Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Honeypot Planet

"Sri Lanka’s Church Bombings: Geostrategic Terrorism and Drugs in the Empire of Chaos" (Ó Colmáin).

"ISIS suspect gave advance warning of Sri Lanka bombings, source says" (Griffiths/Gupta).  As we all know, ISIS is an American-Zionist proxy army, and these revelations, rather than the attack itself, form the basis of the destabilization attempts aimed at the government of Sri Lanka.

"Gold worth billions smuggled out of Africa " (Rothschild).  I don't doubt this, but I don't know what the (((angle))) is in telling us.

So the 'anti-Semites' in Ukraine voted in a Jew who is the tool of another Jewish oligarch who lives in exile in Israel, like some anti-Semitic cliché.  "Is this man the puppet master of Ukraine’s new president or an overhyped bogeyman?" (Ogorodnev).

"Top 51 Fake News Russiagate 'Bombshells' Spread By The MSM" (Nolte).  Despite the expected obfuscation from the ((('donor')))-addicted Clintonistas and the treasonous American IC, the sheer  volume of vigorous mendacity by the (((media))) probably explains why Trump's popularity is up despite his consistent record of doing the opposite of MAGA, and mostly MIGA.  Americans are somewhat protective of him as they realize he is under attack by people who are even worse.

"Zionist Lunatic Mike Pompeo Has Totally Sabotaged Trump’s Entire Foreign Policy Agenda" (Rogers).

"Julian Assange Exposed the Crimes of Powerful Actors, Including Israel" (Weir).

"The logic behind US humiliation of the Palestinians" (Bishara).  Something has got to give, as the degree of Khazar over-reach on multiple fronts has reached insane levels based on Sheldon's shekel/blackmail hold on Trump.

"Russia Recovered Remains Of Israeli Spy From Syria.. Or Did It?" (Al-Khalid) (remember, this is supposed to be evidence of Putin's troubling alliance with Bibi):
"Neither the absence of evidence, not the dubious character of the sources prevented the “Russia returned Cohen’s remains to Israel” story from spreading in the media like wildfire. The incredibly appropriate circumstances – lucky timing and sensational nature of the news – hint at a planned in advance dissemination operation. Who could stand behind it? Those who benefit from tensions between Syria and Russia, as well as between Russia and Israel.

Not only “anonymous sources in the Syrian opposition” but also their foreign backers, namely the US, fit perfectly in this scheme. Washington has multiple times expressed discontent over the rising Russian influence in the US allies in the Middle East, including Lebanon, Jordan, and of course Israel. Exploiting such a sensitive issue as the fate of the remains of Eli Cohen, who is considered a national hero in Israel and universally hated in Syria, is an ideal instrument to pursue the US interests in the region."
"Armed men crossing from Libya alleged to be French spies":
"Tunisia's government denied the story, which came amid reports suggesting French citizens may have assisted renegade military commander Khalifa Haftar as his forces attempt to capture the Libyan capital, Tripoli."
As paradoxical as it may seem, recent Florida prosecutorial decisions, which seem baffling when you consider the (((power relations))) of Florida, and may very well take down Khazars Kraft and Dersh (but we've seen over and over that Zionism will sacrifice its own for the (((greater good)))), are probably explained as both the Kraft-job - video of which apparently hit the internet and now, we're told, has completely disappeared! - and Epstein are blackmail pressure points on Trump (with the Chinese espionage connection to the Kraft-job, and, of course, Trump's visits to Orgy Island), with both involving under aged assault victims and/or 'human trafficking', one of the few things that can still take down even the biggest targets.

"John McAfee Vows To 'Out' Satoshi Nakamoto"  McAfee is trying to blackmail the CIA by revealing that bitcoin is a CIA honeypot in order to get out of his extradition!  What with bitcoin, the Silk Road (and similar illicit markets), Tor, the attempts to get Trump and his campaign to bite on dangled info supposedly from Russia on Clinton, the attack on Assange in Sweden, The Intercept's (Cole) 'protection' of sources (all CIA or American IC), and Epstein's operation (Mossad) (and I could name more names, but some of it isn't provable), we really live on Honeypot Planet.  These are all either tricks to entice you to reveal information based on the provision of false assurances of security which are actually backdoored, or traditional honeypots where you are encouraged to participate in illegal or embarrassing activity which is being recorded.

"Voters in Prince Edward Island elect Tory minority amid Green surge" (Bissett/Wright).  Despite the headline, the Greens could still form the government, either now, or after the Conservatives lose a vote of confidence.  Note also that another referendum to formally end democracy in PEI was defeated.

"Poll: What is President Trump’s Greatest MAGA Achievement So Far?" (Anglin).  Note the preponderance of MIGA.
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