Sunday, May 05, 2019

Complete failure / no one decent

Greenwald interviewed by Carlson is a Clintonista nightmare:  "Glenn Greenwald Gets In Bed With White Nationalist Hero Tucker Carlson".

As we all know, in the real world, the real issue - ironically unearthed, sort of (if you read between the lines and add research by other parties), by Mueller - is the IC/Barry/Killary dirty tricks campaign against the Trump campaign (and Russia), essentially various attempts by various IC assets to dangle supposedly Russian-held dirt on Clinton, plus of course the Steele fabrication.

"Ukraine Confirms DNC/Clinton Operative Sought 'Dirt' On Trump During 2016 Election" (Durden).  Chalupa.  It is a tribute to Solomon that the Clintonistas think he is the Devil incarnate.  The fact that the Ukrainians played a disproportionately large role in the anti-Trump/anti-Putin ratfucking is an old story:  "Ukrainian efforts to sabotage Trump backfire" (Vogel/Stern).

""This Was Not Spying, It Was Entrapment": Bongino Spits Fire As Nunes Demands Mifsud Docs" (Durden).  

Tweet (Lee Smith):
"Or why didn’t Rome-based FBI agents, including Steele handler Michael Gaeta, interview Mifsud in Rome during 3-month period btwn Papadopoulos arrest 7/17 and unsealed plea 10/17, when Mifsud went to ground? Something’s not right here."
Mueller had a tough job.  While conforming to the agreement that he wouldn't lie about Trump and Russia and make shit up about them as long as Trump abandoned MAGA and went full MIGA (and Trump has sadly kept up his side of the deal), he also had to cover up the real treasonous conspiracy by being conspicuously incurious about things like Clinton's email, the role of the Brits and Ukrainians, and the backgrounds and stories of all the obvious IC assets who were swarming around the Trump campaign.

"WaPo, CNN Virtually Silent After NYT Reveals 2nd FBI Spy Sent To Infiltrate Trump Campaign" (Durden). Funny that the same 'journalists' had no trouble naming Butina a honeypot, yet can't recognize a real honeypot if she is part of the Killary/Barry/IC operation.

"Mexican Repatriation".  1.8 million.

"New analysis of 40-year-old recording of Kent State shootings reveals that Ohio Guard was given an order to prepare to fire" (Mangels).

"SRI LANKA EASTER SUNDAY FALSE FLAG" (Aangirfan).  You have to admit it is odd that Christchurch is also a notorious Mossad base of operations.

"Send Labour A Message: Vote Brexit, Vote Galloway" (Lindsay).  The waves of Khazar attacks on him seem to have thoroughly cucked Corbyn, but he is still basically a decent man, and salvageable.  He needs a second slap in the face to get serious again and remind him of who he really is.

"More New ‘AIPACs’ Popping Up" (Giraldi).

"Embracing racism, rabbis at pre-army yeshiva laud Hitler, urge enslaving Arabs" (Pileggi).  "ADL blasts rabbis for diatribes supporting racism, Hitler’s worldview".  "The Moral Case For Israel Annexing The West Bank—And Beyond" (Hill).  My theory is that National Socialism didn't die, its spirit flew directly from Germany to the newly stolen lands called Israel by the thieves. "Facebook Censorship: White Supremacy of the Most Hypocritical Type" (Hoffman).  "‘Siren call’ of a Fourth Reich is spreading, warns Nazi Germany expert" (Rosenfeld).  "Twitter suspends the accounts of two newspapers and several Venezuelan government institutions, but verifies the “presidential” account of Guaidó".  On the 'chans:  "America Under Attack by White Supremacists Acting Like ISIS" (Weill).  "Credit Card Companies Might Start Denying Services to CrimeThinkers" (Batty).

"Poynter retracts list of ‘unreliable news sources’ after listed sites prove it to be unreliable" (Buyniski).  The blood-pouring-from-the-fangs Zionist - and owned by a notorious nutbar Christian Zionist - Washington Examiner seems to have been the 'mistake' which wrecked the whole list.

"'Everything Was Done To Make Julian Assange's Life Miserable'" - interview with WikiLeaks Editor-in-Chief Kristinn Hrafnsson. Mueller also turned down an offered interview with Assange.

