Monday, April 22, 2019

One by one, right in front of him

Geopolitics corner:
  1. "US Defeat in Syria Transforms into Campaign of Spite" (Cartalucci) - note how 'Coach' McGurk amazingly takes credit for militarily defeating the problem that was completely caused by the Americans (in their Yinon-inspired move to use ISIS to wreck Syria), while the actual fighting was conducted by Syrians and Iranians;
  2. the US has moved its stooge proxy army ISIS to Afghanistan so they can screw up the peace process that Americans ostensibly want to have happen (though, of course, their (((masters))) do not)! - "ISIS is Coming Back to Neck Bite Afghanistan" (Berger), with an excellent description of the real nature of ISIS;
  3. "Trump, Erdogan seek reset of US-Turkey ties" (Bhadrakumar) (Turkish relations are considered so important that Trump actually granted a lowly minister an audience with President Jared, the most prestigious meeting a potato/president can grant!);
  4. "Andre Vltchek – Russia Warns Bolton: ‘Monroe Doctrine’ Remarks Are Insulting To Latin America" - note Bolton's transformation of the Monroe Doctrine, originally defensively applied against European colonization of the western hemisphere, into some kind of crazed requirement of complete submission to the Empire, complete with bloody stooge dictators (like the one Killary installed in Honduras);
  5. "Pakistan-Iran ties set for makeover — Part I" and "Pakistan-Iran ties set for makeover — II" (Bhadrakumar) - so many moving parts, but the bottom line is that so much money is there to be made by various local 0.1%ers that the politicians will eventually have to do the only sane thing, all the while pretending to keep American interests on top;
  6. "China’s Belt and Road Continues to Win Over Europe While Technocrats Scream and Howl" (Ehret) - note how odd it is that the Chinese are honored guests at the opening of a bridge in Croatia - "The new model of development which has increasingly won over central, and eastern Eurasian countries as well as Greece and Italy have provided a breath of fresh air for citizens everywhere who are looking with despair upon a Trans-Atlantic system which can do nothing but demand obedience to a defunct set of rules that commands only austerity, hyperinflationary banking practices and no long term investment into the real economy.", and illustrated with photos of ludicrous losers from the dustpan of history; 
  7. "US/NATO Using Europe For Strategy Of Controlled Chaos" (Dinucci);
  8. "Middle East Resistance Is Stiffening" (Luongo) - an 'Arab NATO' without the only non-joke military in the group seems like huge news, but the (((media))) has chosen to ignore it, in the general pattern of ignoring what does not fit The Narrative;
  9. "A collapse in the House of Bolton?" (Lang). Note the Bolton story by James S in the comments.  "Iraq hopes to ease Saudi-Iranian tensions" (Bhadrakumar). Saudi Arabia doesn't seem to fit in that guest list, but the Bibi/US-stooge anti-Iran alliance seems to be weakening. 
"1 big thing: Scoop — Pompeo says admin opposes Iran military intervention":
"Pompeo also distanced the administration from the People's Mujahedin of Iran, or MEK (Mujahedin-e Khalq), an anti-regime group that the U.S. once designated as a foreign terrorist organization.
  • Several people in the room told Pompeo they worried about what message it sent for close Trump allies — National Security Adviser John Bolton and Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani among them — to appear friendly with the MEK, whom some in the room described as worse than the current regime.
  • "Let's not beat around the bush," Pompeo replied, according to one source's notes. "Ambassador Bolton spoke at an MEK rally. President Trump and I have not."
  • "He acknowledged that John Bolton and Rudy Giuliani had connections or ties, whatever you want to call it ... with the MEK, but he did say that he and the president did not," confirmed another person in the room, Texas attorney Michael Payma."
The biggest thing is that, despite many disheartening signs many of which are extremely serious, the essential Trump aversion to outright war appears to still be in place. 

Still the only sane choice for an American voter:  "Gabbard Campaign Video Slams Trump For Making US "The Prostitute Of Saudi Arabia"". I'm certain, if anyone cared to look, it was Saudi money and organization behind the attacks in Sri Lanka.

"Understanding Saudi Arabia’s Role in Post-Coup Sudan" (Garrie).

"Liberals and the Attack on Ilhan Omar" (Marcetic). The 'left' and its (((donors))) and various SJWs can still mention Islamophobia, and even mildly criticize it, but you won't see how Islamophobia was intentionally cultured and funded by a (((very particular group of people))).

"Why 2019 Ukraine Imports Terrorists and Exports Terror 1992-2019" (Eliason).  Progress is trading in your crypto-Jewish neo-Nazi supporting leader for a loud-and-proud Jewish neo-Nazi supporting leader.  Meet the new boss . . . :  "Peace Candidate?" (Robinson).

"Russia Halts Exports of Oil, Petroleum Products to Ukraine".

