Sunday, March 31, 2019

Gaining wisdom

"Democrats Ignore a Progressive Foreign Policy at Their Peril" (Sjursen).  But, but, but, the ((('donors')))!!!

"Pictures of Jew Jared Kushner Monitoring His Goy Slave Donald Trump" (Anglin).  "Trump Could Be Legitimately Impeached for Colluding With Jews and Israel" (Rogers).

An example of the shekeled Breivik-style extreme-right politics:  "Why French Nationalism Should Embrace Judeophilia and Zionism" (Canlorbe).  How many shekels do you reckon (((they))) paid him for this?

"Juan Guaidó Confesses Being Behind the Sabotage of Venezuela’s Electric System" (Villapol).  A bizarre electoral strategy, but at least the people of Venezuela now know who Guido is.

"Police release body-cam video of Willie McCoy killing, showing him asleep in car" (Levin). They feared he was going to sleep-shoot them.

"Ukraine polls open with comic poised to top presidential field".  Arguably it was a comic who saved Italy, so maybe this is a trend.

"Making China Great Again, Reorienting Europe" (Stryker).  "China – and Macron’s U-Turn" (Koenig).  The problem for the Assholians with allowing rootless cosmopolitans like the Rothschilds to run things is that they have absolutely no loyalty except to their own violent supremacist group.

"Macron hopes protester, 73, gains ‘wisdom’ after injuries".  Every time Marie Antoinette Macron opens her mouth the people of France gain wisdom.

The secrets of 'Hollywood':  "Hollywood's and Hillary's Private Eye Anthony Pellicano Is Out of Prison" (Sailer).

A good summary of the mechanics of Russiagate, though it downplays the British intelligence side of the conspiracy, where the motive was entirely directed to a restart of the Cold War (despite the addition of Trump hatred amongst the American players, restarting the Cold War and getting to WWIII was also the main motive of the Clintonistas and, of course,, their ((('donors')))):  "Russiagate: “Why did this ever start in the first place?”" (Van Buren).

Related (fucking Canadians!):  "The Deep State Rhodes Scholars Who created NATO" (Ehret).  It is always worth bearing in mind how all these pieces fit together.  The obvious reason for NATO to exist is long gone, yet it seems ever more powerful, so their must be some other, hidden, reasons.  It was also the Icelandic (!)-Canadian Stephenson - 'Intrepid', probably the model for James Bond - who the Brits used to trick the Americans into WWII (history repeats).

"John Brennan Admits He had ‘Bad Information’ on Mueller Report: ‘I Suspected There Was More’" (Ecarma). Complete reversal (trying to stay out of jail?).

"Churchill's policies contributed to 1943 Bengal famine – study" (Safi).  The Brits are particularly dangerous when they are under stress, like now.

"A Year Of Silencing Julian Assange" (Vos).

"Ex-Spy Suspected In Failed Congo Hit-Job Found Murdered In Parking Lot" (Durden).

"Man Who Spent Last 2 Years Drawing Pictures Of Trump And Putin Making Out Beginning To Realize Just How Wrong He’s Been".

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Grand strategy

"Vatican Archives on Ustasha Ratlines to be Opened" (Tanjug).  "AIPAC Boycott Hoax: Democrats All Met with AIPAC Jew Masters Privately" (Anglin).  "Temer released after 4 days: why did it happen?" (Mier).

"Syria: Is US Fighting ISIS or Liquidating Assets?" (Cartalucci).  The August 2012 US intelligence report:  "a declared or undeclared Salafist principality in eastern Syria".  "Syria’s Rukban Now Little More Than a US-Controlled Concentration Camp – and the Pentagon Won’t Let Refugees Leave" (Webb).

"The ‘Day After’ In Syria Finally Came. But What Comes Next? " (Baron).  Votel is the latest to suffer the Curse of Assad.

"US-Canada and Venezuela’s Bay of Pigs" (Walberg):
"In a Telesur interview (sorry, it’s banned under Canadian democracy), Professor Adriansa dealt with possible causes of the blackout at the Guri Dam Hydroelectric Project, which provides 70% of Venezuela’s electricity.
The dam was built in 1963 and expanded in 1976. Since 2000, there is an ongoing refurbishment project to extend the operation of Guri Power Plant by 30 years.
The Guri computer system which broke down was bought from ABB Canada, a subsidiary of ABB Switzerland and Sweden, in 2005, to interface with an existing centralized control system that was installed by SNC Lavalin. (yes, the SNC Lavalin)
Adriansa concluded the Guri computer system may already have had a backdoor built into it that would allow it to be hacked. Software or viruses could have been added gradually over a period of months. This would have required internal or ABB Canada complicity. As with the Stuxnet virus, software can be designed so that something would happen on a particular date."
"This cyber warfare really is old hat. It began as soon as computers became integral to industry back in the 1980s. The most spectacular example of this was the CIA plan to sabotage the economy of the Soviet Union, which resulted in “the most monumental non-nuclear explosion and fire ever seen from space”.
The CIA covertly transferred computer technology — again via a Canadian company — containing malfunctions, including software, that later triggered a huge explosion in a Siberian natural gas pipeline in mid-1982, former air force secretary Thomas Reed revealed in his memoirs At the Abyss: An Insider’s History of the Cold War (2004).
The US was trying to stop western Europe from importing Soviet natural gas. (Hey, isn’t that what the US is still trying to do, even after it destroyed the Soviet Union?) A KGB insider gained access to Russian purchase orders and the CIA slipped in the flawed software."
"Guardian Accused Of Whitewashing U.S. Role In Brasil’s Dictatorship" (Kwart).  "37 years after the killing of Dutch journalists" (El Salvador Prespectives):
"The commander in charge of the ambush, Colonel Mario A. Reyes Mena, is currently living in the United States."
The Germans, despite stupidly and disappointingly going all in with Guido, and in line with a developing wider Assholia-skepticism, are recognizing that the Assholians have already lost:  "Germany declines to recognize Juan Guaido's Berlin emissary".

"The New Grand Strategy Of The United States" (Meysan).  I think Meysan has lost his mind - I don't see any American success at all, and any analysis which fails to mention the ((())) is simply ridiculous.  This analysis is exactly like QAnon - everything is going as planned, despite your lyin' eyes.

"Smolensk air crash: Polish media raise new accusations".

The MSNBC-DNC connection - tweets by Yashar Ali.

"8 Cases That Prove The FBI & CIA Were Out Of Control Long Before Russiagate" (Miltimore/Wedler).

"State Department to spend $2 million against “anti-Semitism” abroad" (Weir). "Revealed: Trump-linked US Christian ‘fundamentalists’ pour millions of ‘dark money’ into Europe, boosting the far right" (Fitzgerald/Provost).  Almost all these guys are Zionist Islamophobes.

"I Warned Early On Russiagate Would Help Trump. Now You Can See Why" (Tracey).  So President Jared can get away with dangerous treason like this:  "Trump administration approves secret nuclear power work for Saudi Arabia".

