Monday, April 08, 2019

Israel’s humongous schwanz

"America as Religion" (Dinh).  I still like the hybrid conspiracy theory that the moon landing did occur, but all the documentary 'evidence' of it was faked in studios on earth, preparing for the probable outcome that the actual videos and photos wouldn't turn out well enough for the PR purposes of the American empire.  Also, "Israel’s humongous schwanz".

"Zionism, Crypto-Judaism, and the Biblical Hoax" (Guyénot).  Starts with the seminal Irving Kristol quote explaining why 'American' Khazars are warmongers.  It will always amaze me that these obvious traitors continue to get away with their 'one issue' support of building the Zionist Empire by leeching off America while still somehow managing to pass as American patriots.  For example, you'll often see pundits make the obvious point that suggestions by (((people))) like Max Boot or Thomas Friedman are ridiculous and dangerous nonsense, but you'll never see anybody pointing out why.  Lots more here, but Guyénot somehow misses the key point that the people referred to in these books of the Bible aren't the Khazars who run Israel and the US, but are actually the people we now know as Palestinians.  Once you get your mind around that, the obscenity, and ridiculousness, of what they are doing becomes even clearer.

"Netanyahu vows to annex Jewish settlements in occupied West Bank" (Holmes).  "The One Jewish State Solution" (Atzmon).

"Trump’s Consistent: Jews are Outsiders" (Marshall).  You have to laugh.  Even as Trump gives (((them))) every single fucking thing, Marshall still quibbles that Trump can't do it graciously enough, without his characteristic little dig, and Clarification. 

"Al Akhbar: Trump Wants Jordan to Take In 1 Million ‘Palestinians’" (Israel).  President Jared's eliminationist plan.  Note the consistent scare quotes around the word 'Palestinians'.

"MIGA: Sheldon Adelson and RJC Plot Jexodus" (Wallace).  I note that both 'white nationalists' 'Wallace' and Anglin have recently displayed some rather startling opinions recently under the pressure of the striking deterioration of Trump from MAGA to MIGA, even to the extent of Anglin expressing some sympathy for the plight of blacks in America.

"Would-be Assassin brands Rep. Ilhan Omar as “Muslim Brotherhood,” aping Milstein of Canary Mission" (Cole).  As intended, poisoning the simple, farm animal minds of the goyim.

"Brexit: Parliament is Revolting" (Slane).  As everybody knows, Macron is just a stooge for the Rothschilds.  Everything is becoming Clear.  Tweet (Partisangirl):
"Listen up Zionist Gate Keeper, speaking Rothschild's name is not anti-semitism.

The Balfour Declaration was signed to a Rothschild.
Macron was David de Rothschild's protégé.
Rothschild is on the board of Genie Energy.

Who are u to police & silence FACTS?"
"Secret Document Reveals Plans For Civil War In Lebanon, Israeli False Flags, & Invasion" (Nord).  The Clarification is piling up fast, isn't it?  A false flag 'civil war' to break up Lebanon, and steal the southern part for the Khazars, without risking another big loss by the IDF in attempting to take on Hezbollah.

""I Am An Assassination Risk": Julian Assange And Ecuador's Attorney General Face Off In Leaked Transcript" (Durden).  Moreno/May are experimenting with various trial balloons to see how a violent extraction attempt would go without killing too many bystanders (one way would be to execute Assange in the embassy, but I think the Assholians would prefer to keep him detained forever as an ongoing example to others).  This could be tricky if both May and Moreno end up out of power and end up in respective legal problems, May, deservedly, for actual murder.  The unquenchable desire to serve the hegemon is another thing that will always amaze me.  Btw, the leak blamed by Moreno on Assange as his excuse for taking the American bounty on Assange appears to be a false-flag leak.

"The Management Of Savagery: Pro-War Lobbyists Push To Ban Book Exposing Regime Change Wars" (Rubenstein).  The very clumsy mechanics of trying to keep Blumethal's very topical book under wraps.
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