Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Bay of piglets

"Venezuelan coup attempt ‘directly planned in Washington’ – FM".  Guido's cute little coup-let.  If you stage a coup and nobody notices as it is so half-assed, is it really a coup?  "Venezuela: Military Uprising in Caracas (in Development)".

"Venezuela - Bay of Pigs Redux?" (Lang).

Obviously, the government can no longer tolerate Guido's shenanigans, which have become a public safety matter.

The pageantry of public negotiations.

"John Bolton on the Warpath" (Filkins) (my emphasis in red):
"As the Bush White House made the case to invade Iraq, Bolton came into conflict with José Bustani, who was in charge of overseeing the Chemical Weapons Convention—a treaty, endorsed by the U.S. and a hundred and ninety-two other countries, that bans the production of chemical weapons. Bustani, a former senior diplomat from Brazil, was negotiating with the Iraqi government to adopt the treaty, which mandated immediate inspections by outside technicians. He thought that, if inspectors could verify that Iraq had abandoned its chemical-weapons program, an invasion wouldn’t be necessary. But, he told me, when the Iraqis agreed to accept the convention, the Bush Administration asked him to halt his negotiations. “I think the White House was worried that if I succeeded it would mess up their plans to invade,” he said.
Not long afterward, Bustani recalls, Bolton showed up at his office in The Hague and demanded that he resign. When Bustani refused, Bolton said, “We know you have two sons in New York. We know your daughter is in London. We know where your wife is.” (Bolton has denied this.) Bustani held firm, and the White House, determined to remove him, convened an extraordinary session of the Convention’s members—in many cases, Bustani said, paying the travel expenses of delegates to insure that they attended. The group voted forty-eight to seven, with forty-three abstentions, to cut short Bustani’s term.
Later that year, Bustani was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, for his work against chemical weapons. When U.S. troops moved into Iraq, they found no evidence of weapons of mass destruction. Commentators across the political spectrum have decried the invasion—even Trump calls it “a big, fat mistake”—but Bolton hasn’t changed his view. In 2015, he told the Washington Examiner, “I still think the decision to overthrow Saddam was correct.”"
"Tony Blinken, who was the staff director of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, told me that the members began to reconsider as they examined Bolton’s work in the State Department. “We saw a pattern of Mr. Bolton trying to manipulate intelligence to justify his views,” Blinken told me. “If it had happened once, maybe. But it came up multiple times, and always it was the same underlying issue: he would stake out a position, and then, if the intelligence didn’t support it, he would try to exaggerate the intelligence and marginalize the officials who had produced it.”"
"McMaster also acquired enemies outside the White House. Mort Klein, the head of the Zionist Organization of America, told me he believed that McMaster was “hostile to Israel,” citing offenses that ranged from advocating “Palestinian self-determination” to dodging a question about whether the Western Wall is in Israeli territory. Klein began a quiet campaign against McMaster, with help from Sheldon Adelson, the Republican casino magnate, and Safra Catz, the C.E.O. of Oracle, both of whom are fervent supporters of the Israeli right wing. “We were pushing for him to be fired,” Klein told me. For Klein and his allies, Bolton’s politics were more appealing. He has deep connections to the Israeli national-security establishment and to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In 2018, he gave a well-compensated speech to the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces. “John almost regards Israel as part of the United States,” the former official who worked with Bolton told me. “He thinks our interests and their interest are identical.”
In March, 2018, according to a former Administration official, the President called McMaster and asked what he would think if Bolton became the new national-security adviser. It was clear to McMaster that he was being fired, but less clear that the President was certain Bolton was the right replacement. The official, who overheard Trump’s side of the conversation, recalled that the President ended the call with an uncomfortable joke: “Bolton is a hawk like you. He’s going to get us into a war.”"
"Trump has recently expressed willingness to leave a small American force in Syria, but its exact size has not been settled; officials say that it may be as few as two hundred troops. “They are making it up as they go along,” a Senate staffer who works on national-security issues told me. When I first spoke to Bolton about the reduction in forces, he seemed disappointed. “Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose,” he said. A few weeks later, though, he was more cheerful as he outlined an ambitious roster of operations that appeared to mirror the one the President had tried to scale back: restraining the Iranians, limiting the Russians’ territory, keeping the Turks away from the Kurds. The adviser on Middle East issues suggested that Bolton was responsible for the entire affair, because he’d tried to push the President too far. “It’s a catastrophe, and I blame Bolton,” he said."
"People who have worked with Bolton say that he is focussed less on North Korea than on Iran, where his vigilance can sometimes seem out of proportion to the apparent threat. “There are only two countries that can really threaten the United States—China and Russia,” the former senior national-security official said. “But Bolton has had this anal focus on Iran for twenty years. I don’t know why.” When I asked Bolton about it, he said, “I care about Iran because I care about nuclear weapons.”
On February 11th, Bolton released a video on Twitter, in which he addressed Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of Iran. In a professorial tone, he noted that it was the fortieth anniversary of the Iranian Revolution and enumerated what he saw as its results: repression at home, terrorism abroad, a dismal economy, and the enmity of the world. “So, Ayatollah,” he said, “for all your boasts, for all your threats to the life of the American President, you are responsible for terrorizing your own people and terrorizing the world as a whole. I don’t think you’ll have many more anniversaries to enjoy.”
The Trump Administration has persistently spoken out against Iran, but it has also made scattershot efforts at diplomacy. A senior Iranian official told me that, in 2017, Trump sent eight requests to meet with the Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani. “Trump invited President Rouhani to dinner!” the official told me. Rouhani evidently declined, but, a few weeks before Bolton posted his video on Twitter, there was another apparent attempt. Admiral Ali Shamkhani, the secretary of Iran’s national-security council, told an Iranian news agency that a U.S. official had approached him, during a visit to Afghanistan, and “asked to hold talks.” Shamkhani didn’t say whether Iran had responded, but a Middle Eastern businessman told me that, around the same time, an Iranian official had asked him to pass a message to the White House."
"In November, as Iran prepared to test-fire a medium-range ballistic missile, White House officials fiercely debated whether to destroy the missile on the launchpad. (“Anything that happens, they lurch to kinetic options,” the adviser on Middle East issues said, ruefully.) Eventually, they decided against it. The source familiar with Bolton’s thinking declined to discuss specifics, but said, “You can imagine where he came down.”
Sadjadpour, the Iran expert, believes that the tensions inside the White House over Iran have not been resolved. “Trump doesn’t want to go to war—he doesn’t want to intervene anywhere,” he told me. Trump’s real goal, he suggested, was the pageantry of public negotiations. The main obstacle to direct talks is Khamenei, he said; having the United States as an enemy has been a linchpin of the regime’s self-justification. “Bolton’s worst nightmare is that Khamenei will write Trump a letter saying, ‘Why don’t we get together and talk?’ Because he knows that Trump would jump at that opportunity.”"
"Waivers Over – Bolton Gets His Way" (Crooke).  While Trump looks like a shoe-in given the field of Democrats, things will look much different if he wrecks the economy by stressing oil prices, and the double whammy of removing both Venezuelan and Iranian oil from the world market may be just the thing to reveal the deep problems of Assholia.  I should also note that it is an error - and an error built by the (((usual suspects))) - to overemphasize the importance of the 'Evangelical base'.  While rapture nuts like Pompeo and Pence make a lot of noise (and making a big deal out of the rapture is part of the conspiracy to protect the real (((culprits)))), American Christians are perfectly capable of seeing the massive damage to their communities caused by all the Wars For The Jews.  They are not the monolith they were back in 2001.  There has been some painful learning.

Tweet (Max Blumenthal):
"Wonder why so many Venezuelans reject the US coup? The right-wing National Assembly of Juan Guaido has passed a law to privatize these homes and undo one of the signature accomplishments of the Bolivarian Revolution. "
Blitzer, Holocaust Museum, Elie Wiesel Award and the White Helmets, this is what powerful people do when they feel that they have so much power they don't even have to pretend any more: tweet (Max Blumenthal):
"Former AIPAC staffer Wolf Blitzer honors a US-backed outfit that lobbied for sanctions & war on Syria, and whose members were evacuated by Israel. Yet the Holocaust Museum refuses to drop war criminal & Venezuela putsch leader Eliot Abrams from its board "
"Blame Palestinians for Gaza" (Giraldi).  Again, total arrogance in that (((they))) know (((they))) can say the most outrageous things and nobody in the (((media))) will contradict them.  This is the bully who takes your arm and forces you to hit yourself, all the while mockingly telling you to stop hitting yourself.  Non psychopaths find this behavior abhorrent, but it is normal for the Khazars.

