Monday, February 04, 2019

Sartorial forensics

One of the big favorites of the (((media))), - why when 'journalists' are fired or even killed we just have ourselves a hearty laugh - is to use photos of massive pro-government protests and describe them as massive anti-government protests:  "The Venezuelan Coup and Gilets Jaunes: Great-Power Politics In a Multipolar World Order" (Pieraccini).

The baseline fact about Chavez/Maduro is that during the last fifteen to twenty years the people of Venezuela have made social and economic progress to a degree probably never equaled in human history during a similar time frame. That should inform every other decision made by non-psychopaths about what is going on.  Note the political structural advances of Venezuela in local governance (which are intolerable to the globalists):  "Sorting Through the Lies About Venezuela" (Dolack).

Whenever I think the Eurotrash can't disgust me any more, we get Eurotrash for Guido:  "Four European Nations Officially Recognize Guaido As Venezuela's Legitimate Leader" (Durden). Despite the fact the Brits are also in on this travesty (of course), getting away from the European assholes through Brexit is the single best idea anybody has ever had.

"Self-declared leader of Venezuela Juan Guaido extends olive branch to China, wants ‘productive and mutually beneficial relationship’" (Lau).  "The Coming US-China Proxy War In Venezuela" (Durden).  When you get right down to it, all the possible American motives really just amount to the symptoms of the death throes of the American Empire, and the incompetent efforts by Assholians to try to stop the inevitable.

Tweet (Abby Martin):
"Disturbing sign of what's to come. False claims about Maduro shutting down all opposition press abound while Canada censors "
Canada is going full fascist very quickly, and mostly unnoticed by those who are enjoying the gimps and women in the cabinet.  'Liberal' opinion in Canada is now that a full outside military attack is too much, and replacing the democratically elected government by a fascist dictatorship should be done from within (a surprising number of the comments are woke):  "Threatening Venezuelan intervention ‘totally irresponsible’: former Canadian ambassador".

"Trudeau Pushes Trump’s Regime Change in Venezuela".  Interview with Engler and Jay.

You may have wondered why the concentration camp guard, who cares only about Khazar supremacism, did a big attack piece on the Khazar director/molester Singer, and why there are attack movies out on Usher and Michael Jackson, and why Spacey was taken down.  They are circling the wagons in increasingly desperate efforts to protect one guy, David Geffen (the Daily Mail is often surprisingly on point, and this is a home run!):  "Oprah celebrates her birthday in St Barts aboard David Geffen's $300M megayacht watching Michael Jackson documentary with her best friend Gayle".

"Studying the Gentile" (Joyce).  Being a goy, and in particular a white goy, is a form of mental illness.

"Britain’s secret propaganda “Integrity Initiative” targets Russia" (Scripps).  The first rule of propaganda club is don't let anybody know you are in propaganda club.

"Death Knell For Syria Pullout: "We Have To Protect Israel" Says Trump" (Durden).  Unclear if this is as bad as it sounds, but it is an indication that the 'protect Israel' idea - i.e., continue to assist in building the Zionist Empire - is alive and well in White House circles.  The new threat to Bibi electorally - and both he and his wife go to jail if he loses - turns on the fact that Big Jew is seeing the failure to Yinonize Syria as reflecting that Bibi has lost his magical mojo in herding the goyim.

Sailer has theories of intersectionality ranking, with white straight females ('Beckies') at the very bottom (the issue has come up in what he calls Type I Errors, i.e., false positives):  "Fundamental Contradiction: Will Feminists Submit to Domination By Transsexuals?" (Welton).

Sartorial forensics:  "Are These Ralph Northam's Blackface Pants?" (Durden).
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