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A Dark Day For Israel / Everything has become so expensive

"To the bitter end, IS militants remain organized and brutal" (El Deeb).

"U.S. hopes to force Meng Wanzhou to spill on Huawei, say former federal prosecutors" (Grauer).  The Assholians using the Canadian 'rule of law' on a fishing expedition to gain evidence against Chinese interests for other purposes should, if they can find a competent and honest judge (not a given, or even likely, but not absolutely impossible), result in this outrage being thrown out in the first few seconds.

"Huawei’s Meng Wanzhou could get hearing date or go on offensive Wednesday" (Mui).  A successful Charter attack on the bad faith thuggery of Canadian customs officials might raise interesting issues about how often this kind of unconstitutional shenanigans occur in other cases, with the victims mostly lacking the wherewithal to make an issue of it.

"SNC Lavalin Scandal Blowback from Corrupt Canadian Foreign Policy" (Engler):
"Company officials have been fairly explicit about the role Canadian diplomacy plays in their business. Long-time president Jacques Lamarre described how “the official support of our governments, whether through commercial missions or more private conversations, has a beneficial and convincing impact on our international clients.”
Even SNC’s use of bribery has a made-in-Ottawa tint. For years Canada lagged behind the rest of the G7 countries in criminalizing foreign bribery. For example, into the early 1990s, Canadian companies were at liberty to deduct bribes paid to foreign officials from their taxes, affording them an “advantage over the Americans”, according to Bernard Lamarre former head of Lavalin (now SNC Lavalin). In 1991, Bernard, the older brother to SNC Lavalin’s subsequent head Jacques Lamarre, told Maclean’s that he always demanded a receipt when paying international bribes. “I make sure we get a signed invoice,” he said. “And payment is always in the form of a cheque, not cash, so we can claim it on our income tax!”
In 1977, the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act outlawed bribes to foreign officials. Ottawa failed to follow suit until the Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) launched its anti-bribery convention in 1997. The OECD convention obliged signatories to pass laws against bribing public officials abroad and two years later Canada complied, passing the Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act (CFPOA). Still, for the next decade Canadian officials did little to enforce the law. The RCMP waited until 2008 to create an International Anti-Corruption Unit and didn’t secure a significant conviction under the CFPOA until 2011.
As the recent scandal demonstrates — and the Financial Post noted years ago — SNC has “considerable lobbying power in Ottawa.” Placing its CEO among the 50 “Top People Influencing Canadian Foreign Policy”,  Embassy magazine described SNC as “one of the country’s most active companies internationally”, which “works closely with the government.” The now-defunct weekly concluded, “whoever is heading it is a major player” in shaping Canadian foreign policy.
And, as it turns out, in shaping the way things are now done at home in Ottawa."
Gab (John Rivers) (Mandel is a blood-pouring-from-the-fangs piece of shit of the lowest possible order):
"Dear Goyim,
Shut the fuck up.
The Jews"
"Trump and Democrats unite to smear Ilhan Omar" (Abunimah).  "“A Dark Day For Israel”: President Trump Slams Ilhan Omar" (Wallace).  Tweet (Asa Winstanley).  "More Than Bad Faith Behind Anti-semitism Slurs" (Cook). "The UK Labour Party’s “Antisemitism Crisis” and the Likud Supporters in Its Leadership" (Surin).  You know they are not going to stop, right?  All these fine niceties of just what constitutes 'anti-Semitism', and what is kosher and treif speech, are a complete waste of time, and just allow the murderers and land thieves to continue their vile work (and we're enabling them by giving any time whatsoever to this fucking nonsense).  They won't stop until we stop listening to them, until we roll on the floor laughing whenever we hear the word 'anti-Semitism' (which, as I keep saying, doesn't even make sense since the Khazars who whine aren't even remotely a Semitic people).

Did Trump mangle his tweet intentionally?  "A Dark Day For Israel" is almost a woke response!  He's hitting the real issue which is supposed to be hidden under the usual cloud of alleged Khazar suffering.  Is he having some fun while 'donor' mocking?