Tweet (Mark Ames) (can Tulsi fit into the recent trend of voters voting against what they are instructed to do?):
"The credentialed media’s uniformly smug disdain for the most anti-war candidate is a gift to Tulsi’s 2020 election campaign. The media elites still have no idea how discredited & loathed they are, even after 2016 & Mueller Report."

Friday, March 29, 2019

For anyone willing to pay / doing quite well

Tweet (Kit Klarenberg) (also):
"Looks like and have serious questions to answer about their initial denials of having anything to do with . But then that's hardly surprising, is it..."
"How UK Security Services and Big Business Blacklisted 'Subversives'" (Klarenberg). The Integrity Initiative outing provides us with a good model of how this conspiracy PR stuff works, and is being applied to us generally.

Tweet (Ntisec #NeoSlave):
"Have you noticed the 2019 result of research done on the polish presidential airplane? Crashed in 2010? The Brits now found explosive residue's on airplane parts/scraps apparently only researched recently. Might be the newest false flag to keep Poland in fear and friendly."
"Golan Heights, Kosovo and Crimea: A Case Study in Hypocrisy and Double Standards" (O'Neill).

"Lebanon Decides to Confront Israel And The US in Shebaa, Kfarshouba And Syria" (Magnier):
"It remains unclear whether the Shebaa Farms, Kfarshouba and neighbouring villages are part of Trump’s gift to Israel. This is why Lebanese authorities have requested the judiciary authority officially survey the southern Lebanese territories occupied by Israel. If, in response to the survey, any attempt is made to assert that these areas are part of Israel, then the Lebanese triad (the army, the people and the resistance) will be bound to recover its occupied territory. The timing of the decision is important because it shows the readiness of the Lebanese government to raise the subject and to confront Israel in the wake of the US decision on the Golan Heights, a territory closely linked to the Lebanese farms and villages. As recently as 2009 some of these lands were contested between Syria and Lebanon, but now that Lebanon is in a better position than Syria to vindicate its claims against Israel, the Syrian government will be happy for it to do so.

President Aoun raised these issues with President Putin in the context of Trump’s previous gift of Jerusalem, by virtue of his recognition of an undivided Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Lebanon fully supports the right of return of Palestinians to their land, particularly since there are over 800,000 Palestinians living in Lebanon. Just as the US would prefer these Palestinians to remain in Lebanon, the US now seems to want Lebanon to accept an ongoing presence of Syrian refugees on Lebanese soil. The US policy of keeping Syrian refugees in Lebanon has several goals.

The first is to shift the religious balance of power in Lebanon. Most Syrian refugees are Sunni (mainly hostile to Assad and to his allies) and the US would like to see a Sunni plurality in Lebanon to confront Shia Hezbollah and the society behind it. All Israeli wars have failed to curb Hezbollah and could not reduce its strength. On the contrary, Hezbollah military power is increased to an unprecedented level domestically and regionally. Moreover, in the last Lebanese Parliamentary polls, Hezbollah won more votes than any religious party, surprising everyone. Support for Hezbollah goes beyond any one religious confession; it has proved itself as a force defending Christians and Shia against Wahhabi takfiri extremists. Confronting Hezbollah face to face would lead to certain failure, hence the US need to strategically build another society to stand against it.

President Aoun insists on the return of Syrian refugees to Syria, notwithstanding the financial incentives being offered by the US and Europe to keep them in Lebanon. The presence of the refugees upsets the religious equilibrium in Lebanon, and accelerates the process by which Christians are becoming a minority on Lebanese soil. The religious terrorism that hit the Middle East over the last decade targeted regional minorities, notably the Christians. The same NATO leaders whose governments sponsored takfiri terrorism against Christians in the Levant proposed to Lebanese Christian leaders that they leave the land of their ancestors and settle in the west. Christians who were raped, murdered and terrorized by ISIS and al-Qaeda in Iraq and Syria would have suffered the same fate in Lebanon had Hezbollah decided to entrench themselves in the south of Lebanon, in the Beirut suburbs, or in selected villages of the Bekaa Valley."
"Israel official reveals plan to change Golan Heights’ demographic balance".

"Trump’s Golan Declaration Another Own Goal".  Trump?  I'm thinking shekels (of course), blackmail against both himself and Javanka (there's no love lost with President Jared stealing the thunder from the other machers), and tertiary syphilis.

"Syria Asks Dorald Grimpf Why He Doesn’t Give the Jews North and South Carolina" (Anglin):
"Now, let me go ahead and tell you why that isn’t going to happen, Mr. Bereaved Sandgentleman.

Firstly, the Carolinas are nice places we don’t want to give to Jews.

Secondly, America is already completely controlled by Jews, so giving them a specific part of it is redundant. In fact, if we gave Jews a part of America, they would start calling us anti-Semites because it all belongs to them."
Tweet (Nicolás Maduro):
"The criminals, who through blackmail seek to bend the will of the people to subjugate them to the U.S. empire, will be defeated; the people with their conscience and dignity will give them a historical lesson. Here Nobody Surrenders!"
Tweet (Ben Norton):
"Marco Rubio (who suspiciously knew information about the previous blackout that the Venezuelan government didn't even know) is openly threatening more power outages until Venezuelans overthrow their elected leftist leader and install a right-wing US puppet"
Tweet (Ben Norton):
 "The Venn diagram of Brooklyn Leftists™ who promoted the Russiagate conspiracy and who advocated for regime change in Syria is a circle. Hipster imperialism."
Ahem, (((Brooklyn Leftists™))).

"‘New York Times’ reports that Jewish donors shape Democrats’ regressive position on Israel" (Weiss).  Interesting in that Weiss, for once, backs away from his constant assertions the the 'good' Jews are going to fix the problems caused by the ((('donors'))), and admits that attempts at reform are coming from "people of color and real progressives".  He even admits that 'good' Jews are a mythological concept.

"Trump Must Fire Bolton – To Save the Peace of the World" (Sieff).

"PEPE ESCOBAR: Empire of Chaos in Hybrid War Overdrive":
"There was absolutely no interest by Prime Minister Imran Kahn, the Pakistani Army and the Pakistani intelligence, ISI, to launch an attack on India in Kashmir. Pakistan was about to run out of money and about to be bolstered by the U.S., via Saudi Arabia with $20 billion and an IMF loan.
At the same time, there were two almost simultaneous terrorist attacks launched from Pakistan – against Iran and against India in mid-February. There’s no smoking gun yet, but these attacks may have been manipulated by a foreign intelligence agency. The Cui Bono riddle is which state would profit immensely from a war between Pakistan and Iran and/or a war between Pakistan and India.
The bottom line: hiding in the shadow of plausible deniability – according to which what we understand as reality is nothing but pure perception – the Empire of Chaos will resort to the chaos of no-holds-barred hybrid war to avoid “losing” the Eurasian heartland."
The funny thing about the Smollett case is that, had the original charges been prosecuted, he probably would have got some community service which he could have served by giving acting classes, burnishing his resume.  Now, thanks to Barry, some community 'activists' in the prosecutor's office, and his tip top (((agents))), he gets a multi-million dollar bill from Chicago, and a much elevated chance of federal charges which could put him in jail for decades. Note the Smollett sister-Barry connection (through serial professional race grifter Tchen):  "Smollett, Tchen, Jarrett, Roseanne, Obamas" (Sailer).

