Saturday, March 16, 2019

Secure the bag

"Robert Gaines & Scott Horton: It’s Time to Stop Fighting Osama bin Laden’s War".  It should be added that while bin Laden set a trap, it was a trap the Assholians wanted to fall into, and in fact bin Laden was almost certainly still working for them when he set it.  The key is always Wars For The Jews, the essential insanity of all of them, and the never-ending need to find some kind of reason to fight them, no matter how strained and ridiculous.

It seems that the NZ mosque shooter traveled to Turkey and Europe.  If you are an Australian anti-Muslim nut, and are crazed by the presence of Muslims in your country, why would you travel to another country, NZ, to do your shooting?  Wouldn't you want to shoot your own Muslims?

Tweet (Ali Abunimah):
" mass killer claims in manifesto to have received a "blessing for my mission" from Anders Breivik "after contacting his brother knights." Norway must investigate if Breivik is communicating from prison & directing international terror network."
Tweet (Ali H. Soufan):
"In the last decade, 73.3% of all domestic extremist-related killings have been perpetrated by right-wing extremists, compared to 23.4% perpetrated by terrorists motivated by Salafi-jihadism and 3.2% by left-wing extremism. Re-upping this piece."
"Aussie politician lashes out at Muslims after Christchurch shootings: 'They are the perpetrators' " (see also!).  In Canada, the Conservative leader Sheer, Trudeau's supposed replacement in the next election, got himself in trouble by pretending to give a shit without mentioning the word 'Muslims', trying not to offend his 'base' who like this kind of thing just fine.

The worst is to try to shoe-horn the incident into the mythology of Khazar suffering, with a story that comes from a book that was written by Palestinians about the dangers facing Palestinians (i.e., the Khazars are the real Amalek): tweet (Bari Weiss):
"This shabbat is called the sabbath of remembrance, in which Jews are asked to remember--and to blot out--the nation of Amalek, infamous for murdering the weakest, most defenseless Israelites. Among Amalek's modern heirs: The terrorists who gunned down innocents in New Zealand."
"Trump’s Confused Middle East Foibles Are Actually Pushing Assad and Erdogan into each other’s arms" (Jay).  It is not so much confused as shekeled, and Trump is displaying the internal contradictions of Zionism and its unnatural leech-host relationship with the Assholians.  All Putin and his diplomats have to do is find the contradictions and slide artfully through them.  The problems that remain are because the Kurds still haven't given up their foolish dreams of empire, and the rich Khazars still haven't given up the thrill of being able to push American politicians around with bribes and blackmail, even after it is clear that such actions consistently backfire.

I'm waiting for the Erdoğan-Assad summit, where they will hug like old pals who haven't seen each other for a few years.

"Libya's "Gaddafi 2.0" Eyes Military Takeover Of Tripoli, Could Rattle Global Oil Markets" (Durden).  Haftar is the Guido of Libya, but considerably more accomplished.

"Trump 2 Sending More Money to Soros Terrorist White Helmets Hoax Group" (Anglin):
"The White Helmets are basically a PR arm of ISIS that also hoaxes fake chemical gas attacks for Western consumption. They are basically a deviant meme group. They are funded by George Soros, as it’s an easy way to send money directly to ISIS, and keep his refugee stream pouring in.

Obama also funded them.

Trump defunded them.

But Trump 2?

He’s upping the ante."
The deterioration of Trump 2.0 is impossible to ignore, on both big and little issues.  He's basically letting Bolton run the show.

"Is AIPAC in Violation of Federal Election Law?" (Parsons).  AIPAC breaches numerous American laws, constantly, and of course treason is still on the books for the ((('dual' loyalists))).

"The Intercept Bars Co-Founder From Meeting After Snowden Archive Shutdown" (Tani).  As useful as he can be, Greenwald has always been a terrible phony on the big issues.

"Artifial Morality" (Koehler) (weird typo in the title).  We're seeing a bit of this, techies refusing to be accessories to murder.

"7 Reasons Why #YangGang Is More Than Just A Meme" (Karlin).

Note the recent invention of the term MIGA, now often replacing MAGA on Trump's orange hat - Make Israel Great Again.  They could not come closer to the truth of Trump 2.0.

The genius meme creators refer to the $1000/month income supplement promised by Yang (to be funded from taxes on Bezos, et al), as 'the bag', and voting for Yang over Trump is called 'secure the bag' (unlikely word choices are the essence of good memes), and Yang is meme-aware: tweet (Andrew Yang):
"Traveling with my staff, I told someone to secure the bag."

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