Tweet (Ben Norton):
"Here is a photo of the leaders of Venezuela's tiny and irrelevant "leftist" opposition, including Edgardo Lander, having a friendly meeting with US-appointed right-wing coup leader Guaidó. gave a very sympathetic platform to Lander without disclosing this meeting."
"‘A Complete Failure’: Venezuelan Coup Attempts Staged ‘More For The US Audience’":
"Condon told Sputnik that during his trip to Venezuela just before the most recent coup attempt, there was “no visible support for the opposition whatsoever” in the large, poor, working class districts. “I doubt, frankly, that Juan Guaido would even dare set foot in those barrios. He’s not welcome there. There’s a huge class divide; the opposition is largely white, middle class, of course led by wealthy ultra-right [wing] oligarchs, and they have even attacked people of color at those opposition marches, because if you have dark skin, you’re assumed to be a Chavista — a supporter of the government.”

Calling the most recent coup attempt a “Hail Mary pass, a hope and a prayer,” Condon said it seemed “staged more for the US audience. The real coup took place in the media… consistently [in] all of the mainstream media, there’s not a single voice you hear on the media against the US intervention, against the regime change effort. So it’s, in a sense, quite a big propaganda coup in the US media, aimed at the US people, perhaps preparing the way for a US military intervention.”

The activist said Veterans for Peace was calling on US soldiers to “resist participation in any military action” in Venezuela, noting that he expected “massive resistance” to such action, both on the ground by militias organized in the barrios, but also by the US soldiers themselves, who are “just fed up with having been deployed to one failed war based on lies after another.”

“I think that [US President Donald] Trump and his gang have kind of thrown down, they’ve kind of announced to the world that they are going to overthrow the Venezuelan government. I think they’re almost going to have to do something just to try to save face,” Condon said. “But I think their options, nonmilitary and military, are very limited, and I’m hopeful the resistance in Venezuela and around the world in solidarity with the Venezuelan people is going to triumph, and we’re going to turn a corner in the history of this hemisphere.”"
"It Is Not Just The Trump Administration"(Martyanov):
"And here is my pitch–could it be that there are few, if any, simply decent human beings left in US political class? By decency, I, of course, do not mean nice on the surface people who pay taxes and attend church on Sunday–by that I mean not being a moral freak and lowlife scumbag in a larger metaphysical sense. I mean people who do the “right thing” and who are honest in the most fundamental way, under most difficult circumstances. Judging by the position United States finds itself today–no such people exist anymore. Just zombies, but that is precisely a social demand of a system–honest (and competent) people are simply filtered out. Look at the faces and behavior of Marco Rubio, Mike Pence or imbecile Joe Biden–little, fragile people who convinced themselves through ballot, which is to say through professional lying to people, that they are great. Indeed, it is not just the Ship of Fools, it is the Ship of Zombies. Zombies have no morality or decency and that is their defining characteristic which makes them not human and that can explain a lot. The system is IN the process of implosion and we observe it right in a front of our eyes and do not expect anyone to save it–there is simply no one decent out there."
"Big Lie Day" (Savin):
"They all knew who was living in the house. According to one of the men we spoke to, it was the family of a businessman from Peshawar. All the neighbours respected him because he regularly helped the local community. The fence around his house was quite high and it’s possible that this was the deciding factor for those who had planned the operation.

“What happened next was like an Indian action movie from the 1990s,” recalls an eyewitness. One of the helicopters fell and burst into flames.

The police arrived about an hour after the first explosions and cordoned off the area, preventing anyone from getting in.

“It’s strange, because when there’s a wedding or a celebration, people often fire into the air and the police arrive in minutes, but this time it took them almost an hour,” said a neighbour.

Another helicopter arrived some time later, picked up the US special forces and flew away. While telling us about it, a young man stated several times that it was like a well-played drama, especially when you take into account what happened next.

“The elderly gentleman you met on the road back there was arrested by the Pakistani intelligence agency and then released,” added the neighbour.
He also believes that bin Laden wasn’t there, and it was innocent people who suffered. Since the land was purchased from the state for residential development, it is legally private property. The deceased owner probably has family somewhere, but nobody has claimed it as yet. And it could be that the target was chosen intentionally so that there would be as few leads and witnesses as possible.

An interesting fate befell the wreckage of the US helicopter that crashed. The Pakistani military handed it over to China and, following relevant research, the country developed its own version of the US helicopter. So Operation Neptune Spear resulted in a leak of military technology. Such things aren’t talked about in America, however."
It appears Barry picked the 'bin Laden' house, not because it had bin Laden in it, but because it was handy, had a high wall to hide the operation, and contained somebody who could be killed without wider repercussions. Then they messed up all their careful planning by crashing the helicopter in the finest late imperial style!

"Blind Items Revealed #5":

"Should anyone be surprised or shocked that the heir apparent and funneler of money to his pseudo siblings met with the A+ list mogul and the next day one of the pseudo siblings pleads guilty.

Edgar Bronfman Jr./David Geffen/Clare Bronfman"
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