It's fashionable for Democrats to avoid AIPAC, but you can't get between guys like Booker and his shekels, so a bunch them met with AIPAC on the DL:  "After Golan, are Trump and Netanyahu coming for West Bank?" (Brown).

"How electoral fraud became the cornerstone of Ukraine’s 2019 presidential election" (Richardson).  So, about what you would expect!

"CIA-Linked Nellie Ohr Gave Extensive Anti-Trump Research To High-Ranking DOJ Husband: Transcripts" (Durden).  Nellie ran the show, and was at least a CIA asset.  We still need to see Russiagate as an IC attempt to restart the Cold War - glory days for the CIA, which now just murders innocent people using what amounts to glorified video games - with the Mueller report being a return attack by those seeing the CIA's activities as being dangerous for the US.  Trump forms the ostensible basis of the attack, but is really irrelevant.

"A Very Incomplete List of Sinister Things Vladimir Putin/Russia/‘the Russians’ Have Been Accused of Doing".

Tweet (Donald J. Trump):
"Just met with , President of , who is obviously doing quite well. He stated strongly that he is totally committed to the U.S. Military, not the Chinese Military...."
Tweet (Savvy and Realistic Democrat):
"Thank you for standing by our $3.8 billion military aid package to Israel when lesser Americans would want to waste it on Flint’s water supply and other boondoggles. Your support is timelier than ever! "
"US Demanded Ukraine End Probe Of Soros-Funded Group During 2016 Election" (Durden).

"The Many Reasons to Believe Vasily Prozorov’s Testimony About Ukraine’s Role in Downing MH-17" (Webb):
"Though some may be quick to dismiss Prozorov’s testimony as “Russian propaganda,” many of his claims fit with independent reporting on the Ukrainian conflict. For instance, in regard to Prozorov’s claim of “black site” prisons, the SBU denied the UN access in 2016 to many detention centers in Mariupol — where Prozorov says “the Library” prison is located — and Kramatorsk. The SBU claimed that it blocked the UN inspectors access in order to protect “government secrets.” The UN had first tried to access the areas after several human-rights groups had found credible evidence of torture taking place at facilities in the area.
Prozorov’s claims that the post-coup SBU had made plans to murder ethnic Russians in the Donbass are also supported by publicly available evidence. For instance, when the civil war began, the Kiev-based government stated its intention to specifically target civilians in order “to clean the cities.” In 2016, then-Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, who has been called “Washington’s man in Ukraine,” called pro-Russian civilians in the region “subhumans.” In an interview aired by the U.S.-funded, pro-government Ukrainian news channel Hromadske TV, a Ukrainian journalist aligned with the government asserted that the contested region was home to 1.5 million people “who are superfluous” and “must be exterminated.” With such sentiments having been openly stated by prominent politicians and journalists aligned with the current government in Kiev, Prozorov’s assertions seem hardly unreasonable.
In regard to Ukraine’s alleged role in the downing of MH-17, it is worth noting that past reports by late American investigative journalist Robert Parry described in detail how the “independent” MH-17 investigation was almost completely dependent on information from Ukraine’s SBU in piecing together the event. According to Parry:
[This control by the SBU, combined with its past obstruction of the UN torture probe],suggests that the SBU also would steer the JIT away from any evidence that might implicate a unit of the Ukrainian military in the shoot-down, a situation that would be regarded as a state secret which could severely undermine international support for the U.S.-backed regime in Kiev. Among the SBU’s official duties is the protection of Ukrainian government secrets.”
In addition, one of Parry’s sources maintained that the CIA had, like Prozorov, found evidence that Ukraine’s government had indeed been “an accomplice” to the MH-17 incident:
A source who was briefed by U.S. intelligence analysts told me that the CIA’s conclusion pointed toward a rogue Ukrainian operation involving a hard-line oligarch with the possible motive of shooting down Russian President Vladimir Putin’s official plane returning from South America that day, with similar markings as MH-17. The source said a Ukrainian warplane ascertained that the plane was not Putin’s but the attack went ahead anyway, with the assumption that the tragedy would be blamed on the pro-Russian rebels or on Russia directly.”
Another reason Prozorov’s testimony should not be outright dismissed as propaganda is the fact that he pushed back on previous Russian media reports involving U.S. infiltration of the SBU. When asked by a reporter if he could confirm reports that foreign military officials, including Americans, occupied their own floor at SBU headquarters, Prozorov adamantly denied those claims, stating that after 2005 there were CIA officials present in SBU headquarters but that the practice had been discontinued. He stated that U.S. intelligence officials regularly visited SBU headquarters after the 2014 coup but were not based in the building."
Pompeo the Islamophile!:  "US lacerates China’s Uighur wound" (Bhadrakumar).

"Gaddafi Spy Chief – Libya Gave Ex-French President Sarkozy $8million Bribe" (True Publica).

"Trans As A Fashionable Manifestation Of Mental Illness" (Sailer).  Histrionic personality disorder.

Stingrays in Toronto.

"Michael Avenatti, Pedophilia And A Fainting Heiress: NXIVM Sex-Cult Trial Gets Surreal" (Durden).  The Holocaust II.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

29 days for free

"Russia throws down the gauntlet to US on Venezuela" (Bhadrakumar):
"Pompeo’s phone call to Lavrov suggests that the US is trying to figure out the Russian intentions. Interestingly, the Russian readout mentioned that Lavrov also brought up Syria and Ukraine during the conversation with Pompeo. Lavrov’s remarks were rather sharp: “He (Lavrov) also stressed that the US’s intention to recognise Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights would lead to a serious violation of international law, impede the Syrian settlement process and aggravate the situation in the Middle East. Speaking about Ukraine, Sergey Lavrov noted that Washington’s playing into the Kiev regime’s hands in torpedoing the Minsk Agreements on the settlement of the intra-Ukrainian conflict was unacceptable.” 
Curiously, on the contrary, the US state department readout completely omitted any references to Syria or Ukraine. Evidently, it was too much of a hot potato for Washington to even acknowledge that Lavrov might have drawn a parallel with the US behaviour in the ‘Eastern Hemisphere’, which Russia finds utterly unacceptable."
"The Exceptionalism of the Warmongers: John Bolton and Mike Pompeo Defy the International Criminal Court" (Gordon).  It's funny that Bolton is going after the members of a court that is now mostly involved in enforcing Zionism on behalf of the Americans, but sometimes strays slightly away from that mission, causing heartburn for various American war criminals.

"The Jussie Smollett-SPLC-Obamas Nexus: Tina Tchen"(Sailer).  It looks like a conspiracy between Barry, local prosecutors, and 'Hollywood' agents.  Rahm pretended to complain bitterly about it even as his brother Ari started his career working for the agency that represents Smollett (famously, the television series Entourage is supposed to be about Ari's career at CAA).  I wonder what the feds will do about the much more serious issue, the letter containing powder Jussie allegedly sent to himself in an apparent attempt to get a raise.

