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"Trump Dances to Israel's Tune" (Giraldi):
"The nonsense going on in Las Vegas in front of a lot of fat cats who regard the United States as little more than a cash cow that they control as well as in the White House itself unfortunately has real world consequences. America is being led by the nose by a well-entrenched and powerful group of Israeli loyalists and this will not end well. The U.S. doesn’t even have a Middle Eastern foreign policy anymore – it has a “to do” list handed by Netanyahu to whomever is president. The fact that the current man in charge in Washington is either so ignorant or so deluded as to allow the process to escalate until the U.S. is drawn into yet more catastrophic wars is beyond regrettable. U.S. foreign policy should not depend on the perceptions of Kushner and company. It should be based on real, tangible American interests, not those of Israel. Someone should explain that to the president."
"Notre-Dame de Paris Fire and the War on Beauty" (Ó Colmáin).  Free Masons?  Tweet (The Jewish Worker). 

"Canada To Russia: 'Meddling' Is Okay If It Destabilizes You But Not The Other Way Around" (Ehret).  Immediately gets mired in some LaRouche stuff.  E.g., "House of Windsor's masonic cult scored".  Maybe Notre-Dame was The Queen's revenge for Macron's intransigence on Brexit!

Notre-Dame was almost certainly an accident involving roof renovations, with the real question being which French government bureaucrats are so incompetent as to allow open flames anywhere near a medieval wooden roof.  Of course, the (((usual suspects))) immediately jumped into the fray to blame Islamist terrorism.

By the way, all these tales from conspiracy theory - Freemasons, Rosicrucians, Knights Templar, Illuminati, etc - were invented to disguise the relationship between Court Jews and the various courts, not to protect the Jews (Khazars), but to protect the Kings and Princes and nobility from justified allegations of treason.  Nothing changes - today we are instructed that Trump acts because of pressure from Evangelical Christians!

"Venezuela: Canada Imposes Fresh Sanctions as Pompeo Vows to ‘Tighten Noose’" (Vaz).  "As a government crackdown in Nicaragua got bloodier, Ottawa quietly cut off aid" (Dyer):
"The suspension of the electrification project ends an effort that stretches back to 2009 and has seen hundreds of rural communities in Nicaragua connected to the grid."
"Trump Says Israeli Jews Should be Immune from All Prosecution" (Anglin). Nothing new - this is already the case, and has been since the 1940s!  "International Criminal Lawyer: ICC Is Controlled by the US and EU" (Black/Qaddour).  If you look at what the ICC does, and doesn't do, it is clear it is controlled from Tel Aviv.

"Why the Gulf States Are So Edgy" (Crooke) (I like how this goes - Gulf Princelings worried about Arab Spring 2, with Haftar as their proxy as a warning to Algeria, Trump's turning to the Khazars as a counterbalance to his Deep State problems, the Turkey-Qatar-MB alliance playing out, and, of course, as always, Israel as a leech and huge real and dangerous problem for the hegemon, with Putin managing his juggling act in the background):
". . . the clue lies in Libya, and with General Haftar’s military thrust on the capital, Tripoli. At one level, evidently this push is a part of an internal Libyan struggle; but at another, Haftar’s unexpected and sudden exit from the political process (the UN Secretary General and Envoy were left gaping on their last visit to Libya), is revealed more as an expression of Gulf agitation. (Haftar’s push came on the heels of a round of consultations in certain Gulf capitals).

It is not so much agitation about Libya, but rather fears – real fears – about Algeria. Algeria is experiencing huge and repeated popular protests which have forced the President to stand down. The popular (peaceful, so far) uprising, however, continues – but with the security apparatus still hovering menacingly in the background. In Khartoum too, protests have been afoot, and now that President has been overthrown (in a military coup). Ghosts – old ghosts – from 2011 are affronting Gulf leaders.

The UAE-Saudi message from (Islamist-hater) Haftar’s getting the ‘green light’ to take Islamist controlled Tripoli is simply addressed to the people of Algeria: ‘If you rise up against your ruling-structures, be aware: ‘It will be repressed unhesitatingly’’. And, it is an absolute ‘red line’ that ‘Islamists will not be tolerated’. (The UAE has a past history of intervention in Algeria’s affairs through the Algerian military. Bouteflika was a ‘guest’ of the UAE, until he became President)."
". . . (Turkey and Qatar), are the main supporters of the Libyan Misrata militia, and the Islamists of Tripoli – which is to say, they are the facilitators and funders of those forces opposing General Haftar’s thrust to destroy the Islamist movements based in Tripoli (Libya). The present conflict in Libya therefore is also a Gulf proxy war waged against the Muslim Brotherhood, and its patrons (Turkey and Qatar). This constitutes a further, second, message to Algeria: Do not allow the Brotherhood a role in the popular unrest – or else!
And there is something else to keep the Gulf grandees awake at night: Turkey is gently slipping away from NATO towards Moscow (as best Erdogan can do, without as a result, completely losing the secular, Europe-leaning coastal constituencies). And, even if Turkey should remain in NATO in body – though not in spirit – this would represent a huge strategic shift, impacting on (substantively Turkic) Central Asia, and the Middle East.

