Saturday, May 11, 2019

Bone Saw II, the Sequel

"The CIA Sent Warnings to at Least 3 Khashoggi Associates About New Threats From Saudi Arabia" (Meyer).

"'Never Seen So Many Weapons': LAPD Seize 1,000 Guns At Bel-Air Mansion" (Durden).  Minor missing detail - it is a Getty family house.  Why did Durden remove that particular detail?

"Eurovision protests grow in solidarity with Palestine" (Abunimah).  It is a travesty that the Eurotrash allowed the Khazars to rig the last contest so they could arrange to host this one,  On the other hand, this may turn into more of an embarrassment for the Khazars than the PR stunt they were planning.

"Misled again by the arbiters of anti-semitism" (Cook).  OK, but far better to simply completely ignore Jewsplaining directed to the stupid goyim (unless, of course, you are truly woke and do the opposite of what (((they))) order).

"Judgment Day for John Brennan" (Whitney).  I'm sure Brennan was the prime instigator of the coup d'etat conspiracy.  I'm also sure nothing will be done about it, as the Swamp protects its flanks.  I'm guessing Nellie Ohr and Peter Strozyk will take the fall, deservedly so, but in lieu of the really bad guys.

"Another Whistleblower Bites the Dust as The Intercept Adds a Third Notch to Its Burn Belt" (Webb):
"Another possibility is that someone else at the Intercept other than Scahill was made aware of Hale’s identity, a point raised years ago by CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou and recently pointed out by independent journalist Caitlin Johnstone. After it was revealed that the Intercept  had obtained information from a whistleblower on drone warfare, which turned out to be Daniel Hale, in 2015, Kiriakou tweeted: “New drone whistleblower at The Intercept. For God’s sake don’t let Matthew Cole learn his identity.”
Cole, as will be noted later on in this report, has been accused by Kiriakou for outing him as a journalistic source to the federal government and, two years after Kiriakou’s tweet, was believed to have helped lead federal investigators to Intercept source Reality Winner in 2017. Thus, it is possible that Cole or another employee of the online publication had learned of Hale’s identity from Scahill and then passed it along, either intentionally or inadvertently, to the government."
"Most concerning of all, the FBI warrant also notes that the reporter in question – who is unnamed in the document – contacted a government contractor with whom he had a prior relationship and revealed where the documents had been postmarked from – Winner’s hometown of Augusta, Georgia – along with Winner’s work location. He also sent unedited images of the documents that contained the tracking dot security markings that allowed the documents to be traced to Winner. Jesselyn Radack as well as whistleblower John Kiriakou, who served two and a half years in prison for exposing the CIA’s illegal torture program, have since asserted that Matthew Cole was the journalist mentioned in this warrant. Well prior to being hired by the Intercept, Cole’s behavior was known to have been a key factor that led to Kiriakou being outed as a confidential source, which led to his arrest. Upon learning of Hale’s arrest, Kiriakou openly speculated upon whether the outlet was incomptent or compromised.
Despite this track record, the Intercept hired Cole anyway. Cole continues to write for the Intercept and appears to have suffered no negative consequences for his alleged role in outing Winner. Intercept editor-in-chief Reed took responsibility for the acts on the part of the publication that led to Winner’s arrest and “for making sure that the internal newsroom issues that contributed to it are resolved.” Reed remains employed by the Intercept and continues to make a hefty six-figure salary. Winner is currently serving a five year and three month prison sentence for releasing a classified NSA document in relation to alleged Russian intrusion of a U.S. election software supplier.
Furthermore, journalist Barrett Brown — who served a lengthy 63-month prison sentence for linking to hacked material — has recently stated that Intercept journalist Sam Biddle played a role in his imprisonment, further worsening the optics of the publication’s track record. Brown originally faced a combined sentence of over 100 years in prison before negotiating a plea deal."
"The Green New Deal, Israel, and Mayor Pete" (Sniegoski).  Sniegoski is very good, so this is oddly off.  Obviously, a brokered convention is the trick to get Killary back in, or some Killary surrogate, and it is literally impossible to conceive of the Clintonista power brokers using their machinations for some white guy, albeit a gay one.  On top of all that, is it not obvious that Trump would tweet him to political death?

"Trudeau continues push to overthrow Venezuela’s government" (Engler).  I wonder what all these people think when they talk to Trudeau and realize that he is obsessed with Venezuela (wtf!?), and only wants to talk about pushing for a completely illegal, and completely Evil (not to mention, completely hopeless), coup!  If they assume that he has not completely lost his mind, they have to think he is angling to get something in return from the Assholians for cucking so hard on this issue.

The essential problem with dumping on Trudeau is that the Liberals are uniquely competent at governing, so you give up a grievous amount to send a message:  tweet (Tyler Meredith):
"These are the things that matter in people’s lives Since took office: — 1,043,000 more people working — unemployment near historic low — 825,000 fewer in poverty — child poverty ⬇️ by third — 90% of Canadians have more 💵 compared to 2015 tax system "
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