Friday, May 31, 2019

Regional threats

"A Deal Trump and Khamenei Could Make" (Ross).  On of the best things about the latest surge in Iran Talk - now on the back burner, again, as it has started to interfere with Trump's reelectability - is that even the most brain-dead normie can't help but see how MIGA it is, how it has absofuckinglutely nothing to do with American national interests, and in fact really just centers on Khazar fears of Hezbollah, who have the utter audacity to sit on, and have the capability to defend, land the Khazars want to steal.  (((Ross))) - in the third last paragraph ('regional threats', goyim) - makes it completely clear what (((they))) are up to (it also makes it completely clear that the Israelis are aware that the Iron Dome isn't going to help them, and that, intolerably, the Lebanese can defend themselves from Khazar land-stealing aggression) .  If the United States was even slightly functional as a country, and no so all Jewed up, it would nuke Tel Aviv to the ground tomorrow.

You can see how Bolton suckered Trump into agreeing to trying to get 'regime change' on the cheap - no boots on the ground, no wars, just oppressive sanctions and aggressive secondary sanctions, and some silly PR moves - in both Venezuela and Iran, and Trump suddenly realized that the price of gas was the only thing that could scupper his reelection (especially given the fact the Democrats have obviously decided to sit this election cycle out as their ((('donors'))) like what he is doing for Israel).  I'm not optimistic about Bolton leaving - Sheldon paid good shekels for his appointment - but there is a chance that Trump could refuse to stop seeing him when he walks down the hall for a visit.

"Israeli ‘intelligence’ is fostering US bellicosity toward Iran — but ‘quietly’" (Weiss).

Tweet (Aaron Maté):
"Beto captures the prevailing Democratic leadership position on Venezuela: support the Trump admin’s existing coup attempt, oppose hypothetical (and all but impossible) US military intervention. An illustration of how top Democrats often “resist” Trump: not in actual reality."
Tweet (Ajamu Baraka):
"Babies dying in Yemen from U.S./Saudi war, battleships off coast of Iran, 40 thousand dead from U.S. sanctions in Venezuela & folks working 16 hour days just to make ends meet in U.S. but focus is on Mueller & an impeachment that would not be successful even if it happen. Sad."
So typical of Assholia, to the point where nobody even notices the hypocrisy:  "Pentagon tells same old story: Russia ‘PROBABLY’ violating nuke treaty… that US never ratified" (my emphasis in red) (note that this is still better than your typical JYT story, as at least it isn't an anonymous official, and also note that this 'capability' shit, based more or less on the fact there were physicists in Iraq who might have done something, is more or less what the JYT and Assholian government settled on when it turned out Saddam had no WMDs):
"The Pentagon has rolled out new allegations against Russia, suggesting that Moscow might be conducting nuclear tests banned by a treaty which the US never even ratified.

Lt. Gen. Robert P. Ashley Jr, the head of the Pentagon’s intelligence arm, disclosed during a speech at the right-wing Hudson Institute on Wednesday that the United States believes Russia has “probably” restarted low-yield nuclear tests, in violation of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT).

The fear, according to Ashley, is that Russia may be developing tactical nuclear weapons for use on conventional battlefields.

Pressed about the claim in a question-and-answer session afterward, Ashley backed away from his provocative word choice and said only that Russia “has the capability” to conduct a test with a low nuclear yield.

His comments were later clarified by Tim Morrison, a senior director at the National Security Council, who insisted that Moscow has “taken actions” to improve its nuclear arsenal that “run contrary to the scope of its obligations under the treaty.”

The Pentagon’s latest allegations are complimented by an inconvenient reality that neither Ashley nor Morrison were eager to discuss. The United States never ratified the CTBT, and is not bound by international law to follow its provisions. In layman’s terms, this means that Washington is making vague assertions that Russia is violating a treaty of which the US itself is not a ratified signatory."

"Chutzpah, Corporate Media Style" (Levine).  Inconsolable sobbing about Russiagate just after Barry committed the most offensive interference imaginable against Russia (and note that the interference continues against the new Ukrainian government).

"May Plot? Did U.S. Concerns Over Huawei Hasten Theresa May’s Departure?" (Coles).  Not enough evidence, but it is curious considering all the incompetence of May that the caucus decided to pick this particular time to pull the plug.

"Swedish Sex Pistol Aimed at Assange" (Kavanagh):
 ". . . by asserting the extraterritorial jurisdiction of American law to demand the extradition of another country’s (Australia) citizen from a third country (Great Britain) for activities that took place entirely outside the US, the present indictment is, as Joel Simon of the Committee to Protect Journalists, points out: “a direct threat to journalists everywhere in the world….Under this rubric, anyone anywhere in the world who publishes information that the U.S. government deems to be classified could be prosecuted for espionage.”
Indeed, under this legal rubric, China can demand that Italy extradite Dean Baquet (Executive Editor of the NYT) for publishing true, leaked information about Chinese military crimes, in contravention of Chinese espionage law! Hard to imagine, I know, because we all—and especially the US political leadership—assume that American imperialism makes that impossible. A correct assumption, for the moment. But we all also know the tricks “assume” can play on us."
and (the CIA-'feminists'; seem to have no concept of how much damage they are doing to their own, hard-fought, cause):
"This use of a sexual allegation against Assange to divert attention from, and effectively support, the American extradition demand is pernicious and phony. It’s an obvious attempt to give virtue-signaling identity-politics liberals a reason not to protest Assange’s extradition or imprisonment. It’s already the dominant ruse for such purposes in England, and it’s going to become more prominent everywhere now that the indictment can no longer be portrayed as a relatively minor matter."
"Most people do not understand that Julian Assange is not, and has never been, charged with a crime, and that the Swedish process has always been, and still is, a “preliminary investigation” that seeks to determine if there’s enough evidence to bring a criminal charge.
There is one extant allegation against Assange: that, after a night of sexual activity together, he initiated condom-less wake up sex with his partner (SW). It is agreed that the sex was consensual. It is agreed that the condom was at least asked about but definitely not insisted upon. The sole disagreement is over how fully awake his partner was at the moment of initiation—“half-asleep” according to a text she sent and what she told witnesses, “dozed off” according to a police summary (“protocol”) of her interview. Here’s how the Nordic New Network explains it: “According to the interview protocol Ms. Wilén somnade, which can be translated as “dozed off” or “went to sleep.” Prior to the interview, however, she had confided to friends that she was only ‘half asleep’ at the time of penetration.” The only open legal question is whether SW’s state of somnolence, at the moment Assange initiated a consensual act of intercourse, means she was “unduly exploit[ed]” while “in a helpless state,” supporting a charge of “rape.” (See the helpful video from Kim Iversen for the extremely expansive definition of “rape” in Swedish law.)
The Swedes have been “preliminarily investigating” this for nine years. They have all the physical and interview evidence they will ever have. If they could have charged Assange with a crime on the basis of that evidence, they would have. They don’t need him in Sweden to do so. They can charge him in absentia, as they have others. This means they do not have the evidence to make a charge.
And they are not going to get it. There is no new evidence that’s going to magically appear when Julian Assange arrives in Sweden. It is, therefore, unlikely that a charge will ever be made, or that a trial—in which Assange may very well be found not guilty—ever held.
It’s Assange who has been seeking the resolution of the sex allegations for nine years; it’s the Swedish prosecutors who have been avoiding it—and have been berated by the Swedish Court of Appeals and the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention (UNWGAD) for doing so. The resolution of the sex allegation is not what any of state actors here—Sweden, Britain, or the US—want.
The purpose of all this is not to resolve the rape allegation—to make it into a real charge and bring it to trial. It is to get Assange moved judicially out of Britain to Sweden under the cloud of “rape,” and for Sweden to send him on to the US—precisely with the rape allegation unresolved and hanging over his head forever. Leaving so many with: “He deserves to be in prison, anyway.”"
"The Swedish Prosecutorial Authority tells us so:
Once the British authorities enforce the UK Supreme Court’s decision to extradite Julian Assange to Sweden, Sweden is bound by the so-called “Doctrine of Speciality” which means that Sweden cannot extradite him further to a third country, for example the USA, without permission from the UK. This means that Julian Assange would be in the same position in Sweden as he would be in the UK with regard to further extradition to a third country.
Did you know about this rather significant point of law, which is publicly posted on the internet? Did the 70+ British MPs, and the entire editorial staff of the Guardian and of liberal politicians and media organizations crying for extradition to Sweden not know about this? Or did they just ignore it? Which is more damning?
Of course, we don’t need this law to demand no onward extradition from Sweden but it’s quite nice to know that it is there to support us, and quite interesting to know that nobody mentions it.
So, now we know: The British courts can, as a matter of ordinary law, make Sweden honor the defense of Assange from US extradition. And we can insist that anybody in Britain, Sweden, the US, or the outer planets who claims—as the Guardian and Jeremy Corbyn and most of the liberal media now do—to be concerned about resolving the sex allegation and to reject the threat to press freedom posed by the US indictment, must demand that."
and (it is truly sad, tragic even, that the Khazar attacks on him have so deteriorated Corbyn that he has fallen into the CIA's trap):
"Bottom line: Anyone who explicitly supports extradition from Britain to Sweden without explicitly objecting to onward extradition to the United States is, in fact, supporting that onward extradition—and, now, knowingly."
"Is Saudi Arabia Losing the War in Yemen?" (Fetouri).  Given the supposed massive military superiority of the Saudis/UAE, billions and billions and billions of dollars of superiority in spending, sole control of the skies, and Assholian and Brit help - the longer the Houthis hold out the clearer it is that they have won.  At some point, the Houthis are also going to score a direct hit on some important Saudi oil infrastructure.  We're reached the point where the attack continues solely because to stop would be the embarrassing loss of face in admitting defeat, especially given such lop-sided odds in favour of the (((cryptos))).

