Sunday, April 14, 2019

Renewed sense of purpose

  1. "Hackers publish personal data on thousands of US police officers and federal agents" (Whittaker);
  2. "Hacktivists Team Up To Hack, Deface, Leak or Crash 39 Ecuadorian Websites Within First 24 Hours After Assange’s Arrest" (Dunn);
  3. "Facebook DOWN: MAJOR outage leaves social media users unable to login" (Martin) 'server issues'.
WikiLeaks is till plugging along, but with Assange effectively locked up, its glory days were long behind it. In fact, the CIA had Assange just where it wanted him, stagnating, completely cut off from the world except for personal meetings with a few people, all under the surveillance of Ecuador.  He might as well have been sending messages in bottles.  His full-time job was waiting for something to happen.

The glory days of hacking are also long gone.  It still exists, but it's almost all the work of criminal gangs for purely commercial purposes.  As the world gets worse and worse - look at how optimistic South America was only a few years ago, now a series of disasters, and all the horrible shekeled decisions of Trump for Sheldon, and so on and so on - there is still the hope that people are much more angry and aware than the authorities can comprehend (note how consistently shocked they are at the woke actions of various 'deplorables').

Perhaps this arrest is the clarion call to the hackers of the world to put their black hats back on - though any attacks against Assholia would involve, by definition, only the whitest of white hats in doling out some just desserts - and get back to work.  If people are no longer allowed to blow whistles, maybe some will feel that more direct action will get the attention of the bad guys.  The worst of the worst have been riding high recently, and that just ain't right.
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