"Trump Cited a Letter Against Ilhan Omar Signed by Far-Right, Anti-Muslim Groups" (Hussain):
"The letter criticizes Omar for her recent comments on the U.S.-Israel relationship, but it also goes much further. The letter explosively claims that the Somali-American member of Congress has ties to extremists herself, running down a list of people associated with a charity she is scheduled to speak at. The letter strongly suggests that Omar is enmeshed in a network of Islamist extremist groups around the world. It concludes apocalyptically with a quote stating that “the veneer of civilization is paper thin,” then asks the Democratic leaders to remove Omar from her position on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.
The letter to Pelosi and House Foreign Affairs Chair Eliot Engel, D-N.Y., was posted Monday night on the website of the Endowment for Middle East Truth, a D.C.-based think tank with a hawkish perspective on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Known as EMET, the group has had its own run-ins with allegations of anti-Muslim bias. The group’s founder and head, Sarah Stern, has sat on the board of the anti-Muslim group Clarion Fund, whose Islamophobic films EMET has helped distribute. EMET has also promoted the work of the repeatedly disgraced terrorism “expert” Steve Emerson.
In addition to EMET, the letter was signed by an array of right-wing groups including ACT for America, a Southern Poverty Law Center-designated hate group, and the Center for Security Policy, a D.C. think tank whose founder has a well-documented history of spreading eyebrow-raising conspiracies about Muslims in the United States. Other signatories included the Emergency Committee for Israel, which, according to the New Yorker, published a video in 2012 insinuating that then-President Barack Obama “may, secretly, be Muslim himself.”
The disconcerting views of those involved with the letter, however, go deeper. What is not apparent at first glance is who authored it. In the metadata information from the PDF posted on the EMET website, the author was listed as “Lauri Regan,” whom EMET’s website lists as the New York chapter president of the organization. The site indicates Regan is a board member of Scholars for Peace in the Middle East and has also served in past on the board of the National Women’s Committee of the Republican Jewish Coalition.
Regan’s biography on the EMET website also indicates that Regan is a writer. A scan of her published works shows a colorful mix of conspiracy theories and accusations against liberal American Jews and Muslims. (Regan did not respond to request for comment by publication time.)
In 2014, Regan published an article on the American Thinker titled “The Three Little Kosher Pigs.” The article confusingly analogizes Jewish history to both the historical fable of the Three Little Pigs and the biblical story of Cain and Abel. The crux of Regan’s argument is that American Jews, beguiled by their support for progressive causes in the United States, are playing the role of Cain and are in the midst of fatally betraying their Israeli coreligionists. The article argues:
American Jews have not learned the lessons of history and ignore their responsibilities to God and the Jewish people as a whole. Instead of building houses of bricks they have chosen to build a “big tent.” They emulate their European ancestors who focused so intently on assimilating into society that they could not see the fires of the Holocaust burning around them. They worship false idols and pray at the Torah of abortion rights, environmentalism, and socialism much the way the Jewish people fell for the golden calf while waiting for Moses to descend Mt. Sinai with God’s Commandments.
Regan also has been not been shy about sharing her opinions on the recent debate over Omar’s comments. In an article published last month by the American Thinker, Regan approvingly cited an insult of Omar as an “ungrateful refugee.” The right-wing writer then not only accused Omar of anti-Semitism but also claimed that she represented a nebulous alliance of far-leftists and Islamists committed to “dooming all of Western civilization to another dark age.” Regan wrote:
Those who excuse, belittle, or ignore Omar’s anti-Semitism do so for political and ideological reasons grounded in one thing: attaining power in order to transform America into their illusory and ignorant Marxist fantasy of a global socialist utopia.  But the Omars of the world have a different dream.  Theirs is a sharia-compliant world dominated by Islam in which Israel disappears.
The irony should be obvious enough. There was a time that figures like those involved in this letter — far-right, pro-Israel advocates with readily apparent biases against Muslims — would have been limited to the fringes. It’s not surprising, but still shocking, that this week their work seems to have gotten an endorsement from the president of the United States himself."
Tweet (Albert Trigg) (referring to "Anti-Capitalism is NOT Anti-Semitism"; I have to say I like where some of this is leading, some kind of 1920s super-woke real progressive politics!):
""That is what is going on here. Wealth redistribution is being rebranded as antisemitism. Criticising billionaires is now “prejudice against people of means”. Blaming the rich 1% will be called “hate speech”."
"That Bitch Ocasio-Cortez Finally Commenting on Ilhan Bulbhead’s Brilliant Jihad Against Filthy Rat Kikes!" (Anglin).  Anglin implicitly recognizes the uniquely insightful work of the greatest American political scientist, Mel Gibson.  I wonder if AOC's tweet was a warning of how this kind of attack against truth by the warmongers might proceed if they don't back off.