More based tweets by Omar.

Tweet (Glenn Greenwald):
"Chuck Schumer equating neo-Nazis in Charlottesville to in front of AIPAC. This, along with Nancy Pelosi (also starring at ), is the senior Democrat in Washington."
"Trump Tries To Undo North Korea Sanctions - Gets Sabotaged By His Own Staff" (Moon).  Trump's just a mess at this point.  As long as Bolton is around this kind of thing is just going to get worse.

"Chagos and the Dark Soul of the British Labour Party" (Murray).

"MSNBC Ignores Catastrophic US-Backed War in Yemen" (Norton).  As many feared, the facts of the Mueller report are having no effect on the #Russiagate coverage.  "Mueller Madness at the New York Post" (Lang).

"La Rinconada: The Devil’s Paradise" (Koenig) (this is the old 'capitalism' they are trying to bring back everywhere):
"Miners come “voluntarily”. Nobody forces them. Most are poor and jobless. They come for necessity. Some are just greedy  -– the never-dying ‘Gold Rausch’ attracts them. The dream of getting rich in the goldmine makes them accept the most horrendous working and living conditions: surviving in an open dump-ground of everything, garbage, toxic heavy metals, wading in mercury-polluted tailings, thin air, contaminated by poisonous vapors, no heating, most of the year sub-freezing temperatures –trash and debris everywhere. But the miners don’t complain. Some bring their wives, few bring also their kids. it’s their choice. Some stay ‘temporarily’ only, 6 months, 12 months, 2 years. For some the dream of hitting the riches never dies; they stay until they die. – They know they will be abused, enslaved. They know they can take it or leave it.
Miners work for usually long hours and are working during 29 days for free. On the 30th day they may keep whatever they take out of the ground, amounting on average to about 800 to 1,000 Soles per month (US$250 – $320). Sometimes day 30 brings nothing. Sometimes some rocks with traces of gold. All are hoping for a gold nugget. This type of mining wage is not unique to Peru. Bolivia and other Andean countries that are open to the most environmentally and socially destructive industry – mining – apply similar systems. The illusion to hit it BIG by finding the legendary ‘gold rock’ is a passion; it is obsessive. And if and when a miner does find a treasure to keep, he is vulnerable of being robbed, even killed, body discarded – another miner gone missing. Or not. Just disappeared. Maybe in a garbage dump. They are endless in Rinconada. They reflect the character of Rinconada. Refuse, waste, stench and death."

Tuesday, March 26, 2019


"'Lone Wolf' Myth Covers Up Possible Mossad Role in New Zealand Terrorist Attack" (Parry).  Nothing new, but it is strange to see such 'crazy' ideas in a semi-respectable place.

Unconstructive behavior

"An Iran-Syria ‘Belt & Road’: A Far-Reaching Geopolitical Strategy Unfolds" (Crooke):
". . . Pompeo is about to land in the Middle East threatening all around with sanctions, and still ‘talking the talk’ of reducing Iranian oil sales to zero, as US oil waivers expire on 1 May.
Of course, zero waivers were never likely, but now with the new trade ‘Belt and Road’ alliance unfolding, the stakes for US foreign policy are doubled: Syria will find investors in its reconstruction precisely because it – like Iran – is a pivotal ‘corridor’ state for trade (and ultimately for energy). And Iran will not be brought to capitulation through economic siege. What Pompeo risks, through his belligerency, or clumsiness, rather, is to lose both Iraq and Lebanon.
In the former, ‘losing Iraq’ could entail the Iraqi government demanding US troops leave Iraq. In the latter case, ‘loosing’ Lebanon, translates into something more sinister: To sanction Lebanon (in order to ‘hurt’ Hizbullah) actually means putting Lebanon’s entire economic stability into play (as Hizbullah is an integral part to Lebanon’s economy – and the Shi’a compose some 30-40% of the population. They cannot be somehow ‘filtered out’, as if some stand-alone sanctions target). Instability in Lebanon is never far away, but to induce it, is crazy.
Wherever Pompeo travels on his journeys through the region, he cannot fail but to notice that US policies – and the constancy of such policies – are not trusted (even this week, ‘old US ally’ Egypt has turned to Russia for the purchase of military aircraft, and India is defying the US over its oil imports from Venezuela).
It is against this background, that the earlier intelligence service quotes in the NY Times, and its Editorial (i.e. not an op-ed article): Shedding Any Last Illusions about Saudi Arabia, might be understood. US policy across the entire Middle East, and by extension, much of its leverage over Russia and China, stands on extremely weak foundations. The débacle of the US-sponsored Warsaw conference, which was supposed consolidate support for America’s anti-Iranian ‘war’ – and the silence with which VP Mike Pence’s address at Munich was received – provide clear evidence for this.
Well, the pivot for countering this unfavourable US conjuncture rests on one man: MbS. America’s entire foreign policy, and that of its ally, Israel, has pivoted around this erratic, highly-flawed, psychologically-impaired figure. The NYT leak from CIA officials, with its unqualified endorsement through a NYT board editorial, suggest that the CIA and MI6 have concluded that US global interests cannot be left in such unreliable, unsafe hands.
What this ultimately might mean is unclear, but such a leak would suggest that it stems from a concerted CIA professional assessment (i.e. that it is not just a partisan party warfare). Trump may not concur, or like it much, but the CIA when it does form such a definitive view, is no force to be lightly trifled with."
Back to the extremely ironic - the hostage taker of the US becomes the hostage itself, limiting American strategy - Israel-as-hostage geopolitical theory of the Middle East, with the bonus that the new hostage has put all its eggs in the basket of MbS, a man considered so psychologically unstable as to be useless as a dependable partner (with bonus Khazar high treason/influence peddling within the White House).  One of the untapped pressure points is that the MIGA-Americans have made Israel so safe and wealthy (due to the constant leeching from the American host) that the Israeli public has no stomach whatsoever for any physical threats or even inconveniences.  Part of this flows directly from Khazar racism - how dare they, those primitive savages, purport to threaten us?  The parasite has taken over the nervous system - (((media))), etc - of the host, meaning that a threat to the parasite is now a threat to the host, leading to the bizarre situation that the host has to threaten its own alliances in order to protect the parasite.  All of this in the context of constant competitive pressure from the Chinese, who don't have a parasite and thus are free to act in their own interests, with the pressures of the parasite meaning the Americans have to lose every battle, as they can't even act in their most basic national interests.  The best part of all of this is that everybody outside of Assholia and its Khazar parasites understands the dynamic, and is free to act in accordance with the Empire's one huge weakness, the one that is quickly bringing it down.

"An Iranian April Surprise?" (Giraldi).  I would have said there was no chance of this, but Trump's serious recent MIGA deterioration makes even the stupidest things possible.

"Pompeo Demands Moscow "Cease Unconstructive Behavior" In Venezuela" (Durden).  You have to laugh.  Venezuela suddenly has S-300s, which will complicate the Assholian military invasion, now presumably completely off the table.