"Senate Passes Anti-Semitism Bill for Florida Public Schools That Bans Criticizing Jewish Power" (Pomidor Quixote) - "Examples of anti-Semitism include:
. . . 
2. Making mendacious, dehumanizing, demonizing, or stereotypical allegations about Jews as such or the power of Jews as a collective, especially, but not exclusively, the myth about a world Jewish conspiracy or of Jews controlling the media, economy, government or other societal institutions."

"Fake News Media Suffers Body Blow on Case Linked to Seth Rich by Larry Johnson".

"Israel lobbyists shield white supremacists after synagogue attack" (Abunimah). The usual wailing, but even more cynical than the norm.  It is a wonder they didn't blame Iran.

"Will New Netanyahu Coalition and Kushner’s “Deal” Bring Destruction to Jerusalem’s Golden Dome?" (Peled). (((They))) know that the blackmailed Trump is their best bet.

"Did Netanyahu cut deal with Assad?" (Caspit):
"As it turns out, the head of the most radical right-wing government that Israel has ever known [Netanyahu], is conducting indirect but extensive negotiations with Hamas (under Egyptian mediation) for months. And now we’re told that he is also strengthening his relationship with President Assad (under Russian mediation). And all this, of course, while publicly distancing himself from both processes. Only Netanyahu is capable of pulling this off."
"The Mueller Report, Alfa Bank, and the Deep State" (Scott). Even Scott is not immune from misidentifying a Khazar conspiracy as a Russian one!  Published, of course, by one of the most embarrassing outlets for Russiagate junk.  Here's an example sentence, improved with brackets:  "Bank Alfa was the creation of three Russian oligarchs, (((Mikhail Fridman))), (((Pyotr Aven))), and (((German Khan)))."  Russians, goyim, Russians!  To a large extent, Bank Alfa looks like another intelligence honeytrap, a means to get certain people in trouble with a paper trail for use as a pressure point.

"Biden? Grandpa should not be president." (Lang).  The sunny disposition is an act.

"Mueller's Lies About George Papadopolous by Larry C Johnson" (Mueller didn't want to look so closely that the nexus started to come back to Mueller himself!):
". . . the people who brokered the contacts with Mifsud—Nagi and Arvinder Sambei—have ties to British and US intelligence organizations and the FBI.
Arvinder Sambei’s ties, for example, are reported by Disobedient Media:
Mifsud and Papadopoulos’s co-director Arvinder Sambei was also the former FBI British counsel working 9/11 cases for Robert Mueller. She also runs a consultancy which deals with Special Investigative Measure (SIMs) which is just a posh description for covert espionage and evidence gathering. She has worked for major intelligence and national law agencies in the past. She wore two hats as a director of London Centre and a consultant for the Global Center on Cooperative Security (GCCS), a counter-terrorism think tank which is sponsored by the Australia, Canada, UK and US governments. Alexander Downer’s former Chief of Staff while at the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade now works for the Global Center. Mifsud was also due to meet with Australian private intelligence figures in Adelaide in March 2016. So. Australia is certainly a major focus for the investigation.” 
Sambei’s critical role in introducing Papadopolous to Joseph Mifsud is not, in my view, a mere coincidence.
Joseph Mifsud bears all the hallmarks of an MI-6 intelligence asset (please refer to my previous article, Special Counsel Mueller: Disingenuous and Dishonest. Introducing Papadopolous to Mifsud is a classic humint covert action. In this case the plan was to select an individual—a naïve, inexperienced eager soul--who had access to the Trump campaign, who could be fed compromising information and put into an incriminating situations that would feed the concocted meme that the Trump campaign was colluding with the Russians.
The entire concept of working with the Russians and having Trump meet with Putin was a meme introduced and encouraged by Joseph Mifsud. George Papadopolous was an unwitting, albeit eager, patsy.
Then we have Alexander Downer. He is closely tied to the Clintons. Bill and Alexander signed a deal that produced millions of dollars for the Clinton Foundation. Downer, despite his credentials and pedigree, was not an honest actor. I believe that he was engaged in a pre-planned political dirty trick, to feed the lie that the Trump campaign was working with the Russians to “steal” Hillary’s emails.
Remember. The critical meeting with Downer took place while the Russians were ostensibly hacking the DNC. This is not a tin-foil hatted conspiracy theory. The facts are clear."
"Tipping Point: The Gilets Jaunes are winning, what’s next?" (Studdert).  The Rothschilds are going to have to find a new stooge.

"Khashoggi Murder Suspect Found Dead In Turkish Prison" (Durden):
"On Monday, WSJ reported that one of two suspected UAE spies under investigation by the Turkish government for playing some unspecified role in the Khashoggi's killing - and who were helping Saudi and its allies spy on Arab critics living in Turkey - had been found hanged in his cell at a notorious Turkish prison.
The cause of death was quickly ruled a suicide."
Tweet (The Hill):
"Question: "What advice would you have for 2020 candidates based on the experiences you had in 2016?" Hillary Clinton: "Don't get on the wrong side of Vladimir Putin. That would be the first.""

Monday, April 29, 2019


"Tit for Tat? Why Did Mueller Let Trump Off the Hook?" (Whitney).  The Mueller pressure on Trump was lifted when he went full neocon and essentially reversed all his MAGA campaign promises.  There is now complete bipartisan Swamp support for Trump, which is why the Democrats are so obviously throwing the next election cycle with their ridiculous slate of candidates.  Of course, years of sniveling craven conformity to the worst parts of Swampism means their bench is also very weak.  The noticeable deterioration in Trump occurred immediately after Sheldon was the guest of honor at the Trump midterm party, although the basis of the problem was already in place.

"Iran Appeals Directly To Trump: Your Advisers Dragging You Into War" (Durden).

"The Dis-United Arab Emirates" (Madsen).  Pollard is already out, so I don't know what that is about.  (((Broidy))) is the guy who got Trump out of a pickle by claiming a Trump illegitimate child - yet another Playmate fling - as his own.

Tweet (Svetlana Lokhova):
"Yes Rhodes deliberately plays down his dep. National Security Advisor role which gave him access to intelligence, incl. Crossfire. When the 'FBI lovers' text 'POTUS wants to know everything about it' they mean Rice and Rhodes. He also had the authority to unmask American citizens"
The Lynch/Bill Clinton tarmac meeting looms ever larger in the mechanics of coordination between the Clinton campaign and the Obama Administration.  What Barry was doing was so bad - high treason - that they couldn't risk any electronic communications.

The devastating Maté tweets on Maddow.

"Russiagate was journalist QAnon (Part 1)" (Taibbi):
"Once Trump was pronounced cleared of “collusion” by the hated Barr, mainstream outlets did a 180, denouncing the term’s very use.
The New York Times even gave space to a former FBI agent (who else?) the day after the release of the Mueller report to explain. Special Agent Asha Rangappa’s op-ed, which of course featured a hammer and sickle graphic, said Barr’s conflation of “collusion” with “conspiracy” was a textbook example of a known Russian “information warfare” tactic called “reflexive control.”
In a flash, saying there was no collusion became not just wrong, but Russian information warfare. Apparently, the just-released news that there never was a conspiracy didn’t take — even Bill Barr’s press conferences were Russian ops. The ex-FBI editorialist went on, in the pages of a paper that just spent the better part of three years spoon-feeding audiences a fake story, to un-ironically describe “reflexive control” as “feed[ing] your adversary a set of assumptions that will produce a predictable response.”"
"Blackmail? Forget “the investigation did not establish that members of the Trump campaign conspired or coordinated” with the Russian government “in its election interference activities.” The telling sentence came under, “Immediate Post-Election Activity,” describing Russian attempts to reach the new administration (emphasis mine):
They appeared not to have preexisting contacts and struggled to connect with senior officials around the President-Elect.
We just spent years speculating Trump was a literal agent of the Russian state, “wholly in the pocket of Putin,” as that former CIA director and ubiquitous driver of bogus narratives Brennan put it. Yet according to Mueller, Russian officials couldn’t even reach Trump until after he was elected. Forget about blackmail, they didn’t even have his phone number!"
"White House correspondents’ tribute to press freedom silent on Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning" (Walsh):
"The White House Correspondents’ Dinner in Washington DC on Saturday evening was a travesty.

The organizers staged this year’s event in front of a large banner that read, “Celebrating the First Amendment.” Toasts were actually offered to that amendment to the US Constitution, which guarantees freedom of the press.

Olivier Knox, the outgoing president of the White House Correspondents’ Association, the organization of journalists who cover the White House, decried “attacks on the free press in a global context” and listed the names of journalists targeted by governments and other forces.