Tweet (Will Bunch, at least for the moment, employed at a big mainstream American newspaper, but bizarrely getting the main issue completely right):
"I want to be very clear, with absolutely no equivocation. Rep. Ilhan Omar is asking questions about American policy in the Middle East and elsewhere that should have been asked decades ago. They're terrified, and they're trying to take her down. "
We must never, ever, lose sight of the fact that the only reason we have the Omar/Corbyn attacks is that the worst monsters in the world are manipulating - they obviously don't give a shit about anti-Semitism, as their best allies are anti-Semites and their arguments usually employ real anti-Semitism at their base - so they can continue to kill people and steal their land and build Greater Israel.

"American Scapegoat" (Goldman) (of course, we know what Democrats are protecting is the 'donor' model of being shekeled):
"But this resolution—and the uproar over Omar’s comments more generally—is not about anti-Semitism. It’s about exactly what Omar was discussing when she spoke the sentence that’s now being so senselessly scrutinized: confining the conversation about Israel and Palestine to the right-of-center mainstream and ensuring that Palestinian liberation is never allowed to be taken seriously. Unsubstantiated accusations of anti-Semitism are, as Omar herself observed, a favorite tool for accomplishing this task. It’s a convenient way to shut down a black Muslim woman’s advocacy for an oppressed people under the banner of a commitment to help the marginalized. The tactic is proving helpful for those who, in the wake of Omar’s clear commitment to anti-imperialism—shown, for instance, in her courageous, candid confrontation with Elliott Abrams—hope to halt her rise and stymy the ascendance of her way of thinking in the American political mainstream. The Democratic leaders’ choice to supposedly champion the fight against anti-Semitism only now, in the context of an attempt to discredit Omar, confirms that’s it not American Jews they care about protecting. It’s American empire."
 Tweet (No More Billionaires 2020) (this tweet may have disappeared):
"There was no congressional resolution condemning antisemitism after 11 Jews are murdered in Pittsburgh. There was no congressional resolution condemning antisemitism after a Trump supporter sent bombs to George Soros. There is one now because criticizes Israel."
Tweet (Ali Abunimah) (we're seeing the full spectrum of Khazar stunts):
 ".’s approach to is racist and condescending. They’re positioning themselves as the good cops who judge her and declare that she is reformed and deserves forgiveness. did nothing wrong to begin with, except needlessly apologize for fake “hurt,”"
Tweet (Glenn Greenwald):
 "Contrary to the ugly & bigoted implication tried to spread about , the Congresswoman has repeatedly attacked US support for Saudi Arabia and said that it's due to Saudi money influencing DC. For some reason, that created no controversy"
"The Zionist Caucus’s Political Lynching of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar" (Fikre).

"What “community standards” did this comment breach? #20".

"Washington’s War on Syria" (Samo).  100%.

"Elliot Abrams Threatens to Start Sanctioning Governments Who Refuse to Denounce Maduro" (Anglin):
"Imagine if you stabbed a guy on the street, then started looking around at bystanders and saying that if they don’t support the stabbing, you’ll slice them.

