Saturday, April 06, 2019

Cans of worms

"The ‘Caesar Report’ conundrum and the increasing weaponisation of “international justice”" (Hayward).  It is worth considering this Qatari PR operation along with recent revelations about the Integrity Initiative in the UK (the general idea being that almost everything you read is a paid-for lie).  Note how an iffy report was sanitized/legitimized by being run through Human Rights Watch (one of the main reasons the Khazars set up HRW was just for this purpose), making it acceptable information for the usual propagandists (although still not as useful as the PR from the White Helmets).  There a lot in here, but I note in particular the conundrum of how the Assholians can abuse international human rights law without themselves being subject to it (one way to deal with this problem is to hide it:  "‘We did not expect the world to be silent’: US continuing to kill civilians with impunity").  There is also the issue of the abuse of international human rights law by extending it to the task of enforcing specific 'regime change' based on PR allegations of human rights abuse (which would put human rights law in line with Assholian warmongering propaganda).  There are big plans afoot to make things much worse, all for the benefit of the hegemon and its Khazar bosses.

"In First Ever, Trump to Declare Iran’s Military a Terrorist Group" (Anglin).  "Cuban Spy Marco Rubio Demands Maduro Government be Labeled a “Terrorist Organization”" (Anglin).

Browder:  "The Curious Man Behind Nordic Banking Scandals" (Engdahl):
"European analysts and investigative journalists suggest that Browder’s whistleblowing today on the Russian oligarchs’ use of Nordic banks such as Swedbank or Danske Bank and other EU banks, to move funds out of Russia, may be motivated by more than Browder’s personal pangs of guilt for past Russian deeds in the 1990’s before Putin.
According to Martin Armstrong, Browder’s 1990’s business partner in Hermitage Capital, Edmund Safra, was involved in a scheme to launder a $7 billion IMF Russia loan via Safra’s Republic Bank in New York in a complex blackmail scheme to get Yeltsin to name Safra’s pal, Boris Berezovsky, as Russian President. The plot backfired as Yeltsin smelled a trap, Armstrong claims, and turned instead to Putin for a deal in order to survive.
Armstrong maintains there is a “whole other side to this story that nobody seems to be interested in exposing because it just might reveal American attempts to manipulate Russian politics that backfired and opened the door to Putin.”
Tom Luongo, who follows the case closely puts the right question when he asks, “…looking at this situation rationally, how does this guy get to run around accusing banks of anything and mobilize governments into actions which have massive ramifications for the global financial system unless he’s intimately connected with the very people that operate the top of that system?”.
This might be a good time to open that Yeltsin-era can of worms around Hermitage Capital and the role of the Clinton Administration with whistleblower Browder, Safra, Berezovsky and others in the Yeltsin era looting of Russia with aid of friendly Western banks."
"Operation Gladio: The Unholy Alliance" (Black):
". . .  virtually every alleged ‘leftist revolutionary’ group said to have been operating in Europe throughout the post-war years was, in truth, either a Gladio ‘secret army’ unit or else had been completely infiltrated by state intelligence services, and was subsequently being steered by them for Gladio-style state-terrorist ends. Such is well documented for the ‘Red Brigades’ in Italy and the ‘Baader-Meinhof Gang’ in Germany (the ‘gang’ being conveniently and cold-bloodedly exterminated on the ‘night of the long knives’, Oct.18, 1977, whilst under custody in Stammheim prison). It also, just by the by, speaks to the universally attested prior association of many a modern-day ‘terrorist’ and their police and intelligence handlers."
"US escalates threats against Turkey, leverages election controversy" (Jones).  Forcing Turkey out of NATO into the arms of Putin seems like pure Assholian incompetence, and could have been avoided had Trump's original stated intention to withdraw from Syria been implemented, but the Yinon-crazed Khazars vetoed the withdrawal.  Erdoğan's basic principle is always going to be no Greater Kurdistan, and the American presence effectively protects the core of Greater Kurdistan, so something has to give.  Again, we're seeing the consequences of the internal contradictions of Zionism, and in particular the bizarre fact that the Khazars control the hegemon so completely through bribery and blackmail that it will profoundly weaken itself even as it is self-aware that it is doing so.

Speaking of bribes and blackmail:  "Tucker Addresses the Elephant in the Room: Trump is Doing the Opposite of What He was Elected to Do" (Anglin).  The old Trump was at least aware of social media criticism of how his actual policies contradicted MAGA, but Trump 2.0 seems blissfully unaware.  On top of the blackmail, have (((they))) drugged him?
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