Sunday, March 31, 2019

Gaining wisdom

"Democrats Ignore a Progressive Foreign Policy at Their Peril" (Sjursen).  But, but, but, the ((('donors')))!!!

"Pictures of Jew Jared Kushner Monitoring His Goy Slave Donald Trump" (Anglin).  "Trump Could Be Legitimately Impeached for Colluding With Jews and Israel" (Rogers).

An example of the shekeled Breivik-style extreme-right politics:  "Why French Nationalism Should Embrace Judeophilia and Zionism" (Canlorbe).  How many shekels do you reckon (((they))) paid him for this?

"Juan Guaidó Confesses Being Behind the Sabotage of Venezuela’s Electric System" (Villapol).  A bizarre electoral strategy, but at least the people of Venezuela now know who Guido is.

"Police release body-cam video of Willie McCoy killing, showing him asleep in car" (Levin). They feared he was going to sleep-shoot them.

"Ukraine polls open with comic poised to top presidential field".  Arguably it was a comic who saved Italy, so maybe this is a trend.

"Making China Great Again, Reorienting Europe" (Stryker).  "China – and Macron’s U-Turn" (Koenig).  The problem for the Assholians with allowing rootless cosmopolitans like the Rothschilds to run things is that they have absolutely no loyalty except to their own violent supremacist group.

"Macron hopes protester, 73, gains ‘wisdom’ after injuries".  Every time Marie Antoinette Macron opens her mouth the people of France gain wisdom.

The secrets of 'Hollywood':  "Hollywood's and Hillary's Private Eye Anthony Pellicano Is Out of Prison" (Sailer).

A good summary of the mechanics of Russiagate, though it downplays the British intelligence side of the conspiracy, where the motive was entirely directed to a restart of the Cold War (despite the addition of Trump hatred amongst the American players, restarting the Cold War and getting to WWIII was also the main motive of the Clintonistas and, of course,, their ((('donors')))):  "Russiagate: “Why did this ever start in the first place?”" (Van Buren).

Related (fucking Canadians!):  "The Deep State Rhodes Scholars Who created NATO" (Ehret).  It is always worth bearing in mind how all these pieces fit together.  The obvious reason for NATO to exist is long gone, yet it seems ever more powerful, so their must be some other, hidden, reasons.  It was also the Icelandic (!)-Canadian Stephenson - 'Intrepid', probably the model for James Bond - who the Brits used to trick the Americans into WWII (history repeats).

"John Brennan Admits He had ‘Bad Information’ on Mueller Report: ‘I Suspected There Was More’" (Ecarma). Complete reversal (trying to stay out of jail?).

"Churchill's policies contributed to 1943 Bengal famine – study" (Safi).  The Brits are particularly dangerous when they are under stress, like now.

"A Year Of Silencing Julian Assange" (Vos).

"Ex-Spy Suspected In Failed Congo Hit-Job Found Murdered In Parking Lot" (Durden).

"Man Who Spent Last 2 Years Drawing Pictures Of Trump And Putin Making Out Beginning To Realize Just How Wrong He’s Been".
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