"Hassan Diab and His Supporters Demand Public Release of Segal Report and Renew Call for Public Inquiry and Reform of Canada’s Extradition Act" (while the Jewed-up French were, and are, appalling - literally to the point where they cannot be said to have a functioning judicial system - you can get a hint of how involved in the lying Canada was in this Khazar frame-up, and the Canadian DOJ lawyer mentioned here should be in jail):
"In June 2018, CBC News reported that a key fingerprint analysis exonerating Diab was not disclosed to the court in Canada during the extradition proceedings. The court in Canada was told that no such evidence existed, when in fact the fingerprint analysis that excluded Diab was done in early 2008, many months before France requested Diab’s extradition. CBC News also reported that in 2009 a senior lawyer at the Canadian Department of Justice (DOJ) urged the French authorities to obtain new handwriting ‘evidence’ against Diab when the extradition case was about to collapse. In another effort to shore up the case, the DOJ lawyer requested another fingerprint analysis of a police document signed by the suspect as he believed that the evidence would be very powerful in getting Hassan extradited. When the RCMP fingerprint analysis excluded Diab, the DOJ lawyer never disclosed this fact to the court in Canada or to the defense."
Literal blood on the hands of the Canadian government and its diplomats:  "Canada Supports Most Hardline, Anti-Democratic Elements of Venezuela’s Oppposition" (Engler). What's surprising isn't Canada's craven falling in line with the worst excesses of American imperialism, it is the complete lack of nuance or distancing, the 'fair trader' rep, something for which Canada has always had considerable skill.  All the way up to Trudeau, including of course, the Nazi, they are all covered in blood!

There are a number of fun things about Bibi's inability to form a government.  There's the confirmation of the degree of utter corruption involved in the normal horse-trading of Israeli politics (brilliantly satirized by Ayman Odeh).  There is the revelation of how universally despised Bibi is, even by people who are shekeled into pretending to like him, as evidenced by the world-wide glee at his failure. Most importantly, the issue that decided Bibi's inability to garner enough Judeo-Nazis for a government - Liberman's insistence of having the Haredim serve in the military - clearly reveals the deep contradictions of Zionism itself.  The entire Khazar mystical land-thieving fairy tale turns on some alleged right as promisee of the land from G_d, a premise which makes no sense even before we realize that the Khazars could not possibly be the people to whom the promise was made (those people are, incredibly, the Palestinians themselves, together with some real Jews at the bottom of the Israeli pecking order!).  Liberman represents the 'Russians', immigrants who are mostly secular (and, in the rush to obtain as many 'Jewish' bodies as possible to deal with the 'demographic problem', are likely not even mostly Jewish), who just wanted to get out of the Soviet Union and get gibs from the Israeli government without all the accompanying religious blather (blather exemplified in some truly nutty beliefs that Israel is protected by the ability of the Haredim to study Torah without the inconveniences of working or serving in the army).  Liberman's people want the advantages of the stolen land without the complicated phony rationalizations created over the last hundred years by clever Khazar liars.  What we're now seeing is the fractionalization of Israeli society created when the legitimizing mythology starts to fall apart.  The lies were simply too crazy to bear the weight they have has to sustain.

"Trump peace plan is now ‘dead and buried’" (Weiss). Trump's long history of bankruptcies is a pretty good indication that he understands the advantages of when to cut and run (see Venezuela and Iran, above), and the complicated timing of the Israeli and American elections means the political 'space' just isn't there to have President Jared's eliminationist plan for the Palestinians work, at least until after Trump's reelection, by which time all kinds of things will have changed.

The problem of living under a Khazarocracy:  "Macron's Security Service Threatens French Journalists With Prison And Fines" (Durden).

The world's second or third (after Khazaria and Assholia) most important state sponsor of terrorism claims to have a problem with 'terrorism'!:  "Saudi King Salman calls at Summit for Int’l Condemnation of Iranian “Terrorism”" (Cole).

Tweet (Existential Comics) (((('Hollywood')))):
"It's unfair to call the Marvel movies "kid's movies", they also have serious political messages, such as: - America is good - the military is good - military contractors are good - billionaires are good - heroes protect the existing power structure, villains try to change society"

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Partly because Sheldon Adelson likes him

Tweet (Mark Ames):
"Back in the day, Chrystia Freeland's grandpa wrote headlines like that with his eyes closed"
Tweet (George Galloway) (Galloway was recently in Almaty for a 'debate' which included Woolsey and Bannon) (more):
"Dear why did your former Chief, Ambassador James Woolsey, try for nearly 10 minutes to break down my hotel room door at the RitzCarlton in Almaty last week placing my wife in a state of fear and alarm? "
Tweet (Carrie Levine) ('partly'!):
"“Partly because Sheldon Adelson likes him.” "

'Advice' from the Yanks

"The US advisor at El Mozote":
"In a 2007 comment on my blog, Gregory Walker, who was in the US Special Forces in El Salvador, asserted that a US Special Forces advisor was in El Mozote on the day the military action commenced which would result in the massacre hundreds of children and other civilians:

For example, there was a senior Special Forces advisor at El Mozote the day/night of the massacre (and only one). He attempted multiple times to dissuade Colonel Domingo Monterosa to spare the victims. When Monterosa ignored him, the advisor departed by foot and made his way, alone, back to San Salvador. There he made a full report to embassy officials of what the unit and Monterosa were doing in El Mozote.
Walker is a former Army Special Forces staff sergeant, who was stationed in El Salvador during the civil war (but after El Mozote massacre) and who led a veterans' campaign to gain official recognition from the US Congress that military forces who died or were wounded in El Salvador were casualties of combat action.  

Walker is now sharing the identity of the US advisor on the ground at El Mozote: he is former Master Sergeant Bruce Hazelwood.  Hazelwood confirmed both to Walker and a mutual acquaintance that Hazelwood had accompanied Monterrosa on the helicopter ride out to Mozote at the start of the massacre.
Read on for bonus typical Eliott Abrams assholery.

Turkey versus CIA

"Footage Captures Arms "Rat Line" On "Mysterious Planes" Fueling Libya War 2.0" (Durden).  Weapons for one side (from the CIA or some western government assisting the CIA; the ambiguity over who Haftar is working for is over as he is clearly still a CIA asset), jihadists from Syria for the other (arranged by Turkey).  Turkey versus CIA (revenge for the CIA's coup attempt)!

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Priceless state-stabilization experiences

Must read of the day:  "Comments on Official Response by OPCW to the Engineering Assessment on Douma" (McKeigue/Miller/Mason/Robinson):
  • "Other journalists who have been in touch with us have told us that their stories were spiked by editors."
  • on the obvious program of leaks to friendly liars journalists NATO employees:  "It is likely that (at least on this occasion) Lucas and Whitaker are telling the truth, and that they have been briefed by someone with close knowledge of how the FFM Final Report was prepared. If these briefings had not been authorised, OPCW Public Affairs could easily have responded to Hitchens’s question with a standard statement reiterating that “there is no further public information on this matter” and that this extended to off-the-record briefings. We would expect OPCW press officers to be reluctant to issue further statements that could subsequently be shown to be false.

