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"Tit for Tat? Why Did Mueller Let Trump Off the Hook?" (Whitney).  The Mueller pressure on Trump was lifted when he went full neocon and essentially reversed all his MAGA campaign promises.  There is now complete bipartisan Swamp support for Trump, which is why the Democrats are so obviously throwing the next election cycle with their ridiculous slate of candidates.  Of course, years of sniveling craven conformity to the worst parts of Swampism means their bench is also very weak.  The noticeable deterioration in Trump occurred immediately after Sheldon was the guest of honor at the Trump midterm party, although the basis of the problem was already in place.

"Iran Appeals Directly To Trump: Your Advisers Dragging You Into War" (Durden).

"The Dis-United Arab Emirates" (Madsen).  Pollard is already out, so I don't know what that is about.  (((Broidy))) is the guy who got Trump out of a pickle by claiming a Trump illegitimate child - yet another Playmate fling - as his own.

Tweet (Svetlana Lokhova):
"Yes Rhodes deliberately plays down his dep. National Security Advisor role which gave him access to intelligence, incl. Crossfire. When the 'FBI lovers' text 'POTUS wants to know everything about it' they mean Rice and Rhodes. He also had the authority to unmask American citizens"
The Lynch/Bill Clinton tarmac meeting looms ever larger in the mechanics of coordination between the Clinton campaign and the Obama Administration.  What Barry was doing was so bad - high treason - that they couldn't risk any electronic communications.

The devastating Maté tweets on Maddow.

"Russiagate was journalist QAnon (Part 1)" (Taibbi):
"Once Trump was pronounced cleared of “collusion” by the hated Barr, mainstream outlets did a 180, denouncing the term’s very use.
The New York Times even gave space to a former FBI agent (who else?) the day after the release of the Mueller report to explain. Special Agent Asha Rangappa’s op-ed, which of course featured a hammer and sickle graphic, said Barr’s conflation of “collusion” with “conspiracy” was a textbook example of a known Russian “information warfare” tactic called “reflexive control.”
In a flash, saying there was no collusion became not just wrong, but Russian information warfare. Apparently, the just-released news that there never was a conspiracy didn’t take — even Bill Barr’s press conferences were Russian ops. The ex-FBI editorialist went on, in the pages of a paper that just spent the better part of three years spoon-feeding audiences a fake story, to un-ironically describe “reflexive control” as “feed[ing] your adversary a set of assumptions that will produce a predictable response.”"
"Blackmail? Forget “the investigation did not establish that members of the Trump campaign conspired or coordinated” with the Russian government “in its election interference activities.” The telling sentence came under, “Immediate Post-Election Activity,” describing Russian attempts to reach the new administration (emphasis mine):
They appeared not to have preexisting contacts and struggled to connect with senior officials around the President-Elect.
We just spent years speculating Trump was a literal agent of the Russian state, “wholly in the pocket of Putin,” as that former CIA director and ubiquitous driver of bogus narratives Brennan put it. Yet according to Mueller, Russian officials couldn’t even reach Trump until after he was elected. Forget about blackmail, they didn’t even have his phone number!"
"White House correspondents’ tribute to press freedom silent on Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning" (Walsh):
"The White House Correspondents’ Dinner in Washington DC on Saturday evening was a travesty.

The organizers staged this year’s event in front of a large banner that read, “Celebrating the First Amendment.” Toasts were actually offered to that amendment to the US Constitution, which guarantees freedom of the press.

Olivier Knox, the outgoing president of the White House Correspondents’ Association, the organization of journalists who cover the White House, decried “attacks on the free press in a global context” and listed the names of journalists targeted by governments and other forces.

Yet no one on the podium referred to either Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks publisher brutally seized and imprisoned by British authorities and facing rendition to the US and the most savage punishment, or Chelsea Manning, also in prison, locked up for refusing to testify before a secret grand jury drawing up fabricated charges against Assange.

The most notorious persecution of a journalist, confronted by the most powerful state, military and intelligence apparatus on the planet, went entirely unrecognized from the platform on Saturday.

For that matter, none of the 3,000 or so affluent attendees—paying $300 a ticket—who dutifully applauded every reference to “freedom of the press,” climbed to his or her feet and denounced this criminal omission. From this quarter, consisting overwhelmingly of flacks for the CIA and the Pentagon, there was no protest, not so much as a squeak."
"San Diego Synagogue 'False Flag'" (Aangirfan).  The details of the shooting, with the Rabbi continuing his sermon with a dead woman in front of him and his fingers shot off, is obviously made up.  There is chatter on the internets that the shooter's mother was Jewish.

"Sri Lanka: US-Saudi Terror Behind Deadly Blasts" (Cartalucci). 

"For NYT, Israel Is Always Nearing ‘Apartheid,’ but Never Quite Gets There" (Shupak). "French Ambassador Says Trump “Deal of the Century” Is DOA, Calls Israel ‘Apartheid State’" (Webb).

"The Path to War with Iran Is Paved with Sanctions" (Cirincione/Kaszynski).  The alternative argument is that Trump is convinced that literally everything can be expressed in terms of dollars (President Jared shares this view with his eliminationist plan for the Middle East, the idea that he can buy from the Palestinians any hope they might have for national identity or a state), so regime change can be guaranteed with enforced financial turmoil, thus removing the need for actual war.  This never works, as people rally around the existing regime in the face of this kind of external pressure (see also, Venezuela).  Trump's delusions about the power of dollars may actually prevent war.

An excellent example of the kind of bullshit you find in the 'new' Counterpunch:  "The Mandate for Israel: Keep the Arabs Down" (Steppling).  In the real world, the US has given up literally trillions of dollars of wealth because it can't seem to stop its politicians from taking the shekels, and this impoverishment has turned much of the country into a failed 'third world' state (a fact that is still invisible to the coastal elites and is hidden by the (((media)))).  The massive dominance of Khazar donors to politicians should probably give you an inkling that something is going on.

"Death Can be a Slow Traveler: Peltier, Mumia and Rap Brown" (Cohen).

"Nusrat Jahan Rafi: Burned to death for reporting sexual harassment" (Sabbir).

"Trump Warns That the DNC Tricksters are After Bernie Again" (Anglin).  Tweet (Joe Catron):
"And that was your biggest problem in 2016, . If you're willing to give your Democratic "colleagues" a pass when they conspire against and cheat you, you may be sure they will. On this one, you'd be wise to listen to 's advice."

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