"29 minutes inside Barry and Honey Sherman’s home: Who was the visitor?" (Donovan).  Note that the murder-suicide was long over by this point, so this is completely irrelevant - I suspect the visitor was some kind of contractor who worked on the house and left without ever seeing the murder scene - but The Star must continue its work of backing the family's bizarre conspiracy theory.  The Evil of Barry survives his suicide:  "UHN patients given unlicensed drug that led to diabetes, liver dysfunction and one death, study finds" (Cribb).  I note that, despite the massive deterioration of The Star as a newspaper, it is still quite good at this kind of specific medical investigatory journalism, even as the results are somewhat 'anti-Semitic'.

"Trump Koshers the Seizure of the Golan Heights" (Mykytyn) (actually, this bit of MIGA is clearly about getting Bibi reelected, but giving some important guys a stake in the theft doesn't hurt):
"Since 1981, Israel has treated the Golan as a resource rich part of its country. The Golan provides over a third of Israel’s fresh water. And the Golan has provided Israel’s first major oil find. Afek Oil and Gas, a division of Genie Oil has obtained oil rights for the huge oil fields in the Golan Heights. In October 2015,  October 2015 Afek Oil and Gas confirmed the discovery of vast oil reserve oil in the Golan Heights. Genie Oil has powerful political connections. Keith Murdock, Vice President Cheney, Michael Steinhardt Jacob Rothschild and Larry Summers are among its Board Members.
Despite Genie’s influence, under current conditions, Genie’s Israeli subsidiary can not sell any oil it extracts from the Golan on the international oil market because that would violate UN resolutions. However, if Washington declares Golan to be part of Israel, then oil could be legally traded with the US. Russia Today speculates that “Genie Energy’s investments in the Golan are likely the strongest factor pushing the U.S. towards the recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the occupied territory.”"
"Fred Malek: He Counted" (Heer).  Say what you will about Nixon but the man was woke.

We now know that the reason Eichmann had to be eliminated - at considerable diplomatic expense - was that he was the Zionist German who negotiated the terms of the Holocaust with the Khazar leaders (in order to create the crisis which allowed for the population with European refugees of the land the Khazars intended to steal), and planned expansion of the Zionist Empire by 1960 was going to need the Khazars-as-eternal-victims myth to survive the truth that it was Khazar leaders who helped plan the Holocaust, so it was extremely important that Eichmann didn't pop up and start talking about this:  "Eichmann's captor, Israeli ex-spy Rafi Eitan dead at 92".

Monday, March 25, 2019

Could care less

Tweet (Defend Assange Campaign):
" conspiracy theorists have: 1. Handed Trump a huge strategic 2020 advantage 2. Discredited the media 3. Diverted from electoral winners (inequality, health, corruption, DNC reform) 4. Trumpwashed CIA, FBI, DoJ, war, nukes 5. Increased Putin's power, approval"
Misses the main problem, and the main purpose of Russiagate - it still makes no sense as a Clintonista campaign tactic, as Trump throughout was thought to have no chance - which was to restart the Cold War, hopefully leading to WWIII, as Putin was regarded as hindering the building of the Zionist Empire.  As usual always, the Khazar plan was to set the gentiles against each other, and sneak up through the middle.

The main weakness of the Khazars is that they hate gentiles so very, very, very much, that they end up going off on self-destructive tangents just to attempt to cause the gentiles more problems. Properly analyzed, the Mueller decision is a self-defensive effort, late and clumsy as it may be, to avoid the nuclear destruction of WWIII.  Because the gentiles are so fucking stupid and easily manipulated, the Khazars never count on anybody showing a smidgen of common sense and backing off from the abyss, but it does happen.

Tweet (Matt Taibbi):
"Let’s not forget that it’s a lot of the same people who pushed both panics, including Goldberg, the Washington Post editorial page, the same cable networks (in many cases recycling the same guests)."
It's always the (((same people))).  The stench of ((('donors'))) and their (((minions))) is all over this.  The irony is that with Trump 2.0, MIGA not MAGA, they needn't have bothered, as they are getting almost as much as they would have got with Killary (though to be fair, Trump's gifts are symbolic, or doomed to fail, and Killary would have given (((them))) WWIII).

Tweet (Dan Cohen) (if you scroll down, bonus link to complete debunking of 'Rabbi' Schmuley):
"Islamophobe crank bought this ad in Sunday’s Washington Post smearing as an antsemite. The ad, not Omar, conflates Israel and Jews – an antisemitic trope. Shmuley is the bigot here, not Omar." 
Tweet (Edo Konrad):
"This is what the pro-Israel demonstration looked like outside Ilhan Omar's event in LA on Saturday. This is what so much pro-Israel activism looks like. Can anyone imagine these activists protesting real anti-Semitic Republicans using the same kind of vile imagery? Cause I can't." 
Tweet (Ryan Saavedra):
"Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) mocks the "very fascinating" pro-Israel demonstrators who were protesting her yesterday: "But I don't think any of them realize that people like myself and many of the people in this room could care less about what they have to say""
Omar nails it, again.  The biggest threat to Khazar manipulation is to simply stop listening to them or acknowledging their existence. Laughing at them is also cool.

'Irrational' Jew hatred news:  "‘Intense hatred of Israel is moving from margins to center of US politics’ — Howard Kohr of AIPAC" (Weiss).

Via sarz in the comments:  "Christchurch Attack: Israeli Mossad’s Years of Espionage Activities in the City" (Haqiqatjou).  A fine reading of The Manifesto.  Tarrant completely follows European-style extremist right (e.g., Breivik) politics, which is striking in that it is extremely Islamophobic, but either never mentions the Jews, or has only good things to say about them.  This is bizarrely out of line with traditional European extreme-right ideology, the kind of thing that people are jailed for, which is extremely 'anti-Semitic', and has been for hundreds of years.  This peculiar turn is a conspiracy.  Just as with evangelical Christianity with its Israel-supporting rapture, (((somebody)) has nudged the philosophical underpinnings to create a Khazar-empire-friendly ideology for the extremists.  They've replaced normal anti-Semitism with extremely violent hatred of Muslims, and thus, again, have managed to have the stupid gentiles fighting each other, rather than their real enemies.  With Christchurch being a Mossad headquarters, you have to wonder.

Fun fact:  "28 Parkland Students Traveled to New Zealand to Attend a Summit on Youth Activism" (Depuy).  Timing:  "For the second time in a week, a Parkland student has died in an apparent suicide".

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Fire can't melt Steele

Tweet (Michael Tracey) (also):
"It will take years to fully process the true scope the media failure on Trump/Russia. The scale of their malfeasance is breathtaking. I have eternal contempt for these self-interested, cynical frauds who deceived the public for profit and political gain. Malignant scumbags"
Tweet (Aaron Maté):
 "If you’re MSNBC right now, what do you do? After 2 years of peddling a conspiracy theory by shutting out dissenting voices & countervailing facts, do you: double down w/ deflection, denial, distortion in the hopes your audience doesn’t catch on; or: start doing actual journalism?"
"It's official: Russiagate is this generation's WMD" (Taibbi). Summary of media train wrecks.