In brief, a major US pillar is being uprooted from the region at a time when Gulf leaders are questioning US constancy, and are alarmed at the resurgence of popular protest. No wonder they are making overtures towards Israel. Where else can they turn for protection in a world becoming ever more hostile to their interests.

But even that is not without risk. Reports suggest that Trump is on the cusp of publishing his ‘Deal of the Century’. It is widely expected to be another Naqba (catastrophe) for the Palestinians. Gulf leaders (who guardedly support Kushner’s ‘deal’), will worry that its publication will provide fertile ground for Turkey and Qatar to instigate the Muslim Brotherhood against them on their own patch – on the Palestinian issue.
All in all, the Gulf grandees have a right to be edgy. They can see that Trump’s ‘war hawks’ are intent on cornering, pressurising and provoking Iran. After 3 May (when oil waivers expire), we may witness a major escalation by Bolton and Pompeo against Iran. How far might this be bluster and bluff in the lead up to crucial Presidential elections in the US? Or is Trump being quietly being manoeuvred into some ‘forever war’ with Iran, that John Bolton has long sought? Will Netanyahu play along? What then will become of the Gulf?"
"Does Moscow think Trump wants a war? It is doubtful; but Trump’s position – his very continuance in office, like that of previous US Presidents – inevitably is held ransom by the collegiate deep state which will not allow any existential threat to its inner circle, or to its hold on the levers of global power to develop. Trump undoubtedly is aware of his predecessors’ fates, and trades with them: i.e. pursuit of his own political necessities – against yielding to Sheldon Adelson’s two protégés (Bolton and Pompeo), the licence to do Israel’s will. Faustian perhaps, but maybe the only way to survive."
Conclusive take-down of the CIA-'feminists' involved in the Assange operation: "Why the Assange Allegation Is a Stitch-up" (Murray).

Brexit - is there nothing wonderful it can't do?:  "Brexit Heralds a Decline of Anglo-American Power" (Erickson).

"Iraq Wrecked Me for Nothing" (Van Buren).  It is tough to get between common sense and clear national interest, on the one hand, and Wars For The Jews, on the other.  Luckily for all Assholians (well, the 98%), Afghanistan is going real well and Trump is permanently embedded in Syria, with Algeria, Sudan, Libya (again), Lebanon, and, of course, Iran, to come!

"Who’s afraid of Afghan peace talks – Kabul and Delhi?" (Bhadrakumar). Note how Trump's shekeled designation of the Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization can be met with an immediate Iranian response of damaging the Afghanistan peace negotiations.

"(How) American Collapse Resembles Soviet Collapse" (haque).  I like that use of (How) in the title, and the piece is good too.

"Kim Jong-nam Murder Case is Closed, or More Precisely Falls Apart" (Asmolov).  An interesting multi-level false-flag against North Korea, where the victim was attacked with the actual poison, and then these women were tricked into performing a 'prank' to attempt to connect the whole thing to Kim.  The concept was brilliant but the execution was sloppy.  The Malaysian legal system eventually did a good job of sorting it out.  The woman in prison was punished for participating in what could have been a dangerous prank, which is fair enough.  Note:
"Considering the number of loose ends, the author thinks that the pieces of the puzzle may fit together to paint a completely different picture, which does not point to Pyongyang or intelligences services of the United States and South Korea. Instead the case involves people who had contacts with the previously mentioned agencies, i.e. anti-North Korean organizations that have enough support from odious Protestant Sects and capabilities to resort to murder."
This is worth considering in light of the attack in Spain, which seems to involve the same kind of Moonie-types (with the guidance of the CIA), extreme-right wing Protestant Koreans who don't want to see peace with the North.

On the (((publishing industry))) scam which is the JYT's Best Seller List: "Carlson: Valerie Jarrett’s Book Sold No Copies, Makes Best Seller List".
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