Saturday, March 30, 2019

Grand strategy

"Vatican Archives on Ustasha Ratlines to be Opened" (Tanjug).  "AIPAC Boycott Hoax: Democrats All Met with AIPAC Jew Masters Privately" (Anglin).  "Temer released after 4 days: why did it happen?" (Mier).

"Syria: Is US Fighting ISIS or Liquidating Assets?" (Cartalucci).  The August 2012 US intelligence report:  "a declared or undeclared Salafist principality in eastern Syria".  "Syria’s Rukban Now Little More Than a US-Controlled Concentration Camp – and the Pentagon Won’t Let Refugees Leave" (Webb).

"The ‘Day After’ In Syria Finally Came. But What Comes Next? " (Baron).  Votel is the latest to suffer the Curse of Assad.

"US-Canada and Venezuela’s Bay of Pigs" (Walberg):
"In a Telesur interview (sorry, it’s banned under Canadian democracy), Professor Adriansa dealt with possible causes of the blackout at the Guri Dam Hydroelectric Project, which provides 70% of Venezuela’s electricity.
The dam was built in 1963 and expanded in 1976. Since 2000, there is an ongoing refurbishment project to extend the operation of Guri Power Plant by 30 years.
The Guri computer system which broke down was bought from ABB Canada, a subsidiary of ABB Switzerland and Sweden, in 2005, to interface with an existing centralized control system that was installed by SNC Lavalin. (yes, the SNC Lavalin)
Adriansa concluded the Guri computer system may already have had a backdoor built into it that would allow it to be hacked. Software or viruses could have been added gradually over a period of months. This would have required internal or ABB Canada complicity. As with the Stuxnet virus, software can be designed so that something would happen on a particular date."
"This cyber warfare really is old hat. It began as soon as computers became integral to industry back in the 1980s. The most spectacular example of this was the CIA plan to sabotage the economy of the Soviet Union, which resulted in “the most monumental non-nuclear explosion and fire ever seen from space”.
The CIA covertly transferred computer technology — again via a Canadian company — containing malfunctions, including software, that later triggered a huge explosion in a Siberian natural gas pipeline in mid-1982, former air force secretary Thomas Reed revealed in his memoirs At the Abyss: An Insider’s History of the Cold War (2004).
The US was trying to stop western Europe from importing Soviet natural gas. (Hey, isn’t that what the US is still trying to do, even after it destroyed the Soviet Union?) A KGB insider gained access to Russian purchase orders and the CIA slipped in the flawed software."
"Guardian Accused Of Whitewashing U.S. Role In Brasil’s Dictatorship" (Kwart).  "37 years after the killing of Dutch journalists" (El Salvador Prespectives):
"The commander in charge of the ambush, Colonel Mario A. Reyes Mena, is currently living in the United States."
The Germans, despite stupidly and disappointingly going all in with Guido, and in line with a developing wider Assholia-skepticism, are recognizing that the Assholians have already lost:  "Germany declines to recognize Juan Guaido's Berlin emissary".

"The New Grand Strategy Of The United States" (Meysan).  I think Meysan has lost his mind - I don't see any American success at all, and any analysis which fails to mention the ((())) is simply ridiculous.  This analysis is exactly like QAnon - everything is going as planned, despite your lyin' eyes.

"Smolensk air crash: Polish media raise new accusations".

The MSNBC-DNC connection - tweets by Yashar Ali.

"8 Cases That Prove The FBI & CIA Were Out Of Control Long Before Russiagate" (Miltimore/Wedler).

"State Department to spend $2 million against “anti-Semitism” abroad" (Weir). "Revealed: Trump-linked US Christian ‘fundamentalists’ pour millions of ‘dark money’ into Europe, boosting the far right" (Fitzgerald/Provost).  Almost all these guys are Zionist Islamophobes.

"I Warned Early On Russiagate Would Help Trump. Now You Can See Why" (Tracey).  So President Jared can get away with dangerous treason like this:  "Trump administration approves secret nuclear power work for Saudi Arabia".

Tweet (Mark Ames) (can Tulsi fit into the recent trend of voters voting against what they are instructed to do?):
"The credentialed media’s uniformly smug disdain for the most anti-war candidate is a gift to Tulsi’s 2020 election campaign. The media elites still have no idea how discredited & loathed they are, even after 2016 & Mueller Report."

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