"Russia Hoax Has Misdirected People Away From Evidence That Trump is Being Controlled by Jews and Israel" (Rogers).  "Trump Is America’s First Zionist President" (Roberts).

"Speaking of Delusions, Russia, Russia, Russia by Larry C Johnson".  It's funny that all along the FBI had embedded with Trump a confidential informant whose job it was to uncover just the sort of things Trump was accused of!

"After Mueller: An Off-Ramp on Russia for the Venal Fucks" (MI6). MI6 is getting consistently, and embarrassingly, 0wned by Maté in attempting to spar with him with quibbles on Twitter.

A comment by David Habakkuk:
"I would be most interested if one of the legally competent members of this Committee – Robert Willman perhaps? – could give us us an idea of what charges could be levelled against Christopher Steele under U.S. law in relation to his clearly central role in this conspiracy.

It also seems reasonably clear that he was not acting in isolation, and that there is a strong ‘prima facie’ case that senior figures in the British ‘intelligence community’ – notably Robert Hannigan and probably Sir Richard Dearlove – were involved, in which case the complicity is likely to have gone very much further.

The argument that declassification of relevant documentation would harm the intelligence relationship between the U.S. and U.K. has clearly been made with great emphasis from this side.

In fact, it is pure bollocks. A serious investigation on your side, which could lead to the kind of clean-out which should have happened when the scale of the corruption of intelligence in the lead-up to the invasion of Iraq became clear, might pave the way for us to reconstruct reasonably functional intelligence services.

Doing this on both sides of the Atlantic might pave the way for a reconstruction of an intelligence relationship which was actually beneficial to both countries, as in recent years it patently has not been.

Whether there is a realistic prospect of people on your side opening the cans of worms on ours, as well as your own, of course remains a moot point."
"MSNBC's Joy Reid Suggests Cover-Up Underway With Mueller Report" (Durden).  Just the person to promote this conspiracy theory!

Tweet (Sean Davis):
"We're getting pretty close to Fire Can't Melt Steel territory from the collusion truthers."
It would be swell if Trump is now able to have meetings with Putin, settle some stuff, and calm things down.

Tweet (WellTraveled Fox) (the sad fact remains that Trump's candidacy was run as a Clintonista stalking horse to wreck the Republican nomination process, and then serve as a push-over on the road to the Killary Koronation):
"It was the Dems that gave Trump talking points to get ahead .. not Russia "
 "What Can We Do? They Are Insane!" (Giraldi).

Tweets by Curse on Israel's nuclear weapons program.

Slight push-back against the fiats of all-powerful President Bolton:  "U.S. to Leave in Place Latest North Korea-Related Sanctions, Sources Say" (Talev/Mohsin).

"The murder of St. Oscar Romero remains in impunity" (El Salvador Perspectives).

"Tom Friedman’s belief in an ‘ancestral homeland’ is a toxic myth and not history" (Gurvitz).  As you would expect from Weiss, this is a mess, but somehow a commentator named Talkback managed to sneak in some truth (at least until it is scrubbed).

"Canada in the Age of Working-Class Power" (Savage). Back in the day, Canadian unions used to be quite uppity.

"Sentence increased to life for wartime Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic" (Squires).  They upped the sentence for the unpardonable crime of raising uncomfortable truths.  At least they didn't heart attack him!

"Italy joins China's Belt and Road Initiative" (Mitchell).  "Italy takes Belt and Road to the heart of Europe" (Bhadrakumar).  Brexit, then Itxit.

Tweet (Nico):
"'s France rapid descent into authoritarianism: the army has been sent around the country today to repress demonstrators. This is the true face of neoliberal governments and their elite when you threaten them. "
Getting the army involved is a stage in the process, hopefully ending with the soldiers refusing to obey Rothschild orders to slaughter the innocent.  Refusal to obey is how Portugal freed itself (and Portugal is doing very well these days).

Tweet (Craig Murray):
"People who support the EU have the right to campaign and march today. But the undemocratic organisation is a comeback vehicle for Blairite war criminals who delivered illegal war. Don't be used. War Criminals should not be platformed whatever platitudes they spout."
I'm going to assume we haven't seen a second vote solely for the reason that May has polling data showing it would be even more in favor of leaving, as a big fuck you to politicians, and the Conservatives and May in particular, who don't accept the clear will of the people.

Tweet (Ben Norton):
"This blog documents how Arash Azizi is prominent among the fake leftists in neoliberal academia and journalism who exploit and misuse socialist rhetoric and history while acting in the service of imperialism "
"The Zionist Smear Campaign Against Bernie Sanders Is Just Beginning" (Litvin) (also:  "Explained Jexodus, the Far-right Group Calling for U.S. Jews to Be Released From Left-wing Bondage").  We've reached Groundhog Day with the ((('donors'))) and Bernie, with Bernie the sole guy who can beat Trump (essentially already conceded by all the experts), and the same dirty tricks applied in the nomination campaign as in the last one, leading to smooth Trump victory against some ridiculous alternative Democrat nominee.

"Walt Whitman, Mass Media and Jewish Power" (Dinh).  How to become persona non grata, despite having a hell of a way with words.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Balance beam

"Trump Gives Away What Is Not His or Israel’s" (Salt):
"He did this in a tweet, without telling the relevant arms of his own administration beforehand. The State Department was taken by surprise and so was everyone else, except the Israeli government. It knew because Trump had passed on the word. Behind the scenes, John Bolton and the US ambassador to Israel, David Freedman, effectively Israel’s American ambassador to Israel, worked to set this up.

The parallel to Trump’s unilateral White House action is US recognition of Israel in 1948. Because of the probability of extreme bloodshed, early in 1948 the US had backed away from the 1947 partition plan and was seeking a UN trusteeship over Palestine. That was the policy followed until Truman upended it on May 14 by recognizing Israel de facto, without informing the State Department or the US delegation at the UN.

The UN Secretary-General had been informed, and it was in the wastepaper basket in his office that the screwed-up ticker tape message sent to him was found. The US delegation ’s head, Warren Austin, was so disgusted he walked out of the UN building and left it to his deputy to make the formal announcement of recognition. The enraged Cuban delegation threatened to pull Cuba out of the UN."
"So What if Trump “Recognizes” “Israel’s” Annexation of the Golan?" (Korybko).  Odd, as there is lots of recent evidence that Russia is not at all happy with Bibi (including failure to respond to his requests for meetings), the promise of removal of Iranians from the border seems to have been bullshit, with the Iranians still where they want to be, and there is no real evidence that Russia has taken any stand with respect to the Golan, except for a general position that Syrian territorial integrity must be respected.  Putin has Khazar pressures of his own, which require some care, but he has consistently supported international law, not because he is a nice guy, but because it is in long-term Russian national interests to do so (Americans don't have that luxury because of the parasitic behavior of the Khazars).