    Like cellular biologists who perturb a complex system and measure its outputs, we can infer from these observations the existence of a pathway. This pathway connects the production of OPCW reports on alleged chemical attacks in Syria with a network of communicators in the UK who in different ways have promoted the cause of regime change in Syria since 2012. It is evident that Lucas and Whitaker are output nodes of this pathway. From August 2012, Whitaker as the Guardian’s Middle East editor promoted Higgins from obscure beginnings as a blogger to become a widely-cited source on the Syrian conflict. Whitaker was the first journalist to devote an article to attacking the Working Group, in February 2018 when its only collective output had been a brief blog post.

    It is of course possible that OPCW management for some procedural reason was unable to provide further information on the record, and sought to disseminate an accurate version of events via off-the-record briefings. But the choice of such highly partisan commentators as Lucas and Whitaker as channels inevitably calls into question the good faith of whoever provided these briefings, and undermines any remaining pretence to impartiality on the part of OPCW management."
  • "A useful way to take forward the investigation of the Douma incident would now be for the Syrian government to invite an international team of neutral experts to examine the cylinders, to assess whether the observations support the findings of the Engineering Assessment or the conclusions of the published FFM Final Report, and to publish their findings in a form that allows peer review and reproducibility of results from data. The next step would be a criminal investigation of this incident, focusing on where, how and by whom were the 35 victims seen in images at Location 2 killed."
Whitaker thinks the Syrians should let these liars in for another PR production! "‘Not even White Helmets confirm it’: Russian MoD rubbishes Washington’s Syria chemical attack claims".

"Robert Stuart vs the BBC" (Dirgham/Sterling).

This stuff is yuge, yet the (((media))) just wants to whine about Putin spreading memes:  "Trump’s trade war has probably permanently damaged America’s tech leadership position" (Knapp)"
"Nothing Trump does can likely put Huawei out of business. He can temporarily hurt it, but he can’t permanently kill it. The most momentous effect of his order is to put Huawei on notice that it must not, under any circumstances, ever again find itself at the mercy of US suppliers and of the US government’s good will.

If Trump “wins” his trade wars, will Huawei go back to using the US suppliers it was just cut off from? That’s very unlikely. Once bitten, twice shy.

Other global tech companies and other governments are watching, and unless they’re stupid they’re drawing the same conclusions. If it can happen to Huawei, it can happen to them. No matter the immediate outcome, Trump’s stunt has done irreparable long-term damage to global trust in America’s tech giants.

As for those American companies if they’re smart, they’re already looking into what it will take to move their executive functions, and as much of their operations as possible, offshore, for the same reasons. They’re in business to make money, not to serve the whims of economically illiterates like Donald Trump."
The (((media))) loves this as it represents American belligerence, and American belligerence is part of the way of looking at the world that Irving Kristol identified as being 'good for the Jews'.  It is simply incredible the price tag Americans seem prepared to pay for having a terminal case of the Jews. There is something funny about Trump doing real, permanent, irreparable harm to the US, while he is criticized for ridiculous issues of style, or even better, for the few things he does right.

"Beijing Threatens Damaging Rare-Earth Export Ban As Trade Fight Intensifies" (Durden).  "China Holds Three Trump Cards In War Against US".

"Bolton Says "No Doubt" Iranian Naval Mines Used In UAE Tankers Sabotage" (Durden).

"Perry’s Attack on Russia’s Nord Stream 2 and the Empire’s Lost Grip on Reality" (Ehret). A serious question - do you think Perry's IQ is under or over 85?  He's an inspiration, proof that even the stupidest retards can rise to positions of great power.

"Sanctions Or Sucking Up? US Grovels In Ukraine" (Luongo):
"Everywhere you look Trump is lashing out at whoever he thinks he can gain leverage over to force concessions for US interests. But all he is doing is making it clear to everyone that the dollar now carries unacceptable political risk to carry on their company’s balance sheet.
And it will only further lower the barrier both economically and politically to shift away from using it leaving the US ever more isolated. And the fact that this is happening over such a small thing like a pipeline and a failed state like Ukraine makes everyone involved look desperate and pathetic."
"Stefan Halper, the FBI's Rat F****r? by Larry C Johnson".  I think the Swamp will have to settle this case before discovery, as the kind of things that will come out will not look good at all.

"The Campaign to Paint Trump as a Russian Stooge Started on May 4, 2016 by Larry C Johnson":
"Here is what I think really happened.
Seth Rich, a DNC employee and Bernie Sanders supporter, downloaded the emails and then gave them to Wikileaks. Rich was in contact with Wikileaks. That is not my opinion. We know that courtesy of a FOIA request by lawyer Ty Clevenger to the NSA filed in November 2017, who requested any information regarding Seth Rich and Julian Assange. The NSA informed Clevenger in a letter dated 4 October 2018 that:
Your request has been processed under the provisions of the FOIA. Fifteen documents (32 pages) responsive to your request have been reviewed by this Agency as required by the FOIA and have found to be currently and properly classified in accordance with Executive Order 13526. These documents meet the criteria for classification as set forth in Subparagraph © of Section 1.4 and remains classified TOP SECRET and SECRET.”
Former NSA Technical Director, William Binney commented on this revelation:
Ty Clevenger has FOIAed information from NSA asking for any data that involved both Seth Rich and also Julian Assange. And they responded by saying we’ve got 15 files, 32 pages, but they’re all classified in accordance with executive order 13526 covering classification, and therefore you can’t have them.
That says that NSA has records of communications between Seth Rich and Julian Assange. I mean, that’s the only business that NSA is in — copying communications between people and devices.
We already know, as noted above, that the CIA had a task force set up. I believe this intelligence was communicated to the Clinton campaign and that a bogus story, with Crowd Strike in a starring role, was cooked up. Implausible? Not as implausible as a supposed cracker jack cyber security company waiting almost six weeks before taking common sense steps to shut down and clean the DNC servers.
It was Crowd Strike with the help of the Washington Post that went public and pinned the blame on the Russians.
But that was not the only active measure in place. Christopher Steele, a fully signed up FBI informant, was hired by Fusion GPS and produced his first block buster report on June 20thclaiming Trump was under the thumb of Vladimir Putin."
The uncovering of the attempted coup has revealed some strange artifacts, including Marshall's attempts to get in front of it for his suddenly in peril Clintonista pals:  "The Other Shoe Dropping".

"Taken together, the prevailing trend is that Russia has been so wildly successful in implementing its low-cost and low-commitment “Democratic Security” model in CAR that many other African countries are now more than eager to have Moscow share its priceless state-stabilization experiences with them in exchange for valuable extraction contracts, which could lead to Russia becoming the vanguard defender of their Silk Roads."

"Far from solving the Palestine-Israel conflict, the US ‘deal’ will take it to an unimagined level" (Balawi):
"There is a bright side to this tragedy, though; we no longer have to believe in the myth of the left-wing coloniser and the liberal Zionist. According to Professor Ilan Pappé, it is such people who have shielded Israel for the past seven decades and convinced many in the Western world that you can colonise someone else’s land and be good at the same time.

Now we hear no more talk about the “two-state-solution”, and that there is such a thing as a “peace process” which is yet to deliver a miraculous solution that is going to please everyone. From now on it will be crystal clear to Arabs, Muslims and everyone else who cares, who their enemy is and who is cooperating with it in order to facilitate its plans in our region. It is those Arab and Muslim regimes who have thus far used lame excuses to evade their responsibility towards the Holy Land and the Palestinian people which will, shamefully, be exposed.

Just when the Americans think that they have liquidated the Palestinian cause and its legitimacy, they are actually taking the conflict into a new era. Far from solving the Palestine-Israel issue, the US “deal of the century” will take it to an unimagined level, with consequences that Washington never even thought could exist."
Khomedy Khorner:  "Reporters Without Borders accepts prize from journalist-killing regime" (Abunimah).  I guess Reporters Without Lives is great if there are enough shekels involved.

"US-Backed Terrorists "Struggle" After Returning from Syria" (Ulson)!