"Mueller Report: Assange Smeared Seth Rich to Cover for Russians" (Poulson).  These vile, lying bastards are never going to give up in protecting the ((('donor'))) model. Note how Crowdstrike is still the source, as the FBI never did any independent investigation, and Mueller just retyped their findings.  Of course, a lot of this is self-defensive, as the real criminals still walk free and as yet have been unquestioned:  "NYT: The Tables Have Turned -- Time To Investigate The FBI, Steele And The Rest Of The 'Witch Hunters'" (Durden).  "Senate Leaders Want Information On ‘Highly Classified’ FBI Memo About Clinton" (Sara Carter).  "Judicial Watch Uncovers ‘Cover-Up’ Discussions in Latest Production of Clinton Email Documents".  "Nunes Statement on Mueller Report".  "Special Counsel Mueller--Disingenuous and Dishonest by Larry C Johnson".

"How Has Former MI6 Spymaster Richard Dearlove Dodged Scrutiny Despite Links To Russiagate?" (Durden).

"Is Julian Assange an Anti Semite as Well as a Publisher?" (Mykytyn).  Funny, as the usual authoritarian personality, deeply disturbed at the revelations of the precious secrets of his betters, is more likely to accuse Assange of being a Mossad asset.

'Journalists' on Assange:  "Assange Arrest: “A Definite Creep, a Probable Rapist” Part 2" (Media Lens).

"John Helmer: The Julian Assange Case Now Puts the US on Trial in a British Court – Is There a Get-Out-of-Jail Card for Assange?" Various legal niceties which would be more interesting if the British judiciary wasn't utterly corrupt.  Better is the fact that the multiple angles can drag this monstrosity on until Corbyn is PM, and he can order Assange out.

"“No One is Above the Law:” You Have to be Kidding" (O'Neill)

"Half Of England Is Owned By 1% Of The Population" (Evans).

"Free Ola Bini!"  "Ecuador Issues International Arrest Warrant For Former Minister Who Backed Assange" (Durden).  "Sell Out: How Corruption, Voter Fraud and a Neoliberal Turn Led Ecuador’s President Moreno to Give Up Assange" (Rogatyuk).  The voters of Ecuador were told they were voting for Correa II, not some crazed fascist.

"No, Assad Didn’t “Win” the War, He Was Compelled by Putin to “Compromise”" and "Why Isn’t Oil-Rich Russia Helping Its Syrian “Ally” Survive the Fuel Crisis?" and "“Putinyahu’s Rusrael”: The Putin-Netanyahu Relationship, A Deep Personal Bond?" (Korybko).  Korybko has been pounding this very uninteresting point - that Putin has his own agenda with isn't a 100% overlap with Assad's, and he sometimes appears to be Zionism's best friend - so much it sounds like Korybko is on Bibi's payroll.  In the real world, blocking Yinon in Syria is so massive, and sets such a huge precedent, that it is simply impossible to see Putin as any kind of friend to Zionism.  In fact, the entire mechanism of Russiagate has been specifically created by the (((usual suspects))) to get Putin out of the picture through WWIII and regime change.  If Putin doesn't give Assad everything Assad could possibly want, it is because he has his own, Russia-centric, agenda (Americans are going 'you can do that, act in your own national interests?'), and if he does favors for Bibi it is because he expects something in return.

"Canada, EU punch back at U.S. Cuba shift, vow to defend their companies" (Blanchfield).  "EU and Canada to Fight New US Sanctions on Cuba".  Hilarious, as Canada gets to eat the direct and easily predictable - Freeland did Nazi that coming - results of its perfidy in places like Haiti and Venezuela.

"Why Did Omidyar Shut Down The Intercept’s Snowden Archive?" (Shorrock).  Read the whole thing - it's thick with Omidyar's spooky connections to the Destabilization Industrial Complex, in this case in particular to the awful USAID and a private contractor called Frontier Design Group.  It is funny how The Intercept carefully steps its way around these issues.  Lots of details on the weaponization of 'aid'.  Also funny:  "the arrogant and clueless Micah Lee", and "Citizen Four, Poitras’s grossly over-hyped and narcissistic cover story (er, documentary) on Edward Snowden".  Note how foreknowledge of American coups leads to huge insider trading profits.  It is clear that Pierre 'saved' the archive in order to shut it down.

"Snowden archives at great risk — As alarming as Assange's arrest" (Kreig).

Tweet (Barrett Brown) ("and I have no choice now but to eat Glenn Greenwald's dogs, one by one, right in front of him"):
"The following media professionals are massive punks"
"Frankenstein Designer Kids: What You Don’t Know About Gender-Transitioning Will Blow Your Mind" (Bridge).

