Saturday, March 09, 2019


"The Trump Challenge: How Many Circumcised Cocks Can You Fit in Your Mouth?" (Anglin):
I can handle a little bit of kikesucking. But this is now officially out of control. It has become unreasonable."
"Has Trump Gone Full Neocon??" (Whitney).  Note how Bolton was supposed to be in Canberra but managed to muscle his way to Hanoi:  "Bolton’s Act of Sabotage" (Macilwain).

"Dual Loyalty as Racism" (Mykytyn).  One of these things is was not like the others:  "bigotry, discrimination, oppression, racism, and imputations of dual loyalty".  "Transgender Prof: Excluding Men From Women's Sports Is Like Excluding Black Women".  A lot of this is starting to sound like an reductio ad absurdum trick to undermine identity politics.

"Ilhan Omar: Obama’s a ‘pretty face’ who got ‘away with murder’" (Fredericks).  She's fearless, and has reached the point of just taunting them with a never-ending stream of truth bombs.

It was striking, and clarifying, how the Khazars went automatically to their bastion of bullying power, the Holocaust, in their dirty attacks on truth.  You'd think they might have just a smidgen of shame, but they don't:  "Oh, Here We Go Again, or, “The Holocaust”: Bringing White People to Heel Since 1967".  The idea that 'dual loyalty' charges are impossible now because the Nazis might have made similar charges in the 1930s is ridiculous, all the more so when such charges are so obviously true (much more so now with the existence of Israel).  (((Their))) loyalties, and the shameless way (((they))) flaunt them, are actually quite amusing:  "If he fails in his bid to serve as government chief, Farhi plans to return to Israel, he told Ynet News."

"Presstitutes Turn Blind Eye to UN Report on Venezuela" (Roberts).

Sabotaging the power grid in Venezuela is the kind of useless trouble making that you would expect from punks like Abrams and Bolton.

"Assad's Tehran Visit Signals Iran's Victory in Syria " (Cartalucci):
". . . the world is witnessing a 21st century rendition of the British Empire's withdrawal from around the globe, stubbornly being thrown out of one corner of its realm after the other until relegated as Washington's subordinate. For Washington, there is no other Western power for it to hand the torch of Western imperialism over to. Once it is evicted from around the globe, it will struggle to find a relevant or more constructive role to play in these regions ever again.

By virtue of Washington's shortsightedness and its inability to adapt to the world as it really is versus how Washington desires it to be - Washington has proven itself unfit to lead the "international order" it presumes dominion over.

In a global order predicated on "might makes right," Washington is now faced with the reality of no longer being mightiest, and thus no longer "right.""
"Pentagon Gives Erdogan An Ultimatum: Don't Expect Our F-35s If You Buy Russian S-400s" (Durden).  So the threat is you can't have our pilot-killing joke of a plane leaving you free to buy far superior tech from the Russians?

"On Int’l Women’s Day, Thousands of Ultra-Orthodox Assault Women of the Wailing Wall".  It is always going to be amazing that Israel is one of the most profoundly hateful places on the planet but solely through Khazar control of the (((media))) manages to pinkwash itself into some kind of world beacon of intersectional love and understanding.

"Did secret nuclear talks with Donald Trump trigger the killing of Jamal Khashoggi? Security expert's claim gives a chilling explanation for Saudi activist's shocking slaughter" ('Owen Wilson').  These are the real impeachable offenses of Trump and his boss, President Jared.

"Saudi investment fund hires US PR firm to create distance from crown prince" (Pecquet).

"Cover-up in India’s 1984 Golden Temple Massacre? British Involvement Revealed" (Miller).  Might have to wait for Corbyn to get the information.

"Pence Urged Germany To Provoke Russian Navy " (Durden):
"Interestingly, Merkel's stance wasn't based on any principled desire to promoted peace or prevent needless provocations which could potentially spark regional war between Ukraine and Russia and western allies, but out of concern it essentially "wasn't enough"."
"Over 30 New York scholars and activists spied on by former Mossad agents".  The amount of effort put into this kind of thing is amazing, and has completely failed, even backfired.

"Chelsea Manning Jailed For Refusing To Testify About Wikileaks" (Durden). MI6 gloatingBackground.

"Zuckerberg Has 70+ Personal Guards, Spends $10 Million Each Year in Security While He Shills For Open Borders" (Pomidor Quixote).  "Government to Facebook Pipeline Reveals a Corrupt Mix of Social Media and the State" (Agorist).

(((They))) are going after Winstanley now:  tweet:
"Comrades, friends, well wishers: I'm inundated and I can't keep up with all the outraged texts, calls and emails sending solidarity. Please be patient a little while longer: the truth will be revealed soon."
Tweet (Wedaddy):
"🇩🇿 Algeria: based on the massive turnout today, it's no longer a matter of debate; Algeria is in the midst of peaceful homegrown civic uprising against the clan & the Algerian deep state "
Tweet (Savvy and Realistic Democrat):
"Who says Realistic Democrats aren't ambitious? My policy agenda: • (means-tested) • Trope Police, to sniff out hurtful tropes against military aid packages • Rehab programs for ALL imprisoned parents of truant children (means-tested) • "
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