Thursday, April 11, 2019


"WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange arrested, U.K. police say".

"The Looking Glass Splinters" (Crooke).  Politics has been embarrassing for long enough now that nobody even slightly competent wants to become a western politician.  It's embarrassing.

"Pompeo Says Egypt’s Purchase of Russian Su-35s Will Lead to Sanctions - Report".  Turning down American junk military technology, and the hubris of the American reaction, is getting out of hand!

"Ann Coulter: Hail President Javanka!" (Coulter).  Unlike much of the stuff written by the Deplorables, it is likely that Trump will see this.

Tweet (Glenn Greenwald):
"This episode - in which the WPost *celebrated* a journalist's decision to turn her source over to FBI not even under subpoena, but voluntarily & proactively (!) - deserves re-visiting, especially now that Mueller closed his investigation"
It's curious, particularly as her line was basically 'if you only knew what I know, Trump's collusion would be obvious, but I can't tell you'.  Was she lying?  I still think she's fronting for MI6.

Tweet (Lee Smith):
""Spying" can be either collecting information or "planting" it. "Crossfire Hurricane" team used USG resources to dirty Trump campaign on behalf of Hillary; after election, to topple POTUS. During both legs, media enlisted as auxiliary spy service."
The Clintonistas are screaming now that Barr has threatened to investigate the real, serious criminality. "Very Important" (Marshall).

Tweet (Aaron Maté):
"The problem w/ this story, like every other collusion truther talking point, is that this “Russian emissary” had zero to do with “Putin’s attack” aka allegedly hacked emails & juvenile clickbait. But too many journalists, unfortunately, don’t give a damn about the actual facts:"
Isikoff has basically apologized for his role in Russiagate, but Corn is doubling down.

"Michael Tracey Debates Cenk Uygur on the Idiot Russia Hoax" (Anglin).

There are two levels to this.  There's all the IC attempts at a coup (and, more importantly, attempts to restart the Cold War and to start WWIII).  I have to assume some of the lower FBI agents will get some short jail terms for this, as the crimes are too obvious to ignore.  Then there's all the Killary Korruption, serious stuff, but she's just too high up for any investigation to go anywhere.

"A Spanish gang tried to extort WikiLeaks with surveillance footage of Julian Assange" (Gilmour).  This Moreno thug needs to be wheeling his chair around in a prison cell.

"Michael Jackson Did Nothing Wrong" (Anglin).  This phony scandal is properly tied to Jackson's known Khazar skepticism.

"Today's Blind Items - The Club" (CDaN).  Prominent Hollywood actresses who adopt male babies - often of a different race - and dress them as girls!  Guesses are Watts, Benning, Theron, and Jolie. It wasn't that long ago that this kind of behavior would have been considered serious child abuse, the kind of thing that produces serial killers.
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