At some point it is just territory marking:  "Britain doesn’t need another Holocaust memorial" (Alderman).  All these monstrosities will have to be taken down, or turned into remembrances of the Nakba, the Wars For The Jews, and other vile incidents of anti-gentilism, the scourge of our time.

Surprisingly, Bibi is having trouble forming a government out of all the Judeo-Nazis he has to choose from:  "Why Israeli Gov’t May Fall: Like US, Secularists and Fundamentalists are Polarized" (Cole).  "Netanyahu and Lieberman's Political Fight Just Got Out of Hand" (Hecht).

"Turkey Shoots Itself in the Foot by Providing Syrian “Opposition” with Advanced Weapons" (Al Khaled).  Just Erdoğan being a stubborn asshole, refusing to admit his guys have lost.

The Assholians are rapidly running out of 'friends' prepared to allow themselves to be used as a launching pad for yet another War For The Jews:  "The geography of war: No Iraq…? No Iran!" (Redmayne-Titley).

"Hezbollah warns US plan may permanently settle Palestinian refugees in host countries".  "Nasrallah: If It Weren’t for Liberation in 2000, Trump Would Grant South to ‘Israel’" (Moughnieh).

"U.S. Government Seeks NGO Help For Removing Iran From Syria" (Moon).  Wanted:  Regime Changer, must like shekels.

The Chinese wisely don't take phone calls from Nazis.

"Modi’s Win: It Wasn’t the Economy, Stupid!" (Sharma).  "New India expects Pak obedience, not camaraderie" (Bhadrakumar).  "The Terrifying Global Implications of Modi’s Re-Election" (Sen).  Rewarding another awful group supremacist government, who ran and won specifically, and irresponsibly, on Islamophobia, is a recipe for continued decline.  Note how focusing on the surpemacism means you get a consistent pass from voters on actually running a country competently.

On the other hand, Pakistan is looking very good, and seems to have the skills to manage relationships with both Iran and China.  "Iran’s Relations with India and Pakistan. Couldn’t Be More Different" (Korybko).

"The Bolsonaro Phenomenon May be Brief" (Yepe). "Getúlio’s Long Shadow".

"Israeli Army Accused Palestinians of self-arson, Then Video emerged of Israelis setting Fires".

"A 5-year-old Gaza Girl, Dying All Alone" (Levy).

"The Plan for Greater Israel according to Rabbi Kashtiel" (Atzmon).  These kind of nuts can be found in many places, but Israel is unique in that they have direct power over the decisions of the Israeli government.

"Victoria Nuland, US midwife to Maidan-2014, denied visa to Russia".  She's got a lot of chutzpah to ask for one!

What is this?

"Kushner Crime Family Just Got an 800 Million Dollar Loan Thanks to Potatus-in-Chief" (Batty).

"For three years, I interviewed many ordinary people for my series, Obscured Americans, which I hoped to turn into a book, and it was under consideration at Seven Stories Press, but it’s safe to say it won’t come out there, or anywhere else, now that I’m tarred as a Fascist, all for speaking out against truly Fascistic Jewish power."

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

We’re not looking for regime change

"I think Iran — I know so many people from Iran.  These are great people.  It has a chance to be a great country, with the same leadership.  We’re not looking for regime change.  I just want to make that clear.  We’re looking for no nuclear weapons.

“If you look at the deal that Biden and President Obama signed, they would have access — free access — to nuclear weapons, where they wouldn’t even be in violation, in just a very short period of time.  What kind of a deal is that?”"

The second paragraph is nonsense, but the first is an example of what you can get from Trump if you get him away from Washington and its bribes and its blackmails.

Of course, he'll return to Assholia and, just as with North Korea, all the encouraging language will disappear.


You just type your PR on a piece of paper, call it a 'dossier', and the paper of record, the infamous JYT, retypes it and confirms the validity of whatever warmongering nonsense you are peddling:  "NYT Parrots US Propaganda on Hezbollah in Venezuela" (Koerner/Vaz).

"Latest ‘dodgy dossier’ not even original in context" (Madsen).  The Brits now have a Dossier Centre, an assembly line for the mass production of warmongering dossiers.  The Republic of New Afrika!  Of course, it is racist Assholia we're talking about here, so a large part of the Russiagate frenzy concerned imaginary efforts by Putin to stir up otherwise completely happy American blacks, who have not a thing to complain about, into race war.

"New York Times Supports False Trump Claims About An "Iranian Nuclear Weapons Program" That Does Not Exist" (Moon).  Gets silly at the end in convoluted attempts to avoid stating the real reason for war, but we're used to that!  Try this as an invigorating palate cleanser:  "Netanyahu to blame for US warmongering against Iran: American officials".  Or, six million!:  "Netanyahu Warns Putin That Iran Wants to Destroy 6 Million Jews".  "How Israel is Providing the Pretext to Trigger US-led War on Iran" (Porter).

"Israel's Role In 9/11" (Giraldi).  Good summary of the state of Israeli spying in America just prior to 9/11.  It is the act of celebrating which is the problem for the Khazars, celebration which contradicts the PR line that Israel and the US are friends and allies jointly fighting their common enemy, Islamist terrorism, and the unseemly celebration is why most of this material has been hidden.

"The US is Buying Venezuelan Oil Again (Zakharova)".  First MRGA, now MVGA, but always MIGA!

ZOG, ziggity ZOG!:  "Bipartisan thirst for more war: 75% of Congress calls on Trump to boost intervention in Syria, to ‘pressure’ Iran and Russia" (Norton).

There are a number of pieces commenting on this internet incident (see also):  "U.S. Army: 0 — Internet: 1" (Swanson).  The hollow cost.

"General defends use of live fire in Gaza, says less-lethal weapons ineffective" (Gross):
"Attempts to import an American-made system known as the Active Denial System, which uses microwaves to heat the skin of those in its path and forces them back, were blocked by the United States as the weapon was found to have not been sufficiently tested on human subjects."
Long list: "Abuses show Assange Case was Never About Law" (Cook) (also).  The fact that the woman who spearheaded the 'legal' attack on Assange has strong ties to the CIA has been somehow lost.  Must be a coincidence.

A worthwhile read as an example of the techniques used by the Assholians to put the blame for failure of a negotiated peace agreement on the side the Assholians wanted to attack:  "How Madeleine Albright Got the War the U.S. Wanted" (Elich).  (((Albright))) should be in jail.

"An Indiana Man Who Vandalized A Synagogue With Nazi Symbols Admitted How Far-Right Figures Radicalized Him" (Koerner).  Guy who thought the Jews have too much political power got three years for a spray painting crime, and will now surely understand the error in his thinking!  He was 'radicalized' by his teen-aged wife, who was heavily under the influence of the gentile Breitbart News and the gentile Ben Shapiro (oh, wait!).  For once, at least, the painter wasn't Jewish.

"New Green MP Paul Manly denies links to 9/11 truther movement after comments resurface" (Zussman). "Ken Pereira, union whistleblower turned conspiracy theorist, joins forces with Maxime Bernier" (Harris).  Bernier is unsuccessfully trying to create a Bannon-influenced right-wing populist party in Canada.

Tweets by Christian Centurian Big Eagle.  "Problems began when indigenous people who had ties to non-Native leftist groups were allowed membership into indigenous groups."

Monday, May 27, 2019


"The “Forever Wars” Enshrined: Visiting Mar-SAYLZ" (Bacevich).  The Wars For The Jews Memorial (not forgetting that, in one way or another, they are all WFTJ).  They even have USS Liberty Attack victims!  Luckily, they have lots of room for expansion, as Sheldon's shekels promise big losses for the future.

"Bolton’s Trap: Iran Cast as a Nuclear Threat, Diverting us from his Occulted Project" (Crooke).  I'm not a fan of the classic ruse of finding a scapegoat (Leviticus 16), in this case the Christian Zionists.  They are a factor, sure (particularly the asshole megachurch grifter-preachers, and a few weirdo billionaires who help finance professional Islamophobia), but they are not the main culprit.  Many of them in recent years have received a stern personal education in the wages of sin, and they are not the warmongering monolith they are claimed to be by the (((media))).

"The Guardian's war on Assange:  Dump the Guardian!"

