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Tweets (Tulsi Gabbard). She is literally the only sane choice from either party.

"Bernie Sanders-Style Politics Are Defining 2020 Race, Unnerving Moderates" (Martin/Ember) (((('donors'))) and their employees are terrified, not that a progressive Democrat will lose, but that she or he might win):
"And about the Republican strategy, led by Mr. Trump himself, to pin the “socialism” label on the Democrats in 2020?

Senator Brian Schatz of Hawaii said it was mostly just his party’s elite “donor class” that had anything to fear from a sweeping, progressive agenda.

Well, them and the arbiters of conventional political wisdom, he added.

“What we’ve learned from last two presidential elections is that nobody knows anything,” Mr. Schatz said of the election of former President Barack Obama and Mr. Trump. “The people who write op-eds and stroke their chins and tell us how to win are the people who have been getting it wrong for almost two decades now.”"
"Power Failure and Blackout: An Update on the Situation in Venezuela" (Strether).  "Venezuela Denounces US Participation in Electric Sabotage".  Little Marco knew more about the details than he should have known, and also seemed able to predict that this would happen.  "The Psychosis of the Neocons: Senator Marco Rubio “Makes Fun” of the Suffering of the Venezuelan People" (Nimmo).

Speaking of Albright:  two devils: tweet (William Owen):
"500,000 dead Iraqi children and a coup in Venezuela "
"Another Failed Coup in Venezuela?" (Ciccariello-Maher) (Guido's a big bust, and is now more valuable to the CIA as the short end of a false flag):
"On Monday, Guaidó made a less-than-triumphant return to Venezuela and, despite his violation of a travel ban, the government has opted not to arrest him for now. If anything, Maduro will protect him at all costs: Amid threats on Guaidó’s life, the Lima Group has warned of dire consequences should anything happen to him. If Guaidó were to be killed, however, it would almost certainly be at the hands of a Venezuelan right-wing eager to provoke military intervention (the government has dismantled similar plots in the past)."
"Trudeau, Bolsonaro, et al: “Informed Consent” and the Political Contempt for Human Life" (Deutsch).  Bolsonaro, Guido, Trudeau, peas in a pod and the statesmen of our time.  "The hidden key to the SNC-Lavalin scandal" (Garossano).

"Macron Calls for “European Renaissance” in Controversial Alt-Right Pivot" (Durocher).  "Macron publishes platform for European elections calling for EU police state" (Lantier).  "Algeria: The Iceberg That Could Sink Emmanuel Macron" (McConnell). It is useful for people to see what a Khazarocracy looks like:  "Act 17: Police soak Yellow Vest demonstrators with water cannon, fire teargas (VIDEO)".  Tweet (Sarah Abdallah):
"Meet the unarmed protesters who have been mutilated by Putin’s thugs. Oh no wait... These are demonstrators disfigured by Macron’s police in France. Nothing to see here. "
"Rouhani and Imran Khan Discussion Action Against al Qaeda":
"Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has urged Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan to take “decisive” action against the al-Qaeda* linked Jaish ul-Adl terrorist group which claimed responsibility for the deadly 13 February terror attack against IRGC forces on a highway in eastern Iran near the Pakistani border.

‘We are awaiting your decisive action against these terrorists,” Rouhani told Khan in a phone call on Saturday, as quoted by Press TV.

The Iranian leader added that Iran was “fully ready to cooperate with the Pakistani Army and government to eradicate these terrorists, whose presence is not in favour of us, you or the region.”

“We should not allow decades of friendship and fraternity between the two countries to be affected by the actions of small terrorist groups, the source of whose financing and arms is known to us both,” Rouhani stressed.

Tehran earlier accused Saudi Arabia, Israel and the United States of facilitating terrorist violence against Iran.

Khan reportedly responded that Pakistani forces had closed in on the terrorists’ hideouts, and that there would soon be “good news” for Iran.

“It is in Pakistan’s own interest not to allow our territory to be used by terrorist groups, and the Pakistani army is prepared to confront the terrorists more decisively with the information provided by Iran,” the Pakistani prime minister said, according to Iran’s Islamic Republic News Agency."
"Mueller's Manafort Scam: 4 Years In The Slammer For Helping Ukraine Against Russia!"(McCarthy).  It can't be repeated enough that there is wrongdoing, but it all involves Ukrainians, the people who have set up much of #Russiagate.  The short sentence reflects the fact that what Manafort did is standard, bipartisan, operating procedure in Washington, done by all these political camp followers peddling influence, and the only reason Manafort ended up in a courtroom was the need to find somebody to take the fall for #Russiagate, simply to prove that it exists in some form, so the Democrats could maintain their precious ((('donor'))) model of grifting.  He's a terrible fellow, and indubitably a crook, but also a victim.