"On Jews Being United" (Atzmon):
"The alleged ‘enemies of the Jews’ are people who want the Jewish past to be subject to scrutiny like all other historical chapters, Israeli barbarism to be curtailed, Wall Street to be restricted, Palestine to be free. They want globalisation to be halted, immoral interventionism to die out. The so-called ‘anti-Semites’ actually follow the Zionist promise, they want Jews to finally assimilate and become ‘people like all other people.’ The so-called ‘enemies of the Jews’ are upholding the most enlightened rational universalist ethical positions. They treat Jews as ordinary people and expect their state and institutions to subscribe to ethical standards."
Tweet (Omar Ghraieb):
"Palestinians being gathered like a cattle to pass thru barb-wired narrow path to get home with a big empty street besides them but aren't allowed to use, its for occupiers only. Welcome to occupation "
"Philly DA to drop challenge in Mumia Abu-Jamal case, clearing appeal to reach high court" (Palmer).

This whole thing is spectacular:  "Baseline of a Desecrated Place – Synopsis" (Callahan).  The Khazars, appropriately given their bizarre predilections, a strikingly fecal group, are wallowing in their own excrement, despite dumping much of it on the Palestinians.

"“I’m Not a German; I’m a Jew”" (Anglin).  There comes a point where it is ridiculous to claim that these things are written just to establish bona fides for what is really a covert Zionist intelligence operation.

The extremely disappointed 'alt-right' now believe life is absurd, with the new meme a clown frog.

"The Israeli “Deal of the Century” Won’t Go Through: Extremism Dominates the Knesset, Splits within the Palestinian Leadership" (Magnier). President Jared treats the whole thing like a NYC real estate deal, where there is no emotional commitment to the land (ironic for a Khazar), and everything can be solved with shekels.

Making theft legal, goyim!:  "A Tale of Two Methods" (Van Creveld).

"War  Versus Peace: Israel Has Decided and So Should We" (Baroud):
". . . perhaps the most important lesson that we can learn in the aftermath of these elections is that in today’s Israel, military occupation and apartheid have been internalized and normalized as uncontested realities, unworthy of national debate. This in particular should summon our immediate attention.

During election campaigns, no major party spoke about peace, let alone provided a comprehensive vision for achieving it. No leading politician called for the dismantling of the illegal Jewish settlements that have been erected on Palestinian land in violation of international law.

More importantly and tellingly, no one spoke of a two-state solution.

As far as Israelis are concerned, the two-state solution is dead. While this is also true for many Palestinians, the Israeli alternative is hardly co-existence in one democratic secular state. The Israeli alternative is Apartheid.

Netanyahu and his future government coalition of like-minded extremists are now armed with an unmistakably popular mandate to fulfill all of their electoral promises, including the annexation of the West Bank.

Moreover, with an emboldened and empowered right-wing coalition, we are also likely to witness a major escalation in violence against Gaza this coming summer."
Tweet (Dr. Denijal Jegić | د. دانيال ياغِتش):
"According to Pamela Geller, it is to NOT test on . Geller’s statement is an incitement to & an insult to those who actually suffer from genocidal antisemitism."
""The Lehman Brothers" vs. Kate Smith: Lehman Brothers Just Got Rich Off Slavery. They Didn’t Sing SONGS." (Sailer).

"Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calls for slashing US Aid to Israel over Netanyahu Reelection".  She needs a booster shot of The Visit.

"A Timeline Of How The Notre Dame Fire Was Turned Into An Anti-Muslim Narrative" (Lytvynenko/Silverman).  Useful examination on the (((PR operation))), but note how they completely miscontrue PartisanGirl's tweet.

"Twitter Drops SPLC As 'Safety Partner' - While Facebook, Google, Amazon Remain Silent" (Durden).

"Jewish man charged with hate crime for drawing swastikas pleads guilty to lesser charge".  So common it is 'anti-Semitic' to notice.

"New Jeffrey Epstein accuser goes public; defamation lawsuit targets Dershowitz" (Brown).  I don't know what is going on, but with the Kraft-job and now this (Florida has gone crazy!), I'm starting to think the impossible, that Dersh is in real legal jeopardy here.

"Media Condemns Julian Assange For Reckless Exposure Of How They Could Be Spending Their Time":
"“We denounce Julian Assange in the strongest possible terms for his negligence in publicly demonstrating the kinds of work journalists could actually be doing to investigate government malfeasance and hold the powerful accountable,” said Washington Post editorial page editor Fred Hiatt, speaking on behalf of many of the leading members of the media who castigated Assange for never once considering the harm that bringing rampant government criminality to light no matter the consequences could do to other news publications’ reputations. “It’s abundantly clear that Mr. Assange was focused on exposing documented evidence of U.S. war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan without so much as a thought for the journalists who faithfully parroted the U.S. military’s talking points when we could have been investigating information that ran contrary to that narrative—does he realize how that makes us look? The fact that he’d just publish information vital to the public interest from primary sources exactly as it was written instead of working with government officials to omit the most damaging parts in exchange for keeping access channels open is simply beyond the pale. The fact that the American public now knows what we’re actually doing day to day is incredibly harmful to this nation.” Media industry leaders did, however, admit that they could probably stand to go easier on Assange where the sexual assault allegations made against him were concerned."
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