The question isn't whether Assange is a journalist.  Who in the fuck would want to be insulted by being called a journalist?  It is whether a future American court will be able to distinguish things that some future reporter did, or is claimed to have done, from what Assange did, or is claimed to have done.  Don't let them get you tied up in investigating what 'journalist' means. 

For one thing, Assange can't possibly be a journalist, as he doesn't lie constantly.

"Guillaume Long on Ecuadorian President Moreno’s betrayal of Assange and the Citizens Revolution" (Emersberger) (interview with Guillaume Long former Ecuadorian Minister of Foreign Affairs):
"There are a number of violations of international and national law that Moreno engaged in by handing Assange over to the British authorities. I think that is why it took him so long. He wanted to do it earlier but he knew that by handing in Assange he would have to violate international asylum law. I was in the foreign ministry so I obviously have information that they were very worried. International law is very specific about non-refoulement – the technical term that means non-devolution. You cannot take away somebody’s asylum once you’ve granted it. You can deny someone asylum on request. When it is requested you can say “no we will not give you asylum” and you don’t have to give any reason. You can just say no, but once you’ve granted someone asylum there is a sacrosanct institution called non-refoulement which is a French word they use in international law. It applies unless the case for political persecution is not there anymore. Clearly there was no change because the major motivation for the asylum was a US request for extradition. Whenever there has been any ambiguity the institution of non-refoulement has been strengthened.

For example, in 2018 the Inter-American Human Rights Court – which is quite a powerful institution for those who have ratified the San Jose pact including Ecuador – warned Ecuador not to violate non-refoulement. The Ecuadorians were nervous about that. That’s why they had to really prepare by trying to pathologize Assange, making him into a crazy man smearing feces on the walls and all these lies. They really had to work on that for several months to push their international law violation through.

As for what you mentioned about the naturalization of Assange, the Ecuadorian nationality, yes it is even more serious than what you mentioned because on the day Assange was handed over to British authorities Assange was still Ecuadorian. It is still not clear, because the Foreign Ministry hasn’t been transparent on this issue, if Assange is still Ecuadorian to this day. We know they’ve started the process of taking away his citizenship. Let’s say nationality. Citizenship in Ecuador is a bit different. There is a residency criteria but anyway they’ve started this process. We don’t know if it is yet concluded. Certainly on the day he was taken by British police from the Embassy he was still Ecuadorian. The Ecuadorian constitution prohibits extradition of Ecuadorians to other countries. It is very clear. So that is a really serious illegality committed by the Ecuadorian government which I think will have massive legal consequences.

I think Moreno has enough legal trouble as it is. It is probably not the first thing that he’ll be nailed on. I think his corruption case will end badly for Moreno. That’s my own belief, but certainly on the Assange issue there have been a number of illegalities. I think we’ll see a number of court cases in the Inter-American Court of Human Rights against the Ecuadorian state."
Then a long discussion on how an asshole like Moreno could have been allowed to happen, particularly after a champ like Correa.

Tweets by Monbiot collected by Niqnaq.  Monbiot is a huge practitioner of the 'dialectic', but, unlike his conspiratorial mentor Noam, who used American imperialism, Monbiot pretends to care about the environment.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

US chaos

"Shielding The World From US Chaos Is No Easy Task" (Pieraccini):
"Military planners at the Pentagon fear an open conflict with Iran or Venezuela, but only for purely propagandistic reasons. Washington’s formidable firepower would probably be able to overwhelm whatever defenses Tehran or Caracas would be able to offer, but at what price? The site of Washington’s latest-generation aircraft falling from the sky at the hands of air-defense systems from the Soviet period would have a devastating effect on the image America’s military-industrial complex likes to project of itself.
It would damage the prestige of American systems, which cost considerably more than their Russian counterparts. (An American F-22 Raptor, for example, costs about $150 million, whereas a Russian Su-35 only costs about $55 million.)
This embarrassing reality is currently being highlighted in Syria to some degree, where the anti-aircraft defenses of Damascus, combined with Russian capabilities, have foiled dozens of Israeli, US and Saudi attacks. The hitherto venerable US cruise missiles have had to genuflect before the legendary S-300/S-400 systems that have now become (as a defensive and not offensive weapon) a symbol of peace.
The myth of the invincibility of US weapons is being challenged by Moscow’s defensive capabilities deployed in Syria and Venezuela. These same capabilities are readily available to Tehran in the event that Washington decides to attack the Persian country. But the likelihood of such a war becomes less and less likely with every passing day, with Pentagon military planners fearing a far worse scenario for the United States than Iraq. Iran is three times the size of Iraq and would require about 1.2 million US troops to occupy the country on a permanent basis.
Iran, moreover, is one of the top 15 world powers and Washington would be confronted for the first time with an opponent of high capabilities, something that Americans have been trying to avoid for decades, fearful of revealing the vulnerability of their weapons systems as a result of corruption and wrong strategic decisions. Hollywood movies have served to build up in the public mind the myth of US military prowess, being a form of extreme propaganda for the purposes of disguising the reality of military ineffectiveness.
Pentagon planners have no intention of revealing their military vulnerabilities in a war with Iran. The loss of US military prestige would also show to countries hitherto under Washington’s thumb that this dog has more bark than bite, making it all the more difficult for the US to browbeat countries with the threat of military force in the future."
"It’s Official: Higher Jewish Intelligence Is Genetic" (Weldon) (you don't have to accept scientific racism to see that people who believe in racist group superiority might try to rig the system to 'improve' - i.e., de-miscegenate - their genetics with something like the Rabbis-Eichmann deal for the Holocaust, with of course the bonus of a 'refugee crisis' to populate the land they intended to steal) (my emphasis in red, and green):
"Ashkenazi Jews—Jews whose ancestors settled in Eastern Europe—have the highest average IQ of any race in the world, estimated to be about 112, 12 points higher than white gentiles. As far back as 1938, a study noted the Ashkenazis’ outstanding levels of intelligence and especially their high linguistic abilities [Der Gegentypus, by E.R. Jaensch] and studies have continuously replicated this ever since —see The Chosen People: A Study of Jewish Intelligence and Achievement by Richard Lynn. Their high average IQ means that Ashkenazi Jews are and have long been massively over-represented in high-status professions. For example, Jews are overrepresented among Nobel Prize winners by a factor of 8:1. And this has often led to vehement resentment from the host population. But precisely why Ashkenazi IQ is so stratospheric has remained unclear…until now.
In his book The Chosen People, Richard Lynn assumed that the reason for Jews’ outstanding IQ was genetic. He proposed, in particular, that Jews were historically forced into specific cognitively-demanding professions, such as usury and banking, meaning that less-intelligent Jews tended to drop out of Judaism and marry into the surrounding gentile population. In addition, Lynn argued that the frequent pogroms to which Jews were subject in Eastern Europe would have been “selection events” which would have selected for correlates of IQ such as future-orientation, social skill, planning and simply the wealth needed to escape. Thus, Lynn argued that, even though Jewish IQ was high before the Holocaust, it was probably even higher afterwards."
Anecdotal evidence - just look at Kristol or Podhoretz - would indicate that the current generation of rootless cosmopolitans has lost a considerable step in the smarts department!  The other amusing issue, of course, is that Jewish male success leads to the status symbol of being able to choose shiksas for the second, third, and fourth wives, leaving behind a considerable trail of genetic garbage (the creation of which leads to considerable guilt which seems to drive hyper-supremacist activity), albeit not Halachically Jewish garbage.

The crooked Zionist BBC documentary isn't crooked enough for PBS:  "View the Frontline Documentary on Gaza that PBS Pulled" (Weir). The fine art of gentile mystification/manipulation remains a matter of debate in Khazar circles.

Tweet (Pepe The Unredacted Frog):
"Can someone give me one benefit that American's see as a result of their self-destructive loyalty and support to the Zionist state of Israel? Just one. Anyone? "
"Liberate Syria’s Idlib, precisely for the civilians that America fakes concern over" (Bartlett).

Western 'journalists' are now embedded with what amounts to al-Qaeda (under a new name), and nobody bats an eye:  "Sky News Collaborates with Idlib Terrorists to Create Syria War Propaganda" (Inlakesh).

Despite all the usual bafflegab, this JYT article officially confirms the end of the American project in Venezuela (not that there won't be more suffering for Venezuelans, but the big hopes for Guido are gone):  "Venezuela’s Opposition Leader Juan Guaidó May Negotiate With Maduro" (Kurmanaev).