That is basically what is going on here."
"After 40 years in solitary, activist Albert Woodfox tells his story of survival".  "Angola Three".

"OPCW Syria Report Cripples Western "Chemical Weapons" Narrative" (Cartalucci).  "OPCW Douma Report Indicates US, UK, France May Have Attacked Syria on False Pretext" (Davis) ('May Have' should be removed from title):
"The carefully constructed, heart rending footage and images splashed across the entire MSM were almost certainly faked. This does not mean no one died. Sadly, the White Helmets have already proven they are capable of using corpses for their own propaganda purposes.
The Western MSM narrative of Assad’s Douma ‘chemical weapon attack,’ long questioned by many castigated as conspiracy theorists, has collapsed. It is moribund.
It is clear that neither the UK, French nor the U.S. government had any ‘intelligence’ at all to justify their airstrike. In doing so, they were responding to nothing but their own manufactured narrative. A single, cohesive MSM wide campaign ensued. It represented nothing other than a deliberate attempt to lead Western voters into supporting another illegal military action. All to advance the geopolitical agenda of criminals and embezzlers.
Like WMD and so many other lies before it, the question we all need to ask ourselves is how long are we going to continue to believe these warmongering absurdities. How much evidence do you need to understand that we do not have a free press and are governed by liars."
"Resigning FDA Chief “Fought Vaping and Opioids”" (Anglin).  Forced out for refusal to back off on the Sacklers?

"Jussie Derails LAW & ORDER: HATE CRIMES" (Sailer).  'LAW & ORDER: FAKE HATE CRIMES' would be a wonderful series.

Tweet (Nora BarrowsFriedman):
"THIS THREAD ---> After this journalist wrote a story for the Voice on a US activist who was shot in the eye by an Israeli soldier, the Israeli consulate demanded that if they didn't fire the reporter, the Voice should run his future articles by the Israeli govt before publication"
The Erik Prince 'peace' plan (a kind of Yinon):  "No Afghanistan, No Peace Plan Needed" (Berger).

"Giving the Bomb to Saudi Arabia’s Dr. Strangelove" (Hedges). This, not the Russiagate nonsense, is the thing which merits impeachment, disgrace, and lifetime jail terms for both President Kushner and his assistant, Trump.

"Why is Saudi Arabia Turning towards ‘the East’?" (Sheikh).  Pakistan made a huge - and typical, probably ordered by terrorist-loving religious figures - mistake in taking the money from MbS rather than China.

Tweet (Amal Saad) (the Angry Arab used to point out this obvious Zionist propaganda/lies, particularly bizarre as Hezbollah is famous for its operational security):
"Curious where all these western journos find Hizbullah commanders and veterans who jump at the chance to trash Assad with them. I’m a Lebanese Shia scholar who has studied Hizbullah for 23 yrs, yet my own Resistance fighter students refuse to talk to me w/o party authorization"
"What is HAMAS?" (Lang):
"I was the head of liaison between DoD (DIA) and IDF General Staff intelligence for nine years (1985-1994).  As such I was the "minder" for the IDF reps in Washington based in their embassy.  The CIA tried continuously to acquire this task but without success.  They were not content to nurture their long standing relationship with Mossad, the Israeli civilian intelligence service.  In Israel, IDF intelligence is the senior service and the national estimator.
The brigadiers who seriatim were the chief military attache in the embassy spent a lot of time in my office consulting, being given guidance as to their sometimes arrogant and unacceptable behavior with regard to the DC police, and just chatting.  There were a lot of lunches and dinners with wives.  It was a very friendly set of relationships.  I used to take them to WBS battlefields both for the educational benefit for them concerning the US and to have a day in which to study them as individuals.
One day, sitting in my Pentagon office, the head man from the embassy began to tell me of his concern with regard to what was happening in the 2nd Intifada, then ongoing.  He told me that Israel had sponsored the growth of Hamas as a rival to the PLO, then in exile in Tunisia, believing that a religiously based resistance movement would attract many Palestinians, splitting them off from the PLO and generally weakening the Palestinian resistance.  Instead, the al-Qassem Brigades of Hamas were proving to be daunting opponents in the rebellion.  "Sometimes we outsmart ourselves," he said with a sad smile.  He was a very skilled man.  He was one of a small number of IDF officers trained as an Arab affairs specialist from secondary school onward. At one point he was Military Governor of the occupied West Bank.  I believe him."
"I’m Your Next President" (Dinh).