Yet no one on the podium referred to either Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks publisher brutally seized and imprisoned by British authorities and facing rendition to the US and the most savage punishment, or Chelsea Manning, also in prison, locked up for refusing to testify before a secret grand jury drawing up fabricated charges against Assange.

The most notorious persecution of a journalist, confronted by the most powerful state, military and intelligence apparatus on the planet, went entirely unrecognized from the platform on Saturday.

For that matter, none of the 3,000 or so affluent attendees—paying $300 a ticket—who dutifully applauded every reference to “freedom of the press,” climbed to his or her feet and denounced this criminal omission. From this quarter, consisting overwhelmingly of flacks for the CIA and the Pentagon, there was no protest, not so much as a squeak."
"San Diego Synagogue 'False Flag'" (Aangirfan).  The details of the shooting, with the Rabbi continuing his sermon with a dead woman in front of him and his fingers shot off, is obviously made up.  There is chatter on the internets that the shooter's mother was Jewish.

"Sri Lanka: US-Saudi Terror Behind Deadly Blasts" (Cartalucci). 

"For NYT, Israel Is Always Nearing ‘Apartheid,’ but Never Quite Gets There" (Shupak). "French Ambassador Says Trump “Deal of the Century” Is DOA, Calls Israel ‘Apartheid State’" (Webb).

"The Path to War with Iran Is Paved with Sanctions" (Cirincione/Kaszynski).  The alternative argument is that Trump is convinced that literally everything can be expressed in terms of dollars (President Jared shares this view with his eliminationist plan for the Middle East, the idea that he can buy from the Palestinians any hope they might have for national identity or a state), so regime change can be guaranteed with enforced financial turmoil, thus removing the need for actual war.  This never works, as people rally around the existing regime in the face of this kind of external pressure (see also, Venezuela).  Trump's delusions about the power of dollars may actually prevent war.

An excellent example of the kind of bullshit you find in the 'new' Counterpunch:  "The Mandate for Israel: Keep the Arabs Down" (Steppling).  In the real world, the US has given up literally trillions of dollars of wealth because it can't seem to stop its politicians from taking the shekels, and this impoverishment has turned much of the country into a failed 'third world' state (a fact that is still invisible to the coastal elites and is hidden by the (((media)))).  The massive dominance of Khazar donors to politicians should probably give you an inkling that something is going on.

"Death Can be a Slow Traveler: Peltier, Mumia and Rap Brown" (Cohen).

"Nusrat Jahan Rafi: Burned to death for reporting sexual harassment" (Sabbir).

"Trump Warns That the DNC Tricksters are After Bernie Again" (Anglin).  Tweet (Joe Catron):
"And that was your biggest problem in 2016, . If you're willing to give your Democratic "colleagues" a pass when they conspire against and cheat you, you may be sure they will. On this one, you'd be wise to listen to 's advice."

Sunday, April 28, 2019

B-team / Plan B

"US-Led Bombing Campaign in Syria Killed 1,600 Civilians and Left Raqqa 'Most Destroyed City in Modern Times': Study" (Conley).  "With Assad Victorious, US Oil Sanctions Now Strangle Entire Syrian Population" (Durden).  "War by other means: US/EU sanctions aimed at crippling Syria" (Shaoul).  Yinon, goyim!  Shekels (and blackmail) for Yinon!

"B-team opposed to any negotiations between Iran, US".

"The Rise of Israel’s Political Right and Its Possible Demise" (Sabbagh).  This is well set out, but putters out at the end when it attempts to be optimistic.  Violent racist group supremacists heading for their logical conclusion don't allow much room for optimism.

Big ((())) news:  "Comcast Jew David Cohen Holds Major Fundraising Event for Anti-Fascist Nazi-Fighter Joe Biden" (Rogers).  Biden is such a ridiculous candidate, for every reason imaginable (it is hilarious to contemplate how ridiculous he is), but shekels, goyim!  Shekels!  You can't argue with shekels.

"The New York Times Apologizes for Publishing Cartoon Accurately Depicting the Trump-Netanyahu Relationship" (Rogers).  It's a strikingly good political cartoon, but how the hell did it get through the lines of (((censors))) to get published in the JYT?  Or is this another part of 'the dialectic', allowing all the (((usual suspects))) to weigh in to deflect from the reality behind the cartoon?

"Gallup Quietly Admits ‘Israeli vs. Palestinian’ Sympathy Polls Are Misleading" (Smith).  Polls are just political PR, as the answers depend entirely on the wording of the questions and the context in which the questions are presented.  The entire idea that Americans - except of course for the hard-core rapture crowd, who are a tiny minority, and the entire (((2%))) - care deeply about supporting Israel - and particularly at at time when the hollow cost of such support is becoming so huge and obvious - is ridiculous on its face.

"WikiLeaks Cites Evidence US Seeking Capital Offense Case Against Assange" (Durden).   "FBI Affidavit In Assange Case Shows Government Is Criminalizing Publication Of Afghanistan War Logs" (Gosztola).  The Gosztola tweets.  'Aiding the enemy'. "Unsealed affidavit demonstrates US seeking to prosecute Assange for his journalism" (Grenfell):
"The timeline presented by Brown, also provides new evidence of the motives behind the stepped-up US pursuit of Assange.

She began working with the “counter-espionage squad” targeting Assange in February 2017, the same month WikiLeaks announced that it was preparing to release a massive trove of documents from the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), dubbed Vault 7."
Plan B:  "So Where is the Swedish Warrant?" (Murray) (see also).  I'm sure the Swedish prosecutors are pulling all-nighters coming up with one, then will claim they found it stuck at the bottom of a filing cabinet, saved from a terrible filing accident.

Ha!  'Conspiracy theory'!  "Trump promotes conspiracy theory that UK helped Obama administration spy on his presidential campaign" (Dearlove Embury-Dennis).

The mosque fire which preceded the latest synagogue shooting was hardly even news, and is only now going to be seriously investigated when, you know, a real crime has been committed:  "Police are investigating possible link between California synagogue shooting suspect and nearby mosque fire" (Holcombe/Silverman).  Something that must be alarming to the Khazars is that their little project to trick the stupid goyim into Islamophobia is starting to backfire, with the stupid goyim failing to stay in their allotted Muslim-murdering lane.  Part of this is coming out of the realization that Replacement Theory is real.

"US, China, Russia lend gravitas to Afghan peace talks" (Bhadrakumar) (my emphasis in red):
"From a modest start one month ago on March 20-21 in Washington, the trilateral format of the special representatives of the US, China and Russia on Afghanistan, took a big leap forward at the  second meeting in Moscow on April 26. This is at one evident from the fact that in comparison with the separate readouts on the Washington meeting, here, the format felt the time has come to issue a joint statement. 
If the Washington meet devolved upon an ‘exchange of views’ and consultations on ‘common efforts’, the Moscow round ‘reached consensus’ on a compass to navigate the road map in the period ahead. This is a significant achievement and this is reflected on the intention of the three big powers to move on to a “phased expansion of their consultations before the next trilateral meeting in Beijing.” 
In sum, the three big powers have taken charge of the Afghan problem, as it were. This is a watershed moment in international security — something which the US President Donald Trump probably wanted all along but couldn’t happen due to the Robert Mueller inquiry on “Russia collusion”. Now that the Mueller inquiry has ended, Washington is already reaching out to Moscow to discuss a host of pending issues — North Korea, Sudan, Venezuela, arms control and so on."
"Boeing Mismanagers Forfeit Your Pay and Resign: An Open Letter to Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg" by Ralph Nader. It's funny how all their awful decisions just happened to coincide with enriching themselves.

"Robin Yassin-Kassab and the Aleppo Revolution that Never was"(Abd al-Wahid).  The scam is to use the deception that your policy positions stem from a devotion to true progressive politics.  In this case, it is to cover being an agent for Saudi Wahhabists, and the deception could not possibly be more obvious.  Note that Louis Proyect, who runs an identical scam to promote blood-pouring-from-the-fangs Zionism, shows up in the comments to criticize!

"Debunking Myths of ‘Red-Brown’ Alliances" (Parry).  And its vigorous comments.  A short history of calling anti-imperialist/anti-war writers commie/Soviet/Russian fellow travelers. Seems rather topical and important, particularly as it is the current big stick of Clintonistas (and their ((('donors'))) and the US (((media))), with the addition that the anti-Putin part suits the Zionists).  Also Orwell, Picasso, and the decline of 'the formerly prestigious' Counterpunch (which seems to still exist as many of its stable of writers has as not yet noticed what has happened to it). 