"Rural America Is On The Verge Of Collapse" (Durden).

I enjoy seeing these photos of university administrators, always with a big smile on their faces as they are sitting or standing on a huge pile of shekels just below the frame:  "NYU president slams speaker for endorsing BDS against ‘apartheid’ Israel (and doesn’t mind his calling Trump a ‘fascist’)". At one point in the big Khazar khonspiracy it was decided (((they))) needed to bribe the hell out of these people, so (((they))) did.  Khazar supramacism and extreme arrogance has reached the point where even the tiniest dissent from turbo-Zionism is considered to be an outrage, to be punished, of course, with threats of denial of shekels.

"Microsoft’s ElectionGuard a Trojan Horse for a Military-Industrial Takeover of US Elections" (Webb).  In the absence of any kind of transparency in the computerized voting system, and with the new boogeyman of Russian interference, it is the perfect time to put the Pentagon and Israel in charge of 'security' of American elections, thus ensuring that no possible anti-MIL, or anti-Zionist, candidates ever win an American election again.  The problem is lack of transparency, and the 'solution' is to add another layer of computer obfuscation/manipulation.

More phony fears - the 'dialectic', goyim - that the JYT has become 'anti-Semitic': "Dershowitz: Why Is The New York Times Trying To Abort The Trump Peace Plan?"

"The Winnipeg General Strike" (Rovics).  Unless you want to listen to the music, you can skip the audio and read the transcript.  100th anniversary!

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Rounding error

"Jared Kushner is surprised he can’t get Palestinian Businessmen on Board with Promises of Prosperity" (Cole):
"The Palestinians know their own history and they know that the post-WW I Versailles peace conference and then the British empire itself promised them a Palestinian state (the latter by 1949). While Jewish nationalists or Zionists make a big deal out of the 1917 Balfour Declaration, it says nothing about erecting a state in Palestine, and League of Nations deliberations repeatedly scolded the British for ignoring the national development of the indigenous Palestinians, the primary function of a Class A Mandate like Palestine. Palestinians are a people as Syrians and Iraqis are a people, and all were promised a state by the League of Nations. Only Palestinians did not get one. They won’t rest until they have a passport."
I know they will roll out the OPCW again the next time they need PR, but it now has zero credibility: "The Western Media is Key to Syria Deception" (Cook):
"The leaked document is deeply troubling for two reasons.
First, the assessment, based on the available technical data, contradicts the conclusion of the final OPCW report that the two chemical cylinders were dropped from the air and crashed through building roofs. It argues instead that the cylinders were more likely placed at the locations they were found.
If that is right, the most probable explanation is that the cylinders were put there by al-Qaeda groups – presumably in a last desperate effort to persuade the west to intervene and to prevent the jihadists being driven out of Douma.
But even more shocking is the fact that the expert assessment based on the data collected by the OPCW team is entirely unaddressed in the OPCW’s final report.
It is not that the final report discounts or rebuts the findings of its own experts. It simply ignores those findings; it pretends they don’t exist. The report blacks them out, erases them from the official record. In short, it perpetrates a massive deception."
"This week the same al-Qaeda groups that were present in Douma – and may have staged that lethal attack – claimed that the Syrian government had again launched chemical weapons against them, this time on their final holdout in Idlib.
A responsible media, a media interested in the facts, in evidence, in truth-telling, in holding the powerful to account, would be duty bound to frame this latest, unsubstantiated claim in the context of the new doubts raised about the OPCW report into last year’s chemical attack blamed on Assad.
Given that the technical data suggest that al-Qaeda groups, and the White Helmets who work closely with them, were responsible for staging the attack – even possibly of murdering civilians to make the attack look more persuasive – the corporate media had a professional and moral obligation to raise the matter of the leaked document.
It is vital context as anyone tries to weigh up whether the latest al-Qaeda claims are likely to be true. To deprive readers of this information, this essential context would be to take a side, to propagandise on behalf not only of western governments but of al-Qaeda too.
And that is exactly what the corporate media have just done. All of them."
Then some funny stuff about the liars at the Guardian reporting on France and the US saying nice things about the OPCW, without the context that the OPCW has just been caught lying, leaving the reader wondering what the hell is going on.   Cook finishes with some of the 'wars for oil' bloviation that respectable people use in lieu of mentioning the dreaded JQ!

Tweet (Sarah Abdallah):
"The “freedom and democracy” brought to by “liberators” Obama, Hillary, Cameron and Sarkozy turned a once stable state into a hellhole of roving jihadists still ravaged by war today. And they wonder why we oppose US regime change war designs against & ? 🙄"
"'Troops To Iran' Scare - The Mountain Brings Forth A Mouse" (Moon).  Given the number of American troops, mercs, and spies sloshing around the world, the new troops to the Middle East to supposedly look after (!) the ones already around Iran is just a rounding error. They probably lose track of this many troops every week!  This is a good thing, as it appears to represent Trump's moderation of the crazies he has around him.

Friday, May 24, 2019

Lap dogs and lackeys

"Trump tactics echo Venezuela’s populist Maduro and put Canada at risk, says former diplomat" (Grauer).  Dafuq did I just read.  Maduro's anti-democratic tendencies are influencing Trump, and Canada is in danger of being led down the same path by Trump?  Wow!  No wonder Canada has to get rid of Maduro.  This is from a senior Canadian diplomat:
"Over a 25-year career, Rowswell served with the United Nations in Somalia, as Canada’s first diplomatic envoy to Baghdad after the fall of Saddam Hussein, with NATO in Kandahar during Canada’s involvement in Afghanistan and as an adviser on international strategy in the Privy Council Office under Jean Chrétien and Stephen Harper."
You get a glimpse of the enormity of the deep problem facing Canada, when this is the level of analysis.  You don't like to think that your government is made up of literal monsters, but it is difficult to get around the facts.

Background on Rowswell's dirty meddling in Venezuela as lap-dog to the Venezuelan 1%:  "Canada’s Meddling in Venezuela" (Engler).

Canadian diplomats, though they got no credit for it, put together the cluster bomb ban.  You have to wonder how the decent people in Canadian Foreign Affairs think about this massive moral deterioration.

Tweet (Sarah Abdallah):
"What a crazy world we live in. faces up to 170 years in prison on 17 more charges merely for exposing US war crimes to the world. Meanwhile, those who invaded on a pack of lies not only still walk free, but are planning new wars against and ."
Tweet (Glenn Greenwald):
"Again: the reason Assange sought asylum and Ecuador gave it wasn't to hide from the Sweden case. He & Ecuador always said he'd go to Sweden if they promised not to send him to the US. The asylum was to protect him against this: *espionage* prosecution for *publishing documents.*"
Tweet (Elizabeth Murray):
"Amnesty International-UK: “Julian Assange's case is a case we're monitoring closely but not actively working on."  NOT ACTIVELY WORKING ON?  Opposing  extradition is not enough.  Why is AI silent about the ongoing violations of Julian's human rights and of press freedom?"
Amnesty has always worked hand in hand with the American Empire, so we shouldn't expect anything else from them.  It is good that this particular incident is opening some eyes.

More opening of eyes: tweet (Tim Hayward):
"Interesting that Democracy Now (!) invites not members of group who received leaked OPCW report & offered detailed comment on it, but instead a journalist who has been criticising the group since its creation!"
 I'm curious about the American strategy here. You would think it would be prudent to hold off on the wild escalation of charges until they had him securely in the US.  The effort seems to be to get him to Sweden, but the extra charging seems to make it more difficult to get extradition (Ellsberg doesn't see the death penalty, just a massive sentence, so there's that).  The Americans must be certain that the Swedish judicial system is so corrupt that they can go this route and get extradition anyway, which after all maximizes the PR and sets the precedent making all serious journalism illegal.

Related: "Democracy vs. the Putin-Nazis" (Hopkins) (though it seems clear that Trump reelection is the bipartisan plan) and "A New Volkisch Mythos" (good Steppling, who seems to be usually awful).

"Ivanka Receives the 2019 Internet Freedom Award" (Batty).  One has to assume for lobbying her father on behalf of the big tech crooks.  Trump keeps talking about how bad they are, but never does anything about it.

"Senator Schumer’s Divine Mission" (Davidson).  I can understand this kind of racist group supremacist parasitical manipulation going on in secret, but he boasts about his treason, openly and shamelessly.

