Karzai — whereby the Taliban leadership has come under immense Pakistani pressure to eschew its “Afghan-ness”) and accede to the US wish list on an open-ended military presence in Afghanistan (which is also backed by Saudi Arabia and the UAE as well as Israel.) 
Of course, there is resistance from within Taliban ranks to a settlement on such humiliating terms that militate against the Pashtun national pride and makes nonsense of the Taliban’s folklore of Afghan “resistance”. But the ISI has begun a vicious crackdown on such recalcitrant / irreconcilable elements within the Taliban leadership with a view to bludgeon those hapless fellows into submission. 
What the Saudis and Emiratis are expecting as follow-up in the near future is a certain “rebooting” of the traditional Afghan-Islamist ideology of the Taliban and its quintessentially natioanlistic “Afghan-centric” outlook with a significant dosage of Wahhabi indoctrination, which would make it possible integrate the Taliban into the global jihadi network and co-habitate it with extremist organisations such as the variants of Islamic State or al-Qaeda (who have proliferated in the Middle East in the recent years), so that geopolitical projects can be undertaken in regions such as Central Asia and the Caucasus or Iran from the Afghan soil, under a comprador Taliban leadership. 
If anyone can tweak the Taliban’s Pashtun DNA and morph it into a Punjabi DNA, it is only the Pakistani military establishment and ISI which can do it. The Saudis and Emiratis (and the Americans) expect the Pakistani military to fulfil this transformative act as quid pro quo for the tens of billions of dollars that are being doled out by them to keep Pakistan afloat. 
India’s strategists and policymakers should have a thorough rethink of their options. Clearly, it requires vast intellectual resources and our security-centric set-up may be short of it. No doubt, the stopover by EAM Sushma Swaraj in Tehran in the weekend was a symbolic step in the right direction, but it is too little, too late. India should show spunk to stand up to Trump’s bullying and take practical steps to nurture and preserve the strategic understanding with Iran, which previous leaderships had bequeathed to Modi (including late AB Vajpayee who had a keen sense of history.)
The point is, Iran is India’s lone natural ally in the region. The Pulwama tragedy should  awaken us to this geopolitical reality. The time has come to rapidly revive the verve of the India-Iran strategic understanding, which has always been in our core interest as a factor of regional security and stability.
Again, a geopolitical matrix analogous to the Afghan jihad of the early 1980s is appearing. However, alas, there are people among the Indian elite — within the establishment and the media — who have already rushed to celebrate that the US national security advisor John Bolton twice telephoned Ajit Doval regarding Pulwama. Shame on them! 
They do not know who Bolton is, what his real intentions could be. Bolton was a vociferous ideologue of the US’ Iraq invasion; he is today rooting for a permanent US military presence in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan; and, most importantly, he is almost maniacally obsessive about the regime change project on Iran. He has made a handsome living out of such malignant dogma. 
Fundamentally, he is a creation of the Israeli Lobby in the US, which manipulated his appointment to this key position as NSA in the Trump White House. Considering all this, the motivation behind Bolton’s commiserating words over the Pulwama tragedy must be properly understood. Make no mistake, there is iron in his soul. 
At the most obvious level, Bolton has projected the US as India’s most sincere ally in the fight against terrorism. Two, he has subtly conveyed a US “tilt” toward India — and against Pakistan. Three, he has introduced the US into a mediatory role that enables it to finesse the Indian reaction to Pulwama in the coming days and weeks and may have created a vantage point from where Washington can easily insert itself into any India-Pakistan confrontation."
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