Thursday, May 02, 2019

Aggressive mocking / excremental attempt

In case you still had any doubts about (((who))) likes war:  "Is This Real Life? Iraq War Hoaxing NYT Jew Judith Miller Goes on Fox News to Promote Venezuelan War" (Anglin):
"It what may well be the most brazen example of Jewishness I’ve seen in days, disgraced New York Times journalist Judith Miller – the Jew responsible for the Iraq WMD hoax – went on Fox News to call for war on Venezuela.
This is aggressive mocking of the goyim. There is simply no reason to trot out this particular Jew female, known for purposefully lying to start the Iraq war, to promote yet another war, unless your specific goal is to humiliate the audience by rubbing their pitiful gullibility and lack of understanding into their own faces."
Tweet (Michael Fox):
"Massive pro-Maduro march today in Caracas. According to many here, it's one of the largest in years & one of the most spirited under Maduro. Thousands walked miles. Guaido said today would be one of the largest marches. He was right, but the people came out in support of Maduro."
Tweet (Anya Parampil):
"You know your coup is going really well when you do an interview with Fox from what appears to be an underground bunker and look like a frat boy who just spent all weekend binge drinking instead of studying for exams..."
"Venezuela is What’s Going to Get Tucker Fired" (Anglin). Say what you will about Carlson, but he is the only part of the (((media))) giving a fair and respectful shake to )))sanity(((.  See:  "Tucker Carlson interviews Tulsi Gabbard 28 feb 2019 - Fox News".  Also, still the only serious candidate in the race.

Tweet (Max Blumenthal):
"The violent criminal who broke into Venezuela’s embassy earlier today and ransacked an entire office is standing immediately to fake ambassador ’s left and providing him with security. Any media that fails to report this while covering the event is derelict."
Guido has entered that dangerous spot where he is far more valuable dead - as a result of a false-flag assassination by his CIA handlers, to be blamed on Maduro as a casus belli - than alive.  "Ron Paul Warns: "Hapless" Guaido Now "Worth More Dead Than Alive" To Washington's Venezuelan Coup-Creators" (Durden).

"A Desperate Empire Crashes in Venezuela" (Forte):
"One also has to wonder how John Bolton, Mike Pompeo, and Elliot Abrams still have jobs today. Trump is not a tower of managerial business acumen after all—if one ever believed the fiction constituting his performance on The Apprentice. Bolton, who was most prominent during the April 30 coup farce, could not even keep himself from tripping over his own excremental attempt at a “narrative”. First, John Bolton called on the Venezuelan military to side with Guaidó—but then invalidated his call, turning around and asserting that, in any case, Venezuela was under (imaginary) Cuban occupation, and it was Cuban troops who were really in charge. So everything fell apart… because of Cuba, and thus Trump threatened Cuba with an embargo, which it has already been under for six decades. Cuba was the fiction used to mask another fiction—the only thing that was real here was how utterly ridiculous US empire has become.
On the night of April 30, as I often do I listened to live radio from Caracas, where the assembled panellists spent a good amount of time engaged in the healthiest, most robust guffawing I have heard in ages. The subject of their laughter? Erik Prince, the war criminal who headed BlackWater and is now begging Trump for cash in return for a “plan”—a plan to send a grand total of 5,000 mercenaries to Venezuela. On RNV radio they wondered if the Americans had really become so stupid and psychotic to think that 5,000 clowns could take and hold so much as a bakery in a country which has 2,000,000 armed citizens in militias alone, not counting the hundreds of thousands in the armed forces and the paramilitary police. Apparently Prince mixed up Venezuela with Grenada—and even in Grenada it took US Marines a week to subdue armed opposition from a comparatively tiny group of diehard patriots."
"The Spontaneous “Military Coup” in Caracas was Meant to Fail?" (Chossudovsky).  Worth considering, but in this case I think the obvious explanation, that everybody on the Guido/Trump team is an incompetent moron operating on incompetent CIA 'intelligence', makes the most sense.

"Why America is Trying to Topple Venezuela's Govt..NOT for the weak-minded " (Bacon).  Makes a lot of sense.  See also:  "Saudi crown prince 'offered Abbas $10 billion' to accept 'Deal of the Century'".and "Saudi King Salman Looking to Remove Son Mohammad as Crown Prince: Report".
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