Sunday, March 24, 2019

Fire can't melt Steele

Tweet (Michael Tracey) (also):
"It will take years to fully process the true scope the media failure on Trump/Russia. The scale of their malfeasance is breathtaking. I have eternal contempt for these self-interested, cynical frauds who deceived the public for profit and political gain. Malignant scumbags"
Tweet (Aaron Maté):
 "If you’re MSNBC right now, what do you do? After 2 years of peddling a conspiracy theory by shutting out dissenting voices & countervailing facts, do you: double down w/ deflection, denial, distortion in the hopes your audience doesn’t catch on; or: start doing actual journalism?"
"It's official: Russiagate is this generation's WMD" (Taibbi). Summary of media train wrecks.

"Russia Hoax Has Misdirected People Away From Evidence That Trump is Being Controlled by Jews and Israel" (Rogers).  "Trump Is America’s First Zionist President" (Roberts).

"Speaking of Delusions, Russia, Russia, Russia by Larry C Johnson".  It's funny that all along the FBI had embedded with Trump a confidential informant whose job it was to uncover just the sort of things Trump was accused of!

"After Mueller: An Off-Ramp on Russia for the Venal Fucks" (MI6). MI6 is getting consistently, and embarrassingly, 0wned by Maté in attempting to spar with him with quibbles on Twitter.

A comment by David Habakkuk:
"I would be most interested if one of the legally competent members of this Committee – Robert Willman perhaps? – could give us us an idea of what charges could be levelled against Christopher Steele under U.S. law in relation to his clearly central role in this conspiracy.

It also seems reasonably clear that he was not acting in isolation, and that there is a strong ‘prima facie’ case that senior figures in the British ‘intelligence community’ – notably Robert Hannigan and probably Sir Richard Dearlove – were involved, in which case the complicity is likely to have gone very much further.

The argument that declassification of relevant documentation would harm the intelligence relationship between the U.S. and U.K. has clearly been made with great emphasis from this side.

In fact, it is pure bollocks. A serious investigation on your side, which could lead to the kind of clean-out which should have happened when the scale of the corruption of intelligence in the lead-up to the invasion of Iraq became clear, might pave the way for us to reconstruct reasonably functional intelligence services.

Doing this on both sides of the Atlantic might pave the way for a reconstruction of an intelligence relationship which was actually beneficial to both countries, as in recent years it patently has not been.

Whether there is a realistic prospect of people on your side opening the cans of worms on ours, as well as your own, of course remains a moot point."
"MSNBC's Joy Reid Suggests Cover-Up Underway With Mueller Report" (Durden).  Just the person to promote this conspiracy theory!

Tweet (Sean Davis):
"We're getting pretty close to Fire Can't Melt Steel territory from the collusion truthers."
It would be swell if Trump is now able to have meetings with Putin, settle some stuff, and calm things down.

Tweet (WellTraveled Fox) (the sad fact remains that Trump's candidacy was run as a Clintonista stalking horse to wreck the Republican nomination process, and then serve as a push-over on the road to the Killary Koronation):
"It was the Dems that gave Trump talking points to get ahead .. not Russia "
 "What Can We Do? They Are Insane!" (Giraldi).

Tweets by Curse on Israel's nuclear weapons program.

Slight push-back against the fiats of all-powerful President Bolton:  "U.S. to Leave in Place Latest North Korea-Related Sanctions, Sources Say" (Talev/Mohsin).

"The murder of St. Oscar Romero remains in impunity" (El Salvador Perspectives).

"Tom Friedman’s belief in an ‘ancestral homeland’ is a toxic myth and not history" (Gurvitz).  As you would expect from Weiss, this is a mess, but somehow a commentator named Talkback managed to sneak in some truth (at least until it is scrubbed).

"Canada in the Age of Working-Class Power" (Savage). Back in the day, Canadian unions used to be quite uppity.

"Sentence increased to life for wartime Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic" (Squires).  They upped the sentence for the unpardonable crime of raising uncomfortable truths.  At least they didn't heart attack him!

"Italy joins China's Belt and Road Initiative" (Mitchell).  "Italy takes Belt and Road to the heart of Europe" (Bhadrakumar).  Brexit, then Itxit.

Tweet (Nico):
"'s France rapid descent into authoritarianism: the army has been sent around the country today to repress demonstrators. This is the true face of neoliberal governments and their elite when you threaten them. "
Getting the army involved is a stage in the process, hopefully ending with the soldiers refusing to obey Rothschild orders to slaughter the innocent.  Refusal to obey is how Portugal freed itself (and Portugal is doing very well these days).

Tweet (Craig Murray):
"People who support the EU have the right to campaign and march today. But the undemocratic organisation is a comeback vehicle for Blairite war criminals who delivered illegal war. Don't be used. War Criminals should not be platformed whatever platitudes they spout."
I'm going to assume we haven't seen a second vote solely for the reason that May has polling data showing it would be even more in favor of leaving, as a big fuck you to politicians, and the Conservatives and May in particular, who don't accept the clear will of the people.

Tweet (Ben Norton):
"This blog documents how Arash Azizi is prominent among the fake leftists in neoliberal academia and journalism who exploit and misuse socialist rhetoric and history while acting in the service of imperialism "
"The Zionist Smear Campaign Against Bernie Sanders Is Just Beginning" (Litvin) (also:  "Explained Jexodus, the Far-right Group Calling for U.S. Jews to Be Released From Left-wing Bondage").  We've reached Groundhog Day with the ((('donors'))) and Bernie, with Bernie the sole guy who can beat Trump (essentially already conceded by all the experts), and the same dirty tricks applied in the nomination campaign as in the last one, leading to smooth Trump victory against some ridiculous alternative Democrat nominee.

"Walt Whitman, Mass Media and Jewish Power" (Dinh).  How to become persona non grata, despite having a hell of a way with words.
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