Friday, April 05, 2019

Untraditional backgrounds / One struggle

"Jared Kushner Was The ‘Senior White House Official 1’ Denied Security Clearance" (Fisher).  "Carl Kline: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know" (Santiago):

"Newbold alleges that in December of 2017, Kline placed security documents and files in locations that were out of her reach; she’s 4′ 2″ tall. He told her if she need files to ask someone to get them for her. She filed a discrimination complaint."

"Kline is oft just referred to as a former Pentagon staffer; indeed, in records located by Heavy, his name shows up as a civilian Pentagon employee but in previously confidential documents. In one case, he was looped in with a controversial move by the Pentagon to classify a video of four Marines urinating on the “human remains of three” men in Afghanistan and the official complaint against the DoD for that action. "
"Jared Kushner—Risky Business in the White House" (Schwadron):
"Two sources who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the information told NBC that the Trump White House attracted many people with untraditional backgrounds who had complicated financial and personal histories, some of which raised issues."
"House Dems Vote Against Anti-BDS Measure After GOP Adds It To Yemen Resolution" (Pink).  This is odd, but I assume they will grovelingly tell their ((('donors'))) that they were just criticizing the procedural impropriety of throwing crap into resolutions about other things.  On the bright side, some see it as a shekel-earning opportunity!:  "Kevin McCarthy: It’s a Sad Day For Israel" (Wallace).

"Ecuador twists embarrassing INA Papers into pretext to oust Assange".

"The Media Smoothed the Path to British Soldiers Using Corbyn as Target Practice" (Cook).  Despite (((everything))), the PM-in-waiting is still hanging around, and (((they))) may think the only solution may be to kill him.

"Syria Will Not Liberate the Occupied Golan for Decades to Come" (Magnier).  It is probably true that any action to retake the Golan will fail. The only way to sanity is the complete destruction of Israel. 

"Ex-London mayor Livingstone: ‘It’s not anti-Semitic to hate the Jews of Israel’" (Oster).  It's profoundly immoral not to hate them.

"Brexit: "The People Have Spoken – The Bastards"" (Lee).  May is only 'incompetent' if you assume she is honestly trying to implement Brexit, instead of doing everything she can to scupper it.  Despite the fact we're consistently told she gets nowhere with Europe, it is clear that she is working in lock-step with the Europeans to defeat British democracy:  "Donald Tusk floats 1-year Brexit ‘flextension’" (Herszenhorn).

"Who Does John Bolton Actually Work For? By Willy B".  Sheldon.  Note the part at the end on Richard Goldberg.

Tweet (Partisangirl):

"The are resisting Israel which was created by a Rothschild. The are resisting Macron which was created by a Rothschild. Syria is resisting which was funded by a Rothschild. One struggle."
The problem with coming down too hard on Trudeau, as bad as he is: "Ontario: Debunking the Conservative Party Policy of Ford and Scheer" (Kahnert).   In Ontario, Ford has gone stark raving mad (it will take years, if ever, to undo the damage he is doing), and there is no reason to expect anything different from Sheer.   There is a very solid NDP alternative in Ontario, but no such thing exists, or even close, at the federal level.
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