"Israeli Army Blamed Palestinians for Arson by Settlers. Then a Video Emerged" (Berger).

She tried to atwood her way through taking the shekels!:  "Madonna’s Fake Revolution: Eurovision, Cultural Hegemony and Resistance" (Baroud).

Spectacular attacks on the JTY!:  "With NY Times Under Siege, Jewish Reporters Hit Back" (Rosenblatt).  It's the 'dialectic', too complex for our tiny farm animal minds.

"How a BBC documentary promoted Israel’s narrative about the Gaza protests" (Dalloul).

"Jewish Journal Tells Us the Jewish Agenda for 2020" (Anglin).

"UNRWA rejects U.S. bid to strip it of mandate" (Rothshild).  "Defunding UNRWA: Trump’s Legal Sleight of Hand against Palestine" (Najjar).  Part of Sheldon's plan.  It is the height of anti-Semitism to keep Palestinians alive.

"Trump & Sons: Kushner’s ‘Deal of Century’ is Bribing Palestinians to Go Away" (Henningsen).  Oddly, since the 40s, this has always been the 'deal'.  Bribe the crooked Palestinian leaders, and promise not to genocide all the Palestinians as long as they 1) continue to do the low-level tasks for Israeli capital; and 2) give up all and every political aspiration, and, of course, all the land including Jerusalem.  Literally the only thing new is the number of zeros after the bribe amounts.

Hill is so woke he's a walking alarm clock:  "Marc Lamont Hill slams Mizrahi Jews as 'identity category' of Palestinians" (Frantzman).  Suggesting there are real Jews and fake Jews, with the fake Jews the ones running Israel, is the biggest taboo possible.  Of course, the real Jews are at the bottom of the fake-Jew-created totem poll, just a step above the Palestinians (and the real Jews and Palestinians are genetically identical), making an alliance a logical step absent racist group supremacism that all Jews, real and phony, apparently buy into.  It is the same old mechanism whereby poor Southern whites threw their political lot in with the plantation owners rather than the slaves, a problem which still befuddles the US.

"Amazon Pulls Hezbollah Deputy Leader's Book After Israeli Media Outcry" (Durden).  'Objections':  "NJ library postpones reading of ‘P is for Palestine’ after objections".

"Tucker Carlson Interviews Tulsi Gabbard on Syria False Flag Attacks and War With Iran" (Wallace).  Still the single acceptable candidate in either party.

Rahm was Barry's chief of staff when Barry let the elites get away with everything, with no consequences, and yet has a new job with the concentration camp guard - perhaps they can share war stores, IDF war stories! - and has developed a new concern for how the elites get away with everything:  "The Rank Hypocrisy Of Rahm Emanuel" (Gosztola).

Tweet (Savvy and Realistic Democrat):
"Brings back fond memories of ’s brave reporting on Iraq-AQ ties in 2002– at its savvy and realistic best!"

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Just think about John Bolton as a human being

You wouldn't think the Khazars would fail because they cheaped out, particularly with somebody else's shekels, but $560 to sell your complete future, forever, seems a little light:  "The Money in the Trump-Kushner Peace Plan" (Baker):
". . .  if we take the total population of the four groups listed, it comes to roughly 120 million. This means that the sum that Trump and Kushner hope to raise to induce a commitment to their peace plan comes to $560 per person. This seems to be a one-time figure rather than any ongoing commitment of aid."
"The Trump Administration “Panicked over Nothing”. Pompeo Exaggerated Claims. “Do They Think We are Stupid”" (Larison).  "Do Iranian ‘Threats’ Signal Organized U.S.-Israel Subterfuge?" (Porter):
"That April 15 meeting was only the most recent one between top U.S. and Israeli national security officials over the past year, according to Ravid. These meetings were conducted under a still-secret U.S.-Israeli agreement on a joint plan of action against Iran reached after two days of unannounced meetings at the White House between Ben Shabbat and then-national security advisor H.R. McMaster on December 12, 2017. Ravid reported the details of that agreement in late December based on information from a “senior U.S. official” and confirmation from senior Israeli officials.  
Ravid’s story provided details on the four working groups that were formed under the agreement, including one on “Joint U.S.-Israeli preparation for different escalation scenarios in the region, concerning Iran, Syria, Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza.” The Mossad “scenarios” apparently provided the central ideas with which to justify the Trump administration’s subsequent escalatory moves against Iran, including ostentatiously moving an aircraft carrier and a B-52 bomber group into the region."
Pompeo PR press release:  "Tensions rise between Pompeo and Bolton". Sheldon has paid good shekels for Bolton, and I would expect the slightly less insane Pompeo would be the first to go, but there is no indication that anybody is going anywhere.  Trump likes to surround himself with nuts so he can appear to be the reasonable one, offering the best 'deal' anyone is liable to get.

"The Liberal Embrace of War" (Taibbi) (!):
"Earlier this month, onetime fierce Iraq war opponent Rachel Maddow went on TV to embrace John Bolton in a diatribe about how the poor National Security Adviser has been thwarted by Trump in efforts to topple Maduro.
“Regardless of what you thought about John Bolton before this, his career, his track record,” Maddow said. “Just think about John Bolton as a human being.”
The telecast was surreal. It was like watching Dick Cheney sing “Give Peace a Chance.”"
"From Golden Boy to “Deflated:” The Media Trajectory of Juan Guaido" (Rubenstein). Unless they false-flag assassinate him, and blame it on Maduro, Guido is far past his expiry date, and I expect both Trump and the (((media))) will start pretending Venezuela doesn't exist.  Sheldon also paid good shekels for Abrams, so I don't know how that will work out.

"Trump’s encircling of Venezuela: A fool’s errand" (Madsen) (see here and here):
"Trump and his team of incompetents are reinforcing Maduro’s support within Venezuela and around the Western Hemisphere. Trump announced that Philip Goldberg, formerly the US ambassador to Bolivia, will take up the same post in Bogota, Colombia. In 2008, Goldberg was expelled from Bolivia for trying to overthrow the progressive government of President Evo Morales. Goldberg also previously served in Bogota as the coordinator of Plan Colombia, a discredited State Department program that was, in reality, a US weapons-transfer and intelligence-sharing operation for Colombian paramilitary units to commit human rights abuses against Colombia’s indigenous population, farm workers, and Afro-Caribbean people along the northern coast.

Goldberg’s modus operandi in Latin America is well known. The Bolivian government said Goldberg conspired with the opposition to foment unrest in Bolivia’s natural gas-rich provinces. Goldberg has also allowed the US embassy in La Paz and the US Peace Corps and Fulbright scholars in the country to be used for espionage purposes. Goldberg was also adept at coordinating terrorist attacks on key infrastructure components. On September 11, 2008—note the date—a gas pipeline from Bolivia to Sao Paulo, Brazil was blown up by US-supported forces. Goldberg also coordinated anti-Morales actions of the right-wing governors of Santa Cruz, Pando, Beni, and Tarija. Opposition groups funded by the United States took over government buildings in the four states. Expect Goldberg, in coordination with Duque’s government, and President Jair Bolsonaro’s neo-fascist government in Brazil to carry out similar actions targeting Venezuela."
"Rand Corp.: 'How To Destroy Russia'" (Dinucci).  "Russian Oil Sales to U.S. ‘on Steroids’ Amid Venezuela Sanctions" (Tobben).  Assholians still don't have the hang of 3d chess.

"Why Farage Wins the Country and Corbyn Wins Only a Party" (Atzmon).  I don't know why Atzmon is so down on Corbyn, as the wisdom of his cucking approach to the Khazars has yet to be determined (after all, if he wins, he can then start gassing the kikes as much as he likes), but this is good stuff, rarely seen:
"The Left’s vision of temporality is a linear structure of historical progress that proceeds from ‘a past’ to ‘a future.’ Left ideology is structured around an ever progressing time line. The Left always promises to make things better in the future, to fight austerity, to care for the many not the few, to bring about equality and tolerance, etc. None of this is happening at present. This leaves the Left as a promise that is supposed to fulfill itself in an imaginary ‘tomorrow.’

