Thursday, May 30, 2019

'Advice' from the Yanks

"The US advisor at El Mozote":
"In a 2007 comment on my blog, Gregory Walker, who was in the US Special Forces in El Salvador, asserted that a US Special Forces advisor was in El Mozote on the day the military action commenced which would result in the massacre hundreds of children and other civilians:

For example, there was a senior Special Forces advisor at El Mozote the day/night of the massacre (and only one). He attempted multiple times to dissuade Colonel Domingo Monterosa to spare the victims. When Monterosa ignored him, the advisor departed by foot and made his way, alone, back to San Salvador. There he made a full report to embassy officials of what the unit and Monterosa were doing in El Mozote.
Walker is a former Army Special Forces staff sergeant, who was stationed in El Salvador during the civil war (but after El Mozote massacre) and who led a veterans' campaign to gain official recognition from the US Congress that military forces who died or were wounded in El Salvador were casualties of combat action.  

Walker is now sharing the identity of the US advisor on the ground at El Mozote: he is former Master Sergeant Bruce Hazelwood.  Hazelwood confirmed both to Walker and a mutual acquaintance that Hazelwood had accompanied Monterrosa on the helicopter ride out to Mozote at the start of the massacre.
Read on for bonus typical Eliott Abrams assholery.
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