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"The Big Picture" by Eddison Flame.  The anti-mutual-aid conspiracy.

Post Russiagate, we're seeing the new PR strategies of the Clintonistas unfold.  First, a simple denial of the fact that no collusion was found, based on the idea that Barr outright lied about the contents of Mueller's report (this will last until the report is released).  Secondly, the assertion that Trump is an actual white supremacist.  Thirdly, a renewed - this is old PR going way back - interest in Trump's mental state (though the quibbles they focus on aren't the real issue, which is the complete abandonment of MAGA and replacement of it with MIGA, a fact you can be sure nobody will mention).  "Trump's 'pattern of cognitive decline' alarms psychiatrists" (Adler):
". . . Trump early in his career disguised his German ancestry, claiming his family was actually from Sweden, a lie that apparently was intended to make it easier to do business in a city with the largest Jewish population in the world."
"Trump Tells Jewish Americans That He Spoke To 'Your Prime Minister' Netanayahu" (Belle).  Cited as an example of his unravelling!  Trump pulls this joke - the idea that these basic truths cannot be said out loud, but Trump will break the taboo! - all the time.  Sheldon.

Tweet (Bernard-Henri Lévy)!:
"For the last 5 years I have seen, sometimes firsthand, how Petro vigorously defends against Russian aggression. I hope Ukrainians keep this in mind as they vote April 21st. ⁦Here, my last encounter, Saturday, with my friend and brave commander in chief."
Some mechanics of the IC conspiracy:  "Habakkuk on cockroaches and the New York Times" (and the two links):
"A particularly significant presence, here, is the ‘DFRLab’. This is the ‘Digital Forensic Research Lab’ at the ‘Atlantic Council’, where Eliot Higgins is a ‘nonresident senior fellow.’ The same organisation has a ‘Cyber Statecraft Initiative’ where Dmitri Alperovitch is a ‘nonresident senior fellow.’

It cannot be repeated often enough that it is difficult to see any conceivable excuse for the FBI to fail to secure access to the DNC servers. One would normally moreover expect that, on an issue of this sensitivity, they would have the ‘digital forensics’ done by their own people.

There can be no conceivable excuse for relying on a contractor selected by the organisation which is claiming that there has been a hack, when an alternative possibility is a leak: and the implications of the alternative possibility could be devastating for that organisation.

To rely on a contractor linked to the notoriously Russophobic ‘Atlantic Council’ is even more preposterous.

The clear close integration of other cyber people from the ‘Atlantic Council’ into Orwellian ‘information operations’ sponsored by the British Government simply puts these facts into sharp relief.

There has to be a strong possible ‘prima facie’ case that anyone in authority prepared to accept the ‘digital forensics’ from ‘CrowdStrike’ is complicit in the conspiracy against the constitution, and/or the conspiracy to cover-up that conspiracy. This certainly goes for Comey, and I think it also goes for Mueller.""
"Muellergate and the Discreet Lies of the Bourgeoisie" (Murray).

Tweet (Angry Arab):
"David Ignatius, who devoted his career to the promotion of Gulf monarchies, is being awarded an award for courage against the Saudi regime. Why not give the Nobel Prize for MbS?"
"Why Israel Is Seen on Campus, in Both Europe and the US, as Treating the United Nations with Total Contempt" (Stehling).

"Western “Rights Advocates” Rush to Chechen “Activist’s” Aid" (Gunnar).  More on HRW and the weaponization of 'human rights'. Just as when the CIA uses journalists as cover, thus endangering all journalists, this is just making a mockery of the concept of 'human rights', which, when you think of it, is just a delusion of the goyim foolishly looking out for the interests of various farm animals.

Tweet (Max Blumenthal):
"Another example to add to the long, long record of the Americas director of Human Rights Watch operating like a straight up coup propagandist"
"Amesbury Survivor Charlie Rowley Meets with Russian Ambassador to UK"!

"Taiwan, The BRI, & The Geopolitical Chessboard" (Escobar) (my emphasis in red):
"The demonization of Russia and Iran proceeds in parallel with what is in effect a Washington-orchestrated SWIFT-CHIPS war.
CHIPS is the US dollar clearing system used by 88% of the transactions in global trade. This means that the US dollar is on one side of every international transaction 88% of the time.
If you are cut out of this system, it’s extremely difficult to conduct world trade – you need barter, trading in local currencies or an untested system like INSTEX, set up by the EU for non-dollar transactions with Iran after the Trump administration crashed out of the JCPOA, or Iran nuclear deal.
China is way more dependent on world trade than Russia as it needs to import massive amounts of natural resources that must be paid for by exports.
Russia, for its part, could very easily become self-sufficient, as it holds about 96% of the natural resources it needs. The US, by comparison, needs to import many vital natural resources for its advanced industries.
Recent history is filled with examples – for instance, Japan and South Korea – showing that national self-sufficiency works. China is fine-tuning the model as applied to the Made in China 2025 strategy.
The problem with Russia is that the Central Bank under Elvira Nabiullina arguably does not operate in the Russian national interest.
As I have extensively discussed with Russian analysts, a solution would be for the Russian Central Bank to create currency controls to prevent oligarchs from siphoning their wealth overseas, a move that only serves to further collapse the ruble. And also create credit to build the industries that would replace imports – a de facto massive import substitution. No credit should be issued for any other purpose.
Entering the next decade, what would constitute a sort of nuclear option would be for Russia to divert to China most of the natural resources sold to the West, whose retribution is packages of sanctions, while importing from China the advanced technologies required for Russia.
China is de facto an equal or even ahead of the US in plenty of technology areas – as documented, for instance, by Kai-Fu Lee on AI Super-Powers: China, Silicon Valley and the New World Order. Much is not visible yet because advances have not been commercialized.
All of the above is being debated in Moscow, in detail, on myriad levels. It’s not by accident that Russia is fully on board the New Silk Roads, or Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), in connection with the Eurasia Economic Union (EAEU)."
"Iran To Establish First Ever Mediterranean Port On Syrian Coast" (Durden).  From the original article:
"The Latakia port agreement gives the Islamic Republic the right to use a Syrian harbor with 23 warehouses for economic purposes only, but once in control of the premises, nothing prevents them from transforming it into a military facility."
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