"Media Censors Bolsonaro CIA Visit With Justice Minister":
"In a chilling demonstration of a “free press” working in lockstep with foreign policy, its master narratives and the intelligence agencies themselves, the Guardian, NYT, and BBC failed to mention Bolsonaro and Moro’s CIA visit even once, across various published articles on the tour. The Guardian published three articles, all of which omitted the CIA visit which was dominating the news cycle in Brazil on March 18. NYT ran AP and Reuters wires without fanfare, but published no reporting, analysis or commentary of their own. The BBC made no mention whatsoever.
What are we to conclude about the levels of editorial and journalistic integrity required to intentionally bury such a significant geopolitical story, which concerns the destiny and wellbeing of 209 million souls? Who made those editorial calls, and who are they answerable to?
Ironically, the most CIA associated newspaper in the United States, the Washington Post, was less coy, running two AP authored pieces which mentioned the visit and its repercussions, and again in this original story on the negative reaction and embarrassment in Brazil to the far-right president’s visit."
"Media Blackout as Israel’s Largest Banks Pay over $1 Billion in Fines for US Tax Evasion Schemes" (Webb).  "Hacker hiding in Israel faces French trial in man’s death" (Abunimah).

"The Strongmen Strike Back" (Robinson). On Robert Kagan.  Kagan is a 100% blood-pouring-from-the-fangs violent racist group supremacist, and everything he has ever written is an expression of that (in particular, his 'one issue' is promoting Wars For The Jews).  Fitting his Khazar supremacism within the context of Western acceptable political dialogue is his schtik (and the fact that none of it makes any sense should be a hint).  Taking any of these monsters at face value is ridiculous (see also Max Boot, who somehow receives similar deference).

"Rick Perry, the Saudis and a Dangerous Nuclear Deal" (Pierson):
 "The Saudi deal is rife with conflicts of interest. The House interim report relates how the Saudi deal originated with a shadowy group of retired admirals and generals called IP3 International which assembled a consortium of American nuclear development corporations.  IP3 has ties to both Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law, and to disgraced national security adviser General Michael Flynn.  Flynn pushed the deal as a senior adviser on Trump’s presidential campaign and on Trump’s transition team.  He continued to push the deal when he was Trump’s first national security adviser. As for Jared Kushner, a firm called Brookfield Asset Management took out a 99-year lease on a distressed Kushner property in New York City, relieving Kushner of more than a billion dollars in debt. Brookfield is a part owner of Westinghouse Co., one of the firms in the IP3 consortium of nuclear developers.  In addition, Kushner is close to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, the kingdom’s de facto ruler."
"Mike Pompeo Says That Donald Trump was Sent by God to be the Savior of the Jews" (Anglin).

"White Helmets Under Black Banners" (Zinin).  More funding now - and for what? - is part of Trump's preposterous run of MIGA.  Another example:  "Human Rights as Seen by the White House: Concessions to Israel Are Notable" (Giraldi).  The overall treasonous Trump deterioration since late last year is stunning.

"Now Richard Cohen Is Out At The SPLC Too" (Sailer).  Some must be replaced for the overall good of the Replacement.

More hilarity:  "Nazi survivors protest Holocaust Museum's ties with Trump's aide" (Rattansi).

"Satan-Worshiping Jew John Podhoretz Deletes Tweet Calling Yang an Anti-Semite for Opposing Genital Mutilation" (Anglin).  They obviously haven't had 'the Visit' with Yang yet.

A joke, but I'm sure some version of this will hit the Clintonista (((media))):  tweet (Eoin Higgins):
"The Russians got to Mueller. That’s the only explanation that makes sense."
Btw, I think Mueller deserves some praise.  He could have dragged this out even more, and left suspicions on the table to justify the time and money and harm to the country that was wasted looking for Russians under the bed, but he seems to have, as an American patriot, delivered a clean report. I wonder what the Clintonistas will do now to protect the ((('donor'))) model.

"Auschwitz: Railway Into Concentration Camp is NOT a Balance Beam for Pics" (Zhang).

Friday, March 22, 2019

Replacement theory

Ruining American foreign policy for a chance at helping crooked Bibi's reelection (the Orgy Island Mossad blackmail of Trump, or perhaps a series of other blackmail schemes, is paying off):  "Trump's Mideast Bombshell: US Must Back Israeli Sovereignty Over Golan Heights" (Durden).

Tweets (Khaled Elgindy):
"If you imagine that Trump's statement on the is not a big deal or somehow does not affect Israel/Palestine track, think again. Thread..."
"MIGA Agenda in Action! Trump Hands Over Golan Heights to Israel" (Batty).

So I have to assume the sanctions on Russia ostensibly for the annexation of Crimea will be immediately ended.

"HARPER: PRESIDENT TRUMP NEEDS A GOOD PLUMBER".  Good summary of the Boltonization of Trump's Presidency.  Also:  "Yet Another Victor Cha’s Attempt to Stall US-DPRK Talks, or was it John Bolton’s?" (Asmolov).

"16 Years After Iraq, the US Has Become a Nation of Passive Neocons" (Webb).

"Don’t Spy for Me Argentina" (Madsen).

The Pentagon can't find two nickles to rub together.  "Whose Blood, Whose Treasure?" (Astore). "Bloomberg’s Armsmaker-Funded Columnist Wants You to Know: Military Spending Is Woke" (Johnson).  "No, the Left Should Not ‘Learn to Love’ the Military-Industrial Complex" (Levitz).  Tweet (Ben Norton):
"Some other instant classics recently written by Bloomberg Opinion columnist , "Henry Kissinger Distinguished Professor" at Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies (a notorious pipeline to the US government) Now this is some tasty propaganda!"
"Pompeo Arrives at Western Wall With Netanyahu, a First Visit of U.S. Diplomat With Israeli Official" (Landau) (also):
"U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo arrived on Thursday afternoon for a visit to Jerusalem's Western Wall, where he was accompanied by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman. 
This is the first-ever visit of a top U.S. diplomat to the Western Wall with an accompaniment of an Israeli official.
In the past, most American officials avoided visiting the site because it is considered by the majority of the international community to be situated in a disputed territory that is not under Israeli sovereignty."
Tweets (V. Judah Khaykin) ["Why does Mark Potok, senior fellow at the SPLC, keep a list on his wall of the non-hispanic white population by the decade?"]:
"Replacement theory is really important to understand as it is one of the central pillars of White Nationalism. Unfortunately, this piece by fails to identify a central factor of replacement theory: who is responsible. THREAD"
"Yellow Vests Apocalypse: Military Units Deployed, Police Head Wants to Use Live Rounds" (weev).

"Antisemitic Graffiti in France: Whatcha Doin’ Mr. Asylum Director?" (Diversity Macht Frei).

Birthright leader attempts to increase the number of Khazar births:  "Michael Steinhardt, a Leader in Jewish Philanthropy, Is Accused of a Pattern of Sexual Harassment" (Otterman/Dreyfus).

