Monday, March 18, 2019

Radioactive poisoning

"This New York Rally Was Meant to Call Out Hate Crimes. It Turned Into a Protest Against Ilhan Omar" (Ziri).

"Hot Off the Press: Israel’s Three Largest Banks Pay Hundreds of Millions In Fines for Helping US Citizens Evade Taxes" (Atzmon).  This is undoubtedly the tip of the iceberg, and it is nothing short of a miracle that it came out at all.

"Time Runs Out On US Opposition To Nordstream 2" (Luongo):
"The Nordstream 2 pipeline represents the last stand of U.S. influence over the internal affairs of Europe.
Once finished it will stand as a testament to the fundamental split between the European Union and the United States.
Europe will this as its first successful defense of its newly-declared independence. And the U.S. will have to come to terms with no longer having control overseas.
This is a theme repeating itself all around the world right now."
A good thing about Trudeau's scandal is that it will probably force the party to the left - temporarily putting down the bags of bribes from their big business friends to buy some votes with some long-overdue basics for the people of the country.

Cole sometimes publishes some decent stuff, but he shows his hand when he throws in pieces that might have been written by John Bolton!  "The Syrian Civil War Exiled Millions and Produced ISIL; But how did it Start?" and "Top Five Reasons the Syrian Revolution isn’t Actually Over" (Pearlman).

Macron is about to enjoy some Marie Antoinette cake with his wine, as he celebrates the success of his the Rothschild plan to infiltrate the protests with violent agents provocateurs (they actually sacrificed a Rothschild-connected bank branch to make the case for repression!), allowing him the Rothschilds to up the repression:  tweet (Alain Houpert):
"Ils déjeunaient hier à La Mongie, dans les Hautes-Pyrénées, pendant que brulait. Je ne comprends pas, il faut que l’on m’explique ! ? ( Photo du dijonnais )"
"Italy Probes Mysterious 'Radioactive Poisoning' Death Of Berlusconi Sex-Trial Witness" (Durden).  It is striking how often killing a witness works.

"One of the NZ Shooters Fled to Israel, Got help from Aides? With UPDATE" (Bacon).  Voice of Wadi appears to be the sole source for this, and the idea there is a fifth suspect (which doesn't mean it is wrong).

The fringe places which would normally scream 'false flag' over the NZ massacre are trying, but without much success.  It seems the people who generate this material at places like 4chan have no appetite for it, as they really, really like the Official Story.  White guy takes it upon himself to violently repel the 'Muslim invasion'?  They want to hear that story, so they don't want to damage it with discussion of anomalies and false flags.  They also really like the manifesto as a blueprint for future massacres, the video-game feel to the video, and even the musical soundtrack (with references to far right ideology).

Reading the biographies of the victims I was struck by how many of them were in New Zealand because they were fleeing their homelands destroyed by Khazars and various of the innumerable Wars For The Jews.  Yet the response was that they would have been fine if they weren't in New Zealand, making them in fact the actual perpetrators (and thus absolving the shooter).  This was expressly stated by the guy with the egg on his head, but hinted at by Trump and Sheer in their failure to note the relative identities of the shooter and victims.  They are setting up a series of massacres of Muslim immigrants.

"Latvians march to honor troops who fought alongside Nazis".  It's fine as they are fighting Putin!  Tweet (Yasha Levine):
"H’m. Wonder where this fascist resurgence is coming from? Oh, that’s right! It’s been American (and European) policy to whitewash and weaponize old fascist political movements against the Soviet Union (and now, capitalist Russia) for 70 years. EU values:"
"Stormer, Volume 82: Fraser Anning’s Ascent" (Daily Stormer):
"I need you guys to understand how Fraser Anning got into the Senate, because it is goddamned inspirational and contains a lesson we have been trying to drive home to you all for ages.

Fraser Anning became a senator with no more than nineteen votes. That’s all he needed to get a massive six figure salary to pwn the libs with an unprecedented degree of savagery from the central Parliamentary body of a G12 nation.

Anning was running as a candidate in the “One Nation” party, which is a disappointing circus sideshow run by a disgusting old hag and shill candidate Pauline Hanson. This party is a pile of bullshit and nobody actually likes it, but the media promotes it as the evil nationalist party so people vote for it because they’ve heard of it on the news. Classic controlled opposition formula. Anyways, Hag Hanson has a real big support base in Queensland, so most people vote for her party because they have heard of the party name from the media. However, they don’t know any of the candidates. In Australia, you can vote for a party in general and not a specific candidate.

One Nation received 229,056 votes, which was enough to earn them two seats in the Senate. The first one went to Pauline Hanson, who got 20,927 votes. The second went to Malcolm Roberts, who got a mere 77 votes. Most One Nation supporters have only heard of Hanson, who is promoted by the media. They had no idea who Malcolm Roberts was. He was the friend of Pauline Hanson.

Then it turns out Malcolm Roberts wasn’t a citizen of Australia at all. He’s British. Can’t be in the Senate. According to the rules, the seat goes to the next guy that registered on a One Nation ticket who got the next highest number of votes. It was Fraser Anning, with 19 votes. Zero point zero percent of the electorate. As a result of all this, he gets elected to the Senate. Term length is six years. He makes $200k/year salary like every other Senator. That’s 1.2 million AUD, about 851k in US dollars over the course of the Senate term.

And upon taking his seat, he immediately quits the One Nation party, humiliating the shill hag Pauline Hanson. He signs onto Katter’s Australia Party, which is a respectable party of white men of good character. It is the greatest alphaing of an errant whore ever done in Australian politics."
Anglin on the Weiss Amalek tweet:  "After Hilarious Mosque Shooting, Tubby Jew Bari Weiss Calls for the Genocide of White People".

Tweet (southpaw) (m-a-s-s-i-v-e prosecutorial malfeasance, including deceiving a younger victim to keep the recognized victims over 16 years of age!):
"Epstein plea agreement found a way to get worse "
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