Sunday, April 28, 2019

B-team / Plan B

"US-Led Bombing Campaign in Syria Killed 1,600 Civilians and Left Raqqa 'Most Destroyed City in Modern Times': Study" (Conley).  "With Assad Victorious, US Oil Sanctions Now Strangle Entire Syrian Population" (Durden).  "War by other means: US/EU sanctions aimed at crippling Syria" (Shaoul).  Yinon, goyim!  Shekels (and blackmail) for Yinon!

"B-team opposed to any negotiations between Iran, US".

"The Rise of Israel’s Political Right and Its Possible Demise" (Sabbagh).  This is well set out, but putters out at the end when it attempts to be optimistic.  Violent racist group supremacists heading for their logical conclusion don't allow much room for optimism.

Big ((())) news:  "Comcast Jew David Cohen Holds Major Fundraising Event for Anti-Fascist Nazi-Fighter Joe Biden" (Rogers).  Biden is such a ridiculous candidate, for every reason imaginable (it is hilarious to contemplate how ridiculous he is), but shekels, goyim!  Shekels!  You can't argue with shekels.

"The New York Times Apologizes for Publishing Cartoon Accurately Depicting the Trump-Netanyahu Relationship" (Rogers).  It's a strikingly good political cartoon, but how the hell did it get through the lines of (((censors))) to get published in the JYT?  Or is this another part of 'the dialectic', allowing all the (((usual suspects))) to weigh in to deflect from the reality behind the cartoon?

"Gallup Quietly Admits ‘Israeli vs. Palestinian’ Sympathy Polls Are Misleading" (Smith).  Polls are just political PR, as the answers depend entirely on the wording of the questions and the context in which the questions are presented.  The entire idea that Americans - except of course for the hard-core rapture crowd, who are a tiny minority, and the entire (((2%))) - care deeply about supporting Israel - and particularly at at time when the hollow cost of such support is becoming so huge and obvious - is ridiculous on its face.

"WikiLeaks Cites Evidence US Seeking Capital Offense Case Against Assange" (Durden).   "FBI Affidavit In Assange Case Shows Government Is Criminalizing Publication Of Afghanistan War Logs" (Gosztola).  The Gosztola tweets.  'Aiding the enemy'. "Unsealed affidavit demonstrates US seeking to prosecute Assange for his journalism" (Grenfell):
"The timeline presented by Brown, also provides new evidence of the motives behind the stepped-up US pursuit of Assange.

She began working with the “counter-espionage squad” targeting Assange in February 2017, the same month WikiLeaks announced that it was preparing to release a massive trove of documents from the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), dubbed Vault 7."
Plan B:  "So Where is the Swedish Warrant?" (Murray) (see also).  I'm sure the Swedish prosecutors are pulling all-nighters coming up with one, then will claim they found it stuck at the bottom of a filing cabinet, saved from a terrible filing accident.

Ha!  'Conspiracy theory'!  "Trump promotes conspiracy theory that UK helped Obama administration spy on his presidential campaign" (Dearlove Embury-Dennis).

The mosque fire which preceded the latest synagogue shooting was hardly even news, and is only now going to be seriously investigated when, you know, a real crime has been committed:  "Police are investigating possible link between California synagogue shooting suspect and nearby mosque fire" (Holcombe/Silverman).  Something that must be alarming to the Khazars is that their little project to trick the stupid goyim into Islamophobia is starting to backfire, with the stupid goyim failing to stay in their allotted Muslim-murdering lane.  Part of this is coming out of the realization that Replacement Theory is real.

"US, China, Russia lend gravitas to Afghan peace talks" (Bhadrakumar) (my emphasis in red):
"From a modest start one month ago on March 20-21 in Washington, the trilateral format of the special representatives of the US, China and Russia on Afghanistan, took a big leap forward at the  second meeting in Moscow on April 26. This is at one evident from the fact that in comparison with the separate readouts on the Washington meeting, here, the format felt the time has come to issue a joint statement. 
If the Washington meet devolved upon an ‘exchange of views’ and consultations on ‘common efforts’, the Moscow round ‘reached consensus’ on a compass to navigate the road map in the period ahead. This is a significant achievement and this is reflected on the intention of the three big powers to move on to a “phased expansion of their consultations before the next trilateral meeting in Beijing.” 
In sum, the three big powers have taken charge of the Afghan problem, as it were. This is a watershed moment in international security — something which the US President Donald Trump probably wanted all along but couldn’t happen due to the Robert Mueller inquiry on “Russia collusion”. Now that the Mueller inquiry has ended, Washington is already reaching out to Moscow to discuss a host of pending issues — North Korea, Sudan, Venezuela, arms control and so on."
"Boeing Mismanagers Forfeit Your Pay and Resign: An Open Letter to Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg" by Ralph Nader. It's funny how all their awful decisions just happened to coincide with enriching themselves.

"Robin Yassin-Kassab and the Aleppo Revolution that Never was"(Abd al-Wahid).  The scam is to use the deception that your policy positions stem from a devotion to true progressive politics.  In this case, it is to cover being an agent for Saudi Wahhabists, and the deception could not possibly be more obvious.  Note that Louis Proyect, who runs an identical scam to promote blood-pouring-from-the-fangs Zionism, shows up in the comments to criticize!

"Debunking Myths of ‘Red-Brown’ Alliances" (Parry).  And its vigorous comments.  A short history of calling anti-imperialist/anti-war writers commie/Soviet/Russian fellow travelers. Seems rather topical and important, particularly as it is the current big stick of Clintonistas (and their ((('donors'))) and the US (((media))), with the addition that the anti-Putin part suits the Zionists).  Also Orwell, Picasso, and the decline of 'the formerly prestigious' Counterpunch (which seems to still exist as many of its stable of writers has as not yet noticed what has happened to it). 

We're also seeing a shift on the extreme right, with Anglin musing that blacks have legitimate problems of their own, and focusing on the issue of stopping mass immigration (sharing an understanding with Bernie and some )))writers((( of the real left), and 'Hunter Wallace' wanting to 'secure the bag' and vote Yang, capitalizing on the upper left portion - economically liberal, socially conservative, thus smashing the Koch/anti-abortion combination fashioned to create support for modern Republicans - of the quadrant.
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