"Modi’s war rhetoric may boomerang on India" (Bhadrakumar).  Big stuff:  1) Pakistan starting to back away from being a state sponsor of terrorism, and 2) China taking a Putin-like diplomatic role in a long-term play to end the unhelpful India and Pakistan conflict.

"Shale Companies In Turmoil As Newer Wells "Drink Their Milkshake"" (Durden).

"NSA Abandons Part Of Mass Surveillance Program Exposed By Snowden" (Durden).  Leaving the question open of what they have that is much worse that is replacing this mass surveillance.

"Spooked? Christopher Steele Cancels Appearance After Cohen Testimony Destroys Dossier Allegation" (Durden) (spectacular grifters in red - Cantor?!, Wolfowitz??!!):
"Former MI6 spy Christopher Steele has suddenly backed out of a planned video appearance at a pro-democracy gathering in Baltimore next week for a group founded by Trump-hating chess champ Garry Kasparov, according to Politico.

The author of the largely unverified Trump-Russia dossier had been scheduled to discuss disinformation on a panel moderated by Washington Post columnist Anne Applebaum, which is set to include Atlantic Council fellow Evelyn Farkas - a former deputy assistant secretary of defense who notably slipped up on live TV and admitted in March 2017 that the Obama administration had been spying on the Trump campaign.

Applebaum said that Steele had gotten "cold feet" last week and canceled on the advice of his legal counsel. As the Daily Caller's Chuck Ross notes, this would have been Steele's first public remarks in the nearly two years since BuzzFeed published his dossier.

Perhaps Steele was 'spooked' by testimony last week from former Trump attorney Michael Cohen, who debunked a key claim in the dossier that he traveled to Prague in August 2016 to meet with Kremlin officials in order to arrange clandestine payments to hackers who stole emails from the Clinton campaign and the DNC.

. . .

The conference Steele backed out of will continue without him - and "will examine and wrestle with the underlying threats to liberal democracy and propose strategies to reinvigorate it," according to promotional materials.

Also in attendance will be Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md.), former Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D-N.D.), former Republican House majority leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) and former undersecretary of defense for George W. Bush Paul Wolfowitz, per Politico. It is being organized by the Renew Democracy Initiative chaired by chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov. "
"Julian Assange: Hard Power, Soft Power or Something in Between? Washington in Quito" (Sherman).  I don't understand why people have so much trouble with the concept of ubiquitous bribery in politics.  It's so obvious!

"The Prisoner Says No to Big Brother" (Pilger).

"The Erasure and Resurrection of Julia Chinn, U.S. Vice President Richard M. Johnson’s Black Wife." (Myers).

"Belgian carnival float features puppets of grinning Jews, a rat and money bags"(Liphshiz):
"The Vismooil’n group, a veteran participant that specializes in hyper-realistic puppets, created the display to address rising prices, they told a Belgian blogger last month. They titled the work “Shabbat Year.”

The display features two giant puppets with streimels, hats favored by some Orthodox Jews, in pink suits. They both have sidelocks. One of the puppets is grinning while smoking a cigar and extending a hand, presumably to collect money. That puppet has a white rat on his right shoulder. Both puppets are standing on gold coins and have money bags at their feet.

In the background is a round window reminiscent of the architecture of many European synagogues and a small box resembling a mezuzah on its right-hand side.

“Everything has become so expensive [we though that] if we do 2019, there would be no more money left for next year,” a member of the group was quoted as saying. “So we all went quiet until we smartly decided to go for the Shabbat Year and that was that. So simple.”"
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