We're also seeing a shift on the extreme right, with Anglin musing that blacks have legitimate problems of their own, and focusing on the issue of stopping mass immigration (sharing an understanding with Bernie and some )))writers((( of the real left), and 'Hunter Wallace' wanting to 'secure the bag' and vote Yang, capitalizing on the upper left portion - economically liberal, socially conservative, thus smashing the Koch/anti-abortion combination fashioned to create support for modern Republicans - of the quadrant.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Lists of the dead / clearly breaking the law / process the news

"Saudi Savagery: Kingdom Beheads 16-Year-Old For Sending Whatsapp Message" (Durden).  "Saudi Arabia executed 37 people: Here is who they were" (Barrett).  Underplayed, but this is basically repression of Shi'ite unrest in Shi'ite dominant areas (which happen to be where the oil is).

"Comedian Hasan Minhaj Calls out Jared Kushner at Gala, Demands Release of Saudi Woman Dissident".

Well presented:  "Will the Senior-Level FBI Agents, Who Placed Spies in the Trump Campaign, Ever be Held Accountable?" (Whitney).  "Strassel: Why Didn't Mueller Investigate Whether Steele Dossier Was Russian Disinfo?"  "Ukraine Tapped By Obama Admin To Hurt Trump, Help Clinton And Protect Bidens" (Durden).    I'm guessing a few lower-level FBI agents will end up with a few months in jail for what amounts to an attempted coup d'etat and the treasonous starting of a World War.

The two twists are that Trump won, so the operation seamlessly morphed into part of 'the Resistance', and those damn Trump staffers wouldn't take the bait, so there was never, and never could be, any basis for collusion (or for the entirety of the Mueller apparatus). The other thing that shouldn't have survived the revelations is the general Russian electoral manipulation story, but it hangs on as the need to preserve the ((('donor"))) model - and the ((('donor")))-hold on the Democrats has, if anything, increased in this nomination season - is so strong among the Savvy and Realistic Democrats.

Isn't the whole Democrat nomination shaping up that they won't be able to find a nominee with any chance against Trump, with Bernie, who could easily win, dying of knife wounds to the back which he will cheerfully shrug off, and Killary will descend on wires to the convention floor (the only safe way for her to get around these days), like a political angel (who they believe has already beat Trump once!) to save the day?

"Never Forget: The Towering Exposure of Hillary Clinton by Assange and WikiLeaks" (Coombes).  There are so many 'journalists' who either hate Assange and want the worst for him, damn the consequences, or hate him and realize the wider threat to real journalism and so say "I hate him, but . . . '.  All of this derives from the perception that Assange's truth-telling about Killary is what led to Trump as President.  There are a surprising number of authoritarian personalities in 'journalism'.

Goal post shifting:  "Obstructiongate!" (Hopkins) and "Supreme and Exalted Master President Robert Mueller" (Coulter).

"Saudi Arabia, Israel, US All Sought Bashir’s Ouster: So How Real Was the Sudan Revolution?" (Webb) (the last of the old-guard anti-Zionists):
"Notably, the very day of Bashir’s visit to Syria last December marked the beginning of the protests that would result in the end of his rule."
"The Snowden files: where are they and where should they end up? " (Electrospaces).

Greenwald has been bringing up emptywheel's bizarre ratting out of a source to the FBI, even stranger in light of the Mueller Report's revelation there was nothing there.  Of course, Greenwald lives in a bit of a glass house considering what The Intercept did to Reality Winner.  It is funny that here we are, years later, with the (((mainstream media))) installing all kinds of protocols ostensibly to protect the safety of whistle blowers, and WikiLeaks is still the only place in the world that can be trusted to protect the identity of a leaker.  Every single fucking 'journalist' has to be assumed to be an IC honeypot.

"Twenty Years Since NATO Massacred 16 Employees of Serbian State Television" (Carter).

Tweet (Dan Cohen):
"Convicted criminal, genocide-enabler and coup-orchestrator Elliott Abrams condemns peaceful protest in defense of Vienna Convention as “clearly breaking the law”"
Rothschild news:  "Reuters Bites Off Tongue in US War Against Venezuela – Rosneft Forces Withdrawal of News Fabrication" (Helmer) (note the internet revisionism) and "Rothschilds Liquidating Royal Heirlooms In Historic Auction" (Durden).

"PEPE ESCOBAR: War on Iran & Calling America’s Bluff".

"US, Iran tiptoeing toward engagement" (Bhadrakumar).  The fact there are some sane people on both sides won't help as long as Bolton is around, and Bolton is around as long as Trump is being shekeled/blackmailed by Sheldon.

"John Bolton Rumored Israeli attack on Lebanon. Going After Hezbollah Donors?" (Nimmo). "Israel Plans to Launch a Surprise War against Lebanon" (Magnier).  I think Bibi will wait til the dust settles from President Jared's eliminationist plan for the Palestinians.

"Israel to Release Two Syrian Prisoners in ‘Good Will Gesture’ Following Return of Israeli Soldier’s Body".

"U.S. Citizens Who Raided North Korea's Embassy In Spain Are "Dissidents"?" (Moon).

"BREXIT BLOCK: Brussels DENIES access to TOP SECRET second referendum talks with Tony Blair" (Barnes).

Tweet (Ben Norton):
"WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook, just shut down the massive channel used by Spain's independent leftist political party Podemos. And it did this just days before the general election This is actual, extreme election meddling by a foreign corporation"
Note that this certain thesis is treated as another example of Labour 'anti-Semitism'!:  tweet (Iggy Ostanin):
"EXCL: Watch Seumas Milne suggest collusion between Israel and ISIS. At June 2015 event Milne responded to a question on “the ISIS franchise and its relationship to Israel”. He begins by saying “I think that’s a very interesting phenomenon myself”"
"Canada: Jews Caught Staging Yet Another Fake Hate Crime" (Anglin).  I love how the virtue signalers had to cancel their vigil but the church would be open for those who had to 'process the news'.  "Lawyers Drop Neo-Nazi Who Won’t Leave Hiding To Testify In Harassment Suit" (Pink).

Miraculous to find an honest judge, learned in the law, not completely buried in shekels, in Texas!:  "Federal judge blocks anti-BDS law in Texas" (Barrows-Friedman).  Now, Shlomo's going to have to get shlepping to those appeal court judges.

80!:  "Sarsour, Waters and Hill will ‘incite… violence’ against Jewish students, say pro-Israel groups" (Weiss).

"New Jersey Residents Keep Trying To Kick Orthodox Jews Out Of City Parks" (Pink).

"Notre-Dame Scaffolding Firm Admits Workers Were Smoking, Denies Starting Fire" (Durden).

This is awful until you realize it is a parody of this. Speaking of people having fun on the internet - see here and here [it's gone, suspended, but it was the phony idea that alt-right jokers were putting LGBTQ on their web presences, like the ok symbol or Pepe, with the secret meaning of Lets Go Beat Up the Queers]

Tweet (Tom Gara):
"This is so nuts. In *that* scene in "The Jinx", HBO selectively edited Robert Durst's "What the hell did I do? Killed them all, of course” lines - they weren't consecutive sentences, and they weren't said in that order. "
"Leonard Dinnerstein Is Dead" (Pennington).

Friday, April 26, 2019

Winging it / psychic hot line

"Sri Lanka Blasts: Terrorism Targets Another Chinese Ally" (Cartalucci):
"The New York Times has reported in its article, "What We Know and Don’t Know About the Sri Lanka Attacks," that:

The authorities in Sri Lanka said a little-known radical Islamist group, the National Thowheeth Jama’ath, carried out the attacks, with help from international militants.
It is also reported that these extremists received assistance for the large-scale attack from foreign sponsors. The attack has put Sri Lanka on the map for many in the general public for the first time - but for all the wrong reasons.

Sri Lanka has recently and decisively pivoted toward Beijing as a major partner of the One Belt, One Road (OBOR) initiative. This is despite Washington's best efforts to prevent it from doing so.

Consequently, extremists fuelled by Washington's "clash of civilizations" have helped set the stage for growing violence between Sir Lanka's majority Buddhists and its minority Muslim communities. The resulting violence serves as a medium for US coercion, destabilization, and intervention aimed at undermining Sri Lanka's unity as a nation, and thus its viability as a partner for China.

A nearly identical ploy has been used in nearby Myanmar where US-backed Buddhist extremists battle against US-Saudi-Qatari backed extremism rising from the ranks of the nation's Muslim Rohingya minority.

The resulting violence and growing humanitarian crisis - without coincidence - is unfolding in Myanmar's Rakhine state - precisely where China is attempting to build another leg of its region-spanning OBOR initiative.