But this is not how the Right’s political argument is structured. In fact the Right and Fascist argument is far more sophisticated from a metaphysical perspective. In my recent book, Being in Time, I contend that the Right ideologist understands that for the working class, utopia is ‘nostalgia.’ Trump won his voters’ trust by promising to make America great again. He vowed to plant the past in the future, reversing the time line. He promised to march America backward. Nigel Farage is using the same tactic, appealing to the same sentiments. He promises to make Britain a kingdom again not just a corner island in a dysfunctional globalist setting, a.k.a the EU. Farage is riding on the longing for a better past. Corbyn was a political star only because he is a nostalgic character, an old lefty. For a time, he also reversed the time line, but neither he nor any of his advisers were clever enough to grasp the secret behind the ‘Corbyn revolution’. They let a magical moment of popularity evaporate. Corbyn has become a cliché. His approval rating is 25%, not exactly promising for a candidate for prime minister.

Within the context of Left thinking, past, present and future are chronological, set to follow each other in consecutive order. Within Right wing philosophy, time’s tenses change positions irregularly. Trump and Farage put the ‘past’ in the future. They promise to march us back. They appeal to the masses because the human spirit, in its search for unity, transcends linear chronology. The Right wing ideologist capitalises on the human search for essence, for a logos and for transparency. In this regard, humans are historical creatures. They are capable of seeing the future in the past and vice versa."
"UK Deep State Plots To Thwart Brexit" (Callaghan). Another way to look at Farage is that he allows voters to express the view that they don't want to be swindled out of the intended results of their vote.

Tweet (Lee Smith):
"Transparent is only half of it—FBI was monitoring Trump team comms from 10/16 - 9/17, & collected backwards, too. Got nothing. Comey/Mueller turned "collusion" to obstruction traps. More nothing. Turns out Trump, most "investigated" president is US history, may be cleanest, too."
Tweet (Neil Clark) (maybe it is a commentary on the decline of Britain represented by its failure to pick up the trash, but it still doesn't explain how the opened packaged rewrapped itself in the bin!):
"How can a boxed perfume bottle that we were told was left in a bin in early March, still be in said bin in late June after regular emptyings? Just one of the many unanswered questions in the case."
"‘Orientalism,’ Then and Now" (Shatz) (my emphasis in red, in case you are still wondering where all the Islamophobia comes from):
"As a system of “power-knowledge,” Orientalism has always been based on a desire to know, and not merely to construct, or even vilify, the Other. The expeditionary force that Napoleon Bonaparte sent to Egypt in 1798 included 122 scientists and intellectuals, among them a handful of professional Orientalists. The history of Orientalism is rich in tales of Westerners assuming Oriental masquerade, as if they wanted to become, and not simply to master, the Other. Just think of T.E. Lawrence in his romantic desert gear, or—to take a more extreme example—Isabelle Eberhardt, a Swiss explorer in Algeria who dressed as a man, converted to Islam, and reinvented herself as Si Mahmoud Saadi at the turn of the twentieth century. And in more recent guise is the fictional character of Carrie Anne Mathison, the CIA officer played by Claire Danes in Homeland, covering herself in an abaya as she plunges into the alleys of the souk.
The knowledge collected by Western explorers and spies was hardly disinterested: it underwrote colonization, wars of conquest, and “humanitarian” intervention. Yet this Orientalism preferred to recast the West’s violent conquests as consensual interactions: seductions, not rapes. Politically speaking, it was often liberal, republican, and secular—based, at least in principle, on winning hearts and minds, on assimilating the Other to Western democratic values. In the French empire, as Pierre-Jean Luizard argues in his new book, The Republic and Islam, colonization was “a project led by republican elites opposed to the clerical right, who were much more cautious about colonial expansion.” (This, he adds, is an important reason why Arab and Muslim opponents of French rule came to view liberal secularism with such suspicion.) Even the Orientalism that justified the Iraq invasion had its conciliatory side: in the wake of September 11, George W. Bush was explicit in his rejection of Islamophobia.
Under Trump, the human face of Orientalism has all but vanished. This might sound like a good thing, insofar as it is a defeat for hypocrisy. But it’s also something else, something much darker. Back in 2008, I wrote a piece for the London Review of Books about a documentary called Obsession, which had been sent in DVD form to 28 million Americans as an advertising supplement to seventy-four newspapers. Obsession, which first appeared on Fox News and had been funded by the US real estate magnate and Likud supporter Sheldon Adelson, was a sixty-minute screed whose chief claim was that 2008 was like 1938, only worse—since there are more Muslims than Germans in the world and they’re more geographically dispersed, an enemy within as well as a hostile foreign power: “They’re not outside our borders, they are here.” The tone of my piece was caustic yet bemused because I didn’t take Obsession seriously: it seemed so obviously lurid and marginal.
In retrospect, I was naive. Obsession, if anything, prefigured the kind of fear and hatred of Islam and Muslims that Trump has made mainstream and effectively turned into policy, the Muslim travel ban being only the most flagrant example. Orientalism in the age of Trump has no interest in promoting democracy or other “Western values” because these values are no longer believed, or they’re regarded as an inconvenient obstacle to the exercise of power. This new Orientalism speaks in the language of deals and, more often, that of force and repression. It keeps Arab despots in power and angry young men of Arab origin in prison."
"Greek Debt, Nazi Reparations, and a Fair Shake" (Butler).  Easy to fix, just have all the German banks take 100% haircuts on their Greek debt, and call it square.

"Dissecting The Unfathomable American-Iranian War" (Kadi).  A summary of the many reasons why Iran Talk is just talk. The Saudis just aren't competent enough to pull a proper false flag, and the Israelis truly fear the Hezbollah rockets, so while the danger of being tricked and stumbling into war still exists, it is, and has always been, quite small.

Tweets (Wesley Yang) (I'm guessing it will prove to be an error to take qualities that are universally praised and label them as examples of unacceptable 'whiteness' - "the new language of power throughout the non-profit sphere" - an ongoing project that has provided much glee for Sailer, particularly as it often shows up in cases where the 'whites' are almost all Asian, or Muslim immigrants):
"NYC Chancellor of Schools Richard Carranza mandated training intended to purge Department of Education employees of the implicit biases endemic to whiteness "
"German parliament smears quest for Palestinian rights as anti-Semitic" (Hylton) (sad, particularly as the Germans are so largely woke):
"Berlin-based BDS activist Doris Ghannam told The Electronic Intifada, “it is nothing new that BDS is conflated with anti-Semitism, but to talk about BDS without mentioning Israel’s human rights violations – this is unbelievable.”
Activist Christoph Glanz, who won a two-year BDS court case against local authorities in Germany, told The Electronic Intifada that Israel lobbyists had “worked towards such a resolution for years.”
“They knew very well that they would not be able to find a legal basis to outlaw BDS – the European Court of Human Rights would have thwarted this for good – that’s why the resolution is a mere resolution and not a law.”"
"Black Underworld Inc. – Conclusion".Parts one, two, three, four.

"Why capturing Huawei is no victory in tech war" (Escobar).  Trump may back off and claim this was just part of his 'deal' strategy with China, but if not I see this as the beginning of the end for large portions of the US tech industry.  The Chinese have assumed the markets would allow them to buy what they need, and have suddenly discovered that this is not true, and will now certainly take the steps to ensure they are self-sufficient in everything by developing superior products which will leave Assholains in the dust.

"Trump’s ‘trade war’ is a war on you" (Knapp).  I'm guessing it is going to turn out to be the single biggest effective tax increase in Assholian history.  By 'tax', I mean money that comes out of the pockets of the 99% and goes into the American treasury.

"A Triumphant Conference" (Hood) (the 'Arctic peoples'):
"Well-known novelist and cultural commentator John Derbyshire explained his concept of an “Arctic Alliance” between Asians and whites. He said these groups have in common a high mean IQ and low fertility rates, which could lead to a common strategy against the “demographic” and “dysgenic” threat posed by mass immigration. Mr. Derbyshire raised and then refuted several objections to his plan. These ranged from questions of terminology and feasibility to larger issues about whether Asians will follow whites down the path of self-hatred. He wondered whether ethnomasochism is unique to whites or is “the inevitable result of post-industrial society.” He argued that the purpose of groups like American Renaissance is to resist dispossession and to build a defensive strategy of “Arctic peoples” that can ensure the survival of civilization."
That wag Haim is starting to joke close to home (they don't call them blood diamonds for nothing):  "Wedding Experts Say Engagement Ring Should Cost At Least Three Diamond Miners’ Lives".