Saturday, March 09, 2019

A nurse for the Skripals

The nurse was there because the poisoners used some kind of narcotic, and the fear with such a poisoning is that the chemical itself might not cause death directly, but a poison victim might die of misadventure due to vomit blocking air passages.  As they didn't want either father or daughter to die, they sent a nurse to ensure that airways were open, exactly the kind of expertise a military nurse would have (a battlefield-trained nurse would be much better at this than any doctor).  Why they sent such a prominent nurse is a mystery, but they obviously figured she wouldn't be identified (it was only a complicated set of events and some excellent web-sleuthing that outed her).  The prominence of the nurse is, however, a clue to how high up this went, and that the British military was directly involved.  Nearby Porton Down is the site of the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, a branch of the British Ministry of Defence.
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