Sri Lanka has signed on to OBOR in a big way, with major rail, port, airport, and highway projects all moving forward with Beijing's support. Sri Lanka is also considered by Western policymakers as one of several among China's strategic "String of Pearls," strong points where China can secure maritime routes through waters traditionally dominated by the United States."
Tweet (Bryan MacDonald):
"What makes this absurd is that Ukraine's incoming President, Vladimir Zelensky, isn't fluent in the Ukrainian language, preferring to use Russian. Which means Ukraine's parliament has passed a law enforcing a tongue for official business which he can't use."
I'm waiting for the first unilingual Spanish speaking President of the US.

"Ex-Nazi death squad member loses fight to restore Canadian citizenship" (Keung).

"Mueller Report Reveals Russia Taped Bill Clinton Having Phone Sex With Monica Lewinsky" (Durden). Oh, gosh.  Washington Examiner, owned by Christian fruitcake Philip Anschutz..  (((Dimitri Simes ))), whose (((mother))) was a big 'human rights' lawyer in Russia, involved in springing terrorists justifiably in Russian jails to Israel, like (((Sharansky))) (it seems almost quaint now compared to the unspeakable horrors that came after, but the big Khazar treason of the Reagan years was directed at jail-breaking these terrorists for anti-Soviet PR reasons, and of course for Khazar group supremacist solidarity).  (((Monika Lewinsky))), of the famous Mossad blackmail op against Bill.  And yet another phony attempt to blame the Russians for illegal surveillance shenanigans that actually came out of the American IC!

Also note that (((Simes))) himself has been under attack by a guy named (((Yuri Felshtinsky))) ("A couple of years later he decided to emigrate from the Soviet Union to Israel travelling first to Vienna.[2] But instead of going from Vienna to Israel he went further to the United States where he arrived in April 1978 and there subsequently continued his studies."), for being a Putin agent!:  "Who is Dimitri Simes And Why Is He Trying To Sink Mayflower? Investigation by Yuri Felshtinsky" and "Putin’s Troika: Three Russian Agents Who Infiltrated the Trump Campaign" (Olear).  You know the feeling.

"Jared Kushner, Not Maria Butina, Is America’s Real Foreign Agent" (Giraldi). There is not a shred of evidence that Butina did anything wrong - she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time when it was politically expedient in Washington to arrest a Russian for something espionage-y - but if FARA was enforced every Khazar in Washington would be in jail.  Every fucking one!

There seems to be an awful lot of weird Washington right-wing folklore buried in the Mueller Report.

"Trump promotes conspiracy theory that UK helped Obama administration spy on his presidential campaign" (Embury-Dennis).  "Conspiracy theory".  James Bond, having been caught red handed, is nervous.

"From the Folks Who Lie, Cheat and Steal for a Living — Project Fake Duck" (Slane).  The Brits, rather than working off a well pre-planned script, were essentially, um, winging it, thus leading to all the contradictions in the Official Story.

"Why Aren't Hate Hoaxes Considered Hate Crimes?" (Sailer).  "We found evidence of a crime. It just wasn’t a hate crime". "Barry and Honey Sherman murder case: Police have working theory and ‘an idea of what happened’" (Donovan):
"The police investigation has also recently received “279 tips” from lawyer Brian Greenspan and the team of private investigators who are employed by the four Sherman children in what was referred to in court as a “parallel investigation.” These are tips, court heard, that came to the Greenspan team following the posting by the Sherman family of a $10-million reward. The Star asked if Detective Yim was aware that some of these tips came from psychics who had called into the private investigators’ tip line. Yim said he could not reveal any information about the contents of the tips, including whether they were of value, though court was told they came to the police in weekly batches beginning on January 4 of this year."
"Meet the National Gallery of Canada's new director: 'What's good for art is good for Canada and for the world'" (Hum):
"In 2009, when Mayer, a Franco-Ontarian originally from Sudbury, took over as the director, he inherited an institution that was in turmoil due to high-level staffing squabbles.

Last month, in an exit interview with this newspaper, Mayer spoke of his accomplishments, including bolstering the status of Indigenous art, Canadian contemporary art and photography at the National Gallery, overseeing extensive renovations to the building, and expanding the National Gallery’s global reach for contemporary art.

Mayer’s tenure was marked in its final year by the National Gallery’s aborted attempt to sell its Marc Chagall painting La Tour Eiffel to fund another acquisition."

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Honeypot Planet

"Sri Lanka’s Church Bombings: Geostrategic Terrorism and Drugs in the Empire of Chaos" (Ó Colmáin).

"ISIS suspect gave advance warning of Sri Lanka bombings, source says" (Griffiths/Gupta).  As we all know, ISIS is an American-Zionist proxy army, and these revelations, rather than the attack itself, form the basis of the destabilization attempts aimed at the government of Sri Lanka.

"Gold worth billions smuggled out of Africa " (Rothschild).  I don't doubt this, but I don't know what the (((angle))) is in telling us.

So the 'anti-Semites' in Ukraine voted in a Jew who is the tool of another Jewish oligarch who lives in exile in Israel, like some anti-Semitic cliché.  "Is this man the puppet master of Ukraine’s new president or an overhyped bogeyman?" (Ogorodnev).

"Top 51 Fake News Russiagate 'Bombshells' Spread By The MSM" (Nolte).  Despite the expected obfuscation from the ((('donor')))-addicted Clintonistas and the treasonous American IC, the sheer  volume of vigorous mendacity by the (((media))) probably explains why Trump's popularity is up despite his consistent record of doing the opposite of MAGA, and mostly MIGA.  Americans are somewhat protective of him as they realize he is under attack by people who are even worse.

"Zionist Lunatic Mike Pompeo Has Totally Sabotaged Trump’s Entire Foreign Policy Agenda" (Rogers).

"Julian Assange Exposed the Crimes of Powerful Actors, Including Israel" (Weir).

"The logic behind US humiliation of the Palestinians" (Bishara).  Something has got to give, as the degree of Khazar over-reach on multiple fronts has reached insane levels based on Sheldon's shekel/blackmail hold on Trump.

"Russia Recovered Remains Of Israeli Spy From Syria.. Or Did It?" (Al-Khalid) (remember, this is supposed to be evidence of Putin's troubling alliance with Bibi):
"Neither the absence of evidence, not the dubious character of the sources prevented the “Russia returned Cohen’s remains to Israel” story from spreading in the media like wildfire. The incredibly appropriate circumstances – lucky timing and sensational nature of the news – hint at a planned in advance dissemination operation. Who could stand behind it? Those who benefit from tensions between Syria and Russia, as well as between Russia and Israel.

Not only “anonymous sources in the Syrian opposition” but also their foreign backers, namely the US, fit perfectly in this scheme. Washington has multiple times expressed discontent over the rising Russian influence in the US allies in the Middle East, including Lebanon, Jordan, and of course Israel. Exploiting such a sensitive issue as the fate of the remains of Eli Cohen, who is considered a national hero in Israel and universally hated in Syria, is an ideal instrument to pursue the US interests in the region."
"Armed men crossing from Libya alleged to be French spies":
"Tunisia's government denied the story, which came amid reports suggesting French citizens may have assisted renegade military commander Khalifa Haftar as his forces attempt to capture the Libyan capital, Tripoli."
As paradoxical as it may seem, recent Florida prosecutorial decisions, which seem baffling when you consider the (((power relations))) of Florida, and may very well take down Khazars Kraft and Dersh (but we've seen over and over that Zionism will sacrifice its own for the (((greater good)))), are probably explained as both the Kraft-job - video of which apparently hit the internet and now, we're told, has completely disappeared! - and Epstein are blackmail pressure points on Trump (with the Chinese espionage connection to the Kraft-job, and, of course, Trump's visits to Orgy Island), with both involving under aged assault victims and/or 'human trafficking', one of the few things that can still take down even the biggest targets.

"John McAfee Vows To 'Out' Satoshi Nakamoto"  McAfee is trying to blackmail the CIA by revealing that bitcoin is a CIA honeypot in order to get out of his extradition!  What with bitcoin, the Silk Road (and similar illicit markets), Tor, the attempts to get Trump and his campaign to bite on dangled info supposedly from Russia on Clinton, the attack on Assange in Sweden, The Intercept's (Cole) 'protection' of sources (all CIA or American IC), and Epstein's operation (Mossad) (and I could name more names, but some of it isn't provable), we really live on Honeypot Planet.  These are all either tricks to entice you to reveal information based on the provision of false assurances of security which are actually backdoored, or traditional honeypots where you are encouraged to participate in illegal or embarrassing activity which is being recorded.

