Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Speak of the devils

"China’s PLA troops in Venezuela is game changer" (Bhadrakumar).  The taboo on poking the hegemon is over.

"Russia Establishes Attack Helicopter School In Venezuela" (Durden).

"Venezuela, a New Syria" (Shamir).

"Venezuela: Why is Maduro Still in Power?" (Fuentes):
"Jiménez notes that "in other circumstances, under neoliberal governments, we would have turned this country upside down."

“But these mass protests dissipated once Guaidó entered the political scene, because that popular force, which is discontent, that has criticism towards the government … retreated as a new variable entered into the fray.

“That new variable is imperialism.”

Guaidó’s US-backed self-proclamation, his appeals for foreign intervention and more sanctions meant that, “those spontaneous protests stopped as people began to say that this is not the way to solve our problems.

“Among the people there is a very strong anti-imperialist sentiment, independently of the position that people may have towards the government.

“Any threat of foreign intervention immediately generates within our people a spirit of struggle … people recognise that we can have our criticisms, but that this has nothing to do with [US President Donald] Trump being able to decide who our president should be.

“The roughshod manner in which the opposition has acted and its open calls for US intervention, together with the almost daily statements coming from Trump's spokespeople, has generated a patriotic sentiment, a conviction that we will resolve this in the way that we want to resolve it.”

These sentiments were expressed by many, including one of the women who joined the discussion in San Fernando: “We don't want the Yankees or anyone else to get involved here. We are determined to be free. We don't want any more interference in our country.”

“What we want is to be independent, to be sovereign and for us to be able to decide what happens to our wealth. No one else can tell us what to do with our resources.”

Another adds: “We want to resolve our problems ourselves. We are happy to accept suggestions, but good suggestions.

“Any country can come and make suggestions, but no one can impose themselves on us like the US is trying to. That's not the way it works here. That’s not the way to help.”

“If the US wants to help us then get rid of the sanctions,” says another."
"Abusing Human Rights" (Robinson). Another old Canadian political hack, Axworthy, talking out his ass about 'human rights' on behalf of the real champion of human rights abuses, Ukraine, while really just shilling for the Assholians (and their Zionist masters).  You have to hand in your shame at the door if you decide to become a western politician.

"Ukraine President Poroshenko Income Suddenly Rose 10,000% Due To Mysterious Rothschild Fund" (Durden).  Yes, let (((them))) 'invest' your money, and if you do what (((they))) say, you'll suddenly find yourself with an miraculous rate of return.  No bribery involved, goyim!

"Jeff Bezos’ Investigator Thinks The Saudi Arabian Government Is Behind His Dick Pics" (Mieka).  

The big conspiracy:  "Did the Same Saudi Hackers who Trapped Khashoggi Target Amazon’s Bezos for Nude Photos?" (Cole).  There are real impeachable offences in there, at least stuff worthy of investigation (like screwing over American ally Qatar so Jared could get out of his personal financial predicament), but the Democrats won't raise a peep about it.

"What Was the Washington Post Afraid Of?" (Carmon).

"Social media regulation: Speak of the Devil and in walks Zuck" (Knapp):
"In a recent column on the mating dance between Big Government and Big Tech, I noted that “Big Tech wants to be regulated by Big Governments because regulation makes it more difficult and expensive for new competitors to enter the market.”
Two days after I hit “publish” on that column, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg called for government regulation of social media in a Washington Post op-ed."
Marshall is back from his crying holiday after his collusion baby died and is very concerned about the goyim knowing, and expressing themselves in anti-anti-gentilism rallies (try as he might, he has to really stretch to find any 'anti-Semitism', but of course the concept of resisting anti-gentilism is the very definition of 'anti-Semitism'):
  1. "Anti-Semitic Rally In New York City";
  2. "There Were More Rallies?"; and
  3. "Yep, There Were a Bunch of Rallies".
"On The Incorrigible Hypocrisy Of The "Conservative" Neocons" (Hornberger). Here we go again with the great mystery of why blood-pouring-from-the-fangs Zionists support Zionist goals, leading to inexplicable inconsistencies and actions profoundly deleterious for Americans.

Tweet (Mark Ames):
"The lesson for elite media hacks from getting the Iraq War catastrophically wrong was: Never apologize, and your career is safe. There is no accountability for failing the public."
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