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"Freedom Rider: Venezuela reveals America’s sickness" (Kimberley):
"Venezuela is the very definition of a litmus test. The line of demarcation is clear and all means of intervention, including sanctions, must be opposed on principle. Wafflers and enablers are as bad as Trump and should be treated no differently. It is time to end all talk of Manifest Destiny, the Monroe doctrine and all other excuses for criminal behavior. This American sickness must be cured once and for all."
"How Amnesty International is Reinforcing Trump’s Regime-Change Propaganda Against Venezuela" (Emersberger).  This shouldn't be any kind of shock, they made their name having school children write letters to get depraved criminal monsters out of Soviet prisons, a rather obvious CIA delegitimization scheme.

"Globalist Kingpin Calls for Invasion of Venezuela" (Nimmo).  (((Haass)).

Tweet (Jonathan Chait) (the responses are woke!):
"I was inclined to give Rep. Omar the benefit of the doubt when she slightly echoed anti-Semitic tropes, but this latest comment erases all doubt"
It's now pure 'emperor's new clothes', and (((they))) are so confident they assume they can slur somebody for saying a truth so obvious that people are actually shocked that (((they))) can continue to lie about it.  What (((they))) find troubling is that, after her first truth bombs, Omar was given 'the visit', and then was forced to deliver the requisite grovelling apology, only to immediately go completely rogue and continue to state obvious truths.

"Jews are Bankrolling the Subversion of British Politics" (Diversity Macht Frei):
"Corbyn, reportedly at first, was not minded to take any action against Williamson. There was then a furious meeting of the parliamentary party at which as many as 38 MPs threatened to leave the party and join the breakaway group unless Williamson was suspended. Corbyn was forced to give in. This will now be the regular modus operandi of the Jews and their shabbos goyim. Anyone who dares to talk back to the Chosen, or to challenge their agenda in any way, will face similar demands, backed up by the threat to leave the party for the breakaway group.

It is a stunning illustration of Jewish power that they have been able to disrupt and subvert Labour as completely as they have, over such a prolonged period, while suffering little or no public criticism of their conduct. Even those having their lives or careers destroyed by Jewish Power dare not call it out or challenge it overtly.

Labour got only 20 thousand votes from Jews (amounting to 13-14% of the Jewish vote) at either of the last 2 general elections. It is utterly insignificant. Yet somehow they have allowed themselves to be drawn into a years-long civil war over how strenuously they should pander to the ethno-narcissistic concerns of this tiny group of people. It is astonishing. Equally astonishing is the complete domination of public discourse by the Jews and their catspaws. The vast majority of Labour party members think, correctly, that the antisemitism accusations are a contrived exercise in defamation motivated by a desire to protect Israel from Jeremy Corbyn’s critique. Yet their voices are never heard in the media, whose presentation is entirely one-sided and in favour of the Jews. Newspapers like the Guardian publish Jewish screeds on the issue then turn the comments off so the goy can’t talk back. Sky News hosts “debates” on the issue in which every person in the debate has the same view: “it’s impossible to be too tough on antisemitism”.

The fact that Jewish racists have been able successfully to portray a far-left party committed to the open-borders racial annihilation of its own people as racist is yet further testimony to their extraordinary power. With such complete domination of public speech, reality can be turned on its head."
"Cohen’s Entire Testimony Refutes the Claims Made by Jews with Regards to the Russian Kookspiracy" (Anglin).  Despite the appearance of anger at Trump, and enormous build-up from the (((media))), Cohen's testimony has been shockingly helpful to Trump, with the only real attacks emphasizing things known to the American voters before they voted for Trump, so already factored into voting calculations, and of no use to the Clintonistas.  If it wasn't for his chippy attitude towards Trump (and he might say that was a stunt meant to increase his credibility), it looked like Cohen was angling for a pardon.

"As voice after voice gets purged from social media, still think there’s no censorship?" (Malic).  There are a few outliers, but the vast majority of deplatfoming is clearly directed at various forms of Khazar skepticism.

Ha!  Of course they did!:  "Did CNN Ambush Bernie Sanders With Political Operatives Disguised As Everyday People? " (Durden).  'Journalism'.

"Chris Williamson is right about antisemitism. Right-wingers are gaslighting the Corbyn-led movement." (Wright).  People don't want to hear it, but the only way out of this problem is to remove all moral significance from the slur 'anti-Semite'.  We must laugh when we hear it.

"Why Have Israel and UK Rushed to Sign a Trade Deal Ahead of Brexit?" (Stehling):
"Virtually the entire ruling Conservative party are paid-up members of the Friends of Israel lobby, including apparently the Prime Minister.   This gives the Israeli government a unique entry into the corridors of power in Westminster to an extent that a former Conservative Minister allegedly had secret talks with her counterpart in Tel Aviv without the knowledge of the UK government and, reportedly tried to offer funding to the IDF in a completely unauthorised effort to collaborate with the Israeli authorities. The Prime Minister had no option but to require her immediate resignation.  Some years’ prior to that, a Conservative Defence Minister was obliged to resign for also indulging in improper negotiations with a foreign government. This latter politician has, of course, now been instrumental in his new role in concluding post-Brexit trade links with the Israeli state ahead of negotiations with the rest of the world."
"The Kansas Bomb Plot: What Has the Media Missed?" (Underbakke/Downs).  Another ridiculous FBI set-up, pure entrapment, but oddly involving three white guys.

Ha!:  "Genocide Survivors Demand Elliott Abrams Leave Holocaust Committee Board".  But he's an expert, having worked on creating genocides for his entire career.

"Trump Sticks To Sanctions - U.S., North Korea Summit Fails" (Moon).  The Americans 'negotiate' a full set of requirements for each side, and then fail to fulfill any of them.  Just like what happened with the Clinton deal, which Bush failed to live up to.  Of course, it is always the fault of the North Koreans.

"The Corruption of the Vatican’s Gay Elite Has Been Exposed" (Sullivan).  "Cardinal George Pell" (Aangirfan).

"2019 Science Award Retracted Amid Controversy Over Glyphosate’s Danger" (Mercola).

"Ivanka Trump’s blindness to her own privilege is rooted in a widely shared belief" (MacLellan):
"“In both the US and the UK, there’s a really strong, widely shared implicit belief—in the US, it’s the American dream—that success and worth are nearly identical, that if you are really rich, you must be really smart and hardworking, and if you are poor, you must have messed up in some really big way,” Laurison said. “People want to believe that they got where they are because they’re smart and talented. And that’s often true to some extent, but it’s also true that there’s any number of people who are probably equally smart and talented who are not in their positions, because of the barriers that are erected.”"
"Great Moments in Google: "Samuel Coleridge-Taylor"" (Sailer).  Politically correct manipulation of search results, a phenomenon which appears to be unique to Google, is reaching comedy levels.
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