"Voters in Prince Edward Island elect Tory minority amid Green surge" (Bissett/Wright).  Despite the headline, the Greens could still form the government, either now, or after the Conservatives lose a vote of confidence.  Note also that another referendum to formally end democracy in PEI was defeated.

"Poll: What is President Trump’s Greatest MAGA Achievement So Far?" (Anglin).  Note the preponderance of MIGA.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

C’est la vie

"The Buried Maidan Massacre and Its Misrepresentation by the West" (Katchanovski).  Ho hum, JYT presents a pile of lies with nice graphics to cover up for the Maidan massacre and its snipers.

India good for Sri Lanka?  But India sent a warning.  Yet another example of a well-warned attack, with warnings ignored.  I'm still certain our pals the Saudis were involved.

"How CIA & Allies Helped Jihadists In Syria: French Covert Ops Expert Exposes New Details" (interview of Maxime Chaix by Emmanuel Razavi).  How the US, Britain and France used the ruse of the FSA to slip Gulf-funded munitions, money and support to ISIS in Syria.  Read the whole thing, as it is rare example of a massive conspiracy revealed just after it happened (and, to some extent, it continues as ISIS is redeployed to other theaters) (my emphasis in red):
"Emmanuel Razavi: First of all, please refresh our memories about what operation Timber Sycamore is.
Maxime Chaix: Timber Sycamore is the codename of a covert operation officially authorized by Obama in June 2013 to train and equip the anti-Assad rebellion, but which actually started in October 2011, when the CIA was operating via Britain’s MI6 to avoid having to notify Congressthat it was arming the rebels in Syria. Originally, the CIA and MI6 (the British foreign intelligence service) set up a rebel arms supply network in Syria from Libya — a plan that involved the Saudi, Qatari and Turkish intelligence services.
In 2012, probably in spring, Obama reluctantly signed a top-secret executive order, of which little is known other than that it authorized the CIA to provide “non-lethal support” to the rebels in Syria. In concrete terms, then, what the CIA did was to link up its Qatari and Saudi allies with a number of arms manufacturers in the Balkans (Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, etc.). With the backing of NATO, which controls arms exports from the Balkans via EUFOR, Qatari and Saudi secret services began buying up weapons and ammunition from these countries to illegally equip anti-Assad rebels.
A few months later, in October 2012, the New York Times revealed that this vast CIA-sponsored arms trafficking was mainly going to support jihadist groups in Syria, while arms exports by air were growing, with weapons being injected into Syrian territory from “operation rooms” in Turkey and Jordan, through the FSA (“Free Syria Army”) and local arms traffickers.
Finally, it turned out that these “operation rooms” were cobbled together by fifteen Western and Middle Eastern intelligence services, including the DGSE(French foreign intelligence service) and MI6, although the we do not yet know exactly what role these various agencies played in this secret war. What is clear — and what I demonstrate in my book with irrefutable evidence —is that tens of thousands of tons of weapons and millions of rounds of ammunition were brought into the Syrian theater of war by this operation. It is also proven that these armaments mostly went to equip jihadist groups, including the terrorist militia which proclaimed itself “Islamic State” in June 2014.
Ultimately, Donald Trump decided to phase out this operation in early summer 2017. This was a major setback for the CIA, as the US President was thereby conceding the defeat of the United States and its partners in the war against Syria and its Russian, Iranian and Lebanese allies.
* * *
ER: What concrete evidence do you have to show that US intelligence services have provided support to jihadist militias in Syria?
MC: The coordination role that the Agency signed off on in the fall of 2011 is now a proven fact, as we know that it was belatedly confirmed in June 2018 by Ben Rhodes, Obama’s chief adviser from 2009 to 2017. During the interview in question, Rhodes argued that the blacklisting of al-Nusra Front on the State Department’s list of terrorist organizations in December 2012 was a “schizophrenic” move, since it was obvious that the jihadist militia was a “big chunk” of the anti-Assad opposition, as he put it in his own words. During that interview, journalist Mehdi Hasan not only elicited from him that the CIA had played a coordinating role in this vast arms trade, but also that US involvement in this shadow war had been much greater than we thought.
According to the Washington Post, it was one of the CIA’s “largest covert operations” in its history. In January 2016, the New York Times confirmed this, noting that the CIA’s maneuvers to overthrow Assad were part of a multinational campaign involving billions of petrodollars from the Gulf states, mainly spent by Saudi Arabia.
It must be understood that this secret war ushered in, between 2011 and 2017, close cooperation between Western secret services and their Turkish and Middle Eastern counterparts. Thus, many experts and journalists were making a mistake by analyzing the operations of the various Middle Eastern powers in isolation from those of the Western governments. On the contrary, as the former Qatari Prime Minister admitted in 2017, it was a joint and coordinated operation involving all of those intelligence services.
Due to the record number of public and private funders backing this campaign, and the tens of thousands of anti-Assad mujaheddin who were directly or indirectly aided by the CIA and its allies, I believe this could be the most massive clandestine operation in the history of the Agency."
Not to mention a complete failure!  It is odd, considering all the money they hoover up, and damage they cause, how consistent the CIA is in failing.  Also, on the issue that the French bureaucrats couldn't seem to decide which terrorists to support (not their worst problem, which was to support terrorist groups who were simultaneously attacking France itself!):
"In October 2018, Paris Match magazine co-editor Régis Le Sommier interviewed Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. On that occasion, Lavrov revealed a shocking conversation between Laurent Fabius and himself: “Some time after the bombings of Libya, Laurent Fabius, [then] Minister of Foreign Affairs, had called me. According to [the Malian capital] Bamako, mujaheddin from northern Mali were nearing the French contingent’s positions. France intended to stop them by gaining the approval of the Security Council, and I was in favor. I told Laurent Fabius: ‘You surely understand that you are now going to face the same guys you armed in Libya.’ He chuckled and said to me, ‘C’est la vie’.” Lavrov’s comments were not denied by Laurent Fabius, so this type of flippancy in the face of the consequences of French foreign policy towards terrorist groups — and thus of the populations they threaten — is alarming."
"Wiki-Gate: Julian Assange Was Framed by the People Who Supported Him" (Chossudovsky).  The plan seems to have been that they could take control of the information by co-opting him.  Assange, looking for an easy information distribution system, fell for it, his big mistake (and the way Omidyar has buried the Snowden documents is a methodological parallel).  When it didn't work, and they lost control, they turned on him.  Vault 7 completely pushed them over the edge, as it ruined the entire basis of CIA trickery over the source of computer documents.

Ha!:  "The Saker interviews Dmitry Orlov".  They should Chernobyl the entire country and turn it into a wildlife preserve.

"Facebook’s new chief lawyer helped write the Patriot Act" (Brandom).  Sounds about right.

"Is the American Psychological Association Addicted to Militarism and War?" (Eidelson). There is zero chance that (((organized psychology))) won't support tricking the goyim into fighting each other.

