Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Unconstructive behavior

"An Iran-Syria ‘Belt & Road’: A Far-Reaching Geopolitical Strategy Unfolds" (Crooke):
". . . Pompeo is about to land in the Middle East threatening all around with sanctions, and still ‘talking the talk’ of reducing Iranian oil sales to zero, as US oil waivers expire on 1 May.
Of course, zero waivers were never likely, but now with the new trade ‘Belt and Road’ alliance unfolding, the stakes for US foreign policy are doubled: Syria will find investors in its reconstruction precisely because it – like Iran – is a pivotal ‘corridor’ state for trade (and ultimately for energy). And Iran will not be brought to capitulation through economic siege. What Pompeo risks, through his belligerency, or clumsiness, rather, is to lose both Iraq and Lebanon.
In the former, ‘losing Iraq’ could entail the Iraqi government demanding US troops leave Iraq. In the latter case, ‘loosing’ Lebanon, translates into something more sinister: To sanction Lebanon (in order to ‘hurt’ Hizbullah) actually means putting Lebanon’s entire economic stability into play (as Hizbullah is an integral part to Lebanon’s economy – and the Shi’a compose some 30-40% of the population. They cannot be somehow ‘filtered out’, as if some stand-alone sanctions target). Instability in Lebanon is never far away, but to induce it, is crazy.
Wherever Pompeo travels on his journeys through the region, he cannot fail but to notice that US policies – and the constancy of such policies – are not trusted (even this week, ‘old US ally’ Egypt has turned to Russia for the purchase of military aircraft, and India is defying the US over its oil imports from Venezuela).
It is against this background, that the earlier intelligence service quotes in the NY Times, and its Editorial (i.e. not an op-ed article): Shedding Any Last Illusions about Saudi Arabia, might be understood. US policy across the entire Middle East, and by extension, much of its leverage over Russia and China, stands on extremely weak foundations. The débacle of the US-sponsored Warsaw conference, which was supposed consolidate support for America’s anti-Iranian ‘war’ – and the silence with which VP Mike Pence’s address at Munich was received – provide clear evidence for this.
Well, the pivot for countering this unfavourable US conjuncture rests on one man: MbS. America’s entire foreign policy, and that of its ally, Israel, has pivoted around this erratic, highly-flawed, psychologically-impaired figure. The NYT leak from CIA officials, with its unqualified endorsement through a NYT board editorial, suggest that the CIA and MI6 have concluded that US global interests cannot be left in such unreliable, unsafe hands.
What this ultimately might mean is unclear, but such a leak would suggest that it stems from a concerted CIA professional assessment (i.e. that it is not just a partisan party warfare). Trump may not concur, or like it much, but the CIA when it does form such a definitive view, is no force to be lightly trifled with."
Back to the extremely ironic - the hostage taker of the US becomes the hostage itself, limiting American strategy - Israel-as-hostage geopolitical theory of the Middle East, with the bonus that the new hostage has put all its eggs in the basket of MbS, a man considered so psychologically unstable as to be useless as a dependable partner (with bonus Khazar high treason/influence peddling within the White House).  One of the untapped pressure points is that the MIGA-Americans have made Israel so safe and wealthy (due to the constant leeching from the American host) that the Israeli public has no stomach whatsoever for any physical threats or even inconveniences.  Part of this flows directly from Khazar racism - how dare they, those primitive savages, purport to threaten us?  The parasite has taken over the nervous system - (((media))), etc - of the host, meaning that a threat to the parasite is now a threat to the host, leading to the bizarre situation that the host has to threaten its own alliances in order to protect the parasite.  All of this in the context of constant competitive pressure from the Chinese, who don't have a parasite and thus are free to act in their own interests, with the pressures of the parasite meaning the Americans have to lose every battle, as they can't even act in their most basic national interests.  The best part of all of this is that everybody outside of Assholia and its Khazar parasites understands the dynamic, and is free to act in accordance with the Empire's one huge weakness, the one that is quickly bringing it down.

"An Iranian April Surprise?" (Giraldi).  I would have said there was no chance of this, but Trump's serious recent MIGA deterioration makes even the stupidest things possible.

"Pompeo Demands Moscow "Cease Unconstructive Behavior" In Venezuela" (Durden).  You have to laugh.  Venezuela suddenly has S-300s, which will complicate the Assholian military invasion, now presumably completely off the table.

"29 minutes inside Barry and Honey Sherman’s home: Who was the visitor?" (Donovan).  Note that the murder-suicide was long over by this point, so this is completely irrelevant - I suspect the visitor was some kind of contractor who worked on the house and left without ever seeing the murder scene - but The Star must continue its work of backing the family's bizarre conspiracy theory.  The Evil of Barry survives his suicide:  "UHN patients given unlicensed drug that led to diabetes, liver dysfunction and one death, study finds" (Cribb).  I note that, despite the massive deterioration of The Star as a newspaper, it is still quite good at this kind of specific medical investigatory journalism, even as the results are somewhat 'anti-Semitic'.

"Trump Koshers the Seizure of the Golan Heights" (Mykytyn) (actually, this bit of MIGA is clearly about getting Bibi reelected, but giving some important guys a stake in the theft doesn't hurt):
"Since 1981, Israel has treated the Golan as a resource rich part of its country. The Golan provides over a third of Israel’s fresh water. And the Golan has provided Israel’s first major oil find. Afek Oil and Gas, a division of Genie Oil has obtained oil rights for the huge oil fields in the Golan Heights. In October 2015,  October 2015 Afek Oil and Gas confirmed the discovery of vast oil reserve oil in the Golan Heights. Genie Oil has powerful political connections. Keith Murdock, Vice President Cheney, Michael Steinhardt Jacob Rothschild and Larry Summers are among its Board Members.
Despite Genie’s influence, under current conditions, Genie’s Israeli subsidiary can not sell any oil it extracts from the Golan on the international oil market because that would violate UN resolutions. However, if Washington declares Golan to be part of Israel, then oil could be legally traded with the US. Russia Today speculates that “Genie Energy’s investments in the Golan are likely the strongest factor pushing the U.S. towards the recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the occupied territory.”"
"Fred Malek: He Counted" (Heer).  Say what you will about Nixon but the man was woke.

We now know that the reason Eichmann had to be eliminated - at considerable diplomatic expense - was that he was the Zionist German who negotiated the terms of the Holocaust with the Khazar leaders (in order to create the crisis which allowed for the population with European refugees of the land the Khazars intended to steal), and planned expansion of the Zionist Empire by 1960 was going to need the Khazars-as-eternal-victims myth to survive the truth that it was Khazar leaders who helped plan the Holocaust, so it was extremely important that Eichmann didn't pop up and start talking about this:  "Eichmann's captor, Israeli ex-spy Rafi Eitan dead at 92".
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