Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Patting down

"Terrorist attacks in Madrid 2004: lies as if printed" (Streck).  "Douma “Chemical Attack”: Still Waiting for an Apology" (O'Neill).  Added:  tweet (Megan K. Stack):
"Wow: Spanish police and intelligence are linking the CIA to 10 gunmen who stormed the North Korean embassy in Madrid last month. They put bags over the heads of embassy staff, then beat and interrogated them for two hours."
"Patriots Turning to #YangGang In Response to Trump, Conservatism Inc. Failure" (Kirkpatrick):
"National Reviews Theodore Kupfer just claimed the main importance of Yang’s candidacy is that it will prove meme-makers ability to affect the vote count “has been overstated” [Rise of the pink hats, March 12, 2019]. Time will tell, but it is ominous for Trump that many of the more creative and dedicated people who formed his vanguard are giving up on him."
The 'alt-right' was never important in terms of votes, but was and is important in terms of taking an 'impossible' candidate and making that candidate seem like a realistic, possible, even engaging, choice. Trump is going to miss them.

"Germany’s Über Hypocrisy over Venezuela" (Cunningham).  Particularly disappointing in that Germany has been quite moral on other issues, especially not selling arms to the Saudi butchers.  Raises the issue that German politicians may be subject to personal blackmail.

Tweet (Mark Ames):
"This is how a real disinformation campaign operates, with sickening cynical efficiency, via "
The extraordinary attacks on Corbyn - of all people! - are proof that if you have 100% control of the mainstream (((media))) you can literally get away with anything.  "Labour Party investigates Electronic Intifada journalist" (Abunimah).  The entire sad history of the Khazars is a sad series of getting too full of themselves, 'feeling their oats', and then reaping the inevitable consequences.

Tweet (Mark Ames):
"20th anniversary of Citibank chairman Sandy Weill's deal with Jack Grubman to fraudulently upgrade AT&T stock to "buy" in exchange for Weill getting Grubman's twins in NYC's top preschool. Grubman got slap on the wrist. No one jailed, no one perp walked."
The problem of what to do if you want to get your kid into a good school when you are rich, but are not rich enough to donate millions to the school, and aren't a Khazar who can rely on their ubiquitous nepotism path through the admissions process (note that the Khazar extreme nepotism corruption is recent, with additional tricks required 20 years ago, at least in preschool). Universities, particularly the entire college admissions process, may be the single most corrupt institutions in the United States.

"The Dark Secret Behind a British Billionaire’s “Parallel State” In Argentina’s Patagonia" (Webb).  Very, very, (((British))), goyim (and note the Soros connection, and the exploitative way of getting rich). Might be the new location for 'Israel'.  Very similar techniques to how the Orthodox Jews take over small towns in New York state.

"Israelis ‘undergo Jewish DNA test before being allowed to marry’".  Typically, marriage laws strive to prevent incest and its accompanying medical issues, but Khazars are the opposite!  To a large extent, they are lucky there are some real Jews in the Israeli mix to lessen the genetic problems.

"Netanyahu is right: Israel is a nation with no interest in equality" (Iraqi).  The Clarification.  Yet the ((( usual suspects))) simply will not give up the usual bullshit - 'only democracy in the Middle East', 'shared values', etc, etc.  The level of cognitive dissonance required to swallow this is amazing.

Note how Monbiot has followed the Noam playbook to the letter - establish a reputation on a totally different issue, then use it to set up the PR for the only issue that you are really concerned about.

"A Skeptic’s Guide to the Russiagate Fixation" (Maté).  "Pelosi Tacitly Admits That Russiagate Is Bullshit" (Johnstone).  Obviously, the real reason why the pressure is off is that Trump has succeeded in setting the world record for putting the most circumcised dicks in his mouth, and thus the 'Council' has ordered both parties to lay off.  Both the Never-Trumpers and the Democrats will be quiet as long as Trump gives the Khazars every fucking thing they demand (it is noticeable that the Clintonistas are furious at the Pelosi-Schiff betrayal), which is what we're seeing now.  I think it goes beyond bribery - there is a very strong indication, given that Trump is infuriating his 'base' with the recent turn against MAGA, that he is being actively blackmailed (perhaps over this Chinese influence peddling at Mar-a-Lago?).  Trump's recent turn for the worse, both rhetorically and with a real rejection of everything he claimed to stand for, is striking.

Seth Mandel, like the concentration camp guard, is the greatest proponent for the Palestinians they never knew they had! Twitter should provide air sickness bags with his tweets, and for those of Monbiot.

"By one estimate there are 600 Christian and Jewish organizations in the United States that have at least part of their agendas the promotion of the relationship with Israel. Christian Zionists are formidable in numbers but the money, as well as the political and media access that drive the so-called Israel Lobby process, is Jewish. The directors and presidents of those organizations meet regularly and discuss what they can do to help Israel. How does one describe such collusion? Some might prefer to call it a conspiracy."

"‘Dark Money’ Group Gave Millions to Nonprofit Working on Steele Dossier – Report" (Soros).  Important, so you won't read it anywhere.

"Facebook Reverses Zero Hedge Ban, Says It Made A "Mistake"" (Durden).  Too many Wall Streeters read it for Zuck to get away with it, but the extreme censorship isn't going to stop (see reference to the 'Council' above, and I'm not kidding).

"Yellow Vests Ransack Masonic Lodge" (Durden).  The kind of noticing that gets you deplatformed.

Tweet (Nate Wallace):
"Trudeau patting down corporate criminals "
Trudeau's gone off for a holiday in the midst of his scandal, indicating perhaps that he realizes that it is obvious that neither of the two opposition leaders with any kind of chance to form a government are up to the job of running a country (though we've seen in recent world events that not being up to the job is no problem for voters who want to send a message).  Note that the Conservatives have their own SNC-Lavalin corruption issues (from 2013).

"Trudeau’s Cabinet Tempest" (Miles).  Smarter than anything else I've read on the issue.  We really do need to end the protections for criminality provided by corporations.
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