"As the Israel lobby in the US weakens, its UK counterpart grows more fearsome" (Cook):
". . . unlike the U.S., where the pro-Israel lobby has maintained fervent support for Israel as a bipartisan matter over decades, the need for an equivalent pro-Israel lobby in the UK has emerged chiefly in relation to Corbyn’s unexpected ascent to power in the Labour party.
Rather than emerging slowly and organically, as was the case in the U.S., the British pro-Israel has had to be cobbled together hastily. Israel’s role in directing this immature lobby has been harder to hide.
Most of the UK’s Jewish leadership organizations have been poorly equipped for the task of tackling the new sympathy for Palestinian rights unleashed in the Labour party by Corbyn’s rise. The Board of Deputies, for example, has enjoyed visible ties to the ruling Conservative party. Any criticisms they make of the Labour leader are likely to be seen as having an air of partisanship and point-scoring.
So unusually in Britain’s case, the chief pro-Israel lobby group against Corbyn has emerged from within his own party – in the form of the Jewish Labour Movement (JLM).
The JLM is trumpeted in the British media both as a venerable Jewish group, more than a century old, and as one that is widely representative of Jewish opinion. Neither claim is true.
The JLM likes to date its origins to the Poale Zion organization, which was founded in 1903. A socialist society, Poale Zion affiliated itself not only with the British Labour party but also with a wide range of anti-Palestinian Zionist organizations such as the World Zionist Organization and the Israeli Labour party. The latter carried out the ethnic cleansing of the vast majority of Palestinians in 1948 and the party’s leaders to this today publicly support the illegal settlement “blocs” that are displacing Palestinians and stealing their land.
But as the investigative journalist Asa Winstanley has shown, before the unexpected ascent of Corbyn to the Labour leadership in 2015, the JLM had largely fallen into dormancy.
It was briefly revived in 2004, when Israel was facing widespread criticism in Britain over its brutal efforts to crush a Palestinian uprising in the occupied territories. But the JLM only really became active again in 2015.
According to a covert recording of a private JLM event in late 2016, its then chair Jeremy Newmark said he and other activists had agreed to reform the group in September 2015 in response to “the rise of Jeremy Corbyn” and “Bernie Sanders in the States.” Corbyn has been elected Labour leader only days previously.
According to the transcript, Newmark told the other activists that it would be the “start of a struggle and a battle we will all be engaged in for months and probably years ahead of us.” He added that the JLM would be a suitable vehicle for their work because of the “rights and privileges” it enjoyed as a Labour party affiliate organization.
The motive behind the JLM’s resuscitation was also revealed by an undercover documentary made by Al Jazeera, aired in early 2017. It showed that the JLM was acting as little more than a front for the Israeli embassy, and that the mission it set itself was to weaken Corbyn in the hope of removing him from the leadership.
Early on, the JLM and other pro-Israel lobbyists within the party realized that most effective way to damage Corbyn, and silence solidarity with the Palestinian cause, was to weaponize the charge of anti-Semitism.
Support for Palestinian rights necessarily requires severe criticism of Israel, whose popular, rightwing governments have shown no interest in making concessions to the Palestinians on self-determination. In fact, while westerners have debated the need for urgent peacemaking, Israel has simply got on with grabbing vast tracts of Palestinian land as a way to destroy any hope of statehood.
But pro-Israel lobbyists in the UK have found that they can very effectively turn this issue into a zero-sum game – one that, in the context of a British public conversation oblivious to Palestinian rights, inevitably favors Israel.
The thrust of the lobby’s argument is that almost all Jews identify with Israel, which means that attacks on Israel are also attacks on Jewish identity. That, they claim, is a modern form of anti-Semitism.
This argument, if it were true, has an obvious retort: if Jews really do identify with Israel to the extent that they are prepared to ignore its systematic abuse of Palestinians, then that would make most British Jews anti-Arab racists.
Further, if Jewish identity really is deeply enmeshed in the state of Israel, that would place a moral obligation on Jews to denounce any behavior by Israel towards Palestinians that violates human rights and international law.
And yet the very Jewish leaders claiming that Israel is at the core of their identity are also the ones who demand that Jews not be expected to take responsibility for Israel’s actions – and that to demand as much is anti-Semitic.
Could there be a clearer example of having your cake and eating it?"

Monday, April 22, 2019

One by one, right in front of him

Geopolitics corner:
  1. "US Defeat in Syria Transforms into Campaign of Spite" (Cartalucci) - note how 'Coach' McGurk amazingly takes credit for militarily defeating the problem that was completely caused by the Americans (in their Yinon-inspired move to use ISIS to wreck Syria), while the actual fighting was conducted by Syrians and Iranians;
  2. the US has moved its stooge proxy army ISIS to Afghanistan so they can screw up the peace process that Americans ostensibly want to have happen (though, of course, their (((masters))) do not)! - "ISIS is Coming Back to Neck Bite Afghanistan" (Berger), with an excellent description of the real nature of ISIS;
  3. "Trump, Erdogan seek reset of US-Turkey ties" (Bhadrakumar) (Turkish relations are considered so important that Trump actually granted a lowly minister an audience with President Jared, the most prestigious meeting a potato/president can grant!);
  4. "Andre Vltchek – Russia Warns Bolton: ‘Monroe Doctrine’ Remarks Are Insulting To Latin America" - note Bolton's transformation of the Monroe Doctrine, originally defensively applied against European colonization of the western hemisphere, into some kind of crazed requirement of complete submission to the Empire, complete with bloody stooge dictators (like the one Killary installed in Honduras);
  5. "Pakistan-Iran ties set for makeover — Part I" and "Pakistan-Iran ties set for makeover — II" (Bhadrakumar) - so many moving parts, but the bottom line is that so much money is there to be made by various local 0.1%ers that the politicians will eventually have to do the only sane thing, all the while pretending to keep American interests on top;
  6. "China’s Belt and Road Continues to Win Over Europe While Technocrats Scream and Howl" (Ehret) - note how odd it is that the Chinese are honored guests at the opening of a bridge in Croatia - "The new model of development which has increasingly won over central, and eastern Eurasian countries as well as Greece and Italy have provided a breath of fresh air for citizens everywhere who are looking with despair upon a Trans-Atlantic system which can do nothing but demand obedience to a defunct set of rules that commands only austerity, hyperinflationary banking practices and no long term investment into the real economy.", and illustrated with photos of ludicrous losers from the dustpan of history; 
  7. "US/NATO Using Europe For Strategy Of Controlled Chaos" (Dinucci);
  8. "Middle East Resistance Is Stiffening" (Luongo) - an 'Arab NATO' without the only non-joke military in the group seems like huge news, but the (((media))) has chosen to ignore it, in the general pattern of ignoring what does not fit The Narrative;
  9. "A collapse in the House of Bolton?" (Lang). Note the Bolton story by James S in the comments.  "Iraq hopes to ease Saudi-Iranian tensions" (Bhadrakumar). Saudi Arabia doesn't seem to fit in that guest list, but the Bibi/US-stooge anti-Iran alliance seems to be weakening. 
"1 big thing: Scoop — Pompeo says admin opposes Iran military intervention":
"Pompeo also distanced the administration from the People's Mujahedin of Iran, or MEK (Mujahedin-e Khalq), an anti-regime group that the U.S. once designated as a foreign terrorist organization.
  • Several people in the room told Pompeo they worried about what message it sent for close Trump allies — National Security Adviser John Bolton and Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani among them — to appear friendly with the MEK, whom some in the room described as worse than the current regime.
  • "Let's not beat around the bush," Pompeo replied, according to one source's notes. "Ambassador Bolton spoke at an MEK rally. President Trump and I have not."
  • "He acknowledged that John Bolton and Rudy Giuliani had connections or ties, whatever you want to call it ... with the MEK, but he did say that he and the president did not," confirmed another person in the room, Texas attorney Michael Payma."
The biggest thing is that, despite many disheartening signs many of which are extremely serious, the essential Trump aversion to outright war appears to still be in place. 

Still the only sane choice for an American voter:  "Gabbard Campaign Video Slams Trump For Making US "The Prostitute Of Saudi Arabia"". I'm certain, if anyone cared to look, it was Saudi money and organization behind the attacks in Sri Lanka.

"Understanding Saudi Arabia’s Role in Post-Coup Sudan" (Garrie).

"Liberals and the Attack on Ilhan Omar" (Marcetic). The 'left' and its (((donors))) and various SJWs can still mention Islamophobia, and even mildly criticize it, but you won't see how Islamophobia was intentionally cultured and funded by a (((very particular group of people))).

"Why 2019 Ukraine Imports Terrorists and Exports Terror 1992-2019" (Eliason).  Progress is trading in your crypto-Jewish neo-Nazi supporting leader for a loud-and-proud Jewish neo-Nazi supporting leader.  Meet the new boss . . . :  "Peace Candidate?" (Robinson).

"Russia Halts Exports of Oil, Petroleum Products to Ukraine".

"Mueller Report: Assange Smeared Seth Rich to Cover for Russians" (Poulson).  These vile, lying bastards are never going to give up in protecting the ((('donor'))) model. Note how Crowdstrike is still the source, as the FBI never did any independent investigation, and Mueller just retyped their findings.  Of course, a lot of this is self-defensive, as the real criminals still walk free and as yet have been unquestioned:  "NYT: The Tables Have Turned -- Time To Investigate The FBI, Steele And The Rest Of The 'Witch Hunters'" (Durden).  "Senate Leaders Want Information On ‘Highly Classified’ FBI Memo About Clinton" (Sara Carter).  "Judicial Watch Uncovers ‘Cover-Up’ Discussions in Latest Production of Clinton Email Documents".  "Nunes Statement on Mueller Report".  "Special Counsel Mueller--Disingenuous and Dishonest by Larry C Johnson".

"How Has Former MI6 Spymaster Richard Dearlove Dodged Scrutiny Despite Links To Russiagate?" (Durden).

"Is Julian Assange an Anti Semite as Well as a Publisher?" (Mykytyn).  Funny, as the usual authoritarian personality, deeply disturbed at the revelations of the precious secrets of his betters, is more likely to accuse Assange of being a Mossad asset.

