Thursday, April 04, 2019

It's fixed

"Belt and Road Initiative in Full Swing in Europe" (Pieraccini).  "Gangster Economics Against Huawei & Nordstream 2" (Maupin).  "Xi Jinping in Italy: It’s the Ports!" (Engdahl).  I wonder if there is anybody in the American bureaucracy who quietly decries the fact that the Americans are morons.

"No Chinese Troops Arrived In Venezuela" (Moon).  "China refutes reports of sending troops to Venezuela to help Maduro ".  Well, they would say that, wouldn't they?  China has this not-crazy idea that they have a sphere of influence (the waters around China, and, in particular, the South China Sea), and the Russians have a sphere of influence, and the Americans have a sphere of influence, and if everybody stays in their own lanes everybody will be happy.  Unfortunately, the completely crazy 'American' neocons won't accept this, and continue to operate in ways which could, by accident or intention, lead to a major conflagration.  Staying out of Monroe-Doctrine territory is consistent with the sane Chinese approach, but hasn't worked very well.  The idea may well be that a little bit of ambiguity over the Chinese presence in Venezuela would make the Americans a little more cautious in their approach to the Chinese in the Chinese sphere of influence (bonus: it adds some extra reasons not to attempt a military invasion of Venezuela).  Also, I find it hard to believe that they wouldn't take the opportunity of using aid ships to deliver some troops and snoops, the oldest trick in the book.

See also:  "No, Russia Hasn't Begun A Syrian-Like Military Intervention In Venezuela" (Korybko).

"Russiagate ‘patient zero’ Papadopoulos expects Mueller probe fiasco to expose deep state conspiracy".  He's got the gist of it remarkably well.

At this point we have to abandon completely the concept of journalism, and regard all self-styled journalism outlets as merely PR mechanisms for whoever pays well (of course, the Khazars, through their conspiracy to own or control of all media, get this PR for free): tweet (Alan Macleod):
"Allowing Joanna Hausmann an op-ed to spout highly questionable regime change talking points while not disclosing that her dad was literally an architect of the economic collapse in the 90s and a member of Guaidó's anti-government goes beyond malpractice and is active propaganda"
"Mumia Abu-Jamal’s Next Stop: Freedom" (Hanrahan).

"Ecuadorian president threatens to evict Julian Assange from London embassy" (Grenfell).  "Bashing of Assange is linked to reportage on Ecuador president’s corruption scandal – WikiLeaks". Moreno is a real piece of work if he is going to try to oust Assange based on an evidence-less assertion that Assange's failure to adhere to his arbitrary conditions involves leaking materials proving Moreno's own corruption!

"German expulsion based on media smears, says Rasmea Odeh" (Hylton). The Germans are remarkably woke on many issues (refusing to sell weapons to the Saudis is huge), and, thanks no doubt to the Holocaust, have what is perhaps the finest media in the world (making the German people uniquely well informed), but the tiniest pressure from the Khazars causes them to collapse completely.

The newest crime? - 'anti-Semitism' denial!"  "Sheffield University lecturer under fire for ‘engaging in denial of anti-Semitism’ in Labour Party" (Somerville).

"Heaven or High Water" (Miller). The real estate boom in luxury, but soon to be underwater, property.

"Today's Blind Items - That Other Fire" (CDaN).  ""Hottest Cold Case in America" rekindled after 50 years".

Tweets (Andrew King):
"A quiet, lonely field outside of Arnprior reveals its more mysterious past...a once secret research test facility for Nazi rocket check this out... "
It is not a coincidence that the Ottawa Valley north of Ottawa was a big spot for UFO sightings, as the concept of UFOs has been the standard military solution to getting around civilians seeing secret military tests.
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