"After Bleeding Thailand Dry, Soros is Going in for the Kill" (Perier).  "US and Soros Take Stab at Thai Elections" (Cartalucci). And HRW.

Tweets by Trevor Sumner:  "The Best Analysis Of What Really Happened To The Boeing 737 Max From A Pilot & Software Engineer" (Durden).  "Pilot Who Hitched a Ride Saved Lion Air 737 Day Before Deadly Crash" (Levin/Suhartono).  Safety was an option:  "Doomed Boeing 737s Lacked 'Optional Safety Features'; Ethiopian Air Captain Skipped Training" (Durden).

"A New Book Claims Jared Kushner Didn’t Think Karlie Kloss Was Good Enough To Marry His Brother" (Kristian).

"New Zealand mosque attacks: Wrong person listed as a victim".

"Canada’s SNC-Lavalin Affair: The Site C Dam Project and Bulk Water Export" (Nelson). An excellent conspiracy reason for Trudeau to be so particularly solicitous of the obvious crooks at SNC-Lavalin.

"Former ICTY Lawyer Comments on the Karadzic Verdict" (Black).

"On Ilhan Omar, Assad Fetishism, and the Danger of Red-Brown “Anti-Imperialism”" (Draitser).  Crap tweet by Omar - a rare misstep - and super-crap commentary, part of the obvious deterioration of Counterpunch.  There's a pattern forming of this odious monster-protecting crap:  "Day of Wrath" (Steppling).  Wokenness is breaking out all over, and some people are worried.

"Exclusive: How Iran fuel oil exports beat U.S. sanctions in tanker odyssey to Asia" (Rothschilds).  "Empire Of Chaos Crumbles As Iran Outflanks US In Iraq & Beyond" (Luongo).

"Facebook Stored Millions of Passwords in Plaintext—Change Yours Now" (Newman).  "Porn and the state: when size really does matter" (Ramanauskas):
"What looks set to happen is that members of the public will have to provide their personal information to a company which will then not only know that the person watches pornography, but also the specific type. Given that some firms have a woeful track record of protecting customer data, this could risk getting into the wrong hands. For example, criminals may decide to blackmail users by threatening to reveal that they have viewed pornography. Or, the data, no matter how encrypted it is, may just be leaked, thereby revealing the private viewing habits of millions of people.

This could lead to public humiliation, family breakdown, a loss of employment, ostracisation from social groups, and even suicide. Again, it will be LGBTQ+ people who will be most at risk from this. They may not have chosen to reveal their sexuality to others, only to find out that the whole world now knows. Although the country is now a much more tolerant and accepting place, that’s still not the case everywhere in the UK – and it could even result in some people facing violence.

Of course, a person could get past this by simply going down to their local newsagent. However, place yourself in that person’s shoes. Imagine just how embarrassing it would be: “Hello. I’ll take this newspaper, the pint of milk, 20 Lambert and Butler, and… er… one of those 18-plus internet passes.” Not only would that person be humiliated, but they’d also have to show their ID. The risk of blackmail would, therefore, remain.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Herzlian recrudescence

"Truth or Trope?" (Sailer):
"Of the top 50 political donors to either party at the federal level in 2018, 52 percent were Jewish and 48 percent were gentile. Individuals who identify as Jewish are usually estimated to make up perhaps 2.2 percent of the population.
Of the $675 million given by the top 50 donors, 66 percent of the money came from Jews and 34 percent from gentiles.
Of the $297 million that GOP candidates and conservative causes received from the top 50 donors, 56 percent was from Jewish individuals.
Of the $361 million Democratic politicians and liberal causes received, 76 percent came from Jewish givers.
So it turns out that Rep. Omar and Gov. LePage appear to have been correct, at least about the biggest 2018 donors. But you can also see why Pelosi wanted Omar to just shut up about it: 76 percent is a lot."
"Censorship Tightens As Governments Lose Control" (Luongo).  "Twitter Restricts Account of Julian Assange’s Mother" (Lauria).  You have to wonder if Jack is working for Bolton or Killary in suppressing the very woke tweets.

"Real Collusion: Ukraine Launches Criminal Investigation Into Pro-Hillary Election Meddling" (Durden).  Russiagate itself is part of the same pro-Killary/anti-Russia conspiracy cooked up by Ukrainian intelligence.  This investigation won't go anywhere, and was probably just raised to get some favor from Trump for the criminals who run Ukraine.

"Kushner of Arabia wanted to Give Some of Jordan to Palestinians and some of Saudi Land to Jordan".  President Jared's eliminationist plan is much daffier than we imagined, and is rooted in the old Zionist idea that Palestinians are just misplaced Jordanians, with the essential 'peace' problem being that they couldn't convince the Jordanians to take them all in.  The solution is thus to bribe Jordan with Saudi land (you can see why the King is mad at MbS for going along with this), so a piece of Jordan could be used as a Palestinian statelet.  Tweet (Savvy and Realistic Democrat):
"Congrats to and on forming this young man who succeeds where so many others have failed!"
Tweet (Karl Sharro) (also, from Max, "Hannibal played the long game"):
 "Egypt would get land from Libya, Libya would get land from Tunisia, Tunisia would get land from Algeria, Algeria would get land from Morocco who would get back al-Andalus and Lebanon is declared the winner of the Punic Wars and gets Rome"
"Who Pressured Whom?" (Giesbrecht).  Right-wing fringe-y, yet it seems clear that Wilson-Raybould wasn't just some victim of business-friendly Trudeau bullying, but actually has a conspiracy plan to force Trudeau out and replace him as Prime Minister, and introduce more aboriginal-friendly policies.  Note how Trudeau is the victim of his own identity politics virtue signalling, appointing somebody who had no real experience for the job.

"Beware foreign policy ‘experts’ who are shills for imperialism" (Engler).  The Canadian stinktank industry.

"Was UK paying White Helmets to produce Syria ‘chemical weapon’ PR as cover for Jaish Al Islam?" (Beeley). It's a double false-flag - you not only blame Assad, but simultaneously cover up for the horrible acts of your Islamist proxy army.

Khazarocracy, the most evil form of government:  "Champs-Élysées war zone reporting & the coming Yellow Vest crackdown" (Mazaheri).

Tweet (Abby Martin):
"Bolton & US puppet Guaido urged Venezuela’s military to defect w/ promises of amnesty. After they were no longer useful, they’ve been kicked out, given maps w/ nowhere to go 🤷🏻‍♀️"
Tweet (Ian56) (what to do if your phony 30 days runs out?):
"Hilarious! 🤣🤣🤣 Mass Murdering War Criminal Psychopath Elliott Abrams says we are going to make shit up & change the rules as we go along, because the has failed & is still there."
"UK’s Labour Antisemitism Split" (Fantom).  On Herzl's suppressed but startlingly cynical plans to abuse 'anti-Semitism' for Zionist power purposes, and its application to the attacks on Corbyn and Labour.

This is wonderful:  tweet (Brazil Wire) (you can see the thought bubble forming above Trump's head:  "Where in the fuck does the CIA find these imbeciles!"):
"When Bolsonaro went to Washington. "