'Journalists' on Assange:  "Assange Arrest: “A Definite Creep, a Probable Rapist” Part 2" (Media Lens).

"John Helmer: The Julian Assange Case Now Puts the US on Trial in a British Court – Is There a Get-Out-of-Jail Card for Assange?" Various legal niceties which would be more interesting if the British judiciary wasn't utterly corrupt.  Better is the fact that the multiple angles can drag this monstrosity on until Corbyn is PM, and he can order Assange out.

"“No One is Above the Law:” You Have to be Kidding" (O'Neill)

"Half Of England Is Owned By 1% Of The Population" (Evans).

"Free Ola Bini!"  "Ecuador Issues International Arrest Warrant For Former Minister Who Backed Assange" (Durden).  "Sell Out: How Corruption, Voter Fraud and a Neoliberal Turn Led Ecuador’s President Moreno to Give Up Assange" (Rogatyuk).  The voters of Ecuador were told they were voting for Correa II, not some crazed fascist.

"No, Assad Didn’t “Win” the War, He Was Compelled by Putin to “Compromise”" and "Why Isn’t Oil-Rich Russia Helping Its Syrian “Ally” Survive the Fuel Crisis?" and "“Putinyahu’s Rusrael”: The Putin-Netanyahu Relationship, A Deep Personal Bond?" (Korybko).  Korybko has been pounding this very uninteresting point - that Putin has his own agenda with isn't a 100% overlap with Assad's, and he sometimes appears to be Zionism's best friend - so much it sounds like Korybko is on Bibi's payroll.  In the real world, blocking Yinon in Syria is so massive, and sets such a huge precedent, that it is simply impossible to see Putin as any kind of friend to Zionism.  In fact, the entire mechanism of Russiagate has been specifically created by the (((usual suspects))) to get Putin out of the picture through WWIII and regime change.  If Putin doesn't give Assad everything Assad could possibly want, it is because he has his own, Russia-centric, agenda (Americans are going 'you can do that, act in your own national interests?'), and if he does favors for Bibi it is because he expects something in return.

"Canada, EU punch back at U.S. Cuba shift, vow to defend their companies" (Blanchfield).  "EU and Canada to Fight New US Sanctions on Cuba".  Hilarious, as Canada gets to eat the direct and easily predictable - Freeland did Nazi that coming - results of its perfidy in places like Haiti and Venezuela.

"Why Did Omidyar Shut Down The Intercept’s Snowden Archive?" (Shorrock).  Read the whole thing - it's thick with Omidyar's spooky connections to the Destabilization Industrial Complex, in this case in particular to the awful USAID and a private contractor called Frontier Design Group.  It is funny how The Intercept carefully steps its way around these issues.  Lots of details on the weaponization of 'aid'.  Also funny:  "the arrogant and clueless Micah Lee", and "Citizen Four, Poitras’s grossly over-hyped and narcissistic cover story (er, documentary) on Edward Snowden".  Note how foreknowledge of American coups leads to huge insider trading profits.  It is clear that Pierre 'saved' the archive in order to shut it down.

"Snowden archives at great risk — As alarming as Assange's arrest" (Kreig).

Tweet (Barrett Brown) ("and I have no choice now but to eat Glenn Greenwald's dogs, one by one, right in front of him"):
"The following media professionals are massive punks"
"Frankenstein Designer Kids: What You Don’t Know About Gender-Transitioning Will Blow Your Mind" (Bridge).

"On Jews Being United" (Atzmon):
"The alleged ‘enemies of the Jews’ are people who want the Jewish past to be subject to scrutiny like all other historical chapters, Israeli barbarism to be curtailed, Wall Street to be restricted, Palestine to be free. They want globalisation to be halted, immoral interventionism to die out. The so-called ‘anti-Semites’ actually follow the Zionist promise, they want Jews to finally assimilate and become ‘people like all other people.’ The so-called ‘enemies of the Jews’ are upholding the most enlightened rational universalist ethical positions. They treat Jews as ordinary people and expect their state and institutions to subscribe to ethical standards."
Tweet (Omar Ghraieb):
"Palestinians being gathered like a cattle to pass thru barb-wired narrow path to get home with a big empty street besides them but aren't allowed to use, its for occupiers only. Welcome to occupation "
"Philly DA to drop challenge in Mumia Abu-Jamal case, clearing appeal to reach high court" (Palmer).

This whole thing is spectacular:  "Baseline of a Desecrated Place – Synopsis" (Callahan).  The Khazars, appropriately given their bizarre predilections, a strikingly fecal group, are wallowing in their own excrement, despite dumping much of it on the Palestinians.

"“I’m Not a German; I’m a Jew”" (Anglin).  There comes a point where it is ridiculous to claim that these things are written just to establish bona fides for what is really a covert Zionist intelligence operation.

The extremely disappointed 'alt-right' now believe life is absurd, with the new meme a clown frog.

"The Israeli “Deal of the Century” Won’t Go Through: Extremism Dominates the Knesset, Splits within the Palestinian Leadership" (Magnier). President Jared treats the whole thing like a NYC real estate deal, where there is no emotional commitment to the land (ironic for a Khazar), and everything can be solved with shekels.

Making theft legal, goyim!:  "A Tale of Two Methods" (Van Creveld).

"War  Versus Peace: Israel Has Decided and So Should We" (Baroud):
". . . perhaps the most important lesson that we can learn in the aftermath of these elections is that in today’s Israel, military occupation and apartheid have been internalized and normalized as uncontested realities, unworthy of national debate. This in particular should summon our immediate attention.

During election campaigns, no major party spoke about peace, let alone provided a comprehensive vision for achieving it. No leading politician called for the dismantling of the illegal Jewish settlements that have been erected on Palestinian land in violation of international law.

More importantly and tellingly, no one spoke of a two-state solution.

As far as Israelis are concerned, the two-state solution is dead. While this is also true for many Palestinians, the Israeli alternative is hardly co-existence in one democratic secular state. The Israeli alternative is Apartheid.

Netanyahu and his future government coalition of like-minded extremists are now armed with an unmistakably popular mandate to fulfill all of their electoral promises, including the annexation of the West Bank.

Moreover, with an emboldened and empowered right-wing coalition, we are also likely to witness a major escalation in violence against Gaza this coming summer."
Tweet (Dr. Denijal Jegić | د. دانيال ياغِتش):
"According to Pamela Geller, it is to NOT test on . Geller’s statement is an incitement to & an insult to those who actually suffer from genocidal antisemitism."
""The Lehman Brothers" vs. Kate Smith: Lehman Brothers Just Got Rich Off Slavery. They Didn’t Sing SONGS." (Sailer).

"Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calls for slashing US Aid to Israel over Netanyahu Reelection".  She needs a booster shot of The Visit.

"A Timeline Of How The Notre Dame Fire Was Turned Into An Anti-Muslim Narrative" (Lytvynenko/Silverman).  Useful examination on the (((PR operation))), but note how they completely miscontrue PartisanGirl's tweet.

"Twitter Drops SPLC As 'Safety Partner' - While Facebook, Google, Amazon Remain Silent" (Durden).

"Jewish man charged with hate crime for drawing swastikas pleads guilty to lesser charge".  So common it is 'anti-Semitic' to notice.

"New Jeffrey Epstein accuser goes public; defamation lawsuit targets Dershowitz" (Brown).  I don't know what is going on, but with the Kraft-job and now this (Florida has gone crazy!), I'm starting to think the impossible, that Dersh is in real legal jeopardy here.

"Media Condemns Julian Assange For Reckless Exposure Of How They Could Be Spending Their Time":
"“We denounce Julian Assange in the strongest possible terms for his negligence in publicly demonstrating the kinds of work journalists could actually be doing to investigate government malfeasance and hold the powerful accountable,” said Washington Post editorial page editor Fred Hiatt, speaking on behalf of many of the leading members of the media who castigated Assange for never once considering the harm that bringing rampant government criminality to light no matter the consequences could do to other news publications’ reputations. “It’s abundantly clear that Mr. Assange was focused on exposing documented evidence of U.S. war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan without so much as a thought for the journalists who faithfully parroted the U.S. military’s talking points when we could have been investigating information that ran contrary to that narrative—does he realize how that makes us look? The fact that he’d just publish information vital to the public interest from primary sources exactly as it was written instead of working with government officials to omit the most damaging parts in exchange for keeping access channels open is simply beyond the pale. The fact that the American public now knows what we’re actually doing day to day is incredibly harmful to this nation.” Media industry leaders did, however, admit that they could probably stand to go easier on Assange where the sexual assault allegations made against him were concerned."