Saturday, March 02, 2019

What kind of power here

"Alan Dershowitz suggests curbing press access to hearing on Jeffrey Epstein sex abuse" (Brown):
"Cernovich’s lawyer, Marc J. Randazza, said he has never seen a court seal nearly an entire court record like this.

“I’ve seen partial seals, but I’ve never seen anything where it went quite that far. That in of itself is newsworthy,’’ he said. “What kind of power here is able to influence our court system in such a big way? Something is amiss and I’m glad that journalists are out there looking at it.”"
I was going to put a link at the word 'power' to some meme of the Happy Merchant, but I'm sure you get the picture.

The concert turned out to be a huge success after all:  tweet (Dan Cohen):
"Juan Guaidó’s fellow Popular Will party member Freddy Superlano is hospitalized and his assistant Carlos José Salinas is dead after they took drugs with prostitutes following the concert in Cúcuta, Colombia."
"China invokes SNC-Lavalin controversy to advocate for Huawei exec's release" (Rothschilds). China is absolutely correct - Trudeau wants us to think the Canadian legal system proceeds automatically, without political interference, but he showed complete contempt for his sainted 'rule of law' when it came to SNC-Lavalin.  SNC-Lavalin, like the equally vile Bombardier, is an icon of québécois nationalism, and the efforts to help SNC-Lavalin were an attempt to shore up Liberal support in Quebec, an effort which actually might work (and, ironically, this controversy actually makes Liberal efforts more appreciated in Quebec).  Another possible positive is that this outrageous behavior might force the Liberals to campaign on some progressive policy platforms, the kind of thing they pretend to believe in but never seem to get around to doing unless they need a distraction.

Tweet (Kristie Snell CBC) (context:  Brazeau, a Senator with a wild history of his own, and Wilson-Raybould, the woman bullied by Trudeau and his thugs for SNC-Lavalin special treatment, and then demoted/fired by Trudeau when she failed to deliver, are both aboriginals; Tam-Tams):
"This morning's editorial cartoon in . "
"What “community standards” did this comment breach? #19".

"Is Michael Cohen Impeachment’s Smoking Gun?" (Van Buren).

She's really on a roll of excellence:  "Ilhan Omar says she does not recognize Venezuelan interim president, defying Dem leadership, Western governments" (Mikelionis) (you may have to copy the link and put it in a new browser window as Fox News seems to prohibit hyperlinking).

"What’s Behind Hollywood & CIA’s Love for Black Power?" (Smith):
"At one point in US history, the message of populist forces was not that whites and Blacks could only gain at the expense of the other. Rather, the message was that racism and the repression of African Americans was a tool of the ruling capitalist class. The message was that white workers would advance their own conditions by aligning with the Black workers.

This Marxist-Leninist interpretation of the Black question in America has largely been replaced with theories of “White Skin Privilege,” post-modernism, and identity politics. As a result, two big sections of US society seem to be being mobilized to be even more hostile to each other, both used as pawns in a fight among an elite, which gains from the expense of both."
"Why the ‘Left’ is Dead in the Water" (Atzmon).  We need a party focused on:
  1. tackling the ridiculous income distribution under which we now suffer, which has caused the entire political system to be irreparably corrupted;
  2. undoing the Anthropocene so we won't all die;
  3. 100% anti-war, with no exceptions, and no more meddling in the internal politics of other countries; and
  4. tying it all together, radical Khazar skepticism.
"Kashmir, Korea, Venezuela, Iran: hot, cold, hybrid war" (Escobar).  It is obvious that neither Pakistan nor India wants war (Modi tried a symbolic non-threatening attack to please his base, with everything else that followed turning on Indian military incompetence), with the wild card being MbS lurking in the background trying to stir things up as part of his greater program against Iran.
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