"Trump and the Gordian Knot, Year Two" (Armstrong).  It remains unclear if Trump, what with all those circumcised dicks in his mouth, has completely given up on MAGA and decided to take a break from sanity to collect more shekels, or whether the most recent round of nonsensical behavior is just some kind of head fake before he returns to electioneering mode.  Despite everything, he still hasn't crossed any Rubicons.

Yank and Yang and dine:  tweets (Daniel Schulman). Trump consistently invites the local human trafficker/pimp to dine with him and his fancy pals, and the pimp sets up an office to sell seats at the same table.  This strikes as more of a real scandal than the entirety of #Russiagate.

"The Trump-Yang Voter Explained" (Wallace).  "Andrew Yang Rejects Support From White Nationalists" (Wallace).  There are two big elephants in the room - the Anthropocene, and the massive job losses which are going to occur very soon due to various forms of automation.  It is striking that both are completely ignored by most of the political classes, and Yang is the only one even mentioning the massive social effects of the job losses.

"Syria Preparing Its Missiles for the Next Battle with Israel" (Magnier).  It would be hilarious if Israel reached its inevitable ignoble end as a result of some desperation Bibi campaign stunt.

The English language has an expression 'if the shoe fits', and the Khazars, as part of their Jewish pseudoscience of psychoanalysis, have the concept of projection.  "Did pro-Israel lobby funding influence Democrats' responses to Ilhan Omar?" (Perkins).  "The Shameful Attack that Backfired" (Zogby).  Tweet (Roosh):
"PornHub employee appears on Reddit AMA criticizing their forced incest porn trend to say that it is "antisemitic rhetoric." Thing is, no one brought up the Jews. She quickly edited her comment. "
It is not uncommon for the guilty to misinterpret what they hear as an accusation that in fact has not been made.  Omar has in fact been extremely careful throughout in what she says, as devastating as it has turned out to be, because the Khazars and their beshekeled stooges consistently rushed to fill in the blanks.  It is interesting that the things that she didn't say, the words they put in her mouth to make a better story - largely as bait to the Americans who see a visible Muslim - the quintessential elements of 'anti-Semitism', are actually 100% true.  Note from the Mandel tweet that he actually admits everything, but claims it is just self-defense for the poor universal victims buying a little respite from the haters (and a series of wars which have ruined the lives of millions of people).

More 'emperor's new clothes' truth, and gleeful responses to finally hearing it:  "Ilhan Omar Blasts Obama For "Caging Of Kids" Along Border, 'Getting Away With Murder' Overseas" (Durden).

"Meghan McCain Ridiculed After Accusing Jewish Cartoonist Of Anti-Semitic Cartoon Of Her" (Scarce).

"More Power to You Miss Omar" (Margolis) (such a 'nice' people!):
"The prescient and courageous Pat Buchanan said it years ago: the US Congress was ‘Israeli occupied territory.’ His political career was ruined.

So was my mother’s career. She was one of the first American female journalists to cover the Mideast in the early 1950’s. After extensively reporting the unknown fact that there were nearly one million Palestinian refugees driven from the new state of Israel, she was silenced by advertisers pulling ads from the papers she wrote for and, finally, threats to throw acid in my face. Her career was ruined."
"If US sanctions Turkey, can India be far behind?" (Bhadrakumar) (but was it really Melania?):
"The Turks harbour the suspicion that the failed coup in July 2016, which was masterminded by the Turkish Islamist preacher Fetullah Gulen living in Pennsylvania in exile for the past two decades, had covert American support.

Last week, incidentally, US First Lady Melania Trump visited a pre-kindergarten class in Oklahoma, which Ankara believes is linked to supporters of Gulen. Turks believe that the White House was taunting Erdogan."
"“Canada’s Dershowitz”, Apologist for Israeli War Crimes, nominated for Peace Prize" (Engler). Cotler.  A total monster, a man so evil that most of us can't even comprehend it.  Blood pours from his fangs, so he is a perfect winner.

Although it is not, of course, in the (((media))), the fish-in-a-barrel murder tactics of the 'nice' people - I just can't get over how consistently 'nice' they are! - continues, week by week:  tweets (Billy):
"My former doctor, a wonderful human being from London, Ontario, Canada, was shot by Israeli security forces. He was there to treat casualties and conduct research on 3D printed tourniquets. He never approached the fence."
"Why is there so little media skepticism about Leaving Neverland and its allegations against Michael Jackson?" (Walsh).  Both alleged 'victims' have separately been completely debunked.  Oprah Winfrey is working overtime to sell this drivel, and she is essentially an employee of David Geffen, with this movie part of the massive Geffen-protection racket of distraction.  Geffen is infamous for being the big 'Hollywood' pedo ringleader, and the strategy - which includes the Atlantic take-down of Singer (also guilty as hell, but a relatively small fish) - has been very successful, with Geffen never mentioned except on the gossip sites.  The same (((people))) are still finding ways to make money off poor Michael.
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